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Reading Reviews for Old Habits Die Hard
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Nikki Old Habits Die Hard

12th February 2017:
Oh god, you know how to make a girl cry! Loved it x

Author's Response: Aw thank you!

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Review #2, by Leena Old Habits Die Hard

15th August 2016:
Beautiful and heart breaking.

Author's Response: Aw thank you :)

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Review #3, by MadiMalfoy Old Habits Die Hard

17th January 2016:
Hello, I'm here months and months late from my review thread! I got super caught up with school and RL and this and other HPFF things took a backseat but I'm trying my best to be more active this spring semester!

But anyway, to the review! You wanted a general and if I found any errors! I'll do the errors first since I saw a couple spelling ones: "diplorable" is actually spelled with an e instead of an i; "up most" is meant to be "utmost". Other than those two spelling things, I didn't catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, so good job with that!

As far as general impression goes, this is new for me as I've never read a Regulus Black-centered story before, so it was a fresh character for me. You've taken a character that we get just a little bit about in Deathly Hallows and develop a really nice explanation of his change of heart about being a Death Eater and it's really fascinating! The plot isn't too heavy either--it's a nice balance of flashbacks with present and doesn't feel choppy at all either. Overall, I think this is a great one-shot and I hope you placed well in your challenge! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hello!

Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply!

Thanks for pointing that out to me! :)

Thank you for your feed back! I'm really glad that you liked it and I made you think of Regulus in a new light! :D

Thanks again :)

Katie :)

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Review #4, by ScorpiusRose17 Old Habits Die Hard

18th November 2015:
Hi Katie!

So I am finally getting around to reading and reviewing my wonderful list of challenge entries!

I really enjoyed the way that you used the proverb and how it ties into your other story. I thought this was well written and truly a wonderful take on two minor characters and how their lives unknowingly created this chain of events.

Good Luck in the challenge! :)


Author's Response: Hey Jenn!
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I hope it made you proud! ;)

Katie :)

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Review #5, by Shadowkat Old Habits Die Hard

12th October 2015:
Shoot, everyone has left such long reviews. I've tried writing mine about six times, one of which I was actually proud of and lost. I'll try, here goes nothing.

So, I love the way you presented this, the habits, the way he reacted to them, the ways others did, why he did a few like drinking and smoking. Also, great play on words with the story title. Not sure if it was intentional, but it sure works.

I also like how different this is from the usual reasons Regulus turns, and who he turned for. He's a bit different than my interpretation, but that's the wonder of fanfiction, isn't it? Exploration, unlocking puzzles, gathering and working with clues left by the writer to put together a picture they didn't have time to themselves.

I do think you could cut out some unnecessary words to improve flow, but that would just be polish to a already great piece.

One last thing, yuck Reg! TMI on the snot! XD

Author's Response: Ahh thats okay! :)

Hello! :D

I'm really glad you enjoyed this! I took my a long time to get the structure of everything right so I'm glad it work out in the end :)
The title was semi intentional :')
Ah I'm glad you like that I experimented a bit with his character :)

I'll have a look at the flow and see what I can do! :)

An yes the snot bit is rather grim, but it needed some light heartedness! :')

Thanks for the swap! :D

Katie :)

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Review #6, by The Basilisk Old Habits Die Hard

12th October 2015:
Hola! The Basilisk here to leave you a little review!

First off, I love your intro here. I like how you set us up with this pattern of habits in Regulus' life. And even though he has dark habits like drinking and smoking, you also brighten the story up a bit by giving him a childish habit like picking his nose and a nervous habit stemmed from worry over trying out for a quidditch team. And then of course you lead us to the habit that will have the biggest affect on him of all.

A girl.

I love your introduction to Mary MacDonald and how he remembers exactly the moment he first saw her down the minute. Although I am curious as to why only the girls from Gryffindor were watching Sirius. And also why no one was trying to get Sirius off of Regulus. And what did Regulus do to deserve this attack from his brother?

