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Reading Reviews for This Final Adventure
39 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sushmita Chapter 5

9th February 2017:
Such a great chapter and great to read these snippets of interaction between the two Black brothers and the love they had for each other.

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Review #2, by Sushmita Chapter 4

9th February 2017:
I just absolutely loved this story and the loyalty and love u bring out between Regulus and Kreacher. Loved reading about the change of heart Regulus was going thru after becoming a death eater. You have a wonderful way with words. I also wonder if Kreacher became such a grouch after this becoz he had to hold on to the horcrux so long?

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Chapter 5

23rd May 2016:
*takes deep breath* I am not ready... I am not ready. I am not ready.

He's so brave, not wanting to scare Kreacher. :(

*sobs* he tried to sheild Marlene and I'm so sad that he had to watch her die, and it must have taken so much to not kill them all for killing his love.

Oh Regulus! You've suffered so much! :( This is all so sad, him going to his death, but at least Kreacher listened to him and left so that he wouldn't get hurt.

*cries even harder* A scene with Sirius and him saying that he would always be proud of Regulus even if what he's done is rubbish. It's tearing at my heart! Although I'm really happy that's his last concious thought. It deserves to be a happy one with Sirius.

Even though I enjoyed this fic so much, I am still so broken inside. I want to curl up into a ball and sob. I want Regulus to be alive! So much denial right now. I like to imagine that in the future Regulus and Sirius will have lots of fun in the afterlife together. :D

You done so amazingly on this story, you are such a talented author to make me feel so much emotion during it. *hugs you so tightly*

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Chapter 4

23rd May 2016:
Yay! I'm back to this story! :D I've missed reading Regulus *hugs him tightly and doesn't want to ever let go*

Poor Regulus :( It makes me sad that he's going through so much at such a young age as well :(

Okay I shouldn't be reading this whilst listening to ...To Die For from the Lion King because it's making everything so very intense, and it's already intense and I'm feeling so many emotions!

Be alright Kreacher! :( It's so obvious how much Regulus cares for him, and I love seeing the bond between them both.

*sobs* even though I know it's coming, I still don't want it to happen :( Can I be in denial and pretend that Regulus is just going to find the locket laying on the floor so that he doesn't have to die?

*cries hysterically* He said he loved Kreacher. I am a broken sobbing mess on the floor.

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Review #5, by notreallyblonde44 Chapter 1

24th February 2016:
I have chills. The line where Regulus sees Sirius and James really got me to. The way your Regulus comes across is so perfect. Like very much how I expect him to be, young, impressionable, but not a sheep or idiot just quite. A air of mystery surrounding these events and his decisions. The pain of losing your brother and being on opposite sides of an ideological war. Not an easy life, kid. And I use that loosely because I think he would be upset with me if I called him that (yes, I'm acting like he exists because he feels so realistic in such a short amount of time, incredible job here!) and is about to make a very adult decision.

The banner is perfect, the title is perfect. The flashback is integrated perfectly - and I HATE flashbacks actually. Hate them, but this one was needed, we needed that context and that break in what we know Regulus is about to do. I'm curious where this is going, if you'll take us forward then back some more, and what you plan to show us.

Thanks Meg and welcome to the pit-o-wubs ;)


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Review #6, by Gabriella Hunter Chapter 5

10th October 2015:

This is Gabbie here with my final review for your fantastic story. I am at a loss for words to really express how wonderful this story was and I'm still a bit torn up about the ending. ;__;

Ugh. I've just got so many emotions going through me right now and I don't know if I'll be able to express them all at the moment. I think that you've really written something truly special here, I am completely in awe of this. Also, congrats for this being your first story that you completed! I only have "This is Angelina" to boast about right now, all of my other ones are really overdue for some love. Haha. Anyway, this! Regulus just has SO much soul. I really love the way that you wrote this entire scene, though I have to say that my favorite line is actually at the very end towards his death. Isn't that awful? There was something about the way you wrote, "He wasnít sure if it was the depth of the water, or that he was dying, but everything began to fade." That was pure magic right there and I'm not sure why but it just really stuck out to me. I didn't mention this in my last review because I forgot but I love the idea that he had a lost love. To find out that it was Marlene in such a way was just so agonizing and the fact that she died so brutally must have been terrible for him.

