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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Tea with Ms Applegate

28th April 2017:
Aw wow this was so lovely! It's strange that reading a story about a fight made me feel so warm and fuzzy ahaha.

Okay can I just note that I think Anise Applegate is a great name? Haha. She was really cool, I want to know more about her tbh. That she offered Hannah tea that very first time she and Neville had had a row really endeared me to her. She's obviously a very caring woman.

Aw Hannah and Neville's relationship was really so sweet. I like that you kinda flipped the flower-giving tradition on its head, as it's almost always the man giving the flowers as an apology in m/f relationships ahaha. And also that she wasn't giving him flowers because she was firmly In The Wrong, rather that they had kind of mutually had a fight and she wanted to fix it. That really made it a bit unusual and elevated it above the flower-giving trope.

I also really liked the part where Hannah started thinking about all the different ways her friends fight. Dean and Seamus in particular cracked me up hahaha. Harry and Ginny concerned me but I'm trying not to think too much into it since that's not what this story is about!

I'm glad that we got to see Hannah go back to Neville and see them "kiss and make up", as it were! The summer house is a great idea so hopefully that works out for them! Sucks about the garden still tho :( (I say as though they're real people... hahaha)

Anyways I really enjoyed reading this, great work!


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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Tea with Ms Applegate

15th May 2016:
Hi there!! Here with your review! :)

This was too cute! Not that I like to hear Neville and Hannah were fighting, but it's adorable that they have this little tradition of Hannah picking up some sort of plant/flower for Neville after they do. It's such a sweet and thoughtful way to say "let's not fight."

Such an interesting idea to have Hannah have this flower shop, and friend in the owner, that she can talk to after a fight. Someone who can play devil's advocate and kind of put things in perspective. We all need that sometimes. ;)

I liked your characterization of Hannah. She's a little spit fire, isn't she? From the flashbacks that we see, you can tell that she might just lose her temper a little easily sometimes. Not in any kind of dangerous way. We'll say she's very spirited haha.

The shop and the different kinds of flowers were so creative! Those Shrinkable Sunflowers are such a cool idea! I really love when people put their own little touch on some of the things that might possibly exist in the Potter-verse. Loved it. :)

The little snippets of how other couples fight were great. I especially loved the Harry and Ginny one. Harry could definitely have a hot head at times and Ginny is not one to take things laying down. I imagine that when they do fight, it would be pretty intense, like you described hahaha. And then the Ron and Hermione making jabs at one another. So perfect!

Oh Neville is the absolute sweetest! His apology when Hannah returned was just adorable! Hopefully they do get that summer home together.

I did just notice one thing as I was reading. It seemed as if this sentence cut off.

"Back in the now Hannah sighed, and then she started telling Ms Applegate about her latest quarrel with her"

It seems the word "husband" is probably missing there. :)

This was a cute oneshot that I truly enjoyed reading. Thanks so much for sharing with me!

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hello there, Meg!

Thanks for this kind review! :)

I like how you really caught up on the Hannah/Neville dynamic; you use the word 'sweet' to describe the way they act towards each other twice, and that really is the perfect word for it. I'm also glad that you think Neville's apology is sweet, because it's a bit of a recent change. I had it pointed out to me that he came across as a bit cold in one of the earlier versions of the story, so it's good to hear that it works now!

Heh, it's interesting to me that you describe Hannah as a 'spit fire', though, as I actually see her as this very calm and grounded person... I guess this story just shows off her more fire-y side, haha! I think she's the kind of person that doesn't get angry easily, but when she's pushed to the limit she really snaps, you know? : P

Ms Applegate is actually one of those characters that just came to me almost fully formed. I write this story for prompts, and one of them was 'flowers', so I knew I had to work flowers in somehow, and then this florist just showed up in my mind!

It's great that you like the Shrinkable Sunflowers - adding these little wizarding world flourishes is one of the things I like most about writing HP fanfiction. Rowling's world is so creative, and it offers a place to really let one's imagination loose! : )

I actually sort of think of the list of the ways the couple in Hannah's acquaintance fights as the heart of this story, if that makes sense? (And not just because it gives me a chance to show off almost all my HP ships, ahaha!) I definitely think Harry and Ginny's fights would be intense! (I actually hope they make sure that they're out of earshot from their kids before they go at it, heh.)

Thanks for catching that missing word, it must have gotten lost in one of my edits. You fix one error, you make another. Oh well...

And I definitely think they get that summer home!

Thanks again for this sweet (ah, ah, see what I did there? : P ) review!


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Review #3, by Musing Tea with Ms Applegate

25th December 2015:
Hey Kapa!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you are having fantastic holidays! I am here to leave you a gift review for the QTR Holiday Fun.

This is such a cute story! I really loved Hannah. She gifts flowers and plants to her herbologist husband- so sweet! All those magical flowers you invented are so lovely. My favourite are the dancing daisies. I wish I could get some! :P

Ms. Applegate has come to know Hannah quite well. I liked the way she gave a solution to Hannah and Hannah quickly understood her mistake rather than being stubborn.

