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Reading Reviews for M·A·R·A·U·D·E·R·S
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Review #1, by looneylizzie The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

6th February 2016:

I’m FINALLY here to read and review all of the entries for The Name that Fandom Challenge - so sorry for taking so long to read this!


Once upon a time I binge-watched all 10 seasons of Friends in like three weeks, and reading this brought it all back at once! Now I’m feeling all nostalgic and wanting to re-watch it all again… Boy do I love that show.

As for this story — 25 references! Holy cow! That’s amazing! I think I spotted them all… *runs off to count*

*comes back two hours later* Nope, definitely missing some. I only found 18. I’m gonna have to PM you about that. ;)

Anyway… you’ve done a fantabulous job of working all of those references into this story without making it obvious or making the reader feel like they’re missing something, which can be a really hard thing to do! And on top of that, you’ve written a really entertaining story that definitely creates the same feel that I get from Friends without making the story a carbon copy of the series in any way. It’s perfect!

Oh, and the fact that you had references for the same characters on the show actually apply to different people in this story - like how Sirius’ pick up line is “how you doin’?” while Peter is the one obsessed with sandwiches - like Joey is. Mixing it up like that really helps the whole thing feel like this group of friends isn’t just an HP version of the show, but a different group altogether.

And I love James and Lily… especially the Rachel/Ross vibe they’ve got here, but without a lot of the extra “we were on a break!” drama!

Of course, the turkey on the head was my favorite bit. It’s probably my favorite funny moment from the series as a whole, so the fact that you included it here TOTALLY made my day. :D

Lauren, this story is SO amazing, and thank you SO MUCH for writing it for my challenge!
Keep writing my dear!

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Review #2, by TidalDragon The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

1st November 2015:
Howdy Lauren! It's a LITTLE late, but I'm here with my review for the exchange!

To begin with, this story was EXCEPTIONAL. From the development to the dialogue to the characterizations, everything read as on-point, which is really hard for people to do for me in the Marauders Era given all the dynamics and my own head canons and everything.

So where to begin? Let's talk characterization and dialogue together. I thought you did a great job giving each character their own unique voice. You took the time and effort to not just giving them different words, but different manners of expression. Marlene is rather blunt and even sarcastic. Remus speaks more briefly. Sirius is gregarious. And you dovetail their words with the actions and descriptions so effectively. Bravo!

I also enjoyed the way you progressed the plot here. Though it did require some explanation up-front to set, I didn't think that was excessive and it enabled you to do something very different with the 7th year holidays. While it's not rare that we see Lily heading to the Potters (or vice-versa) I think having the whole cast of character you assembled there is pretty unique and the way you had them feed off each other was also special.

Congratulations on a truly great piece!

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Review #3, by krazyboutharryginny The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

24th October 2015:
Heya Lauren! I'm here with my review for October's review swap :)

I'm very glad we ended up partners, and I was super excited to read this story. As I'm sure you know, I absolutely love the Marauders, and I was really happy to get to read a story about them for the swap.

This fic is very sweet and was a super fun read. There was no major drama or anything like that, just loads of cuteness and revelry! Woohoo! :D

I adored the way you wrote James' parents and how they were with James, they were pretty much exactly how I imagine them personality-wise and their interactions were just lovely. It was clear they adored their son and that he loved them just as much. There was some lighthearted teasing from both ends but that happens in loads of families and was totally believable, and didn't detract from the caring atmosphere.

Peter getting stuck inside the turkey! Ew! That's so disgusting XD Totally something I can see them getting up to though.

I was reading this on the subway (I had it preloaded on Chrome, I didn't have wifi on the subway lol) and I was smiling so much and trying not to laugh out loud at the story the boys told about the Quaffle. The way it was written was very true to their characters and it seemed like the way they would actually tell the story.

The quiz was a very interesting idea, and I was surprised that the girls won! I thought since Sirius and Marlene dated and James had that huge crush on Lily that they would know more and would win. I could see what James was going for with his sneaky phrasing when he set up the bet, though, and so I wasn't worried about the outcome.

The cheesecake! Oh no! Poor Marlene! Everyone was so nice about it though. XD

The secret santa scene was also lovely and very in-character. I was grinning my face off about Remus buying Sirius leather pants and him being so excited about them. All the presents were very well thought-out and I was super impressed that you managed to select them so well. Also, Sirius' present for Lily (with James' influence) was so sweet. I was actually quite surprised when she kissed him and wasn't expecting it at all, but I thought it was a very cute moment and it fit perfectly.

The ending was just as sweet as the rest of the story, especially with James kissing Lily's hand and with Sirius and Remus napping together. (I admit I was disappointed that there wasn't a bit more Wolfstar, but you know me ;) and the Jily was so cute that it more than made up for it.)

As for criticisms, the only thing I have is that there are a couple of places where the wording is a little awkward or the grammar/spelling is a bit off (e.g. at one point James' mum says "mouthful" where it should've been "mouth full") but it was all very minor and didn't detract from the story at all.

The FRIENDS references, I didn't notice, but I've never watched the show so that's to be expected.

I really loved reading this and I'm super happy we were matched for the swap! Wonderful work, Lauren!


(P.S. holy cow this is a long review. Possibly the longest one I've ever written. Oop.)

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Review #4, by carry on with your knitting The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

10th October 2015:

I'm here for the review swap! :)
I absolutely LOVED this. Like literally adored it, I had the most stupid grin on my face whilst is was reading it because James is just so flipping adorable!!

