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Reading Reviews for Illicit Obsessions
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Review #1, by marauderfan Illicit Obsessions

16th July 2016:
More for the review hot seat!

Ooh, I really liked this story. I've never seen Peter/Narcissa before, and what an interesting exploration of what made him decide to switch sides. The way you describe the Marauders' friendship in the beginning especially - of course it can't always be as idyllic as it was at Hogwarts, playing pranks and just having a grand time. Life in the real world at war with voldemort is much harder, and it strains their friendship - so Peter finds solace elsewhere when he's lost.

The choice of Narcissa was really interesting too. Since it's from Peter's POV we don't really see what is genuine and what is an act? How long did Lucius know - the whole time? But Peter, I find so easy to believe because his whole life he's been lesser than his friends, the short, ignored one who has a "rat-like face" - so when the girl of his dreams makes a move on him, how could he possibly say no? I found his reaction pretty realistic.

I also have to say that you're really good at writing the sensual scenes. It's so easy to make that kind of thing either too vague, or else tooo much, and you've managed to strike this perfect balance that is descriptive but doesn't take away from the overall story - it adds to it.

This is a wonderfully written fic, thanks for the great read. Nice work!

Author's Response: Hey there! Wow, another unexpected review!

I'm thrilled you picked this little tale, as it's one that's often overlooked. Peter-centric tales are not exactly the most popular, and I should know. Before I was hit with the idea for this story, I never found myself attracted to reading something about the traitor of the Marauders. Inspiration struck while I was in the shower one day and I simply had to write it.

As for choice of Narcissa, that was no random encounter. Lucius and his lovely wife planned the whole thing from the beginning. Some people are tempted by money, others by power. Leave it to a pair of consummate Slytherins to figure out what Peter's vulnerability and take advantage of it.

The sensual scenes weren't easy to write, let me tell you. They originally were more explicit and I kept paring them down. The thrust of the story wasn't the sex - that was merely the weapon Narcissa employed. Poor Peter, though!

Anyways, thank you for the lovely review!


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Review #2, by adluvshp Illicit Obsessions

15th March 2016:
Hey Alexis!

I'm just here to drop you a thank you review for helping out with the Slytherin Quidditch riddle hunting =)

Wow, this was a very interesting one-shot. The idea of Peter and Narcissa was very unique and I loved how you wrote it. His obsession with her and how much he desired her and in the end how he let that win over his principles was very interesting portrayed.

Your characterisation of Narcissa and Lucius was also nicely done. Their coldness and manipulative nature came through smoothly. And the idea that Lucius was willing to let Peter "enjoy" his wife was sickening yet Lucius-like at the same time, and how Narcissa didn't mind it was also so messed up, and yet fit the theme of the story so well.

Overall, you portrayed the wartime tensions very well and Peter's state of mind was well-written. Your descriptions were amazing and I especially liked the way you wrote the love scenes. Tastefully done. All in all, enjoyed reading this very much!

(Lost Muse)

Author's Response: A New Year calls for a Review Response Resolution! Sorry it took a while to respond to your lovely review.

This story is actually an old one-shot I wrote in response to a challenge at another site about what might have caused Peter to turn traitor. Just about everyone desires something, whether it be money, fame, power, or love, and if deftly handled with equal parts of cleverness and subtlety, you can manipulate them with that desire. For Peter, it was lust for Narcissa.

As for the Malfoys, the ends justify the means. So long as Peter gives them what is needed (info that will hopefully sway the war their way), then the price is acceptable. It's cold, calculating and yes, sickening.

On a side note, while this story didn't win that challenge, it's one of my favorites.

Thanks for the review!



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Review #3, by princesslily_36 Illicit Obsessions

16th January 2016:
Hey! I'm back.

I was actually excited to read this story because its Peter, and it would be interesting to know what made him betray his best friends. What you wrote up there just gave me a new headcanon. In that one paragraph up there you explained everything - why Sirius and Remus were inclined to suspect each other of being the spy, why Peter was inclined to betray.

When you wrote Peter's train of thought, it flowed so naturally. His obsession, alternating with his worry about what his friends would think and then his bitterness towards them. The characterization is amazing.

You write sensual scenes so well, so tastefully done. With a hint of angst, the mood of this fic was just so beautiful. Slipping in those love scenes at the right time but not taking the mood or the plot or the essence of the story away was great.

I love your descriptions as well. So many lines jumped out at me: 'she was an angel carved from the purest alabaster and just as cold.' This one being my favorite because it seemed to capture the very soul of Narcissa Malfoy.

I'm looking forward to your entry for the Alan Rickman challenge :D


Author's Response: Welcome Ysh!

This is my only tale where I really focus on Peter and it was in response to a challenge ages ago at another site. The idea came to me in the shower (of all places) that Peter's descent began in her arms. So naturally I had to ask who my muse was referring to and it was none other than Narcissa.

Peter's obsession is something I can readily relate to. I can be a little obsessive when it comes to my favorite past times such as writing, reading and playing video games (Fallout 4 is the current one). So showing that Peter was obsessed with both his lust for Narcissa and his worry about his friends judgement flowed a little too easily for me. But to say I gave you new head canon ... such a compliment! I'm speechless, really.

Love scenes are tricky for me, truth be told. I always write a bit too much and cross the line, because I can visualize all of what’s happening and there’s plenty that isn't suitable. Then I have to go back and edit, edit again, send it to my beta and then do another round of edits.

As it turned out, this story didn't win the challenge from back in the day. I loved writing it nonetheless and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!


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Review #4, by Rumpelstiltskin Illicit Obsessions

12th October 2015:
Hello! I'd been meaning to stop by your AP at some point ;).

