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Review #1, by nott theodore Before the Party

28th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hello again!

Ah, yet another character I love on the author's page of an author whose work I love reading! I am very much enjoying this game of CTF! :)

I really liked the premise behind this story, that the DA would try and organise to meet up ten years later after everything that's gone on. Of course, it won't be easy as I imagine they'll have to realise and remember that some of them aren't alive anymore, but it's a nicer reunion than most, I imagine, and it'll be interesting to see where everyone is after this time has passed.

I loved your characterisation of Hannah! The little quirks that came through about her like the fact that she has to set her watch twenty minutes early to make sure she's on time for things really helped to bring her character to life. I also got the sense that she's quite happy with where she is now, but she's not exactly where she expected to be? She doesn't seem to see as much of the other DA members as I might have imagined, but her friendship with Tom is really sweet to read. He's a bit like a father figure to her, isn't he?

I have to admit, I'm kind of hoping that Hannah gets to see more of Neville at this reunion...

(Also I love the way that they're still using the Galleons after all this time!)

Sian :)

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Review #2, by crimson quill Before the Party

28th April 2017:
Capture the Flag

So I thought this sounded like such a cool concept from the summary. I really enjoyed this first chapter of this. I don't think that hannah gets enough love as a character so I'm really pleased that she's getting her own little story here.

I really liked the characterisation for hannah, she comes across quite hufflepuff-y (thats not a word but you know..) which is a good thing. I like you have written her with people pleasing characteristics, little details like how she's embarrassed about being early and stuff. she's cute.

I basically love that hermione is terrible at cooking because I've always thought that one thing hermione would probably be simply horrible at is cooking. I don't know why but I can't imagine hermione doing much homemaking stuff so wasn't she lucky that super hannah were there to save dinner. lol.

I liked the little mentions like albus being born as harry is busy, how george and angie made dessert so thats probably one to avoid. I'm really interested to see where the rest of this story is going because I've really enjoyed this introduction to the story. good job! xo

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Review #3, by Slaidback A Speech and Toasts

6th January 2016:
A brilliant epilogue style story. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun to write a story to kind of tie up the loose ends of the DA after the last book!

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Review #4, by kayt A Speech and Toasts

3rd January 2016:
You've create some very nice scenes here and all the characters fitted in perfectly and believably with just enough back story to keep it interesting. Hope to see more of the evening.

Author's Response: Thank you, kayt! It definitely was an interesting task to get all the characters to fit in together in such a short amount of time, so I'm happy you think it works! The story is finished now, I hope you found the rest! : )

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Review #5, by CambAngst A Speech and Toasts

3rd January 2016:
Back for chapter 2! This is the one with the warning that caught my eye.

Suicide. Grim material. I'm interested to see how it comes up and how you handle it.

Dennis Creevey the Unspeakable. Definitely not the career choice I would have made for him, but interesting. I definitely get the idea of Dennis burying himself in his schoolwork to help move past his brother's death.

he’d always looked just as miserable as she’d felt. And now that laughter and happiness were slowly seeping back into Hannah’s own life, she wished the same for Dennis. -- That definitely hints at some back story for Hannah. Looking forward to reading about it.

Dean and Seamus make an amusingly mismatched couple. I could definitely see it playing out that way, given that they were always on the outside of the Harry-Ron friendship looking in, but from a greater distance than Neville.

No 10-year high school reunion is complete without adorable babies to fawn over. Aside from the magic, this is oddly reminiscent of my high school reunion. ;)

Wow. Sounds like Luna is a stone cold playa. :p I could definitely see her having a different attitude about love and relationships, seeing as how she had a different attitude about... well, basically everything. Poor Neville. I could never see him being anything other than the monogamous type.

Parvati's speech... wow. I guess somebody has to take one for the team and break the ice, and I have to say that she set the bar high.

It was a kind thing you did to give everyone the heads-up about Lavender's suicide. From a rules perspective I'm not sure it was required, but it was very considerate of you. That sort of thing is a big trigger for a lot of people. Again, the story line that accompanies it makes perfect sense to me. Chronic pain and scarring would be very difficult things to live with. In a dark moment, it's easy to understand how death would seem preferable. I liked the memories you chose for Lavender's parting moment. I'm really curious whether there might have been others, more personal in nature.

Harry's toast was a very fitting end to the chapter.

All in all, you did a great job with this. I like the way you write. It flows nicely and nothing sounds awkward or stiff. You mix up dialog and narrative well and you choose words that fit your characters. Great job!

Author's Response: Hello again, Dan!

And thanks again for the reviews. I'm never able to get more than one review out in one day, so it's amazing to me that you left these two reviews in such a short time, haha!

