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Reading Reviews for Doing the Bludger Bounce
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Review #1, by Serpendor Bruises anyone?

11th December 2016:
This story came up with the "Random Story" feature and I'm really glad it did! How on earth have you made me feel sorry for a bloody BLUDGER? Haha I love this so much and I have to wonder what gave you the idea... like were you just reading about a Quidditch match and thought "Gee, what'd that poor ball do to deserve all that? No wonder it keeps hurtling itself at people, you're being mean to him!"

Author's Response: Thanks for the very kind review!

This story is actually part of a Qidditch trilogy that I wrote to accompany a story about the Sorting Hat and its thoughts.

These stories were an incredible amount of fun to write as it gave me a chance to give life to previously (to the best of my knowledge) ignored parts of the Harry Potter world.

If you liked this story (and it sounds like you did) please give the others a read and let me know how you liked them through a review. I truly enjoy seeing what my readers think of my work and it gives me a chance to improve what I do.

Evil Otter

BTW Happy Holidays!!

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