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Reading Reviews for Guilty Until Proven Innocent
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Review #1, by Dojh167 Guilty Until Proven Innocent

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

Hello! I found this story again on my (incredibly long) reading list, and was glad for a chance to finally read it.

I thin that you do a good job of capturing Remus' conflict of belief here, especially with the lines "It was impossible. But it was also true."

When I think of the Marauder's, I generally jump to thinking about how far apart and separate their fates were, but I never really thought about how that one even really lost Remus all of his friends (at least for thirteen years) and he was so far from responsible.

I had always thought that Remus never really knew the truth until that night in the Shrieking Shack, but of course he was smart enough and knew everyone involved to e able to reason it out. And when he did here, I got serious chills. I don't want poor Remus to have to live with any of that.

Remus is understandably feeling a LOT of things here, and now I am to.

Thank you for writing this. I like that it focuses in on a moment that isn't generally revisited, and really adds a lot of emotional depth to it.


Author's Response: Hi Sam! *Squish*

First off, I'm so flattered that this story was on your reading list! And thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review it, especially with the review-a-thon going on; thank you SO much for contributing! ♥

I'm really, really glad and flattered that you think I did a good job with capturing Remus' disbelief here. I honestly can't even remember where this one-shot came from, but I remember just randomly thinking and wondering about the time between Remus saying "That's not possible" and him entering into the Shrieking Shack KNOWING what was happening, and I wanted to explore that.

Honestly, I'd never really considered just how much Remus lost either, before writing this. I'd never really imagined how much suffering he went through in all those years. I mean, he seems to be presented in the series as a kind of broken man, but we're never really privvy to how much he suffered. Writing this really opened my eyes to a lot of that! Annnd now I've got a strong urge to write a story about when someone first told Remus what had happened with James and Lily... XD

Honestly, I haven't read the series in SO LONG, so it's very possible that Remus didn't know what was going on until he got to the Shrieking Shack. But, you're right, he definitely is intelligent enough to at least figure out some bits of it for himself! When I was writing this, I was thinking of the movie, and how Remus was on Sirius' side AS SOON as he entered the shack, which made me think he had sorted things out for himself through some process, which is ultimately what inspired this one-shot! :P I know what you mean about not wanting Remus to have to deal with that, but I'm really pleased that it gave you chills! It makes me think I did something right! :P

Yes, he's definitely going through a lot of emotions right now, and I'm happy to hear that you can feel them, as well! *squish*

Eeek! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind compliments, and for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #2, by HermyLuna2 Guilty Until Proven Innocent

26th December 2015:
I really like how you explored a moment how it could have happened in canon. Very interesting and good choice for an oneshot. It would make sense for Remus Lupin to have seen Peter on the map seeing his behaviour in PoA. You portrayed his thought process and his feelings very well here. I especially like the sentence "There was an uneasy feeling in his heart, and in the pit of his stomach; he felt the assumptions hed been living with for the past 12 years of his life coming unraveled, and it was quite unsettling". Anyway, I enjoyed reading this! I'm going to read 'What nightmares are made of' and your other stories soon when I have time!

Author's Response: Hello lovely! ♥

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by and read and review this! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! *Squishes*

I'm so flattered that you think this was a good moment for a one-shot! And EEK! Thank you SO much for your compliments, I'm so happy that you think I portrayed his thought process and feelings very well! And thank you for pointing out that sentence!

*Gasps* Ooh, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my other stories, too!

Thank you again, SO much, for reading and reviewing this! ♥

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Guilty Until Proven Innocent

22nd December 2015:
Hi, Jayde! :)
Here for your Hot Seat!!!
I had to pick this one, I can't resist a good Marauder story (I suppose you know it by now)!

Anyway, this was great! I think you captured Remus' thoughts brilliantly. I'm absolutely certain that this is exactly what went through Remus' mind in that moment.

It is so sad, how everyone has just assumed that Sirius did it... And it's even more sad to think about the loneliness Remus had to go through for all those years... Can I hug them both? Just a moment?

I loved how you wrote this! I loved Remus' confusion, his inner argument with himself, the guilt for not seeing the truth sooner, the joy of having at least one of his friends back! It all flowed so easily and convincingly and I just loved it!

Great work! As always! ;)
Much, much love!

Author's Response: Hello Chiara!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by, and for this amazing review! ♥

Aww! Your compliments mean so much to me! I'm so happy that you think I captured Remus' thoughts brilliantly!

Yes, it really WAS sad how everyone assumed Sirius had done it, and POOR REMUS! I'm so happy that, when all was said and done, he knew the truth! And hahah yes, you can hug them both! I'm sure they could both use it!

I'm so thrilled that you think this flowed easily and convincingly! Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan Guilty Until Proven Innocent

22nd December 2015:
I really liked this one. Once again you show an amazing ability to write such different styles, and as someone who tries to do a lot of this in my own writing, I really notice when other people do it as well. You my friend have very much succeeded. Today I've read fluff, dark mystery/angst, and now this nostalgic/emotional fic by you. You're super talented!