And if Sirius was in his sixth year, then that means Regulus was only a fifth year when he was inducted into Voldemort's circle? That's so young! And he has a to attack a mudblood! A fellow student! And hopefully not get expelled in doing so. And at the same time he finds out the girl he's so smitten with is a mudblood, and now another person expect her to be his target. Of course, I doubt he could actually harm her but I was very curious to know how he handled this task though and was disappointed to see you skip right to the lake.

I can't believe his mother used an Unforgiveable on her seven year old son though for something as basic as a child picking his nose! That's just cruel. It's interesting to see this relationship though, that even though he may have been the golden son to his parents, he hated them maybe as much as Sirius did.

I wish there was more about what happened in between their meeting in Diagon Alley and the cave scene. I wish there was more explanation as to what happened to cause him to change his mind and turn his back on his fellow Death Eaters and Voldemort himself. Yes, we know he was in love with the idea of Mary and that she was a muggle-born, something he was supposed to hate but couldn't, and a habit he clearly couldn't break, but what happened during that time to make him want to give up in life in order to help defeat the Dark Lord?

And the letter! What was her reaction to it? And what did Regulus mean by life debt? Why did he owe her? This story is great but I wish there was more explanations for everything!

Anyway, this was a great one-shot to read. And Regulus was such an endearing and charming character to read from the POV of. There's clearly a lot more to him than the arrogant pure-blood he showed to the world. I just wish there was more to this story, there's still so many questions left unanswered.

-The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hello Mr Basilisk! :D (Or should I say s?)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my story, I feel so special right now! :D

I'm glad you liked my introduction! I wanted to add some variety, because I think having everything all dark all of the time can get a bit boring so I love to add humour in my writing :)

Ahh I thought it might confuse some people, but basically all of my stories at the moment link together, and that part was Regulus' POV of what happened in one of the chapters. Basically the girls are on their own, and they run into the Slytherin and get into an argument, and Sirius arrives just as his brother is insulting the potters, she he goes a bit nuts :')

Yeah It's really young! But tbh I think he would have probably been surrounded by things like that for his whole life, and he died at 18 which is still too young in my eyes to have anything to do with Voldemort, it so tragic :(

Walberga Black is evil. Pure evil. Up there with with umbrage in my head cannon! And I definitely feel like he would have hated them as well and would have resented Sirius for leaving him alone with them!

I plan on writing another fic that will include it don't worry! though it may take some time as I have to finish their Hogwarts time! I can't answer these questions without giving away my other story ending, I'm really sorry! :')

There will be more to the story and everything will be eventually priced together! :D

Thanks for the great review!
Katie :)


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Review #7, by LadyL8 Old Habits Die Hard

11th October 2015:
Hi Katie *waves*

Sorry for taking so long to get here. I lost my internet connection yesterday, but it's back again now. And I'm so happy for that, cause this story just looks amazing. It's partly due to the breathtaking banner by katharos@TDA, but I also really love the summary and title. It doesn't give away much, which makes me really interested to read it. And I happen to love Regulus Black, I've even written from his POV once, so I already know that this story is just my type of story. And I'm so excited.

I fell in love the proverb challenge, but it really is challenging. You got "old habits die hard", and you can see how well it fits the story from the very first line. I really like how you've incorporated it into the story, somehow, and the first line is just amazing. It just had me immidiately, and it was literarly painful to had to look away from the story to write this part of the review. I just want to continue reading it, and I will do so now.

You know what, I really like Regulus here. He's a very habit-based person, and I am like that myself. I live after habits, though I can occasionally walk away from them if it something better comes along. And I've always thought that habits is a way of being in control. You live after habits to get some of control of your life. And that thought makes it really interesting here, cause Regulus has so little control of his actual life, so maybe he lives after habits as a way of feeling like he can have some control of his life. And that makes it even more interesting cause it is a habit, Mary McDonald, that makes him take more control of his actual life as well. I really liked the characterisation of Regulus, and I really liked the interesting side of habits and how they tie to control, which he, in the beginning, doesn't actually have.