I loved the way you have given us a sneak peek into the lives of the other couples. The descriptions of their fighting habits clearly go with the couples.

I really adored the end. The way Hannah and Neville got over their fight was adorable.

My favourite phrase: 'knobwanded flobberworm' Haha! That one really cracked me up!

I loved this story. I am happy I read this little gem!

-Emm ^_^

Author's Response: Hello Emm, and thanks for this lovely gift review (and posted right on Christmas Day too)! My holidays were... not so great, actually, but now it's a new year, and I think it'll be a good one! Merry, er... Late January to you! : D

I'm happy you liked the story. I really, really love Hannah too, through writing her she's become one of my favourite characters! And I love her with Neville - I think they're both the best at giving thoughtful gifts to each other. And I had a great time inventing the flowers - I had been playing a lot of Plants VS Zombies when I wrote this story, haha! I love the dancing daisies too. : )

It's often the outsiders that can see the obvious solutions to one's problems, isn't it? And Hannah has the grace to accept Ms Applegate's advice, which does her credit. I hadn't thought of it like that before, but you're definitely right.

Next to coming up with the different plants, coming up with the different ways the couples fought was the second most fun I had when writing this story. And it's great that you liked the end - I recently tweaked it a little to make Neville a little more likeable.

People seem to like that phrase, 'knobwanded flobberworm', a lot, haha! I don't remember how I came up with it, but I imagine I felt pretty pleased with myself when I did. : P

Thanks again for this sweet review!


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Review #4, by ravenclaw_princess Tea with Ms Applegate

5th December 2015:
Merry Christmas Kapa

I wondered why Hannah would be buying flowers as a way to apologise, it's usually the other way around so I thought I'd check it out. And then after I started reading a little bit, I realised that what better way to apologise to a herbologist than with flowers :)

I like your portrayal of Hannah. She's not stubborn and knows how to apologise which is what has to be done. She's a little hot headed, but after cooling down, she find a way to work through their disagreement. I can understand why she was upset though, it sounded like Neville just dropped the news on her without even discussing with her and considering how she would feel.

It sounds like she has apologised with flowers a number if times in the past. I imagine it has become a bit of a 'tradition' between them and kind of like a peace offering when Neville knows that Hannah is ready to discuss things logically without the emotions getting in the way.

I liked the break down on how the various couple argued and made up. Everyone comes us with a way that works for them.

You have some really imaginative and clever plants as well as tasks that Hannah had to do in the garden. I bow down to you for this creativity as I'm pretty useless at coming up with things like these.

Well done. This was a sweet little story and everything worked out ok in the end.


Author's Response: Merry... er... I hope the new year is treating you well, Jacqui, and thanks for this nice review! (And sorry for the late reply, heh.)

Yes, what better way to apologise to a herbologist, haha. I actually wrote this story for a challenge over on another site before I joined HPFF, for the prompts "Cruel words", "Flowers", "Serenity" and "Well... There is one thing..." and the pairing Neville/Hannah, and as soon as I saw the 'flowers' prompt I knew that I wanted to write about Hannah giving Neville flowers. : )

And yes, it's definitely a sort of tradition for the two of them. I find fighting fascinating, because everybody does it differently, and everybody makes up differently too. So it was fun to explore that in this story. And I'm sure Neville has done something to apologise too – maybe he's made some extra treat for dinner or something!

I also had a lot of fun with coming up with all the weird, magical plants, so I'm happy you enjoyed them. : )

Thanks again!


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Review #5, by summerbird90 Tea with Ms Applegate

29th November 2015:
Oh, I loved this one-shot! I never read Neville stories, but this was so cute, and just really lovely to read. It definitely made me have a *squee!!*moment at the end!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for this sweet little review! I'm happy I could make you squee over a type of story you don't generally read. : )

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Review #6, by Dojh167 Tea with Ms Applegate

17th September 2015:
I came to read one of your shortish stories before sleep and found you had a new one up - I feel like a winner!

I am very tired, but trying to meet my goal of five reviews for tonight (this is #5), so excuse me if this review wavers in and out of helpfulness.

First, I must clense myself of any preconception that this Hannah has anything to do with the Hannah I write. ufewvkjeicbqocnabcfeipcnel bkvbvwhbolebvkewjbckjebcfekwhgvj edgvcjwey gvwejgkewygckw jevcaweoihkd sifgblaofyhb efueuigwfo hjwhofwuoehuw ebkwefguwi iwefnljweiojfoiweflwe. Okay. Moving on.

The reference to Hannah having gotten quite close to Ms Applegate makes me wonder if she gets flowers on many occasions, or only specifically when she and Neville fight. [nevermind, this is kind of answered later]

Also, women buying men flowers is the best.

The parenthetical aside about the roses seems a little out of place. It suggests a kind of narrative tone that, while I could see you writing, does not seem o continue throughout the story. I think you could achieve the same comment in a different structure, such as "She considered buying them, but..."

I love all of the creativity you put into all of the different kinds of magical flowers! It really adds to the story.

