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Reading Reviews for Whispers Of The Silence
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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Secrets

19th April 2016:
Hello there, I'm back again.

One thing that jumped out at me was the spacing. I understand that formatting can be an issue (i've been through that myself) but you should get that fixed for better readability.

Oohh Rita skeeter having a goddaughter? Now that's an image I never thought I'd see? Indian father, now that explains the surname Parekh.

I like the bits about Rita Skeeter's background story - about her sister being a squib, and how she was being opportunistic. I think it all adds up very well to the skeeter we know today.

And then to see the sisters subsequently bonding over one too many glasses of alcohol was, in a way, really sweet.

The ending was quite the cliffhanger, and added to the mystery, drawing us closer to the actual plot of the story.

A suggestion I'd like to make at this point would be to maybe spruce up your descriptions a little, to allow us to picture the scene more clearly. Use sounds, touch apart from sight to tell us what the scene it. It's merely a personal preference, but I do feel it would do good for the flow.

I do like where this is headed, and once again my deepest apologies for a really really really late review, and I do hope you return again!


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Review #2, by princesslily_36 Prologue

19th April 2016:
Hello Willowjay!

Princesslily32 from the forums here with a ridiculously late review for your chapter, and hence I'm going to review both unlike my original claim of reviewing only one!

Firstly, the chapter summaries in the form of poems do work well, I do think it's a good idea to do that since your genre is mystery, and this goes well with that.

Though the prologue was short, we got a good thorough feel of Tom through it. Picturing him as the child who was bullied once is so difficult, yet you make it sound believable, adding a whole new dimention to why he craved power.

Dumbledore using magic in front of muggles seems a bit OOC. I don't know if you intended it to be that way or not. Just felt that it was.

Apart from that it was really well written, and looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #3, by Riptide Arrow Secrets

14th November 2015:
AWESOME! And nooo! Why the cliffhanger? I want moreee! Great plot, excellent sentence formation and just the perfect pace! Marvelous work :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks for the review! : )

I am glad you liked the first chapter. I must apologize for the cliffhanger... But I fear that this is not the last you've seen of it. It kills me to end the chapter like this, but it is also great fun to be doing so. ( Yeah, I must be the evilest author in the history of fan fictions...)
Always Keeping reading and reviewing ( I must selfishly add...my story) ; )


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Review #4, by Riptide Arrow Prologue

19th October 2015:
This is really awesome and well written! Something that I would consider a great read :D

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. It's really encouraging to receive reviews for one's story. It means a lot to me, so thanks once more.
P.S.- I think the next chapter will coming pretty soon.

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