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Review #1, by marauderfan Open At The Close

9th December 2017:
Yay I didn't realize there had been an update on this (ages ago) and I'm excited to see it!

This was a really powerful chapter and I honestly loved it. I find it easy to believe that Snape would be stuck there forever unable to get out because he can't let go of Lily, and most of all because he can't forgive himself for what happened to her. After all, he pined over her while she was alive and then like 16 more years pining after she was dead, and hated James who was also dead for something that happened when the were teenagers - he's not a man who lets go of anything, and grudges last a lifetime with him, including grudges against himself. I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

But I do think you wrote him very, very well. He hasn't changed at all, which is to be expected from a character like him. He still lashes out at Harry when Harry's just being helpful, because that's Snape's MO. But at this point he's been there so long and is so desperate, that he's willing to do anything, even listen to Harry, in order to get out. I notice he doesn't thank Harry. But he does listen to him and Dobby, and he forgives himself, and that's huge. And good for Dobby for suggesting those ideas in the first place. Dobby really is such a hero.

This was a wonderful chapter. And I'm glad Snape got to find out that Albus Severus is named after him! (Kinda wonder what he'd think about that, tbh) Great writing, as always! ♥

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Review #2, by Chris Open At The Close

12th July 2017:
I really love this story and am anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Your writing is awesome. Don't give up.

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Review #3, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

1st May 2017:
Man... this was intense. Feel like I stepped into a horror scene. I'm really getting the sense of danger and thrill in this scene where describe Harry chasing after the echoing cruel laughter. Whenever it comes to Bellatrix, she really knows how to stir a boiling pot, which you did very well describing here. She's not even trying, but Harry's ready to curse her to oblivion. She definitely left scars on Dobby and Harry, but Dobby managed to keep Harry from making the biggest mistake... ever or his afterlife if I must say.

I love how Dobby's words in terms of him reminding Harry of the type of person he is and it was enough to get through to him. Despite the pain Bellatrix caused them both - and still continues.

She is definitely not easy to walk away from. She's yanking on Harry's strings... really getting under his skin. Yeah, as I expected, she wasn't going let him walk away that easily.

This sent a chill through me. Dobby was surprised to see Harry smiling, even if it didnít extend to his eyes.

The conclusion of this chapter was brilliant! Will she come back? That is an interesting question, and I feel that she may make an appearance again. If so, I look forward to it! See what Harry and Dobby will do then.

- LA

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Review #4, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 5: Worry

30th April 2017:
Hey Kaitlin! I know I read your chapters before, but I decided while I have the chance to just leave reviews (like I should have.)

So, I'm doing a refresher here. :P

I can feel the anxiety rolling off everyone waiting for Harry, especially with Lily - because she's mom.

The part where Sirius is bitter for not being chosen to retrieve Harry is such a great perspective of Lily's feelings regarding to Sirius, like I can feel what things were like when they were alive and during their school days. This scene, I'd definitely consider as canon.

I'm mildly surprised by James response to Sirius as well. It's pretty wise, and I guess it could be due to being around Lily, which I imagined, changed his character considerably. When it comes to Lily, all bets are off really, so... I can't say that I don't like it - haha. It brings my feelings or my headcanon in regards to my one-shot 'Sweet Sorrow.' And the way how you portray James here as how I see him to be.

It's good that Remus and Tonks were able to give them some news that relieved some of their fears. The seeing how much they - particularly James and Lily rely on Dumbledore so much in the afterlife reiterates how everyone relied on him so much during their time when they were alive. They assumed he knew so much and that he could just lead them out of dark tunnels... not really understanding that Albus himself is every bit as human as they are, and it's such a weight that was placed on his shoulders is too great to carry.

Wow... Harry have to face Voldemort again? Mm... I'm really interested if it'll be the case. Omg... It just occured to me... he'd be like defying Voldemort 3 times... like James and Lily did that was mentioned in the prophesy... or was that twice? I'm really out-of-touch with HP right now - forgive me. I might be wrong.

Yes, Sirius, have more faith in our Dobby. I never thought of him doing more for others than besides Harry - which is a really good point I'd like to consider as canon. So yeah, Harry is definitely in good hands.

Man, you're making me fall in love with James more than ever. The last statement by him - oh my heart! I love this! This was a really good chapter!

- LA

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Review #5, by BellaLestrange87 Prologue: An Old Friend

29th April 2017:
Hey there! I'm here for CTF!





As I sit here with my box of tissues ugly crying about this, I must note this is really well written. Your characterization of Harry is spot on and feels just like J.K Rowling wrote him.

