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Reading Reviews for It Comes in the Night
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Review #1, by alicia and anne 1

23rd November 2015:
OMG! A small Theo! This is brilliant! I love this so much! I love seeing the Slytherin's as small children and what they're all like.

They're all so adorable and I want you to write me many more stories about them being all adorable a cute! Can you imagine them at nursery?! CAN YOU?!

Draco is so scared and it's adorable! Just ah! Hahaha :D

I love that they're scared of Teddy's story, and that David played along and scared them all! David is awesome! I love him so much!

This was brilliant, Connor! I loved this so much! Thank you foor entering the challenge!

Author's Response: A small Theo has appeared. Wow! :D I love it, too, I should write more small Slytherins.


I know, poor Draco.

David is awesome, I should write more David, too.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by Peeves the Poltergeist 1

24th October 2015:
Hello all! In the spirit of Halloween, I am doing something EXTRA special! If you are reading this, you are now a part of the Poltergeist chain! If you don't review TWO other people using the anonymous review name Peeves the Poltergeist within in TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours, I will drop chairs on your head until All Hallows Eve! You must copy the line and the portion above it and paste it into the beginning of each of your TWO reviews. Please try to review someone who hasn't already been reviewed by Peeves. Repeats are allowed, but discouraged. Happy Halloween!

This was such a fun, spooky little story about ickle Draco and all the Slytherins! I like the way you described the light from the flashlight, it was nice and creepy, like all stories should be!

I knew it was Teddy Bear's Dad when they heard the noise. It's great that he scared them, but if it had been ME, I'd have given them a REAL scare!

Great little story!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by CassiePotter 1

27th September 2015:
Oh my goodness this was adorable. I loved it! I was definitely a kid who scared easily (I still scary pretty easily!), so if I was in their position, I would definitely do what Draco did and ask for the story to stop! Haha. Little Teddy was so cute! It took me a second to figure out that he was Theo though, but I love the nickname!
This was a great little Halloween story, and I really enjoyed it!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 1

25th September 2015:
Awww, this was so cute, Sam! I love little Teddy, Blaise, Pansy, and Draco! I think it's so adorable how Blaise is already very much like he is as an adult in my mind. And Draco's terrified of the ghost story, that's just precious!

I also adore how Teddy and his father have a good relationship, spending David Nott's birthday together just hanging out and eating sweets. I love how he was probably listening outside and tried to scare them by scratching on the wall like Teddy had done, and then burst in through the door to scare them even more before telling them to go to bed.

It's just so cute and adorable and I so enjoyed reading it!


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Review #5, by CambAngst 1

25th September 2015:
It's adorable, that's what it is! If there's a shortage of anything in the world, it's stories about the Slytherins just being normal kids when they were little. OK, there are shortages of lots of things and most of them are more important than this, but you can only deal with the ones that are within your control. ;)

I love what you did with the wee little snakes. Draco was absolutely perfect, being all hat and no trousers. Blaise was "too cool for school" and Pansy was eager to be one of the boys. They make for a great little gang of pureblood snowflakes.

So I'm curious, why was Theo in the hospital?

If there was one thing in the whole story that I would think to do differently, it was Theo's father. Seeing as how he was referred to as "Nott, Sr.", the name David threw me a little. Also, he was supposed to be much older than the Malfoys, so it was weird to see him calling Theo "buddy" and kissing him goodnight. Putting all that aside for a moment, it was pretty sweet to see the affection. Even marked Death Eaters love their children. Aww!

Neat story. I hope this little muse grabs you from time to time!

Author's Response: I love writing little Slytherins, I should do it more often. I actually find them easier to write than others - these Slytherins in general, not just as little Slytherins. But they are adorable when they're little.

He was ill. He's better now.

Normally, when I write Nott Sr he's a lot scarier, even around Theo. But he's all Theo has and it was hard maintaining that while keeping this adorable. So I gave him the night off, we'll say he's a little calmer with Theo being so young.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!

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