Okay, so I loved that it was packed full of friends references! (It's my favourite TV show :))And it just works perfectly with the Marauders! I could visualise everything you wrote! Particularly the Turkey on Peter's head and the last bit when Remus and Sirius where asleep on the soda together! :') You had a lot of references and some of them were really subtle, which I loved! Like you would have to be a proper friends fan to get them ;)

James and Lily are my favourite right now and I have so many feels reading this :') It's just so perfect, and its christmas and AW! I'm just blubbering now :') But their kids... freaking OMG the cutest think ever I literally 'aw'ed. It's so cute it hurts, it literally hurts...

I also love that you included the newly discovered James' Parents names, hahahaha! :)

Over all this was just a perfect one shot and it's bound to do brilliantly in the challenge it's entered in! It flowed awesomely and was a really enjoyable and easy read :)

Love love loved it :)

Much love,
Katie :)

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

6th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and it's so great to be swapping stories again! I don't think that we've swapped in ages, which is a real shame you know!

I really, really liked this. I have read a ton of stories that feature James and the others but I think this is one of the best. I really appreciate that you have all of them behaving so natural, they're not overdone or exaggerated. James seems like a happy, confident and lovesick boy and I think that you got his age range down perfectly. I especially loved all of the detail that you added about his personality, his life and his relationship with his parents. They were done so smoothly and I was able to get a good sense of who he was as a person. I thought that his banter with his parents was very spot on and spoke of how loving they were AND I also enjoyed the little nod to canon with his father's hair potion. Haha. It is kind of funny that it didn't work on James's hair and probably wouldn't work on Harry's either. I think that the anticipation for Christmas with his friends was done wonderfully, I got such a fuzzy feeling from your writing. It felt authentic and just well, damn cozy.

I also really, really LOVE that you introduced the others in such a unique and hilarious way. Sirius, Remus and Peter are all so different but in that moment I could understand why they were friends. I thought that you showed their friendship and personalities very well here. I liked that this wasn't bogged down by any angst too, this was just a great moment for friends to come together and abuse that poor turkey. I also really like this point that you made with James and Lily's relationship: They were no longer bitter enemies but more like best friends, which is a nice change from them suddenly falling head over heels for one another. I like that James genuinely cared about Lily and was SO eager to impress her but knew when to step back a little and allow it to happen. :D

I can't really go on and on about how much I just loved the second half of this chapter either. Lily and Marlene are just great and I loved your characterization of them too. They felt fresh and new, Lily wasn't this hot tempered loud mouth like I've seen in other stories but practically radiated warmth and kindness. I feel that looking at her through James's eyes was a nice way to show his love for her and also a great way for me to appreciate her character. Anyway, their interactions with one another were hilarious and I was laughing out loud at some of their conversations. It's a shame about that bet though! Hahahah.

But James was kissed and Sirius got some really nifty leather pants! Oh! Curious thing: Are you hinting at a Remus/Sirius relationship in this story or am I interpreting things wrong? If so, that just had me all fuzzy. I really love that angle but if not, I still love the idea of them all being so close and the very end o this chapter ended on such a wonderful note.

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


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Review #6, by Felpata Lupin The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

3rd October 2015:
Hi! Here for our swap! (And sorry for the lateness...)

Ok, I must confess I'm not addicted enough to "Friends" to catch the references. Don't get me wrong, I did watch a few episodes, and enjoyed them quite a lot. I just don't have a deep knowledge of the series... But that's irrelevant. Cause, references or not, I did enjoy your story so much!!! :D

James is just adorable! I loved his enthusiasm for Christmas, for decoration and presents! The idea of him and Sirius searching the house up and down for Euphemia's hiding spot for presents was so cute and funny, as was James' earlier belief of being the Christmas tree master, while it was his Mum who rearranged the balls on it... So adorable!!!

I just adored James' parents. They are exactly how I imagine them to be! His father's playful character and his mother's sweetness are just perfect!!! And you named them according to JK's last news!!! Loved it!!! (And here I was, not even a month ago, convinced that Charlus and Dorea were canon... Go trust Italian Harry Potter Wiki... *rolls eyes*) Anyway, they are just the perfect parents, and I loved their family dynamics so much, especially the embarassing bits, like when they proposed to look at little James' pictures! Loved that!

Loved the questions' game! Ahahah! I got James' trick immediatly! He is so sly!!!

James was so adorable with the cheesecake thing! I loved how Marlene was the voice of truth here! And it was her fault!!! Ahahah!!! :P

By the way, Marlene a Quibbler fan? Would never have guessed! But she is right, James and Lily are really each other's Sloper!!!

Oh, Sirius... Spoiling it all... But that's just like him, isn't it? :P

But, hey! She kissed him!!! Lily Evans kissed James Potter! It happened for real!!! And they're going on a date!!! So excited!!!

I loved the little glimpse of Wolfstar at the end! Sort of expected it to come, since you classified the story as LGBTQA. But I really loved the way you did it, inconspicuously, without too much fuss. They were so sweet, asleep like that! So cute!!!

Well... I suppose after this absurdly long rambling, you can guess that I loved this story!!! Thank you so much for the lovely reading and for swapping with me!

Hugs and love,

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Review #7, by daliha The One With The Very Merry Little Christmas

29th September 2015:
I caught some of the Friends references, but not all of them, but beside I think this has to be the best Marauders one shot I've ever read! :)

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