I love the part where he says that he would greet death like an old friend. Dumbledore is definitely not the nice perfect mentor that he seemed to have been in the early books, but that is one of the best pieces of advice that you can get: don't be afraid of death, because it will come.

And then super amazing authors will break your heart with it. *glares*

I really like how you set the scene for his death; how even though his body wasn't decaying at all his mind was, and how he just couldn't bring himself to get up out of bed.

I also like how you didn't have Harry make a giant, dramatic speech before dying. That's one of my pet peeves - when a character is on their deathbed and then is like "super epic speech that goes on forever and ever, prolonging my death. Why am I still talking? Who knows." Harry saying "I love you. All of you" was a lot more effective and more heartbreaking *wipes eyes*


I feel like it's really significant that Ginny is the last thing Harry sees before he dies. Because she's been the light of his life for - how long did you say they were married? - eighty two years and even if Harry has to die *stares* something that makes his happy should be the last thing he sees.

Much as it made me sad, I really enjoyed this, and I'll be back to read more after CTF (and hopefully leave you more intelligible reviews).


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Review #6, by Claire Evergreen Chapter 2: The Transportation Office

28th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

So I can fully admit that I have never read a story with Dobby as an important side character, much less the main character, so I'm so excited to get to read more of what you have in store for him! You've really nailed his characterization. I love the little details that you weave in and nothing feels too over the top. The bits where he punishes himself are thrown in with just the right amount of frequency to make it believable but not comedic, which I find is a really hard balance to walk, but you're nailing it!

I'm also fascinated by this afterlife that you've created. It's obvious that you've put a lot of thought and effort into making this feel as real as a it possibly can. I like that everyone has a name and is familiar with each other because it helps to cement me as the reader into your world. I also think it's such a neat idea for you to pick to use. I also like the little bit of details that you threw at us with Charlie and Hannah having portkeys which means that they're going to die soon. Once again, it adds a ton to the realism and makes me feel like you really put an enormous amount of time into this, which is always wonderful to see as a reader :)

Great job!


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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Chapter 1: Happenings

27th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

And for a moment I was so confused about all the people being present and I honestly didn't get why they'd all be in the same place (but then again i skipped the prologue). That being said, as soon as it was made clear, i was completely intrigued. Lily was so sweet, Molly and Sirius still haven't stopped their banter and of course Remus is there to settle them all down. I also love the fierce protectiveness of them all about Harry, especially Lily and James, and god don't let me get started about Dobby. Because, honestly, I think you got him down brilliantly. From the way he talks to the way he observes and just feels, it all makes it feel like I'm reading the Dobby from the books. He's so humble and it's a great choice to have him around to guide Harry to the afterlife. And honestly, don't even have me get started on the fact that they have to face trials once more and that if it goes wrong the guide is in trouble too. It's quite an interesting take on the entire afterlife bit and I really want to keep onr eading now to see how it all goes with the trials and what exactly you had in mind for all of it. With Dobby as buffer it should be somewhat of a lighter read maybe too, and I honestly think you should write a lot of stories about him. You got him down so well!

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Review #8, by Claire Evergreen Chapter 1: Happenings

27th April 2017:
Hey, Kaitlin! Here for CTF :)

I've been meaning to read this for a while and I'm glad I finally get the chance to because I love everything that you've set up here. It's something that I vaguely recall seeing maybe once before years and years and years ago, but even so, it's already completely new! Tbh I'm not really sure what I believe the afterlife is like, but I'm digging what you've set up here. I love that everyone is able to stay together and meet up with each other. I also love the idea of tests to make it into wherever it is they are.

You've also got such amazing characterizations here. I'm incredibly picky about how I view certain characters (like James, Sirius, and Dumbledore), but dang, you completely nailed all of them! They all feel incredibly real to me and I like that even though this is on the somewhat shorter side with a huge cast of characters, each of them has a distinctive voice that really relates back to how I see them in canon. I especially like how you've established relationships early in too without overwhelming the reader. We understand who is attached to who but you never needed to spell it out. You just let the reader figure it out as we go.

Look forward to reading more!


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Review #9, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Prologue: An Old Friend

26th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

And what a great and sad chapter to open with! It's really nice how you make it feel completely weary and tiring and hard - because you completely made me feel like I was Harry and I felt the same way he did. That he might be in perfect health but that it's just around the corner and thet you just feel the age weighing him down and making him known that this is the last day. It's really well done, that you got this across so well, and I don't think many people are able to pull such a thing off.
I also love that you made it seem like that Ginny was so vibrant still, despite her age, that even at that age shes still ultimately Ginny and that she doesn't want to make her family worry for nothing. Also the characteristics of James and the rest of the kids, however sparingly mentioned at times, really made the story come more alive and feel even more realistic. People trying to lighten the mood, even if it isn't completely following the ways they'd like it to be because sadness still overpowers them all. It's really subtle and it doesn't need much explaining, but you chose just the right amount of words to get it across anyway.
Very well done!

