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Review #1, by nott theodore Living On, Loving On

17th June 2016:
Can you explain how I haven't discovered your page before? This is making me sad to have missed so much, but at least I finally have time now!

This was such a lovely portrayal of Luna! Following on from the way that she behaved at the end of Stolen Moments, when she seemed so much more accepting of the ending than Ginny did, this depiction of her character was great. I feel like you've managed to capture her personality so well, and yet develop it in a different direction from what we see in the books.

It makes so much sense to me that Luna would love so many people in her life, and that she wouldn't care about gender or anything. I really liked the way that her story developed through this piece, though. At the beginning there was a lot of regret - even though she masked it very well and didn't want to act on her feelings - and I liked the way you began this exactly a year after the previous story ended. And then finally there's a sort of hope and possibility for Luna and Ginny that is really intriguing.

I loved the little nods throughout this piece to all the characters that Luna is usually paired with in fic, too. I can definitely imagine her and Dean finding comfort in each other as well (and I love the idea that he married Seamus, who helped him work through those ideas) and then Neville. I've actually always loved the idea of Neville and Luna together, but I can see them not working out because of being such different people, and Luna not wanting to be tied down.

The ending was so hopeful and happy - I love the way that you've portrayed Rolf already, because he just seems like such a perfect fit for Luna. I'm really excited to see what happens in the next story!

Sian :)
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Author's Response: Hehehe, I think I -can- explain how you haven't discovered my page before: there are so many great authors that you hear good things about but never really have the time to check out, and I used to be one of them for you. I know -I- have that problem, at least. : P

I think it's interesting when people say I've captured Luna well here, because the Luna in this story is basically just -me- in a thinly veiled disguised, hehe. And I don't actually identify -that- much with Luna... I'm more of a Arthur Weasley type Autistic... anyway. But yeah, one thing that really informed my portrayal of Luna in this piece is her being Autistic, and how that informs how she relates to people and societal rules. There's a lot of regret in the beginning, yes, but also a lot of confusion, which is really the source of the regret.

And ehehe, yeah, I love (or have loved at least) practically all the popular Luna ships, so I wanted to give a nod to that here. I've read far too little Dean/Luna in my life, for example. And I have a really weird hate/love relationship with Luna/Neville, so... : P But then again that's probably because Hannah/Neville is such an OTP for me.

I'm glad you liked the ending. I'm trying to keep all these three stories pretty 'open' if that makes sense, so that people can read what they want into them, but still also have them be, as you say, hopeful.

Oh, and I'm glad you liked my Rolf - he really got the short end of the stick in this little series, with basically no personality, ooops. : /

Thanks for this review! Now I only have one Sian-review left to respond to. : (


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Review #2, by adluvshp Living On, Loving On

17th May 2016:
Hey there! So, MuggleMaybe recommended me your story to shower a little review fairy sparkle on, and I'm glad she did, because I truly loved reading this.

Your portrayal of Luna is refreshing and unique and very real. I feel like this fits her personality very well. Not being able to tell apart friend-feelings and love-feelings, being confused about what she feels for who, wanting to be free, and the brief glimpses we get into her relationships, makes a lot of sense. I like how she finally found someone who accepted her the way she was and gave her the freedom she needed, though a little sad that Neville/Luna didn't work out since I kinda ship them.

Nonetheless, you portrayed a lot in this little one-shot and did a great job with theme. The descriptions were spot on, and I absolutely loved the simplistic writing style. The narrative totally drew me in and it made for an interesting read. Pleasure to have stopped by, and if you'd like to, you can always leave me links to yours (or others') stories that have less than 15 reviews - I'd love to shower them with more review fairy love =)

(Lost Muse)

Author's Response: Hello Angie, and thank you so much for this surprise of a review! I'm so happy Renee pointed you here! : )

Hehe, the reason that you think my characterisation of Luna here feels 'real' is probably that she's suuuper much based on me. People often headcanon Luna as Autistic, and while I waver back and forth on whether I do that myself, but here I definitely wrote her as such, and then it just felt natural to lend her some of my traits that I feel are linked to my Autism. : )

I sort of ship Neville and Luna too, but I always have them break up in my stories - I guess I don't see them as a 'forever' kind of couple, but that doesn't mean the relationship was a failure, you know? Some day I'll write a story where they are poly and stay together while they also marry Hannah and Rolf!