First, I'm going to start off by saying that my favourite of the HP books is without a doubt Prisoner of Azkaban, and the ending when Remus and Sirius meet up again and hug and talk, and we as the reader get a glimpse into their history, that was a scene I absolutely loved because it's just so full of emotion and immense sadness of so many lost years but also hope, and this story evoked the same feeling I got when I first read that scene in PoA. (sorry that was the most run-on sentence ever) but I really admire how well you were able to capture that atmosphere, even though you don't really portray a lot of Remus' emotion in this story (because he's trying to process it logically - as he would), there's still this feeling like a big weight on my heart, as the story really goes into how Remus' world kind of turned upside down and everything he thought was wrong.

he felt the assumptions hed been living with for the past 12 years of his life coming unraveled, and it was quite unsettling. -- I really liked this line in particular. Unsettling because of the implications of it - the old friend he's been blaming for twelve years is innocent, the fact that an innocent man spent twelve years in Azkaban, and probably a lot to do with the fact that Remus was wrong about him for so long and actually believed in Sirius' guilt, and then because he's Remus he blames himself for it. It's a lot to take in and process, and it's not always easy to lift your assumptions and see things in a new way.

I really liked seeing this missing moment from Remus' POV. You did a wonderful job on it!

Author's Response: Kristinnn!

Thank you SO much for another AMAZING review! ♥ Awww! Thank you! Your compliments mean the world to me! I feel so flattered that you think I'm talented and I can write different styles well! *sobs*

Oh my Gosh, I totally feel the same way about POA. I'm not really sure what it is.. just Sirius and Remus' appearance, or the Marauder's Map and the glimpse into their past, but POA is and will always will be my favorite book/movie. And for you to say that I made you feel the same way that POA did.. THERE ARE NO WORDS. I've received other comments about the emotion in this, and I think I really should have put in a bit more, but I really love that you think Remus would have tried to process this logically, because that's kind of where my mind went, too - but I probably really should go back and add some emotion in there as well. And I'm thrilled that you were still able to feel it!

And yes, this is a VERY difficult moment for Remus, and I'm glad you liked that line - yes, this would be a VERY unsettling thing for him to go through, and I think the movie conveyed that well... when Harry tells Remus he saw Peter Pettigrew on the map, the look on Remus' face is one of almost TERROR, and this was kind of going off of that. I'm glad you felt that was conveyed well!

Thank you SO MUCH, again, for this fabulous review and for always being so amazing! ♥

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Review #5, by Freda_and_Georgina Guilty Until Proven Innocent

21st December 2015:
This was a very interesting one-shot, I'm surprised it doesn't have more reviews. I think you captured Remus' thought process brilliantly as all that he knows is completely changed. Though with the very internal thoughts, you rarely mention any emotions. Either some emotions, a flashback, or more description would lengthen this one-shot because it has so much potential but is also very short.

This is a really short review, mainly because there's not that much to say about this; you do an excellent job of getting into Remus' head and your idea is brilliant. My only complaint is that it couldn't be longer. I get to the end and want more. This idea and story is so good it deserves a little more.

But I'm rambling. No matter, the one-shot is nicely written and I really think it deserves more publicity. I love your take on this missing moment and hope you'll write more like it.

Enjoy the rest of your hot-seat day!

Author's Response: Hi there lovely!

Thank you SO much for this amazing review!! I'm so glad you thought I captured Remus' thought process. I will definitely take your advice and look into adding in some emotions to lengthen this - at the time when I wrote it, it was just one of those plunnies I HAD to get out, and this was as far as the plunny went. But, like I said, I'll definitely look into extending this and I'm so happy that you think it has potential!

Again, thank you SO much for your amazing compliments and advice! ♥

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybe Guilty Until Proven Innocent

18th October 2015:
Hello Jayde, dear! I'm here for the Hufflepuff October review exchange :D

This is such an absolutely brilliant pick for a missing moment to write about! I'd never really thought about how Remus would have felt when he saw Peter on the map, but it certainly would have been a shock!

There's just so much to like about this. I found his difficulty to understand and accept the situation very realistic, because it would have been so strange. I especially like when he thinks "I cast that charm myself!" That line alludes to the fact that he isn't just dealing with a change in reality, but a change in his own ideology about his friends, his own loyalties, his own history. It's *personal*

I also thought it was telling that he thinks it's so strange that Peter didn't come forward to accuse Sirius if he was alive, because it shows his knowledge of Peter's character as compared to Sirius' and that in itself helps him to see the truth more than anything else.

And then the anger at himself that he hadn't known. Poor Remus! *IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT REMUS!* I want to hug him! But it is a very natural reaction and I'm glad you included it. I would think badly of Remus otherwise, to be honest!

There's a slight WolfStar implication with the fluttering heart but I'm not sure if that was your intention... I'm going with it, though! :D

You did such a great job of getting inside Remus' head and really unraveling his thought process and his emotions regarding the whole crazy scenario. I completely believed every word of it.

It was lovely being review exchange buddies. :hug: And I'm so glad I had the chance to read this story. I'd love to read more Remus from you - you seem to really "get" him :)

lots of love!

Author's Response: RENEE! ♥ Thank you SO much for this squee-worthy review!

The fact that this was a missing moment I'd never thought about before is actually what inspired me to write this little piece, and I'm so thrilled that you liked it!

Yes, I agree that the situation would have been VERY difficult to understand, and would have caused him to have to re-think MANY things - but in the series it seems like that whole internal struggle he MUST have gone through was just swept under the rug, so I wanted to explore that a bit. I'm glad you think it's realistic!

Yes, knowing Peter's character really helped him to realize something he should have seen all along. And knowing how Remus is, I agree that he'd DEFINITELY try to blame himself, even though it's definitely not his fault, like you said! Yes, poor Remus - feel free to hug away!

Hahah YES, that slight Wolfstar twinge you got there was my intention. :P I didn't want to come right out and say it, but I wanted to let the readers draw their own conclusions about it - I'm so happy to hear yours! :D

Awww, thank you SO much! I really loved being review exchange partners, too, and I'm so flattered by your comments! Maybe I will explore Remus a little more in the future, who knows? *winks*

Thank you!

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