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Review #1, by looneylizzie The Final Frontier...

6th February 2016:

Iím finally, FINALLY here to review the entries for the Name that Fandom Challenge! Whoo hoo! So sorry for taking so long! :)


I think Iím in fandom reference heaven or something. Is that even a thing? What does it matter, because this is packed with SO MANY amazing references that I canít even handle it! GAH!

I mean, first of all - PYGMY PUFFS = TRIBBLES. YES. This is the exact same connection I made when I first read about them in the books and itís pretty much a dream come true to see them written this way.

Second of all - Locutus OvborgÖ Iíll admit, that one took me a minute. I had to say it out loud a couple of times before the male parental unit overheard me and asked me why I was talking about the Borg. But once I got it I laughed for a good five minutes. VERY clever!

And then thereís the famous phrases you managed to work in SO WELL. I nearly missed a few of them since they fit in so well. I think my favorite was ĒSet wand to vanish.Ē ó I think I died and went to geek heaven or something after that.

Words fail to express how happy this story makes me! This is definitely one of those stories thatís guaranteed to make you laugh every single time, and I have no doubt Iíll be reading and rereading this time and time again. :D

Thanks so much for entering in my challenge, Kaitlin! Youíre amazing and keep writing!

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Review #2, by Owlpost68 The Final Frontier...

16th January 2016:
Oh my gosh I wish my mom wasn't sleeping so I could laugh properly. And that I'm so happy I went back and read this one! I was looking at it all this time but went for shorter stories... This was so worth it! lolol. All the little Star Trek references were brilliant. Going where no man has gone before, set wands to vanish, and of course the tribble/pygmy puff comparison! It was amazing that they figured out that Zonkos did it. It makes sense that a joke store would pull a prank to get back at another joke store lolol
Really well done!
One last review for team gold!
Goodnight for now
snigger snigger...

Author's Response: Hey Heather!

Laugh away! :D

I'm so thrilled that you like all of the different Star Trek references that I slipped in.

Battle of the joke stores!

Thank you so much for this review (and all the others)!


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Review #3, by A Christmas Elf The Final Frontier...

8th December 2015:
Hello Kaitlin! I'm a Christmas elf and I'm here to leave you a review for the holiday season.

This story is really wonderful. It's so fun and lighthearted, which is exactly the sort of story I love to read at this time of year (and all the time really)! I'm also really impressed with how you managed to take the plotline from Star Trek that you mentioned and incorporate it so seamlessly into this Harry Potter story! It didn't feel awkward or forced at all, it worked really well. You also did an excellent job with the characters of Fred and George Weasley. I liked them when I read the Harry Potter books (a lot of kids ask for them for Christmas and I always sneak a peak) because they're inventors and create things to spread fun and joy, just like me! Although Santa would probably consider putting them on the naughty list... hoo hoo hoo!

The only tiny criticism I have is that it was kind of strange when Verity said her wand wasn't working, and drew me out of the story a bit. Maybe you could change it to "the spell doesn't seem to be working" or something? I'm not sure. The story is really great either way!

I hope you have a great holiday season, Kaitlin, and that your Christmas (if you celebrate it) is full of good cheer! I have to get back to work now - there's lots to be done before the 25th!

-A Christmas Elf

Author's Response: Hello Christmas Elf!

Thank you so much for this lovely surprise!

I'm really glad you chose to read this because I haven't had a whole ton of feedback on it yet.

Star Trek is one of those shows that I grew up watching and love dearly, so I was thrilled at a chance to integrate it into Harry Potter.

I hope Santa wouldn't put Fred and George on the naughty list. They're only after a bit of fun. :D

Thank you for the concrit. I'll take a look at it and see if I can figure out how to make it flow better.

Merry Christmas to you as well! And a Happy New Year too!


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Review #4, by Claire Evergreen The Final Frontier...

27th October 2015:
Hey Kaitlin! Here for our swap :)

So the second that you said that Star Trek was your fandom for this, so many things clicked with the title and the "illogical" and "set wands to vanish." You worked it all in so well and even though I'm somewhat familiar with the fandom, it still took me a minute to place where everything was from, which lets it stand on its own beyond the challenge.

The whole mental picture of a room filled to the top with rogue Pygmy Puffs was hilarious. And then Fred diving into the piles head first like it was some great sacrifice. I was dying the whole time I was reading this, you did such a great job balancing it all.

Even though I (now) know you were trying to throw in Star Trek references, you did a great job staying true to what we know of Fred and George. You really had a handle on how they would react and their speech at the beginning was spot on. Verity was also a really great addition to the story and she did add a lot besides just helping to push the plot along (I don't know how that came across, but I swear that it was a compliment haha).

All in all, yet another fantastic story. You're killing all of these challenges!


Author's Response: Hi Claire!

Thanks for the swap! I'm always so excited whenever anyone reads this story because I love Star Trek so much.

I'm glad the quotes worked with the story. I don't like it when someone adds a quote and it stands out like a sore thumb, so I was really worried about incorporating that much.

I'm glad the image of Fred diving into the piles came across clearly. I really wanted this to be humorous, but humour is my weakest style, so I'm never quite sure about it.

I'm thrilled that you liked the characterization. Fred and George can be pretty intimidating to write.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words!


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Review #5, by GriffindorTom The Final Frontier...

1st October 2015:
I enjoyed that :-) it was quite enjoyable

Author's Response: Hi Tom!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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Review #6, by Marshal The Final Frontier...

30th September 2015:
I saw the title and had to pause. Tribbles and Pygmy Puffs have been forever connected in my mind so I immediately saw the connection. Then when I saw what challenge it was written for I knew I had to give this a read.

I found at least 5 phrases (going back and counting). You did a nice job slipping them in. I love the Locutus Ovborg I didn't catch that on my own but engenious. I love how they sent things back which kind of happened in the original Tribble episode. Very nice over all.

Author's Response: Hey Marshal,

Thank you for dropping by!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who connects Tribbles and Pygmy Puffs.

I definitely tried to make the Star Trek phrases fit into the scene. I'm glad that you liked my reference to the Picard/Borg deal. I had fun with that.

And yeah, the ending was definitely meant to sort of mirror the original episode.

Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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