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Review #1, by speedypizza Did she bite you?

20th January 2016:
Good story, I really look forward to the next chapter. The thing I love most about your story is the way you bring the school to life, one thing many writers on here cannot do well.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I like to try and picture the castle from the film when I write my stories. Please continue to read and review, I like reviews :) p.s I have another story up and I'm working on one thats different, I'm hoping to put that up soon too. Thank you xx

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Review #2, by Jon The New Trio, Plus one.

17th January 2016:
Well yikes. As I said in reviewing chapter one, the spelling errors were plentiful, but the run-on sentences were brutal. It took me a portion of time to reread several paragraphs that were very nearly all one sentence. As I stated earlier, this is an intriguing story, but you'll have to clean up the grammar and spelling mistakes to make it readable at least!

Author's Response: As before, I will take on bourd your comments and review twice before posting again xx

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Review #3, by Jon Start of Term.

17th January 2016:
Despite several spelling errors, I think this is an intriguing story. I'll be sticking around a bit to see where this goes. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, I will keep in mind your comments and double check any further chapters. Thank you xx

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Review #4, by Sloth Lost loves.

3rd November 2015:
Harry and Hermione are really wretched sort of people. its too bad they won't die in a train wreck for real.

Author's Response: Harsh!!! Being an avid Harry/Hermione shipper, this is the way I wanted it to go. Like it or don't, it's my style and it's not going to change...Thanks for reviewing.

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