Ah, this was beautifully dark and sensual. Where do I even begin?

You've shone a unique light on Peter's path to betrayal, diverging from anything else I've red yet. That alone deserves praise. I always enjoy when Peter is characterized as something other than solely a coward or a traitor. The Marauders had such a tightly woven friendship which included Peter, and I highly doubt that if Peter were a complete imbecile the others would have given him the time of day.

I find so much appeal in the manner in which he's set up for failure! It's tragically perfect: the collapse of that tightly knitted friendship in combination with the opportunity to have the one woman he's desired above anyone else was the perfect opportunity for him to be tricked into 'serving' Voldemort.

Other than plot, your descriptions are gorgeous, and I'm in love with your delicately woven love scenes. Characterization I briefly mentioned with Peter, but I love the cynicism you've bestowed upon Narcissa as well. One last thing, this last line, "Caught between fear and illicit lust, Peter clung to the thin strands left of his principals for a brief moment before surrendering to his obsession." was an absolutely amazing way to end.

Stunning one-shot! I absolutely loved it!


Author's Response: Rumple!

Hey, sorry it took me bit to get back to your oh-so-lovely review. I needed time to gather my scattered thoughts. Anyways, thank you so much for the review. This story was one of those lightning strikes from my muse that demanded I write immediately or lose. And you're right, Peter had to be more than just the bumbling follower. But what would it take to get him - a Gryffindor - to turn against his closest friends? Oh, but it was fun listening to my muse answer that question.

As for the love scenes, that took some work. The first draft (originally submitted elsewhere long ago) was rejected because I didn't handle the scenes subtly enough (and that site accepted mature-rated stories). So what you read was actually thanks to that rejection. I had to strike a balance what my muse showed me (some of it explicit) with what only needed to be implied. It took a bit of effort, but I'm glad it worked out.

The ending is one of those cases where my muse wrote the line and then firmly told me, 'stop - that's it - I have nothing more to say.' So that's where I left it.

Anyways, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read and leave such a lovely review. It really made my day!


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Review #5, by Marshal Illicit Obsessions

22nd September 2015:
Wow! That is all I can say. I'm kind of beyond words and yet there is so much that I want to say. I fear I might come across as a bumbling fool, so my deepest apologies if I do happen to sound as such.

To start I love, love, love how you took to writing a story about Peter of all people. He is the loathed and forgotten Marauder and I feel that he is important. While he is his nickname. There had to be a reason he did what he did and I like how you took to it. My mind always developed the idea of him being scared into things but that is another thing for another time.

Really, the passion and obsession you have here is brilliant. I knew that something was coming so to speak knowing that this explained how Peter came to betray his friends and it was because of Narcissa but you wrote so convincingly that I was surprised by what happened.

For a second I even thought it was a matter that Lucius was going to be a jerk and he was the cause of it all and Narcissa wasn't part of the plan that she was a victim like he was as well.

Really, this is brilliant in my opinion! So dark and yet tantalizing. You evoked the emotion well and played the characters well. Seriously, I don't have the words to express all of it.

Sorry I'm gushing and thus rambling. I really liked this and I really liked your take on things. I look forward to seeing what other things you'll end up putting out on the archive!

Author's Response: Hello Marshal! Thanks for stopping by.

First off, let me admit that I would never have written about Peter Pettigrew if I hadn't seen a challenge posted about it years ago. Even then, I hesitated because I hadn't really dabbled in the Marauder's Era and didn't feel as if I had a good enough grasp on the characters to write them. Then my muse hit me with the one line about his descent started in her arms, and gave me the image of Narcissa.

Can I say that Lucius walking in surprised even me? Because it did, honestly. I hadn't know he would just walk in, clapping of all things, until the words flew off the keyboard.

I imagine Narcissa was the one who came up with the idea in order to assist her husband solidify his place in the DE ranks. She had known about little Pettigew's obsession with her, how could see not, with him trying to sneak around Hogwarts following her on occasion? She told her husband about it, a look of revulsion gracing her face as she walked behind his chair, trailing her arm on the back of it. Then Lucius sat there in front of the fireplace at the Malfoy mansion, contemplating the crackling fire with a wicked gleam in his eyes. His fingers absentmindedly stroked the head of his cane. A group is only as strong as its weakest part. How do you exploit that? Why you go after that part's weakness. What do they fear? What do they desire? What have they kept secret? All that's left is how best to use that tidbit of knowledge to your advantage. The rest is easy ...

Um ... crap. I think, yeah, I think an introduction is in order, Marshal. Meet my muse. That wasn't me just now. Yeah, my fingers on the keyboard, but that was my muse painting you a picture. Which is freaking me out because it's never happened before. >.> This is the first time I've heard how Narcissa and Lucius came up with their plan.

Okay, time to end this review response. Before my muse comes out and says something outrageous. Or embarrassing. Or both. Bye!

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Review #6, by daliha Illicit Obsessions

20th September 2015:
Wow I'm surprised this has no reviews.

It was elegant and beautifully written, you managed to keep Peter in character and you were also able to show the tension the war caused between the Marauders (which is barely ever written in fan fic.)

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Why, thank you!

When I first wrote this story years ago, it was in response to an intriguing challenge: what would make Peter betray his friends? The typical reasons came to mind immediately, namely money, sex and power. But would that be true for Peter? Then my muse gave me that one line, 'his descent started in her arms' and an image of Narcissa. After that, I was forced to write it out.

While I didn't win the challenge, it was fun writing about how Peter went from being a friend to an enemy. This story is the one and only time I ventured into the Marauder's Era. So hearing that you think I kept Peter in character means a lot to me.

Thanks for the read and review!


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