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Reading Reviews for A Visitor in the Night
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Review #1, by maraudergeek Automatic

13th January 2016:
This was so captivating! I could just feel Victoire's anguish and despair. So sad that Teddy died though :( I really enjoyed this!

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Review #2, by Veritaserum27 Automatic

9th October 2015:
Hi there Olivia!

I'm doing some reviews for the review battle in the common room!

Oh - I liked this and it was so different from the other things you've written. I think one of my favorite parts was that you let the reader slowly figure out what was going on. At first, I automatically assumed that Teddy and Victoire were a young couple - and then I got confused when Harry was dead. But it was a great read, and you captured the pain of grief and Victoire's guilt.

I thought you did a fantastic job with the challenge. Wow - I would've never thought of a story like this when putting together all those prompts! Very creative.

And you even managed a surprise ending. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, even until the very end of the story. Somehow, you made my sympathize with Victoire, even though she'd cheated on Teddy. She seemed so very lonely. She seemed like she deserved some happiness - after having a husband in the hospital for so long.

And now Lorcan is leaving - and it seems like he has his own demons (which makes me really curious!).

Cool story!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by lunarlumos Automatic

3rd October 2015:
First of all, the generated pieces go so well together!
I like the way you characterized Lorcan since many fics have him and Lysander as male Luna clones(although I love Luna, it doesn't seem right for her sons to be just like her; she's so one of a kind).
I got the impression they had discussed going to France together at one point, since it seems a bold move for Lysander to request his mistress to move to France with him only a month after her husband died. Victoire's grief and guilt seem so accurate, and her way of coping with Teddy's illness is understandable(not that it makes her actions right, of course).
Although I am not a Victoire/Teddy shipper, I like them in this fic. They didn't seem to be some blinded by love couple, but they weren't in a loveless relationship; they seem to have been in the average middle.

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