Regulus is very intense and self-destructive. I feel like he is similar to Sirius in that aspect, but that he is maybe even more this than his brother is. And I don't think the habits are any good for him, not even the one for Mary in a way, cause he shouldn't change his life for anyone other than himself. And he doesn't even know Mary that well, which makes me wonder what he would've done if he had found out she wasn't like he wanted her to be. Or if he approached and she had rejected him. It's hard to say, but I definitely feel like he can't fully be in control of his life before he lets go of all habits, including Mary.

Mary is almost a little Mary Sue-ish, but it actually works because we see it from Regulus POV, and he finds her to be almost perfect, an angel. And I really like the contrast between her, for the lack of a better word, freedom and Regulus' controlled life. To me it feels like Regulus first and foremost is attracted to that, cause to me Mary just seems like a really care-free and happy girl. Her approach to life is very different from how he lives his life, controlled by so many different forces around him, and I feel like maybe that is what he likes about her.

I love the small glimpses we see of the Regulus/Sirius relationship. Despite their arguments and fights, at the end of the day Regulus still loves his brother. And it's interesting cause it actually made me think about the relationship between Lily and Petunia, cause I feel like that applies to Petunia as well. Both of them seemingly hate their sibling, but I don't think they actually hate them as much as they appear to. And in this story Regulus really show clear signs of actually caring a lot about his brother, even defending him, which breaks my heart, especially since Sirius never found out what his brother had done for him.

So I've rambled on for long enough, I think. I really enjoyed reading this story. It's was amazing. Thanks for sharing it, and have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of Love


Author's Response: Hey Lotte! :)

Sorry it took me so long to respond, it's been hard to find any time lately :')

Regulus is the best! And I'm glad you liked the banner, its beautiful isn't it?!

Hahahaa :') I'm so glad you liked the first line! I really wanted it to capture peoples attention like it did! :) When I got that Proverb, it instantly clicked that this was the story I have to write! :D

That exactly what I was trying to communicate! :D I'm so glad you got that! I live through habits a lot myself, I think it makes him quite a relatable character that he does the same.

My vision of Regulus is that he is actually just like Sirius and that's why they clash. His habits are definitely not good for him at all, and even Mary could be argued to be bad, you're right. I'd like to think that even if he knew Mary before, he would still have the same feelings for her, but I think the dramatic way in which he first saw her intensified his feelings.

Mary definitely has the air about her, and the freedom things is a massive thing of what attracts regulus to her!

Regulus never stopped loving Sirius in my eyes, he just didn't have the courage to leave like he did, but he admired his bravery. That's an interesting parole I hadn't thought of before! Maybe that is something that Sirius and Lily would have ended over? :)

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! :D

Katie :)

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Review #8, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Old Habits Die Hard

10th October 2015:

Apologies this is a few hours late, but I'm here for our swap on the forums. I hope I've picked the right story - you said the one for the challenge right?

Ooh, so many feels. Regulus is such an undervalued character I think and you did an absolutely wonderful job of telling his story here. You really brought him alive for me, I loved his habits and how they defined him. I love that he always cared for Sirius, and never truly brought into his parents ways, he just didn't have the same escape Sirius had. And most of all, I love how he falls for Mary, and completely adores her.

Your Mary here was verging on the brink of being a bit of a Mary Sue here, she's so perfect. Everything except her clumsiness which of course is endearing. The difference here though, is I think it works. We're seeing her through Regulus eyes who's only met and spoke to her once. I think he's romanticising her a little to be honest, and I like to believe if this could have been more for them, that he would have discovered she wasn't as perfect as he believes her to be. If that is your intention, which I think it was, you played that perfectly.

But eugh, it breaks my heart they're never together. I knew this wasn't going to have a happy ending, it never could with Regulus, but I was hoping beyond everything that they would have a little time first. Anything. It makes me so sad for Regulus.

