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Reading Reviews for Loving Rose Weasley
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SunshineDaisies I'll Give My All to You

15th April 2017:
OH MY GOD LIZZIE THAT WAS SO CUTE. I'm so mad I never got around to actually completing the Short and Sweet challenge, this is SUCH a good fit for that prompt!

This made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love that you sorted Scorpius into Gryffindor rather than putting one of the Weasleys in Slytherin. You don't see that terribly often, and it's really refreshing to see that change. And oh my goodness, the end of that first paragraph

It was love at first sight, if you believe in that sort of thing.

That is the most perfect line that has ever been written. I love everything about it. It's fantastic! It was really such a great way to introduce the story and their relationship as a whole. Throughout the rest of the story, you definitely get the sense that Rose and Scorpius have a bit of a fairy tale romance. So sweet!

I really enjoyed the different segments you showed, I think you did an excellent job of showing Rose and Scorpius throughout their lives, from the first time they met to fifty years of wedded bliss. I think you did a fantastic job of picking those moments! It really is sweet and happy and lovely and wonderful. I also adored the repetition of Rose calling Scorpius cheesy, that was so cute.

Your writing here is absolutely gorgeous. You did fantastic job of creating imagery without losing any of the emotion in the story. It's incredibly impressive, especially considering that this story is exactly 500 words! I really appreciate how you can pack such a punch while remaining so concise.

Fantastic work!


Hufflepuff CtF

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Review #2, by Dojh167 I'll Give My All to You

15th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Hello, Iím here for short fluff! Sign me up =P

Already: AW!!!

At first I assumed the narrator in the first section was Rose, because it made sense that she would be Gryffindor. However, it did not make sense that she would not be welcomed there. I wondered if something had happened, some big falling out at the Weasleyís were shunned by society. But nope, it was Scorpius! That surprised me, and I really felt for him, feeling so alone - now an outsider in his family and with all of his schoolmates. That must be very hard. But meeting Rose then made it suddenly so much sweeter and my heart melted at that contrast.

Woah, big time jump there from the first to the second section! I kinda like it though, because we knew it as inevitable ;) It is unclear exactly when that part is set though. The sense of freedom makes me feel like they arenít at Hogwarts, maybe at one of their flats, but I canít be sure.

Iím no fangirl for marriage, but these parts f the wedding vows are all the right things: ďI promise to love you unconditionally as you are today, not who I want you to be. I canít promise to fix all your problems, but I can promise you wonít have to face them all alone. Iím not perfect, but I promise that I will give my all to you every day for the rest of our lives.Ē Those ideas are so many of the right things about things people so often get wrong, and I really hope Rose and Scorpius stick to them ♥

The last two sections legit gave me chills, especially the last one! This story is really impressive, going so fast through all of the years with so few years, and you do it really really effectively. It is like a really intense concentrated dose of happy feels!

I would definitely say you did a very good job with the ďmake me ship itĒ challenge. Iím not normally too into this ship but your work here was very effective! Id also say this is one of the best executions of the Every word Counts challenge that Iíve seen.

I love it, thanks for giving me those feels! =)


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Review #3, by Marshal/Scooterbug8515 I'll Give My All to You

4th April 2017:
This was very well done - you have packed a lot into this story in just 500 words particularly when each part is done in only 100 bites. I struggle at hitting exact word counts so fantastic job on managing that! Also you had Alexis help you and she is honest to goodness a goddess. But I shall not rave about her when I am here to rave about your work!

I love how you sorted Scorpius into Gryffindor I typically place him in Slytherin but here it works - I love how he feels outcast being sorted 'wrong' kind of a revers of what happened to Sirius. Yet Rose is so sweet.

I also like how cheesy is a theme in the story - cheesy in romance is always fun and so adorable! It very much works for Rose and Scorpius here, especially as it follows them through their lives into old age. Also it is very clear to tell that Scorpius adores Rose and loves every part of her. I just makes a person melt and feel all gooey inside!

I know I've remarked already that I was impressed with how you broke up the sections but I also love how the flow and show parts of their lives so perfectly. Really a beautiful piece!