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Review #10, by AbraxanUnicorn Prologue: An Old Friend

26th April 2017:
Hello Kaitlin! There's a flag leading us on a chase through Gryffindor's authors, and I wonder if it has settled in here somewhere? It's about time I acquainted myself with your stories anyway!

Okay, so if the meaning behind the title escaped my notice to begin with, the opening sentences certainly didn't. Harry is in a bed that he's shared for eighty-two years with the love of his life and I'm thinking uh-oh. I have a sense of foreboding about where this story is going to take us, and I strongly suspect you are going to take my heart and smash it into a thousand weeping pieces. Thanks, in advance :(

That suspicion grows when I learn of Harry's exhaustion and pain. Being Harry, I'm sure he has a sixth sense about many things, and it's no surprise that he's aware of his impending passing. I guess, given that he's 103, it's not that unexpected, but, I dunno ... he's Harry, and through your words, I feel like I'm losing an old friend.

This line "he could feel bits of himself coming undone" is such a succinct and apt way of describing a lucid old person at the end.

I'm glad that Harry was surrounded by all his cherished ones at the end, and that he managed to convey how much he loved them. Especially, given that he spent much of his early life so unloved. I'm devastated for his family and the wizarding world (who are sure to greatly mourn his passing), but I'm sure his journey doesn't end here. I'm glad for his family's sake that his death is not long and drawn out, nor filled with suffering.

Thank you for such a gorgeous, heart-rending piece of writing.

Brax X

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Review #11, by FriendofMolly Open At The Close

17th April 2017:
Your story has provided me, and others, with an unique glimpse of Heaven. It saddens me, that no one, not even Dumbledore met Severus. But at the time he was meeting Harry at his temporary stop, and Lily was with the others having guided Harry to his meeting with Tom. But not even Snape's Mum? So sad, he also needs to learn that being miserable was no longer needed. That too was part of his duality. I hope too he is able to have the happy life he was denied on Earth. I expect too, once he and Harry are settled he will be very anxious to learn about his namesake. God Bless Dobby. He really was/is special.
I can't wait for the next,
PS. It's obvious just why this was so difficult to write. You did it brilliantly

Author's Response: Hey FoM,

It is sad to think that Severus might've been left to his own devices, but he always was a bit of a lone wolf. I think now that he's freed himself from Lily and his regrets, he'll have a happiness he never had before.

Thank you so much for all of your reviews and your patience with my slow writing!

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Review #12, by FriendofMolly Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

6th April 2017:
All I can say, is More, More, More. As soon as what comes next, strikes you. I wonder if James is playing pranks? Surely, Lily wouldn't let him. Or even Dumbledore should have stopped it. I have a feeling Harry is there to lead Severus into the joy Afterlife can bring. I will be watching for the next.

Author's Response: Hello again Friend of Molly!

I'm so thrilled to tell you that the next chapter was just posted!

Thank you so much for all of your support! I hope you enjoy what I've come up with!


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Review #13, by magnifique11 Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

27th March 2017:
Okay I'm back and caught up!

First off, I think this is a fantastic/unique idea and I love your interpretation of the afterlife - it makes sense? Harry can't even get a pass when he's dead lol, but I really do like your choices in "trials" thus far. Bellatrix was a huge, huge impact on Harry, (almost as much as, if not more so than, Voldemort) and I think you handled that scene beautifully. I'm also very eager to see what exactly is the "test" aspect of this meeting with Snape, though I can only hope it doesn't end too sadly D:.

Overall, I just really enjoy the writing and planning involved in this and how you transition so smoothly between points of view, again, in ways that make sense. (I especially like the snapshots we get of Harry's other loved ones on the sidelines, desperately hoping for more information).

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this and I'll have to check out your other stuff in the meantime!



Author's Response: Hi Julie!

I'm so, so happy that you're enjoying this story! It's definitely my baby and I've been working on it for such a long time. :)

I'm glad you like my interpretation of the afterlife. I worried everyone would be upset with me for putting Harry through more trials...but I think for it to be fair, everyone has to face them.

The tests will involve a series of familiar faces and with each one, Harry will be challenged with something different. I think Snape will be one of the larger challenges for Harry. I wish I could tell you if it would be happy or sad, but I don't want to give away the ending. I'm sorry.

