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Review #1, by IsitabirdIsitaplane Prologue

7th September 2015:
Hi there, it's not often people write fics about Roxanne so when I saw the story summary and the beautiful cover I felt I just had to read it right away. Good thing I did because this story is an absolute gem. I love your characterization of Roxanne a being a slightly moody teen.Fred is quite cute in this fic, even if I did a slight double take as he's quite a bit older than her in the character notes JKR did. Having said that, I'm excited to know where you go with this story and look forward to your next update :D

Author's Response: Hello, mystery person!

Yeah, the banner really is beautiful, isn't it? I saw it in milominderbinder's Up For Grabs topic over at TDA and fell absolutely in love. I'm very happy to be able to write a story for it!

Thank you so much for calling this story a gem, that's a really nice compliment! : ) I hope you'll keep reading! (Oh, and if you like Roxanne fics, I have to ask: have you read Roisin's A Study in Silver? If not, go do so immediately!)

I love the Next Gen for the billions of possibilities, and while Roxanne isn't in my top three favourite Next Gen characters, she's definitely in my top five! This version of her refuses to cooperate with me a lot of the time, but I think it'll be a joy to write her once I get more into it. I had a lot of fun channelling my inner teenager for her in this little prologue, haha.

I know that Fred is supposed to be older than Roxanne (I've never heard before that it should be by "quite a bit", though - I know many people write them as twins) but for this story I had to tweak a few details to make the plot work. I needed Roxanne to be almost as old as Victoire, so she could live alone for a week, and I needed her to be the only option for a babysitter which would be unlikely if Fred had been as old or older than her, as he probably would have gotten the Black Cat Flu too as a kid if that had been the case... so I ended up with a teenage Roxanne and a kid Freddie. So it goes...

I look forward to getting to the actual 'meat' of this story too, but as the queue for posting stories is currently closed, you'll have to wait a while for the next update, sadly. I hope to have the proper chapter one up some time next week!

Welcome back! : )


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