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Review #4, by adluvshp I'll Give My All to You

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

This was so beautiful, it warmed my heart and brought a huge smile to my face. I am a total Rose/Scorpius shipper and I was afraid this was going to be a sad ending or something, but I absolutely loved the fluff and romance and cuteness. These two are so adorable and I am in love with Scorpius for being in love with Rose like this! They define true love - at least in this fic xD

I loved how you showed snippets from their lives, from their first meeting at Hogwarts when he got sorted into gryffindor (wow!) and her extending a hand of friendship. And aww, I love cheesy Scorpius - the build up was apparent in their relationship in the next segment. Then the wedding vows were oh so sweet, they could made me tear up. Really well-written I must say. Then the pregnancy - it's such a beautiful time for a couple and it was amazing how you showed Scorpius soothing her insecurities, and how much his love never fazed out for her. The ending of course gave me all the feels - so many years of togetherness, their bond, their family, and they stayed together through everything, and he still loves her so much. It was so beautiful and it made me fall in love with the idea of love all over again. What a lovely little romantic treat to read with great descriptions and beautiful writing!


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Review #5, by victoria_anne I'll Give My All to You

21st May 2016:
Yes, that's right, I am back once again.

I LOVE ROSE/SCORPIUS. I haven't even read this but I'm already all *squee*! Ooh and a second person POV! These are always so interesting! (Probably because I've never tried it and probably never will, but it's nice to read!)

How did you manage you write something so sweet in 100 word segments?! Oh it was so beautiful, and although they were short, they painted the picture so perfectly ♥ Less is more and all that, ya'know? Their journey was so so lovely to watch.

♥ B

Author's Response: Bianca!

You are the sweetest, you know that?


2nd Person POV is really not all that hard! It's totally worth a try! I promise, once you start, you'll find yourself writing in 2nd person POV way more often than you thought you could! :P

Gah! Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked all this fluff! I'm glad it wasn't too cheesy for you!
(See what I did there? See? See? No? Oh...)

Thanks again for another fantastic review!

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Review #6, by nott theodore I'll Give My All to You

6th February 2016:
Bonjour! Six of six reviews - I'll have to come back to your AP again soon because I've had so much fun reading and reviewing these stories!

First of all, second person point of view ♥ Honestly, I think it's probably my favourite narrative voice, although I think it can be quite hard to do and you have to get it right for the story - which you did here. It works so well for something like this, when Scorpius is reflecting on his relationship with Rose and the time they've had together, and all the things he loves about her. I just wanted to comment on that because I love your choice and execution of it here :)

I know you've written a lot of Scorpius and Rose and have head canon for them, so I'm always interested in your stories about them because I think you get so much more from a writer who's really comfortable and familiar with characters. This was really a lovely story - the two of them are so adorable and I honestly can't stop smiling after reading this. Each section was so well thought out and helped to build up a wider picture of their life together.

Speaking of the different sections, I love the fact that you've written this for the Microfiction Challenge - it was so fun and it really is challenging to write five one-hundred word stories that all fit together, but you did that really well. Each of them works as a snapshot of a different part of Rose and Scorpius's life together. The song choice as inspiration is great, too - I now have it stuck in my head :P

I think of all the sections, the first was probably my favourite. My heart went right out to Scorpius when he was sorted into Gryffindor and had to approach their table thinking that nobody wanted him there. It's so hard for him going to Hogwarts in the first place, with what his family is known for, but the fact that he's sorted into Gryffindor makes things easier and harder for him. But I can really easily imagine how Rose welcoming him to the table would make him feel so much better about it - and begin to love her, at least in a way, from that moment.

This was so fluffy and happy, and I really loved the way that you embraced that, because sometimes it's just what you want to read. Scorpius and Rose making jokes about how cheesy he was made me smile, and I loved the way that was there as a recurring motif as well as the theme that runs throughout this.

This was lovely, and I'm really pleased I got to read it. I hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Ciao!!

Sian, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE getting reviews from you? I probably have, but I'll say it again, your reviews are the best!

(And I'm fairly certain that this review is longer than the actual story... which totally cracks me up!)

I think second person POV is my favorite as well! I'm not sure why, but it's really the most emotionally powerful of narratives, which makes them a lot of fun to read because you get so emotionally invested.