His ending is so sad, but you wrote it beautifully. i really felt for him, my heart was literally breaking. In the space of one one-shot I'd fallen in love with your Regulus!

Well done on an awesome one-shot! Good luck in the challenge! I really hope you do well ♥


Author's Response: Hello! :D

Yes the regulus feels are strong here! :')
He really is undervalued! I just love him! Aw thank you! I'm glad you liked my adaptation of him and I'm so happy that I bought him alive for you! :D
He really does love her even if at times he doesn't want to, he just completely and utterly adores her.

Ah I'm glad you think it works! :D I've had a couple of Mary-sue comments on this one, but they all say it works so i'm happy :) yeah Mary is a very clumsy character :') He 100% romantisises her, but I think its sweet because it shows he has a heart :) and yes that was my intention! :)

Ah but who said they never had a thing? *wiggles eyebrows* their story line is actually a part of my marauders novel if you fancy reading it to find out more ;)

AW thank you! :D I'm glad you liked his ending because I tried really hard with that part! :D

Aw! this has been such a lovely review to read! Thank you so so so much! :D
I hope we can swap again! :)

Katie :)

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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums Old Habits Die Hard

24th September 2015:

I'm here for the review swap. As soon as I saw the name 'Regulus Black', I was clicking on the link to the chapter faster than you can say "Firebolt". I adore Regulus.

I enjoyed reading this one shot a lot. It was so bittersweet, almost haunting. Regulus is quite an intense character here. I'm torn between wanting him and Mary to be together and telling him to take a step back. What I mean is that it's sweet that just the thought of her helps him, but at the same time, his fascination with her is an obsession, really.

I loved the way you portrayed Regulus! His nervous habits, his destructive nature - he quite reminds me of portrayals of Sirius that way, only Regulus is more self-destructive than anything else. And the fact that even though Sirius has made it clear that he hates him, Regulus still protects him - argh, I love it. Love it all.

I think this was your only spelling mistake: "he aloud [allowed] for another smirk to play on his lips". Aside from that, the language was perfect. You have an excellent style of writing.

My other concrit is that I'd suggest breaking up the paragraph where he first sees Mary. Perhaps put "It was then when he first saw her" on a separate line for dramatic effect and then put the rest of the paragraph as separate paragraph? I'd also suggest a similar thing to happen in the paragraph where he indulges in his habits once again. Breaking it up into three chunks (one with the broom, one with the firewhiskey and one with picking his nose) might make it seem a little less daunting. :)

All in all, it's a great one shot and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the review swap!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Aw thank you for such a lovely review! :D
I love Regulus too! He's so under appreciated as a character and I love exploring his character!

Yeah it's yeah bitter sweet and I'm kind of glad you think it's haunting, that what I wanted :) Obbssession has been used to describe it before, and I'm actually glad you said that as I tried to parallel Snape and Lily here, but I think Regulus' obsession was a pure one, unlike Snape's, so I'm trying to show that difference :)

Sirius and Regulus are so similar in my eyes! I think that why they fight so much and why Regulus is so hurt that he can't be as brave as Sirius, if that make sense? You can definitely tell they are brothers! :)

Ahh thank you for pointing that out for me! I'll get round to changing that! :) Aw thank you! that means a lot to me that you say that about my writing! *blushes*

Yeah thats a good suggestion with the paragraphs as they are quite long, so I will get around to doing that! :)

Thank you so so so much for such a nice review! I hope we can swap again soon! :)

Katie :)

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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter Old Habits Die Hard

23rd September 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review! I would have gotten to this yesterday but I was kind of busy doing big girl stuff. I also had to baby sit a kitten, which turned out to be exhausting.

Anyhoo, this! I have read quite a few stories that feature Regulus but I really like what you've done here for his character. I think that starting this chapter off, discussing habits and addiction was very unique. I rarely ever see stories that focus on that sort of thing, especially when it's alcohol or something as special as another human being.