Yes, this is the chapter that deals with the most serious topic (though the next has some grim elements too...). The idea of Lavender's suicide came to me late one night as I thought about who lived and who died in the Battle of Hogwarts, and the idea wouldn't leave me alone. But I didn't feel able to tackle the subject directly in a story, so having Parvati bring it up in her speech in this story instead felt like the perfect way to get it in in a respectful way, if that makes sense.

Dennis as an Unspeakable is more me having fun with the characters, though, haha. It's such an unexpected thing for him, isn't it? But people in real life often do surprising things, and I believe in letting characters follow unexpected tracks too. Our lives aren't determined by who we were at eleven or fourteen, after all. And yes, the Hannah backstory comes up pretty extensively in the next chapter. : )

One day I'll write the Dean/Seamus story I've always dreamt of, where Seamus is gay and falls in love with his best friend and has to watch him go into all these relationships with girls until he breaks down and confesses his love - and Dean, after the first shock, realises he loves Seamus back!

Haha, the only reunion I've been to yet was a three year reunion, without babies (but some of my old classmates have kids now, so our next reunion will be more like this, haha), so I'm glad I managed to capture the sense of a ten year one without having ever been to one, haha.

Yeah, Luna does things her own way... and Neville does things more traditionally, haha. But I might write a story where they stay together and are poly one day. It might not be easy to make it work, but I hope I could... But I agree that Neville seems more like the monogamous type.

Writing Parvati's speech is one of the most difficult things I've done when it comes to fanfiction. I wrote this story a few months after a friend of mine lost someone close to them through suicide, and I based Parvati's speech a lot on our conversations. As for the warning I was always going to include it, but the mods told me how to do it correctly, so I actually believe it was needed rules-wise. And there were definitely other, more personal memories... but I don't know what they were. Maybe I'll write about them in another story eventually.

Thank you for the compliments on my writing! As someone who doesn't have English as their first language it's extra nice to hear that you think my writing flows nicely and isn't awkward. I worry about those things a lot.

Wow, this turned into an essay. Sorry about that, haha. I hope you find the time to come back for chapter 3 and the epilogue too some day! : )


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Review #6, by CambAngst Before the Party

3rd January 2016:
Hi, Kapa!

Your post about your chapter update caught my eye. I really like stories where authors aren't afraid to tackle touchy topics. (Unintentional, but wow, say that five times fast...) Coming in, I wasn't sure what sensitive subject (somebody stop me, please) you were going to write about, but I thought it was well worth finding out.

I liked the way you set Hannah up at the start of the chapter. It seems like her life has turned out well enough, but not as well as she'd expected. I'm always a fan of that theme in post-war stories: the idea that real life can be a bit of a let-down after being part of a secret army fighting the oppression of dark wizards and surviving a battle that will live forever in history books.

Ha! Poor Hannah. I do the same thing with my alarm clock.

I see that Hermione still hasn't developed a knack for domestic chores. Makes sense, given her apparent career path. And she made Ron hyphenate his name. That's funny.

I love the idea of Hannah sporting pigtails for a bit of nostalgia. I'm sure she was adorable.

Nice start to the story. It was nice and gradual and gave me a good sense of the time and setting. Looking forward to what's next.

Author's Response: Hello Dan, and thank you for the two reviews! This was the first review I got in 2016, so extra yay for that! : )

Wow, it seems my attempt to warn people off instead worked as unintentional advertising, haha! I do try to not shy away from tackling touchy topics (Tackle touchy topsics, Tachy touckle... no, I give up.), but I hope I didn't get your hopes further up than what's warranted. This is a light-hearted story at heart, after all...

I also definitely believe in treating the Hogwarts era character as what they are in the Post Hogwarts era, namely survivors of a war. As I wrote this story this became more and more clear to me, and I tried to let the different ramifications for the different characters show as much as possible. As for Hannah, I think it's more trying to get her life into a trajectory that she's actually happy with than her life being a let down compared to the adventures of the war, but there's more on that in the third chapter...

The alarm clock thing is actually based on something that happened to a friend, haha. And yes, Hermione still isn't good at cooking. I think she tries to make dishes that are too complicated for her skill level because she's so unused to not doing things she's not great at, haha! As for the hyphenating thing, that's pretty common here in Sweden (though the new trend is to pick out a whole new surname together...), and I think it'd work for Ron and Hermione so I threw it in.

I'm happy you liked this first chapter. It definitely is a way to gradually ease the reader into the story. (And yeah, I think Hannah was adorable in her braids too!) Thank you again for this nice review! : )


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Review #7, by Madeye Before the Party

7th November 2015:
This is great! Keep going

Author's Response: : D

Thanks! I will! I actually has this story all written out already, I'm just going over each chapter to make some minor edits before I post them. I'm swamped with coursework right now, however, so this is taking some time. Sorry about the wait.


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