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Reading Reviews for On Top of Things
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Review #1, by Sushmita Want to hear My Side of Things?

26th April 2017:
Its interesting to read the sorting hat's POV but I didn't find any new info in this story. The dialog seemed a bit childish! I would have wanted a lil more insight on people the sorting hat may have dealt with that we hadn't just read about in JKR's books. A lil more into the history of how it was made?

Author's Response: I really wasn't thinking about new information in this story. It was written in a little over two hours and just to have some fun (although you have given me a wonderful bit of inspiration that I am going to act on. I'm already storyboarding the next Sorting Hat story for a new one shot or short story. Keep watching!)

Thanks again for the review

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Want to hear My Side of Things?

2nd March 2016:
Hey there! I'm here with team: Sassy Seven for Operation Green with Envy on the Forums (because Slytherin House is amazing)!

I love this idea! I can honestly say I've never had the pleasure of reading a story told from the Sorting Hat's point of view. The Sorting Hat does have an important job, and I laugh that it knows that about itself. I do feel bad for it, though, being ignored all term long until its needed to sort the students.

I haven't thought about the consciousness of the Hat until now, and it's doing those strange things like making me emphasize with it. It's a fantastic feat to affect your audience like this with an otherwise inanimate object. I keep laughing at my sympathy throuought, while the Hat tells of how difficult it is to think up a new song for every new year (but I suppose since it IS being ignored for the rest of the year, it has time to think), and especially because of all of the minds its had to peer into. That sounds like a tedious task.

I also really enjoy that sense of self-importance that it has, specifically at the end, where it pardons the reader to do its job.

Thanks for a great read!

Author's Response: Thanks for your very kind review. Actually, the idea for this story came about the time that I was finishing the third story in my Quidditch trilogy. The four stories all revolve around the thoughts of the objects involved.

I had wondered how the hat came up with the songs that we see in the books (but unfortunately not in the movies).

I often laughed while I was writing the story.

Thank you for your compliment about affecting my audience, it gives me the encouragement that I need to continue writing.

If you enjoyed this story please give my other stories a try and let me know how you feel about them.

Thanks for your kind words!
Evil Otter

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