I think that it's curious that you've switched up Regulus's thoughts about Sirius. He doesn't have the usual resentment or disgust for his brother's decision and I think that says a lot about their relationship. They may not have seen eye to eye but I feel that if they had been closer, Regulus may have made the same decision in the end. It's sad that they never reconciled their differences though but I think it's really heartbreaking to see that Regulus wanted to be like his older brother but would never really get the chance. I also like that you tied this in with The Kings and Queens of Hogwarts (That beating that Sirius gave Regulus just.yeesh) and what's interesting to me is that he focused on Mary almost instantly. I'm not sure if it was love at first sight or not but the fact that he was so entranced by her, even going so far as to change was a poignant thing to include. I felt SO bad for him at the end though, I always felt like we should have known more about his character in the HP books, it would have made his sacrifice all the more powerful, I think.

Well, this was lovely and I am so glad that I decided to check this out! Towards the end though, you should be careful with your run on sentences and I think you have a few misspelled words but otherwise, you're all good.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie! :)

Ahh I love kittens! :D I have three cats actually so I'm kind of a crazy cat lady... :')

Ahh thank you :) Regulus is one of my favourite characters so I hope I did him justice!

I don't think Regulus ever truly hated Sirius, they were brothers and thats a strong bond. He was undoubtable upset that Sirius left, but I think he was more annoyed that he wasn't string enough to do the same thing. They are more similar than they realise.

He was eventually as brave as Sirius, but only in his final act, which is just heartbreaking...

Thats why I like writing about him, to give his character some real significance and power! :)

Ahh I'll definitely check the ending and fix it up :)

Thank you so much for the review! :D

Much Love

Katie :)

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Review #11, by alicia and anne Old Habits Die Hard

22nd September 2015:
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to this yesterday.

I'm really starting to develop a love for Regulus fics, and I think that this is going to push that love higher.

Regulus has a lot of habits and addictions, ones that aren't good for him at all, and I can see the one he has for Mary being the same.

Oh no! Poor Regulus being beaten up by his brother, and look at him catching sight of her for the first time whilst having his face hurt like that. She must really capture his attention if he's ignoring the beating he's getting. He should have known then how important she would be. I love that you wrote that he must have taken a wrong turn on the way to Hell.

What happened to cause that fight?

He's adoration of her is quite sweet and adorable, they're so cute!
Oh no! And now he's found out that she's a mudblood :( I want to cry when he said that he would turn his back on everything that he knew for her.

What did he say in his letter?! I need to know! Oh wait, you've written it in the next chapter :P YES! I get to see it! :D
Aw I would love to know what her reaction to that would be.

Why did he have to go? I want him and her to be together forever!

This was wonderful and such a good one shot, I am shipping them so much right now, and it's making me sad that they won't get their happy ending. :(

Author's Response: Hello! :D

I love Regulus! He is totally one of my favs! :D

I'm glad you liked that part, it was my favourite line of the one shot! haha :') I wanted it to seem like he thought she was so perfect that it must have been a dream, so of thing :) and it liked to my current Marauders era novel! :)

The fight is the one in my other novel where the Slytherin have cornered the Gyrffindor girls and Regulus is insulting James Doe and the Potters, so Sirius catches it and goes mental :')

Love is a powerful thing, and I wanted to show the Regulus is the true Slytherin hero and able to do the right thing, unlike, in my opinion, snape :)

Her reaction will be in another novel I have planned! :D:D

They may be together sooner then you think :O spoiler alert...

Keep reading and you'll see some Regulus/Mary love in Kings and Queens! :D

Thank you for such a lovely review! :D

Katie :)

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Review #12, by MuggleMaybe Old Habits Die Hard

19th September 2015:
Hi Katie, dear!

