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Review #1, by melian Only Yesterday

4th April 2017:
Awww, this is just gorgeous. The prospect of your daughter getting married will of course bring back all those memories of her as a teenager, as a child, as a baby, and you showed that really well. I suspect all parents have the tiniest of conflict (or perhaps a large one) when their children start taking these steps as adults, and I could feel Ron's trepidation. Yes he was proud of his daughter, and yes he was happy for her, but he still thought of her as his little girl. And that's normal.

Of course, that's also something young Scorpius will have to deal with, but then again when you marry into the WEasley family I suspect you'd have a good idea of what you were getting into.

I find it interesting that we dont' get much of an idea of how Hermione is feeling at this point, but that's okay. She would have had her moments of pride and solidarity (I can so see them bonding over the size of the library at Hogwarts) and really, she can be very business-like when there are things to get done. It wasn't for nothing that JKR described her as the brains of the operation, whereas Ron was the heart. And that's what we're seeing here. Great job!

cheers Mel

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Review #2, by crimson quill Only Yesterday

4th April 2017:
So, this is just the cutest little one-shot ever! I really enjoyed it, I'm a sucker for a wedding and such a lovely story idea too! So, I really like the flashback storytelling that I've used to show little snippets from Rosie's life. I always imagine Ron and Rose to have some what of a complicated relationship especially in regards to boys. However, this has really captured how Ron really feels about her. I mean the line about having capture his heart in the birth scene is just so perfect.

I think the characterisation in her first using magic was good, the dialogue I can imagine a child saying like she doesn't want to be big sister. I think I said that when my brother was born. you created the scene when she's doing magic with Hugo in the air, suddenly I got such a strong mental imagine in my mind of the scene.

I think you've finished it off really nicely with Ron's last line of the 'story'. it seems so final and rather emotional that it's Ron's acceptance that Rose has grown up and will start her life as a married woman now.

good job! :)

ps. CTF.

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Review #3, by Bumble the Abominable Snowman Only Yesterday

7th December 2015:
Hello there!

This is such a sweet and beautifully written story. As an abominable snowman, I can't imagine how tough it must be to watch your child grow up...and then to have her marry the child of your childhood bully. Ron's memories of his daughter growing up are sweet.

I particularly like the memory of Rose having no interest in her baby brother; this seems like a very realistic occurrence! The next day when Rose discovered her powers made me chuckle. I can picture sibling interactions being much more intense in a magical family, and it is just another thing magical parents need to worry about!

Overall, a great story; and a great ending!
Nice work!
Your friendly neighborhood Bumble!

Author's Response: Hi Bumble!

Thank you so much for stopping by and giving this story a read and a review! I greatly appreciate it!

I am happy that you liked Ron's memories of Rose growing up. It's tough being a parent and watching them grow because all you can do once they leave is hope you raised them right. :)

I am glad that you enjoyed the bit about Rose wanting nothing to do with Hugo and how he was a key factor in learning that she was magical! I couldn't imagine how tough it would be for magical parents to raise a child with magical powers.

Thank you so much again!! :)


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Review #4, by notreallyblonde44 Only Yesterday

27th October 2015:
Happy Hot Seat!

Love stories about Ron and his feelings~~ Heís one of my favorite characters and looks like heís going to deal with all the adorable daddy feels, Iím in an emotional place so I may just start crying before I even read considering the warm feels coming. Guess Ronís upgraded from range of a teaspoon to a giant jug of emotion haha

Ď9 and ĺí Ė no Ďandí needed ;)

The memories and flashbacks were really cute and showed Ron and Roseís relationship well. I liked this focus on the piece, even though the main scene is her wedding day. Itís really sweet and emotional one-shot and full of love and happiness.

I think a few paragraphs donít need to be italicized as they arenít occurring in the moment, but are rather just Ronís reflections on the moments themselves. The ones Iím thinking of start and end with:
1. ďWhen Hermione arrived homeÖ.ideas.Ē
2. ďHis daughter had been sorted intoÖ.SlytherinísĒ
Also, one of the memories seemed to be more Roseís POV-centric as she talks about things that happened in the carriage and her feelings. But itís Ronís memory, so he wouldnít know these things. Hopefully when you read it over you can see what I mean here :) Otherwise, they were great!

Yup, all the warm feels like I expected. Iím glad you took on this challenge and I think you did a great job writing after a long hiatus (at least it didnít seem awkward or forced or anything to me). You write very naturally, with good pacing and setting the tone just right :) Continue to just write it!!

xx Ellie

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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16 Only Yesterday

26th October 2015:
This was such a cute one-shot! I really liked the idea of Ron walking in on his daughter in her wedding dress and then flashing back to all those moments with her growing up, and adding in the "it feels like it was only yesterday" touch. It was very sweet and heartwarming.

I love that Rose and Scorpius were put into Ravenclaw together and became friends, and later started dating. I would loved to have seen more of what was going through Ron's head at the moment of meeting Scorpius for the first time as Rose's boyfriend. But I'm really glad this story had a happy ending all in all.

I'm glad you took the time to write this story, it was a great read!


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Review #6, by Jayna Only Yesterday

4th October 2015:
Hi! Iím here with your review from the Childhood Challenge. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this challenge and Iím so glad my challenge pushed you out of your comfort zone!

One thing I really liked about your story was the way Rose grew up through memories. I also enjoyed how we got to see how Ronís attitude towards Scorpius changed little by little. It was more believable than there being one single turning point where Ron finally accepted him. I think my favorite scene was when Rose was levitating Hugo. It was just an adorable picture to have in my mind and the way she was just like ďam I special like James now?Ē is something I can totally imagine happening. It was interesting to see both her and Scorpius placed in Ravenclaw as most of the stuff Iíve read has Rose as a Gryffie and Scorp as a snake, however I think it suited your story. Lastly, I really liked how you incorporated a direct quote from the book because it gave it that much more credibility and plausibility.

The only thing was that I would have liked to see more Scorpius, but thatís just my opinion. Overall, it was really a pleasure to read and I really liked the format of your story.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for such an awesome challenge! I am happy to have been able to participate!

:) I am glad that you liked that scene it was so much fun to write and I am happy that you liked how it wasn't just one big moment. I always felt that Ron was reasonable to a point if people would just let him grow comfortable with the fact of rather than throwing it on him. Ah yes, Rose and Scorpius have always been in Gryffindor and Slytherin respectively in stories I have read too, but I thought that with them both being smart and both of them wanting to prove themselves to be different this was the best place for them!

I am super happy you liked this! Thanks again!! :)


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Review #7, by Avanell 2 Only Yesterday

4th October 2015:
Wonderful story! Enjoyed the flashbacks a lot. Should do one with the Malfoy's perspectives :D Or rather, Draco.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! I greatly appreciate it and I am so very happy that you enjoyed it and the flashbacks! You're right! Maybe I should do one with Draco's perspective! It will have to wait though until I am done with the Prequel to this story!

Thanks again!


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Review #8, by Diana Hanson Only Yesterday

23rd September 2015:
This is has the feel of a one-shot, but would love an entire novella on your take of how Rose and Scorpius met and became a couple. Love the sweetness you showed in Ron. I really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this one-shot! I am super happy that you enjoyed it!

Ever since I read this review this morning my mind has now been on Rose and Scorpius and their relationship and I haven't been able to escape my muse egging me on to write about their relationship more...

That being said I am now in the process of writing a more in depth Rose/Scorpius called Could Be Always? so Thank you for the inspiration! I should be posting a chapter on it here in the next week!

Thanks again!


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