The explanation of the first time Hannah had been in the shop kind of interrupts the dialogue, and makes Applegate's next line seem a bit disconnected. Maybe the backstory description could be moved to earlier in the story?

In the context of their close relationship,Ms Applgate's opening dialogue seems a bit too sales-y, like she's reciting what she always does to customers. I would think she'd be a bit more asual when speaking to someone she knows as well as Hannah. If this is specific information about the flowers you want to get in (which is of course very interesting) you could have her speaking to another customer before she sees Hannah and show the change in her demeanor.

Favorite: "knobwanded flobberworm"

It seems interesting to me that Hannah would miss having a garden more than Neville would when away from Hogwarts.

It also makes me sad that Neville is dismissive and says there are gardens at Hogwarts when Hannah is the one who wants one and she won't be living at Hogwarts.

I can definitely understand Hannah's desire to hold onto someplace special like Neville's Gran's house, especially when she will now be spending far fewer months out of the year with him, and I can imagine she'd want the time she has with him to be very special. And with her working and living at the Leaky Cauldron, it would come to feel more like "her" place, and she would want somewhere that felt like "their" place. Now I want a fic about Hannah when Neville first goes away.

Haha, "The idea of the summer house is good too... How is it that I never see the obvious solutions to our problems" I was right there with you, Hannah.

Hehe, of course Susan is gay.

I love how you summarize the different relationship dynamics of all these different couples. But it makes me sad that Luna lives with any bitterness.

I have to admit, I'm not crazy about this Neville. The fact that he just expects the fight to go away, but doesn't apologize or acknowledge how he upset her, leaving Hannah the one to propose the compromise.

Overall, I thought that this was incredibly sweet. I understand that this was one of your older stories, and hope by critique didn't seem too much or irrelevant. I really enjoyed this story. I am thinking about writing more of my Hannah any day now. Any day now.


Author's Response: Aw, this was such an adorable review of tiredness, Sam! And definitely helpful! (Loved the cleansing of the Hannah-ness, by the way...)

This whole story was basically written around the idea of a woman buying flowers for a man, heh. I wrote it for a challenge over at some other site where I got the prompts 'Neville/Hannah' and 'flowers' (and something more that I forget and the site is down now so I cannot check, oh well... maybe it was 'fighting'?), and I thought it would be way to obvious to go with Neville giving Hannah flowers.

I actually had a lot of fun coming up with the different magical flowers (and the "knobwanded flobberworm" insult), I'm happy it paid off. Getting to play around with the whimsy of Rowling's world is one of my favourite things about writing Harry Potter fanfiction. : )

I've moved the backstory about Hannah and Neville's first row up a bit, I hope the story flows better now. Thank you for pointing that out!

And hm, I see what you're saying about how Ms Applegate is too 'sales-y' when she first speaks to Hannah, seeing as they're actually pretty close (I wonder why they're not on a first name basis - oh no, go away, plunnies!). I actually imagined that Ms Applegate put on her 'saleswoman persona' sort of incongruously as an 'in-joke' of sorts. I've rewritten the sequence to hopefully signal this.

I think Neville would miss the garden too - not to mention the house he grew up in! - but that he's trying to be pragmatic and he knows he can't afford to keep the house on a Hogwarts Professor's salary. Remember that he's already had time to go through his mourning for the house when he tells Hannah - which is part of what led up to the fight, I think. If he'd gotten her involved earlier it wouldn't have been such a shock for her, and together they might even have been able to come up with the idea of getting a little summer house on their own...

I wrote this fic before we learned that Hannah eventually became the new Hogwarts matron, which I think sort of addresses what you're writing regarding Hannah and Neville spending more time apart after he becomes a Professor. I'm pretty torn about that development, as a woman who has myself decided to not move my life to be with my boyfriend-type person, especially as I was pretty invested in Hannah-the-landlady... So I guess I've sort of soured on that storyline too much to write about it (at least any time soon) but maybe someone else will!

And yes, Susan is gay! I've headcanoned her as such pretty much forever, which was partly why I chose her as Hannah's other partner when I gave you the prompt that lead to your lovely WIGOWY (which I still plan to review again as soon as I get the time).

And sorry about Luna's bitterness, heh. That's pretty much how I myself handle conflict, and it works pretty well for me (it's not ideal, but what ever is?) and I like to believe it works decently for her too...

Hm, with Neville's comment I was more aiming for self-deprecating 'this was a silly fight I got us into, let's just put it behind us unless have any last thing you want to get out' than him just expecting the fight to go away. I don't think he believes there's any compromise to be made - he can't afford to keep the house and that's it - so I wouldn't judge him too harshly for that either. Anyway, I have rewritten his line to one I hope works better. We'll see if I stick with this new version in the long run or if I manage to come up with something that fits what I'm trying to get across even better at a later date.

All in all, than you so much for this review, both for the squee and for the constructive criticism. This is a story very dear to me, so I'm super happy to get a chance to improve it. With some other of my older stories I would probably just have accepted the criticism as something to think about for my future writing, but here I actually did some edits and I believe the story is all the better for it. So thanks! : )


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