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Reading Reviews for The Interpreter
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Review #1, by marauderfan The Interpreter

22nd December 2015:
Jayde I'm back! And what a wonderful story :) I love that you chose to write about Barty Crouch Sr, because who writes about him, ever? He's such a minor character and as I'm sure you know, I love minor character stories - there's so much you can do with them and it's always really cool to delve into backstory. Which is exactly what you've done here to a wonderful extent.

I had no idea Barty spoke that many languages, is that canon? That's so many, and I don't even remember this from the books, which means it was probably a throwaway line (or something Percy said) - and for a throwaway line it raises a lot of questions if you think about it! Which you clearly did, and I love how much thought you put into his story, about the World Cup as a child and his fascination with the languages of the people all around him.

Mr Crouch isn't really a character most people can relate to, because there isn't much to him aside from Percy's hero worship and some morally dubious stuff regarding his policy of imprisoning people, but you've given him this wonderful sense of curiosity that creates a likable side to him, and makes him a lot more realistic. Because I don't think there are ever people who have only good qualities, or only bad ones. This sets him a lot more in that middle grey area. Also, I bet you had a lot of fun writing this and got super into it, and maybe connected with Barty due to your own love of languages! It made Barty feel a lot more genuine, as his enthusiasm about learning languages was real, and your own excitement kind of shines through. :D

Last but not least: Headmaster Dippet speaking Mermish with the Merpeople. I loved it! Seems like that's a common theme for Headmasters of Hogwarts :D (and one I love, too, because it's such a great thing to think that the headmaster/headmistress of the school would always be able to communicate with the other race of magical beings that live in the same place as them. I loved it.

What a great story, Jayde!

Author's Response: Kristinnn you are spoiling me with your amazing reviews! ♥

Awww, thank youu! I agree - he's a very minor character and pretty much nobody EVER writes about him, that's part of the thing that attracted me to this plunny once it jumped in my head. :P And yes, writing with Minor characters is SO much fun and allows you a lot more room to be creative with them! That's why I chose Charlie for "Keeping Secrets!" :D I'm glad you think I've done this to a wonderful extent!

Yes, it actually IS Canon, and I had NO idea about it either at first! I was writing Tanya one night and I mentioned how much I loved languages, and she told me I had a lot in common with Barty because he spoke so many languages - then I went to the Wikia page to check, and YES! I was floored! And almost immediately the idea for this story popped into my head.. well, actually, before I even had the whole story, the last line popped into my head, and I wrote the rest of the story to fit with that. Yes, it probably was one of those throwaway lines like you mentioned, but it did raise SO MANY questions for me and I wanted to explore those here!

Awww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the World Cup starting his fascination! I had to think of a situation where young Barty would be exposed to lots of different languages, and that just kind of jumped into my brain and wouldn't leave. :P

I agree, he's definitely hard to relate to in the series, but when I found out how many languages he knew, I found it MUCH easier to relate to him because you just CAN'T know that many languages without loving them - and you know how much I love languages, so it really did open up a whole other side of his character to me, and I'm glad you were able to see it and that you think it makes him more realistic. I completely agree - everyone's got a little of both good and bad qualities - we're pretty much ALL in that middle grey area you mentioned :P

And YES I HAD SO MUCH FUN with this, you know me too well! :D Haha! I'm glad my excitement shines through with this! I really did connect with Barty on that level. :P

Haha, thank you! I figured if Dumbledore spoke Mermish, it made sense for the previous headmasters to be able to communicate with the Merpeople in the Black Lake also, you know? In times of trouble, or in situations like the Triwizard Tournament. Plus, I really needed an experience to open Barty's eyes to the WIZARD languages that were available to him, and this one just sort of stood out!

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for this and all of your fabulous reviews!! ♥

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Review #2, by nott theodore The Interpreter

31st August 2015:
Hi Jayde!

Ah, how could I pass this story up when I saw it in the Recently Added pages? It's about languages and you've used that to explore a minor character which means it's practically written to be something I'm going to love - I was so excited to read this!

I'm also feeling very stupid for never questioning how come Barty Crouch learnt so many languages before. I mean, you don't learn two hundred languages without loving them and having a thirst to pursue the knowledge of them, and I loved the fact that you took that here and turned it into an entire story that explored the life of a minor character who people don't really write about.

I really loved the parallel syntax that you employed here, starting each new section with the same sentence and then going on to spin away from that into a different part of Barty's life, so that we learnt about him and his path through life, and how much of an impact languages had had on that. It was really clever, and I think it also kind of represents the obsession that Barty seems to have with learning languages; it's like that's the one fact that he wants everyone to know about him, how many languages he speaks and how much he loves them, and he doesn't care about being known for anything else.

The way that Barty was introduced to languages was so clever, too - the fact that he was suddenly exposed to them at the World Cup and wanted to know what people were saying, and when his parents couldn't tell him, he decided to find out for himself. It makes so much sense to me - at that age you expect your parents to know everything, so when they don't it's like a whole big gap in knowledge revealed, and I can imagine him only really being exposed to languages at that age too, because of the sort of environment he'd grown up in.