I'm glad the simplistic writing style works for you, because I know not everybody likes it. I actually wasn't all that happy with this story when I wrote it, but I re-read it recently and like it a lot more now! I definitely see what you mean by the theme working; it really does, much more than I felt like it did when I wrote it. And usually the passage of time make me like my stories less! (And then re-write and re-write them...)

All in all, thanks again for this review, and it's been great seeing you here and there around the web, Angie! : )


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Review #3, by The Basilisk Living On, Loving On

19th December 2015:
What an interesting story!

I feel sad that Neville and Luna didn't work out. I'll bet you didn't know that even big scary Basilisssks have a romantic side, did you?

But, it'sss good in the end that Luna found someone who could let her be herssself.

I enjoy the different feelings you showed for different people in this one-ssshot. Feelings can be very confusing sssometimes and I think you showed that very realissstically.

I would love to see more in this story from you! I may have to slither back to your page again sssoon!

Author's Response: My third Basilisk review, this time possibly from another incarnation of the snake(?)! Thanks you so much, and welcome back in whatever for you want to stop by in! : )

Luna and Neville trying a relationship but it not working out is somewhat of a constant in my Epilogue+ (the + means I include Pottermore and interviews and stuff) compliant writing... Maybe I should write a version where they stay together some day...

It's reassuring to hear that even the Basilisk has an inner romantic... must be hard to find a mate, with giant snakes being so uncommon. Aw, I made myself sad! At least I know now that this particular Basilisk had a whole House of friends! : )

Feelings can definitely be very confusing - the Luna I write is based a lot on myself, a lot of the confusion is straight from my own life, which definitely helps with keeping things realistic, haha.

And, well... I actually have plans for a third story in this little story series, one where Ginny and Luna get a new shot at love together... I hope you 'slither back' to read it when I get myself together and write it. Thanks again for this review! : )

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Review #4, by MuggleMaybe Living On, Loving On

3rd December 2015:
Hello! It's MuggleMaybe here reviewing your entry for the Microfiction Challenge. :)

This is exactly the sort of thing I imagined when I started this challenge, and I thought you did a great job picking out scenes from Luna's life that really capture her evolving feelings for Ginny and others, and her developing sense of sexuality and romance.

Speaking of Luna - you capture her really well! "Luna has never been good at telling ‘friend feelings’ and ‘love feelings’ apart."
I think it's totally believable that Luna would feel this way! Spot on!

The simple, unaffected style you used for this gives the story a very Luna-like air of sweetness and innocence that comes across really nicely.

Well done! And thank you for entering the challenge!

Author's Response: Hello there Renee!

First of all I just want to thank you for hosting this challenge! It pushed me to write a story that I'd been planning for some time but couldn't get myself to write, so that's great. Now I just need something to push me to write the third story in this little trilogy, the one about Harry...

Second of all I do of course also want to thank you for this review, haha! It's great to hear that this fits with what you imagined when you planned the challenge - though surprises can be a good thing too, of course!

I'm happy that you think I managed to capture Luna and her journey well! : ) That thing about friend feelings and love feelings actually comes from my own experiences, and I've always thought it's one of my more Luna-ish traits, haha!

It's also good to hear that you think I choose good scenes - that was the most difficult part of this challenge. This story takes place over so long time, so I had to pick carefully and had to take out some scenes that I loved but didn't work quite as well as the one I ended up with.

As for the simple style, it was a good change of pace to get to write something so 'unaffected', as you say. I've experimented a lot with style lately and it was great to just sit down and write something straightforward. And it also suited the shortness of the piece, I think.

All in all, thanks a bunch for this review and for the challenge! I only wish I would have had time to write more entries!


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