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Review #1, by notreallyblonde44 Darkness

4th January 2016:
Happy Hot Seat 2016 Randee~

'an impeccable fashion taste.' - lol, your characterization "voice" is hilarious, if it the overall theme is very somber for your light/dark metaphor to represent life/death.

This is a short yet sweet take George grappling with Fred's death. They were truly a happy-go-lucky pair and I honestly don't know a person who DOESN'T (or didn't) like them in the series. They were definitely rays of funny light all throughout the series. One of my fav moments was when they toppled Umbridge's regime by saying "nah, we're out" and yet this piece is very sad because Fred is gone, and George is dark without him :(

I hope he finds a new light without being consumed by this darkness. Way to capture George's essence and voice, which is comical enough but not over the top - a hard balance to strike.

Happy Holidays,

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Review #2, by ABlack Darkness

5th November 2015:
Oh, how wonderfully bittersweet! I love how you captured Georgeís emotions, how he rambled on and had to keep bringing himself back to the point. Fredís death was one of the handful I truly mourned in DH.

The little bits of humor you mixed in with the pain struck a perfect balance. Take for instance this line, ďWe later found out he was just a lovable pup with wild hair and an impeccable fashion taste.Ē Itís at once silly and sweet and painful because we know Siriusí fate.

And the idea that Fred was light to Georgeís dark, yin to yang, makes the impact of Fredís loss all the more achingly real.

Well done!

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Review #3, by ScorpiusRose17 Darkness

14th October 2015:

I am here again with another review for you! :)

I really liked this. It was very well thought out and very sad. Fred's death was probably the first one that really brought me to tears since Sirius died in book 5.

You did a great job with the contrast of dark and light. I love the idea of using Dumbledore's Quote to really help that contrast too.

You have a very clever way of writing and I really look forward to continue reading more of your writing!

Keep up the awesome work! :)


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Review #4, by The Basilisk Darkness

9th October 2015:
Hiss, in the twilight on the year, the days grow short and darkness pervades. It seems only appropriate to find appropriate stories to reflect that.

You, my dear have captured such a thing. The darkness that surrounds in the pit of loss. It is remarkable what it can do, how there are times where darkness pervades and it seems that there is no light to turn on to illuminate the darkness.

I think you have captured the feelings of the twin Weasleys and why they are as they were in the final books. Still in the end the darkness pervades. Eventually light will return and be found but not for now. Hiss.

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