I'm thrilled that the POV shifts are smooth. I'm not used to swapping between characters, so I was worried it might be too all over the place.

The next chapter is about 90% finished, so I'm hoping to have it up by the end of the week. :)

Thank you again for this lovely review! It's really given me a push to get this next chapter finished up!


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Review #14, by magnifique11 Chapter 3: The Beginning

27th March 2017:
So I'll write a proper review once I've caught up detailing everything I've been enjoying about your writing lol but I just had to pop in and tell you how happy I am that you had Scorpius/Hugo together, they're one of my FAV next gen pairings and I just love when I see other people put them together!

Alright, off to the next chapter!

(also omg Dobby, I could cry, he is so absolutely sweet)

Author's Response: Hi Julie!

Thank you for leaving a review! It makes me so happy to see what other people think of my stories. :)

Ahh Scorpius/Hugo. I don't know why there isn't more of them paired together. It seems like such a natural combination.

Dobby is the sweetest, for sure.

Thank you again!


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Review #15, by Faith S. Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

27th March 2017:
I am enjoying "The Next Great Adventure" very much and am looking forward to the next installation. :)

Author's Response: Hi Faith,

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far! Thank you so much for reading it!

I'm about 90% complete with the next chapter, so it should hopefully be posted by the end of the week.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #16, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

14th February 2017:
HI Kaitlin!

Iím sad this is the last available chapter, but I did notice a one shot companion piece Iíll have to check out!

Iím surprised that heís with Snape. I didnít think Snape would be unfinished business considering the middle name of his youngest son, but here we are. I hate how tormented Snape seems because I think after the life he had he deserves some kind of happiness. He deserves it.

ďDobby is thinking Professor Snape is needing a house elf,Ē LOL, I love Dobby.

Is Snape still battling his own tests? He'd have to forgive James to move on? Maybe he needed Harry to help guide him. Does that mean no one came to guide him? Oh, my poor heart.


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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin! :)

Wow, this got dark fast! But in a good way. I mean anything Bellatrix got in the afterlife probably still isn't as much as she deserves, but still. She thought Azkaban was bad? Yikes!

I think Dobby is truly the only one for this task. This is such a good mirror of what it was like OOTP when no one could communicate with Sirius to be certain he was safe.

I think the underlying message about forgiving someone for yourself, for your ability to move on with your own life is a good one to write.

I also like how Dobby has to overcome his urge to hurt himself in response to lying to Harry because itís still so in character that it really just makes him infinitely more realistic.

He shouldnít have too many more tasks, right?

I canít wait for him to see his mom!

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Review #18, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 5: Worry

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I think Lily would be crazy nervous if anyone other than herself had been sent. I donít think it would be Dobby specific as much as control-freak-thatís-her-baby-boy-ness.

ďThe concept that Dumbledore would tell anyone anything of concrete value. That man thrives on secrets and half truths.Ē Lol, Sirius throwing shade. I mean, itís completely true though.

Iím really intrigued by Dumbledoreís role in the afterlife. Itís also interesting how much they all revere him to the point of being infallible.

Sirius feels very Sirius-esque here which is definitely a good thing. Brooding, sulky, impulsive. I love it.

I feel like when harry decided in OOTP that he pitied Voldemort it'd make it that much easier for him to face him and forgive him. If anyone can sympathize with Voldemort itís harry.

I love the little warrior Dobby sneaking students away from the Carrows. Thatís my official headcanon now.

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Review #19, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 4: The Weighing Of The Wand

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I like that this part of the afterlife is different for everyone because even though this is big and scary harry is returning to his first real home and that must impart some kind of comfort to him.
The weighing was very interesting. I thought it would be like Priori Incantatum like Harry initially thought, but I think the memories make sense. I like it because you can tell a lot more about intentions and why harry did what he did by his memories rather than just glancing through a list of spells he used.

Iím glad it didnít hurt like Dobbyís did and tbh I want to have a talk with whoever runs the afterlife for letting it hurt dobby. Iíll fight them.

I love Harry being so considerate here and pausing to help Dobby up. Adorable.

What laugh could that be? Voldemort? Peeves?

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Review #20, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 3: The Beginning

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I like the life flashing before his eyes being in a dream state. I like Dobby waking him up too. It's all very in line with Dobby's character and Harry's annoyance with him. I mean he obviously loves him but sometimes Harry seems to treat him like a pest of a little brother.

Oh! You answered my last question.

ďMister Dobby.Ē Youíve got me again there.

I bet Dobby's heart was a definite in to the afterlife. He's such a sweet, caring elf. That does sound crazy painful though.