I can go on and on about how much I loved your imagery and style here but that ending! Let's talk about that ending! How could you?! My heart wasn't ready! What I love though is that the end of this is focusing on Regulus's relationship with Sirius and it was just so sweet and heart breaking. We all know what happens to them but gah! My heart was just breaking and I cried a little. Beautiful, beautiful way to end this story and thank you SO much for doing this swap with me, it was my pleasure!

Much love,


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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Chapter 4

10th October 2015:

This is Gabbie again here with your review and I am so upset that we're close to the end. Just one more chapter and I'll have to just bear it without crying, I guess!

I thought the previous chapter was brilliant but this just had all of the emotional punch that I could handle. I think that Regulus's concern for Kreacher in the very beginning just contrasted wonderfully with what happens at the very end. I've already come to expect my heart to be squeezed but when he was comforting Kreacher after he returned, I had to get the tissues. Regulus was just so broken down and although he was physically unharmed (THough he did have his vices) he seemed more unbalanced in that moment. Seeing someone you love suffer that kind of pain is hard and when we're abruptly cut to the present, I'm just SO anxious. Kreacher's love for Regulus goes beyond servant and master so that when Regulus is taking that potion, you just feel all of his anguish. Regulus's last line in this was just so powerfully poignant and even though it was short, it cut right through to give the scene a great conclusion.

I guess this means I'll head on over to the next chapter then. Sigh. I really don't want this to be over...

Much love,


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Review #8, by Gabriella Hunter Chapter 3

10th October 2015:

This is Gabbie once again stopping by for our five-part review swap! I have two more chapters to go and I'm really upset that this story might be ending soon.

So, we're getting to the conclusion and I have to say that my heart is pounding with nerves. Regulus I think has become so certain of his goal that he doesn't think anything of what he's going to do. In this chapter, I really can see how brave he is and it only makes me all the sadder. What's great about this chapter though is the bond that he has with Kreacher, he mentioned it before but it's nice to see how close they are. Kreacher comes to life in this chapter and his concern and fear are so well-written, I think that you've done a splendid job with this. The flashback of course just chilled me to the bone, I've never written Voldemort before because I feel like I don't have the skill just yet but you've given him that right amount of intimidation, arrogance and coldness that we all know. Regulus managed to guard his thoughts so well but I liked that he was aware of Voldemort's plans, that's actually a bit of a plot hole that we never get an answer to in the HP books and I liked that you shed some light on it here. Now, on to the next chapter! I don't want this to end!

Much love,


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Review #9, by Gabriella Hunter Chapter 2

10th October 2015:

I'm back! Muahahahah.

Ah, so we get a bit more understanding from Regulus in this chapter and I'm ringing because I know exactly what's going to happen. Like I said in the previous chapter, I love the fact that Regulus is so broken and human in this story and is faced with doing the unthinkable. Now, the flashbacks in this chapter were both horrifying and so gut wrenching because we're shown a Regulus who is growing tired of what he has become to a brother who merely wants to do the right thing. I thought that the first flashback was just so gruesome and I wonder really what sparked Regulus's need to break away. I suppose the constant death and his own involvement with it must have been painful for him but I do like that he compared it to waking up from a nightmare or something along those lines. Very good imagery too and I loved the description you used for that scene, I pictured everything so clearly. Now, the second flashback was just SO painful to read because of the heart breaking quality to it. Sirius and Regulus hadn't been on good terms in a very long time and to see them together like that just hurts. I do like that for one moment, there was a brief smile between them that I wish had lasted. But Regulus's last line was just so beautifully tragic and in the present, he's so strong. I am really fascinated by this man you've created.

