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Reading Reviews for Forever
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Review #1, by Dojh167 1.

5th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

First off, I can't believe this story has only one review! Reading people's take on the OTPs is the best, especially for the Make Me Ship It Challenge! Either way, this story has been on my reading list since you posted it, and I'm glad I'm finally getting to it now =) I must admit, I do not ship Lavender/Theo (she is always with Parvati for me), but I am very interested to see your take on this ship.

I really feel for Lavender. Your opening description is very poignant, and I can definitely understand her desire to keep her face hidden when she goes out. I hope Theodore helps bring some o her confidence back!

Yay, a smile! I like that their meeting isn't necessarily sudden romantic chemistry, but Lavender is characteristically resistant to even trusting that he's sincere, let alone trusting him with her time.

You describe the courtship quite rapidly here, which is kind of too bad, but I definitely know that if I want more I only need to go as far as your AP!

You describe the effects of the moon on Lavender really well, and it really makes me feel for her. In a way it is worse than a full transformation, as the transformation never completes and she must be in pain all night, instead of disappearing into animal instinct. The up side, as you show, is that she is safe to have a human with her through it all.

The scene where Lavender shows him the rest of her scars is so very touching. You've captured both of their emotions wonderfully, and this is so clearly a huge moment for both of them that she is choosing to trust him with something she feels so vulnerable about.

I find the narrative flow of the story a little confusing. Most of the story seemed to happen before the initial scene where Lavender is standing in front of the mirror. But then does it catch back up in the final scene before Theo wakes up? The only thing that made me think that was that the use of past perfect tense ended. If that is the case, I could use a larger reference in the text to why that moment was so significant, and make it clear that it is the same moment revisited.

The line about the tear falling across the scars that had destroyed her is SO beautiful.

Since the story is told from Lavender's perspective, there is a definite sense of angst and inevitable unhappiness, which made me worried that it would not have a happy ending. I'm glad you proved me wrong though!

Also, I can't help but feel like this story cuts out right before smut begins ;)


Author's Response: Hello! Aww I'm so happy that it's been on your reading list :D Lavender/Theo are my favourite thing ever and I wished that more people wrote them so I could enjoy them.

Yes! Theo is making her smile again :D I wished that I had made that longer as well, but I think that I was in a rush to finish this, which is no excuse. Maybe I'll come back and edit itm but there's a very real risk I'll end up making it into a novel haha.

I'm so glad that you liked that part, I wanted to make it a huge moment for them both.

Ah man, I need to go back and have a look at that, I wrote it so long ago I can't really remember what I wrote (I sound like a terrible person not remembering her own story haha)

Aw thank you! *hugs*

Oh yeah, it totally cuts out before that happens... lucky for me I've written smut for them haha

thank you so much, Sam!

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Review #2, by ohnobeans 1.

18th October 2015:
love me some Theo Nott :) this was wonderful

Author's Response: YAY! Another Theo Nott lover!!! *squishes* I'm so happy that you liked it! :D

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