I wish Harry was just a tidbit more tactful because questioning why it was Dobby would obviously hurt his feelings. I like that you added his drooping ears because that's exactly what I imagined when I read Harry's dialogue the line above.

The trolley witch from cursed child has scarred me for life because I immediately grimaced when she showed up. Even though she's really a sweet person. I love Hugo and Scorpius. That's adorable.

The beans were very, very sweet. Dobby is the sweetest most perfect angel baby I've ever read. I love your characterization of him.

I have to be honest Iím nervous about the wand weighing. Iím sure it will be fine though.

This story has brought up so many questions for me. Obviously Voldemort probably isnít making it into the afterlife, especially with the horcrux stuff. So im curious if anyone ever came to guide him. His mother? Would anyone bother to? Even if he had someone on the other side, surely theyíd know he probably wouldnít make it and wouldnít risk their own soul.

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Review #21, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 2: The Transportation Office

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

Ignore the fact that it took me half of forever to actually post these reviews! Iím here now and thatís what counts! ;) Iíve been meaning to come back to this story because itís so, so good and Iíve never read anything like it!

The entire creation of this afterlife is so amazing. I'm trying to imagine what in the world the streets of the afterlife might even look like and the closest I'm imagining is from my last trip to DC. Close enough.

Dobby has always been a bit of a wild elf when it came to skirting the rules and him smashing through the glass was amazing. I love it.

My heart canít even at ďMaster DobbyĒ

So would the first death of Harry Potter in DH be Harry at a transition point? With Dumbledore there? If so, what would happen to Dumbledoreís soul since they didnít succeed? Or would the answer be nothing since they didnít leave the transition point?

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Review #22, by P Chapter 1: Happenings

6th February 2017:
I like your take on afterlife!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far! I hope you enjoy the chapters to come!


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Review #23, by marauderfan Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

30th January 2017:
Kaitlin ♥ I'm sorry I don't have the time to write you a long review right now, but I wanted to make sure you at least got a review so you'll know that I read and loved this chapter. And to let you know that I can't believe you ended the chapter there! What is outside? I must know! :P

But honestly, I think the idea of Snape trapped inside for the afterlife is kind of perfect, because in a metaphorical sense he was always kind of trapped in his real life, unable to move on. It's been so consistent of his character throughout his whole life that he holds on to things and can't move forward, whether it's the bitterness he has about his family, or his feelings for Lily, or his hatred of James - these are things that stuck with him for his whole life so it seemed very fitting that he ended up stuck in that room. Now that he's dead, he's forced to hold on to things as he did in his life - or maybe the room is holding on to him? Anyway, it was really well thought out and I kind of feel bad for him because it's a horrible thing to imagine - being stuck in a house for a week is bad, but 80 years? yikes.

I wonder if he's not passed his afterlife test, because he couldn't move on. After all, one would think that this experience would give him at least some empathy for Sirius who was stuck inside for so long during the second Order - but Snape would never, even if he understood that feeling of being stuck, he would never even want to feel any sort of sympathy for someone he hated even 100 years ago in a different life. He's very much inside his own head and always has been to an extent, and I think it will take some much needed perspective (like, for example - Harry showing up and maybe talking to him) to get Snape out of there.

I'm really loving the way you bring so many characters into this and show what different characters experience after they die, and kind of how it reflects on their life. This is such an interesting story. Great chapter :)

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Review #24, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 4: The Weighing Of The Wand

18th October 2016:
I may know who it is, but I still wonder, until I read the next chapter, from whom the laughter is coming from.

I have to say, in each chapter, you have such a gift with your words, particularly describing.

This was my favorite line ever: [i]It was like listening to the song of a thousand phoenixes, each with its own distinct melody.[/i]

It was sad and yet so nice to have Harry reminisce during the weighing of his wand, with the memories and all.

I'm glad that though that the result of the weighing of his wand turned out to be good in favor... though I wonder is it really good? Hm. I'll find out I suppose as I move on.

- LA

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Review #25, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 3: The Beginning

18th October 2016:
So they finally reunite! Sweet! I'm so happy! :D

Reading this feels like old times when they were both alive.

You really know how to reach deep in their friendship with Harry and Dobby. When Harry asked him why Dobby out of everyone got to be his guide, but he quickly appeased him when he realized that Dobby may have felt that he wanted someone else to be his guide... it greatly reminded me of Chamber of Secrets, how quickly Harry tries to make Dobby feel better even though he never intends to upset him.

I also felt the pangs of Harry remembering his days with Ron and Hermione. Such a feeling of nostalgia. Oh and I love how you brought in the Lady who pushes the trolley. Really nice touch!

- LA

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