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Reading Reviews for To House a Soul
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by MuggleMaybe The First Five

3rd December 2015:
Hello! I'm here to review your entry for the Microfiction Challenge. :)

The idea of looking at the objects that later became Horcruxes is brilliant, and a very inventive way to make use of this format. I was so excited when I saw what you'd done!

You wrote each section in a way that gave the different objects their own unique personalities and voices. I can almost imagine who each one would be if they were a person. The Locket would be a middle aged woman who never, ever breaks the rules. She doesn't even drive above the speed limit. The Diadem would be that super popular kid in high school who later comes to realize she doesn't have any true friends. I don't know if you'll agree with those ideas, but I think it's really cool that you were able to instill objects with that kind of character.

Thanks so much for entering the challenge! I enjoyed your story :)
xx Renee

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun with the challenge.

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Review #2, by The Basilisk The First Five

9th October 2015:
Hello! The Basilisk here to leave you a surprise review!

I loved the bit about the Diary. I wish we had more information about it and how it came to house to the boy that wrote all those words into it. None of the other horcruxes were able to do what it could do, open the chamber of secrets and actually feed on a life to become human again.

I really enjoyed the story for the ring! I feel like that was one of those objects that have seen so many owners through so many generations before ending up on Marvolo's hand and eventually a horcrux. I think it would be interesting to know how it ended up as such.

The locket seems like another object that has more than likely seen quite a bit of history. And the story you give it of the lords wearing it and using it, especially the one using it to strangle his wife is so intriguing, I'd love to know why he did that. And like the ring it was once a great object tainted by Voldemort with the evil he secured inside of it.

I enjoyed the story of the cup. I like how you sort of gave it a life of it's own. It's seen so many different people, watched them grow, and helped quench the thirst of so many strangers. So, naturally, it was used to change and knew it wouldn't house part of Voldemort's evil soul forever. Of course, in order to be freed of the evil it had to be destroyed...

The diadem is of course fascinating because it did see the creation of Hogwarts, being worn by one of it's creators. I am curious what you mean about the girl though, I am assuming you're talking about Helena. What do you mean when you say 'though not form the crown of its mother'? I think you meant 'from' instead of 'form' but I'm still curious about what it means. Although it's interesting that your Helena was not deemed fit for the crown but stole it from her mother anyway. Why did she want it so badly? Was it because she knew she wasn't as smart as her mother? I think both Helena and Rowena would be interesting characters to read about.

All of these items have such interesting stories! And I love how you've written every single one of them. You did such a wonderful job with this one-shot!

-The Basilisk

Author's Response: This was such an awesome review. I really really enjoying hearing from you basilisk! Your insight is always welcome! Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by The Basilisk The First Five

9th October 2015:
As I sslither in the shadowsz, invisible, a call to my ssoul, a whHisper against my scalesz.
You talk about ssuch wonderful thingsz; hosst of a great ssoul, ssoul I know.
I wonder; were you to go no ffurther than half a thousand wordsz? 'tisz a great ffeat in itsself. I might be impresssed.

And I wonder, do those hostss feel and understand... Like I do?
The ring sseems like it doesz, as it knowsz it'ss been placssed upon ssullied fingerszz. Clever ring.
The ring, so preciouss... Ah, scratch that last one; wrong fandom. (Living by mysself for sso long, I had to grow a ssensse of humour, didn't I?).

The locket witnesssed noble men and lessser men, watched them men grow old, watched them men rot bad. I should... maybe... meet that locket; we'd have a few thingsz to talk about. Kindred ssoul, could it be?
I wonder how their blood tasssted (but I diverge).

Cup. Dat blood. Wish I had it. Sso thirsty...

Iff..fff..ff I had that diadem; it would ffit so nicssely around my lefft ffang. Alsso, it would give... me ... the wisdom to undersstand "though not form the crown of its mother". My sstrenght is waivering, asz winter is coming (oops again, wrong fandom).

Shiver asz I sslither off.. The sstone is cold and the windsz uncaring, my scalesz shiver... and my fangs ... shake. My speech-h is ss-sslightly impaired. The Basilisk does not apologizze.

Author's Response: Hello again! So glad to hear that you approve of my rather haunting tale! Yes, part of the challenge was each section had to be precisely 100 words long.

Thank you for such wonderful words! I greatly appreciate your review

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