Scorose is definitely one of my favorite couples in the HP-verse, so naturally my brain has run away with it and come up with a TON of stuff for them. I haven't even written half of what I've got planned for them. :P

Man, writing this for the Microfiction Challenge was HARD! But, once I finished this, I was so proud of it.

Oh gosh, I had that song stuck in my head for WEEKS before and after writing this challenge. I must've played it a thousand times on my phone for inspiration.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a Gryffindor Scorpius elsewhere, which is one of the reasons why I love writing him that way... so I'm glad you liked that! And the way that Rose welcomes him... It's definitely different from the whole love-hate relationship I've seen in a lot of other stories.

Hehehe, once I started writing this story, I realized that the only way I could write it was if I embraced the cheesiness... sometimes cliche is good, right?

I often joke that I've got an inner cheese factory that takes over when I write sometimes, so it really felt natural to have Scorpius embrace that in the story as well. It was all part of the process. :P

Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL review, Sian! It made me grin like a maniac all day long when I first saw it!

You're amazing!

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Review #7, by The Basilisk I'll Give My All to You

19th December 2015:
Hello there! I'll bet you didn't know that even Basilisssks have a romantic ssside, and you have touched mine with this lovely ssstory.

I don't think my yellow eyes have ever ssseen a story where Ssscorpius Malfoy was a Gryffindor, and the old me wouldn't have approved, but I have turned over a new leaf and I find it most original and exciting.

Each of these sssegments are endearing and can ssstand perfectly well on their own, you did a wonderful job with the requirements for the microfiction challenge, I really liked the snapshotsss we got to see of Scorpiusss and Rose's life together.

This was a tasty morsel indeed. I may have to slither back to your page again sssoon!

Author's Response: Hello Basilisk!

I definitely didn't know that Basilisks had a romantic side, but I'm glad that you do, and that you liked this story!

Hehehe, I haven't seen any stories where Scorpius is a Gryffindor either, but I really like it too! For some reason my little ol' brain just thinks it'd be really interesting to write him that way instead of a Slytherin (or, like I've seen elsewhere, a Ravenclaw).

Anyway, I'm so glad that you liked this story, and I really do hope you come back again!

Thanks for the wonderful review!!

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Review #8, by princesslily_36 I'll Give My All to You

12th December 2015:
Hey Lizzie!

I'm here for a long overdue review as your prize from the first kiss challenge!

You have once again achieved the near impossible by combining so many challenges into one. You're just amazing! I thought Never been Kissed was the only one but you have pulled this off before! Well I want to check them out, and figure out how your amazing mind works :D

You have covered a lifetime in 500 words, it is simply amazing. I loved seeing Rose through Scorpius' eyes. It really did feel like it was longer because it spanned so many years. The instances you portrayed were just perfect - starting with friendship and then sensuality and then marriage and then eternal love. Wow.

I'm blown over, that's all I can say!


Author's Response: Ysh!!

Hehehe, I think combining challenges is a specialty of mine. I actually find it more motivating to write one story for multiple challenges rather than a lot of different stories for one challenge. :P I'm not entirely sure why, but it's a lot of fun.

And please tell me if you figure out how my mind works... I still have no idea what it does sometimes. ;)

Ah! Thank you so much! It was really hard to write such a short story, but I'm glad that it came off longer than that. I think it makes each word a bit more valuable.

Thank you SO MUCH for such an amazing review, Ysh! It certainly left me grinning on multiple occasions!

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Review #9, by MuggleMaybe I'll Give My All to You

3rd December 2015:

Lizzie, when you wrote this did you know that ScoRose fluff is my weakness? You sly thing - you are most definitely playing to your audience for the Microfiction Challenge! Which is why I'm here, by the way. Lucky me! :)

Sometimes things bear repeating:

I love how you show them throughout their life together, not just as kids, and we can really see how much Scorpius loves her and how constant that love is no matter what else happens.

The wedding vows: FEELS, GIRL, FEELS!

I am impressed that this is only 500 words long. It feels longer - you managed to cram a whole lotta fluffy love into such a short piece!

Thank you so much for entering the challenge, and for writing this story. It would definitely cheer me up on any future bad days!

xx Renee

Author's Response: Renee!!