Sorry I didn't get to this right away, but here I am. :)

The idea of this story - of Regulus loving Mary, a Muggleborn, and that being the reason he betrays the Death Eaters - is so inventive and interesting! And also, really hopelessly romantic in a strange way. (And maybe a little creepy ;) )

The way you capture Regulus' character and his weakness for addiction really struck me. I think smoking, which was so common in the Marauders era, is often skipped over as an issue in fic. I really like that you included that!

I wish I could see Mary's reaction to the letter, even though i understand why you didn't include it. I wonder if she even realized he loved her? Was she surprised by it? Or scared? Or flattered? It's a really fascinating scenario and I'm enjoying pondering it! :)

As far as criticism goes, I did see a number of typos, so it might be worth doing another edit to fish those stinkers out. (Typos are so sneaky! It happens to us all!)

I kind of wished the story was longer, because I would love to see more of these characters and this world as you wrote them.

Nice job, dear :)
xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Hello! :D

I won't lie, I am 100% a hopeless romantic! I'm a soppy bugger :') and it's interesting at you said creepy, because I'm actually trying to play of the idea that Regulus did what Snape never could, which is love the person who took his eye and give them everything, so that's just an interesting parralell for me :)

Aw thank you! Yeah it would have been so common! And actually a lot of the characters in my marauders fic smoke, because it was just such a normal thing back then, but of course the risks were still there!

Ahh I'm planning on including her reaction when I do a continuation of kings and queens in the form of an order of the pheonix novel (first wizarding war) and you aren't the only person that's said that, so I'm really glad I have some people interested in more :)

Yeah Typos are my weakness, but I'll definitely give it another read through! :)

They'll be appearing in Kings and Queens, so keep an eye out for that! :)

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! :D
Katie :)

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Review #13, by Felpata Lupin Old Habits Die Hard

17th September 2015:
Hello, Katie!
Here for our swap!!! :)
I'll tell you in advance, I'll probably cut this review shorter than I originally planned to... my phone died when I'd nearly finished typing your review and I lost it all, and when this sort of thing happen, it usually takes away from me all my reviewing spirit...


This was really great! I loved your pick on Regulus' character!
The way you write him, you show that he was never really involved with the Death Eaters. He just tried to do what was expected of him to protect himself and those he cared about from getting hurt.

I also loved how you worked with his relationship with Sirius. I found it moving that he actually had such great esteem of his Brother, and that he felt abandoned by him but still loved him just the same.

And it killed me his mother's cruelty. Using the Cruciatus Curse on a little child, her own child... And for such a small reason, too... It's awful!!!

The way he sees Mary is so sweet!!! Of course she would change his views! With her mere existence, she's showed him that Muggleborns are just people like anyone else, by no means inferior to Purebloods.

The goodbye letter was so moving... I wonder what she thought of it...

Great job, darling!
Thank you for the swap!

Love, hugs and Regulus appreciation :P

Author's Response: Hey! :D

Ahh man I hate it when that happens!!
Aw thank you! I worked really hard on this so I'm glad you like it :) Yeah I think he did it for his family and not really himself, if he's like Sirius, which I really think he was!
Yeah I think even though he acted like he hated him, really he loved him and Sirius was the same, they were just angry at each other, but thats not the same as hate, it was just passionate, because they cared so much for each other!
Of Walburga Black is the ultimate bitch. The is the worst human being possible, so I really try to portray her like that, she was the embodiment of evil.
Exactly! She showed him what was really pure! :)

Ahh well I'm planning on doing an 'order of the phoenix' novel after this one, which will show that, so keep reading! :D

Thank you so much for such a nice review!
Love Hugs and Remus appreciation! :D

Katie :)

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Review #14, by Marshal Old Habits Die Hard

16th September 2015:
This was really well written. I very much enjoyed the read. I love your unique take on Regulus, and to be honest it was perfect. I also love the tone of the story even with that brilliant drip of humor about the nose picking - logical but unexpected. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm actually really proud of this chapter and I'm glad you liked it :)
My style tends to be quite humours, even if its quite dark humour :)
Regulus is one of my favourite characters to write :)

Thank you again for such a lovely review!

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