Much love,


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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter Chapter 1

10th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here for our five-part review and it's been a minute. I don't think we've swapped or anything since your Angst Challenge and that was ages ago! ;__;

I have a soft spot for Regulus Black. I'm not exactly sure why but I've read a lot of stories about him and I'm always blown away by how you guys (I've never written him for whatever reason) give him so much heart and depth. He seems so real, tortured and human in your story and I adore it. I think that starting this story off on such a dark note from the beginning was great. It's not dark in the sense that there's violence or harsh language but in the sense that Regulus is so miserable. You're showing just how much has been shattered in him and his thoughts are very raw, leaving him very vulnerable. I'm completely sympathetic for him at this moment but what I think you did a great job on was showing what he HAD been like. That flashback was grim but the Regulus in this seems so proud of himself and that says a lot about how he viewed the world he lived in and how he was raised. I have a feeling that it stems from his disconnect with his brother but at the same time, he felt no wrong about his choices.

I'm really eager to continue reading though and so I shall see you in the next chapter!

Much love,


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Review #11, by looneylizzie Chapter 2

8th October 2015:
Team Red!!

Okay, I HAD to come back for more. This is just so amazing!!

Poor Kreacher. I can imagine that his life wasnít the same after that night. Itís probably the reason why he was so horrible until Harry came along and treated him nicely. Itís a horrible thing to witness.

That conversation with Sirius is so well written. Both Sirius and Regulusí characterizations are spot on! It gives me hope that theyíll one day reconcile, and then you have to go and end it with it feeling like a goodbye. All my dreams of happy endings shattered in a second. Ugh. *sobs* WHY, MEG? WHY?!?!

(and you say that I thrive on the tears of my readersÖ)

ďYouíre truly serious, Reg?Ē Sirius asked
Regulus snorted, ďNo, I thought you were,Ē

I laughed far too hard at that. I wasnít expecting it in the slightest, which made it ten times better. EXCELLENT timing. Best Sirius/serious joke Iíve ever seen.

Ah! The feels! Meg, youíve done an amazing job with this story so far, and I really will be back to read the rest soon!


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Review #12, by looneylizzie Chapter 1

8th October 2015:
Team Red!


This has been on my reading list for a while now, so Iím kinda excited to read this!

Wow. This is incredible!! Iíve never read a story from Regulusí POV before, so this is a first, but already Iím in love with it! I mean, you manage to create such an interesting and dynamic character almost immediately. Already we see the two sides of Regulus - the one where he truly believes in Voldemort and his cause (Iíve always felt that he really did believe all that heíd been raised to believe - just something HUGE happened that changed his mind) and then the side that destroyed the horcrux.

And not only do we see the two sides of him, you write them so REALISTICALLY. The things heís thinking while with Bellatrix, and when heís on the cliff are just amazing. The fact that his relationship with Sirius is so strained, and heís got to fight against that and his age to prove himself to Voldemort, and how frustrating that is. And then the thoughts that heíll never make it to his twentiesÖ Iíll admit, my heart broke a bit there. Itís so very sad!! I couldnít imagine going into a situation like that and knowing the outcome wouldnít be in your favor. It takes a lot of guts and determination to do something like that.

Anyway, youíve done a phenomenal job of capturing Regulus, and I canít wait to see how you take it from here! Because while we know the beginning and the end, the middle is a huge mystery, and what is in between is definitely the best part, right?

Phenomenal job so far, Meg! Iím looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #13, by Felpata Lupin Chapter 5

24th September 2015:
Oh, Meg!!!
I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now...
At first you killed me with Marlene! :'( He loved her, but was forced to take part in her death... how cruel is this? Why did you do this to me, Meg? Why???