HAHA! I actually had no idea that Scorose fluff was your weakness, so I'll just consider that fact an extra bonus. :P

AWE! THANK YOU! I think feels is a good thing when it comes to this story. I mean, it IS fluff, right? :P

I'm with you, I'm actually kind of surprised at how much fluff is in such a short story. I didn't think it was possible until I finished this. ;)

Thank you so much for issuing such an amazing challenge, Renee! I had a lot of fun writing for it!

And thank you for leaving such an amazing review! It means a lot!

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Review #10, by Seasons_Greetings I'll Give My All to You

4th November 2015:
Hello Lizzie,

I am SeasonsGreetings, here to spread love across the HPFF forums and archives throughout the holiday season.

After reading a really scary Halloween fic, I figured that I need something much more upbeat to lift my spirits. This looked like a nice bit of fluff and that seemed like exactly what I need.

The moments that you chose to showcase between Scorpius and Rose were quite tender and sweet. It was nice seeing them start at the beginning as teenagers and grow all the way to adulthood together. The most touching part was the very end when they're old and Scorpius is recalling all his memories of the years they've shared together. One can only hope for a love like that someday.

Now that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, perhaps I'll go bake some gingerbread cookies and make a nice vat of mulled cider. Yes, that sounds like the thing to do!

I'll close this with wishes for a fantastic holiday season!


Author's Response: Well hello there SeasonsGreetings! What a surprise!

Ah, yes, I think everyone needs a bit of fluff after reading something scary -- and my AP certainly has more than it's fair share of fluff, so I'm glad you found this story!

The moments were actually really difficult to choose, but once I had them written down, it really couldn't have gone any other way, so I'm glad you liked what I chose to write!!

One really can only hope for a love like theirs... :D

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!! It really means a lot!!

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Review #11, by Peeves the Poltergeist I'll Give My All to You

12th October 2015:
Hello all! In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing something EXTRA special! If you are reading this, you are now a part of the Poltergeist chain! If you don't review TWO other people using the anonymous review name Peeves the Poltergeist within in TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours, I will drop chairs on your head until All Hallows Eve! You must copy the line and the portion above it and paste it into the beginning of each of your TWO reviews. Please try to review someone who hasn't already been reviewed by Peeves. Repeats are allowed, but discouraged. Happy Halloween!


After reaching the end of this one-shot, only one word comes to mind: Awww. This was incredibly sweet, adorable, loveable, and just plain awesome. I loved the simplicity of it - no overdone descriptions, no over-the-top imagery, no unnecessary cliches. It was short, sweet, clean, and beautifully written.

Scorpius' love for Rose was palpable throughout. I loved the idea of him being sorted into Gryffindor and feeling unwelcome and Rose being the one extending the hand of friendship. The moments you chose to show of their relationship from that point on were beautifully captured, be it their first time, marriage, or post-pregnancy.

The ending of course was the best bit. Despite the two having gone through so much together, having experienced so much of what life had to offer, of having grown and changed, their love for each other remained the same - if not deepened. You kept it so real, pure, and just lovely. I don't know what else to say except that I really, really liked reading this and it put a smile to my face.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Hiya Peeves!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a review!

Hehehe, I think "Awww" definitely sums this story up pretty well. It was pretty much exactly what I was going for. :P

For some reason I've got this headcanon of Scorpius being sorted into Gryffindor that I haven't really seen elsewhere, so I'm glad you liked that! I've always thought that was a little more interesting than the love-hate relationship that is normally portrayed between Scorpius and Rose.

Ah, the ending. That's easily my favorite bit too. Who doesn't like the image of a grown couple still together after so many years and still as much in love as ever? It's just adorable. :P

Thank you so much for R&R'ing, Peeves! This review certainly put a smile on my face!!

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Review #12, by Shadowkat I'll Give My All to You

8th October 2015:
This was so sweet Lizzy! I used to ship almost nothing but canon pairings, but darn how this site is corrupting me! I SHIP IT TOO! XD

Author's Response: Kat!!

AWE!! THANK YOU!! Sometimes I forget that Scorose isn't canon - I ship it THAT much. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing darling! It means a lot!

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