So. Jealous. I wish I'd been fluent in languages when I was that young! (In fact, I still wish I could call myself fluent in my other languages) I can definitely believe in Barty being so determined to study languages that he'd insist on it as a child and bury his nose in a book instead of really living.

The moment when he realised there were magical languages that he could learn too was so cool - and I love the idea that each of the headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts might be able to speak Mermish so that they could communicate with the Merpeople living in the lake!

It was really cool to see Barty being able to find a use for all of his languages through his life, as well, especially when he got moved to the Department of International Magical Cooperation. It's so fun to be able to use your languages in a real life situation and for someone who's as determined and passionate about languages as Barty is, I can see that being a really great opportunity.

The ending was so sad :( I thought you built up to it really well, with all of the details that you packed into this story throughout it, and that you wrote the ending really well too - but it was such a stark difference to the rest of the story and that really emphasised how horrible Barty's death had been. The whole focus of this story has been on languages and his passion for learning them, and then we're reminding that no matter how much he learnt, it wasn't enough to save him. Part of me can't help wondering whether he'd have had more chance of surviving, and of things turning out differently, if he'd spent more time at home with his family in the first place rather than dedicating any spare time he had to learning languages.

This was such a great story, Jayde, and I really loved reading it - my little language loving heart is very happy!

Sian :)

Author's Response: SIAN! *Squishes*

Thank you SO much for stopping by with this surprise, amazing review! I'm so flattered that this caught your eye!

Honestly, I know exactly what you mean. I seriously did not even KNOW he knew so many languages. Tanya mentioned it one night, and as soon as she did I was like PLUNNY!! And this story got posted just a few days later! :D But you're right, you can't learn that many languages without loving them, and it really did give me a chance to explore a little-known character, which I loved!

Thank you so much for your comments about the parallel syntax. Honestly, I hadn't planned that or anything, it just sort of came to me as I was writing it, so I decided to just go with it - it definitely does show how they were the most important thing in his life, and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it!

And thanks! *Blushes* When I was planning this out, I knew there'd have to be some sort of explanation for why he wanted to learn them at an early age, and I felt that he'd have to have been exposed at some point, and the Quidditch World Cup was just the biggest international wizarding platform I could think of! :P And you're absolutely right - kids think their parents are the most intelligent people in the world when they're young, so I think that definitely fed into his curiosity.

I KNOW RIGHT! I wish I could speak all of those languages! And I also wish I'd had Barty's determination at a young age - maybe I'd be speaking at least 5 or so languages by now if I had! :P

Teehee - this review keeps making me squee the more I read it! I knew that I had to include magical languages as well, because I read some information about Barty and saw that one of his languages was Mermish - so I knew that was a whole other door I had to open in this! And honestly, at the time I was just looking for a way for him to overhear Mermish, because I knew that's not a language he'd just be able to pick up out of a book. I'm glad you thought it was cool!! ♥

Yes, I really think getting moved to the International Magical Cooperation office would have been a blessing in disguise for Barty! And you're so right about the feeling you get when you can use your language in a Real life situation - it's so rewarding!

I'm sorry that the ending was sad. :( Honestly, that part of the story was planned before the beginning even was - you can ask Tanya about that. I actually wrote the last line in my conversation with her only moments after the plunny had hit me! :P Yes, it's really hard NOT to wonder how Barty's life would have turned out differently if he'd spent more time with his family, etc.

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for stopping by and leaving this review! I am SO flattered by your comments and so happy that you enjoyed this! *hug*

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Review #3, by alicia and anne The Interpreter

30th August 2015:
I don't know if I've read a Barty centered fic? I am excited!!

Awww it's so adorable how he got his love for languages, it was really sweet.

He knows so many languages! And I love how dedicated he is to them! He seems to take to them much like a duck takes to water.

Ahhh! So that's how he learnt how to speak mermish! I love it! I wonder how many languages he knows now?

I love how you've started each new paragraph after the break with the same sentence. It all fits so well and just adds so much to the story because of how different it is each time.

Oh wow! 200 languages is a lot! He must get confused at times and sometimes just speak to people in a large mix of languages without realising.

Oh no! And now that ending has made me so sad! :(

I love the idea of this story so much! It's just brilliant! And I just have to ask how many languages you know?

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't know if I've ever read a Barty-centered fic, either! I'm glad that you're so excited!

I'm happy that you think the way he got his love for languages was sweet!

And YES! The fact that he knows so many languages is actually what got me to write this in the first place - Tanya mentioned how many languages he spoke and I was like PLOT BUNNY!! haha :P

I had NO intention of beginning each new paragraph with that same sentence, it just sort of turned out that way. :P I'm glad you think it fits well and adds to the story!

I'm sorry that the ending made you sad! :( But it was kind of unavoidable, unfortunately.

I'm so flattered that you love the idea of this story.

And I speak 2.5 languages (I've begun learning my third language but haven't achieved fluency yet). :P I can speak at least one phrase in about 9 languages, and I'm hoping to become fluent in more languages soon (right now I just speak English and Spanish, with a little Catalan). :D

Thank you SO MUCH!

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