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Review #1, by Musing Mudblood

12th November 2015:
Hi Olivia! Here for BvB.

I have always felt that this particular incident is the most important one in the whole series. It greatly influenced how rest of the Harry Potter story came to be. You captured the essence of this scene very beautifully in a little over 500 words.

Lily must have been greatly affected by the awful word coming from his best friend's mouth and all her emotions can be clearly understood from the story. She feels that this was not what she deserved as she was clearly defending him and that is what bothers her the most. She is feeling unworthy and unwanted, both in the Muggle and the Wizarding world. I love how you described Lily wondering about how Snape can be friends with her and the Slytherins at the same time, and the way she wants to teach them a lesson all by herself. But then she controls herself and resolves to defend herself if necessary.

When Mary tells her that Snape is waiting for her outside the common room, Lily forgets everything for a few moments and relates this as a common thing for Snape to do. This particular moment just made me feel her pain to a greater extent. I like the way Lily decides to make Snape choose between herself and his ideals at the end.

You portrayed Lily's character very nicely in this story. I loved it. Thanks for a great read.

-Emm ^_^

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Review #2, by ravenclaw_princess Mudblood

29th October 2015:
Hello. Here for BvB

I quite like 500 word stories as it's interesting to see how much can be put across in such a small number of words. You have definitely achieved it with this story.

This moment is such a pivotal point in the relationship of Lily and Severus and I like how you have portrayed it through Lily's eyes. Most people see only one side of Severus which is the pure blood elitist side, but Lily has the unique perspective of seeing what he is really like when not trying to fit in with others. But she can only defend him for so long.

I love how you have described the effect that the word has on Lily. It's interesting how much power a word can have. You can say it's only a word, it means nothing, but it's hard to do when you know the malice and hatred of those who say it. I find the loneliness part especially interesting. She came to the wizarding because she didn't fit into the muggle world, only to in that there are those who don't want her in the wizarding world either.

I like how Lily, for a fraction of a second at the end, thought of Severus as the friend she knew. But no matter what, his so called friends would never accept him fraternising with one such as Lily and so to put an end to the hurt that would undoubtedly follow, she knew it was time to end the friendship.

This is a lovely little story and it flowed really well, capturing both the events and the emotion in a very short piece. Well done.


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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Mudblood

8th October 2015:
H Olivia! I'm here for the swap :)

This is such an interesting moment to capture! We've gotten an idea of how Snape felt after that incident, but Lily's feelings aren't shown with much nuance in his memory, and I love that you've delved into that and really thought about how she would feel.

The idea that "Mudblood" means loneliness is really intelligent and touching. I had never thought of it that way before, but it makes total sense!

When you brought it around to the moment outside Gryffindor tower, I was pleasantly surprised. I don't usually see that part included. Her little lapse of memory, falling back into the habit of friendship, is such a powerful and believable detail.

A correction -
In this line: "How he could be her friend and assure her that blood purity was stupid" you switch from second person to third person for a moment.

This was super interesting and I thought you captured Lily's thoughts about that moment beautifully.

Well done!
xoxo Renee

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