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Reading Reviews for Good For You
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Review #1, by Gail Welin Short Story 1: Good For You

8th May 2016:

Since today is your HPFF archives anniversary (TEN YEARS WOT!) I wanted to leave you a review and I noticed that, while I already read this and it's one of my favourites, I didn't review it (whaaat??) so here goes!

It's really tough to pack 500 words with intensity or keep it interesting or relevant so I really mean it when I say WOW because this was wonderfully intense and so romantic! Reading it made me smile very lovingly. It was very refreshing ♥
I love that you didn't use first names!

The way you described the smell of his cologne made my heart beat stronger - let's understate and say I dig good smelling men :p (but really, I just love to nuzzle hubby)

"How can sharing a glass feel so intimate?" made me giggle like when my first crush borrowed my eraser xD There's something wonderfully innocent in the erotism of the situation you depicted, it's almost nostalgic!

This was a wonderful read filled with positive, romantic vibes; I was grinning the whole time.
Thank you for writing this ♥


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Review #2, by Secret Slytherin Snowflake Short Story 1: Good For You

27th December 2015:
Ho Ho Ho! Your Secret Santa is finally here!!! Sorry for the delay but spreading the cheer sure is a demanding task. Well now I am here, let's see what we can do about it.

Before this I had only read one work of yours and that had been phenomenal. Regardless, I was expecting you to blow my mind once more. Bravo Avi, Bravo.

Scripting an entire story in a few words is a most enviable task and once more you fulfil it with such finesse that the reader is left speechless. When I first saw it, I was like, "That's it?" Little did I know that this would be enough. You have encapsulated the feeling of love amazingly well in this. While the Last Dance was a flower that was getting ready to fall off the tree, Good for You shows a bud that is yet to grow out of it's infancy but shows the promise of a ripe old age.

You are setting real high standards for yourself Avi and I can't wait to read what else you have.

-Secret Slytherin Snowflake

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Review #3, by notreallyblonde44 Short Story 1: Good For You

17th December 2015:
So Iím not the biggest fan of Dramiones, so weíll see how this goes. Iím really here because the title is Selena Gomezís new song and I love that song (personal anthem!). Anddd what a stark contrast this is from the Ron/Hermione I just read from your page haha. This is sweltering and passionate. Iím unsure if itís love yet or at all, but itís very hot and heady. Which I enjoy in general. The writing is good, and you can handle any genre with ease. I enjoy your way with words and word choice in general. As for the pair itself, thereís not enough here for me to assess what their relationship is, if sheís cheating on Ron, etc., so Iím going to assume the best case scenario and look out for the next chapter ;)

(Wonder if there will be a companion after ďSame Old LoveĒ though that would be in my anti-Dramione brain, sorry, eeek)

Lurve x2,

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Review #4, by ScorpiusRose17 Short Story 1: Good For You

13th October 2015:

So I am late at getting around to the Hot Seat Author's, but I figured that now that I have some free time before real life gets crazy again, I would stop by.

I love how you are able to express so much feeling and passion in just a small amount of words. It is beautifully done and I really enjoy there not main characters names being used. It gives you that sense of mystery to it, but helps drive that passion and longing they have for one another.

I loved your description!!

Keep up the awesome writing!! :)


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Review #5, by adluvshp Short Story 1: Good For You

7th October 2015:
Hey Avi!

Wow, this was really good. The descriptions are rich for something so short, quite steamy too, and I loved it xD I wanted it to go on longer - to get more details on how Draco and Hermione came to be, where they stand in their relationship right now, and what will happen next!

The way you wrote the scene was very good, with great use of imagery. I could visualise the scene and felt myself smile. It felt like such a sweet, intimate moment, and I could feel how much they both were into each other. The feelings came across beautifully.

I hope you continue this and we get to see more of such Draco/Hermione moments that show us a glimpse into their romantic life. I quite enjoyed this! Lovely little one-shot!


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Review #6, by EnigmaticEyes16 Short Story 1: Good For You

3rd October 2015:
Avi, this was so great! The way you've written this is so intense and intimate. The more I read the more excited I got and the more the intensity built up and then it was over, because this story is only 500 words.

I wish there was more to the story. I would love to see more of Draco and Hermione's relationship; how it started, where it stands now in this little snippet into their story. Are they a secret thing going on underneath their Ministry co-workers' radar? Draco was checking the mirror to make sure no one was watching them. And who's fighting for who?

I'm so curious! But really this was a great one-shot! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can't wait to read more of your stuff for the Hot Seat! I'm thinking of finally delving into Upper Class as I've been meaning to read it for ages now.


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Review #7, by Frankie05 Short Story 1: Good For You

31st August 2015:
Hey there. For such a short story this was rather steamy! It is extremely descriptive without describing anything which is so unusual. I haven't read anything like this before but this was extremely well done! From describing her ensemble to the strawberry she was eating to the drinks they were both enjoying.

I really enjoyed reading about how secretive this couple is, and how he is so enticed by her. Even as something as simple as sharing a sip of champagne in secret but in public was a very hot scene. It felt like I was witnessing such a private moment that I didn't know how to take it! And is she the one who leads things because she is the one who walks away from this party and he is the one who follows her. And then the intimate moment is very sweet. He doesn't want to let her go. That is so swoon worthy.

I see this is a short story collection so will it be a multitude of stories like this one? Either way, I like it. And thought it was done really really well.


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