And then, when I thought I was going to die of sadness, that childhood memory with Sirius! That's the sweetest thing I've ever read! And sad at the same time, because we know how their bond will be broken. Because we know Sirius won't be always proud of his little brother...

This is just so beautiful, and I'm feeling so many contrasting emotions right now... oh, Meg... what have you done?

Thank you so much for this wonderful reading and for the swap! And sorry if I couldn't write a longer review... There's so much more I could and should say, but I'm just so overwhelmed right now...

Tons of love and hugs!

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Review #14, by ScorpiusRose17 Chapter 4

11th September 2015:
Oh my gosh... oh my gosh...

This is so sad! He tells poor Kreacher he loves him and Kreacher knows what will happen to poor Regulus! Ugh! Tearing at my heartstrings!!!

This is so well written and this is exactly why I love this story. You do such a fantastic job of taking such a minor character and really making him a major deal. I love the way you portray Regulus and even Kreacher!

I have always felt like there was more to him in a depth that is sort of ignored, but you did such an epic job even the connection with Sirius was completely awesome!

Seriously I cannot say enough great things about this!

Keep up the awesome work! I look extremely forward to reading your other stories!! :)


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Review #15, by ScorpiusRose17 Chapter 3

10th September 2015:
Poor Kreacher! I feel awful for him knowing that he has to once again go into this cave and he knows what is going to happen to Regulus. And bless his little elf heart for trying everything he could to help. You really get a sense of how loyal he is to Regulus and how loyal Regulus is back to him that there would be this mutual respect between the two.

The flashback of Voldemort asking for assistance and Regulus offering him up is clever because it comes across as if Regulus already suspects or suspected that Voldemort was up to something sinister and that allowing Kreacher to go with him would benefit Regulus in finding out what was going on.

It is a hauntingly beautiful chapter. Well described and well thought out. You did such an amazing job with this chapter as you did with the previous two and I look forward to the next one.

Keep up the superb job!! :)


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Review #16, by ScorpiusRose17 Chapter 2

10th September 2015:
Oh my goodness this chapter is so sad! These flashbacks/memories are so moving. I am having a really difficult time explaining exactly how I feel so I am sorry if I ramble.

I can completely believe that Regulus would start to get bored with the life of a death eater. He is after all Sirius' brother! ;) He does a great job of hiding his true feelings here in front of Barty.

The memory of him going to warn his brother about a traitor... oh my gosh I just can't get the words out... It's fabulous and heartbreaking. He truly does care for his brother and I know that Sirius feels the same about him.

It is almost like you took the Regulus I pictured in my mind and here he is in words.

I feel so bad because I know what happens not only to Regulus, but to Lily and James and I know who that traitor is and it hurts.

Another fabulous job!!


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Review #17, by ScorpiusRose17 Chapter 1

10th September 2015:

This was a great chapter. I love the flashbacks. I feel it really helps flesh out his character and the way that you describe everything is just so magnificent! You truly understand your main character and the torn feelings he is experiencing.

I enjoyed seeing Regulus portrayed as being excited and eager to please his cousin. To be different or separate from his brother. There is obviously tension there between him and Sirius.

I am just astounded by how wonderful this chapter is and now I know how it starts and how it ends and I am super eager to read what happens in between, but I think I may need some tissues. :)

Keep up the superb work!


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Review #18, by carry on with your knitting Chapter 1

5th September 2015:
Hey! :)
I'm here for the swap! :D

I love regulus so I'm so glad I got the chance to read and review this!! :) he's such a fascinating character and a true hero!

I love the friendship you described between him and Kreature! He really does treat him as an equal which shows that he does have a heart somewhere, but also that kreatcher has kindness in him, especially when he took hold of regulus' arm to help him, it's a real contrast to grumpy Kreature! :)

I also enjoyed the flash back element, because I think a lot of people kind of brush over the fact that even though Regulus changes, at one point for what ever reason he did want to be a death eater and o those cruel things so I think it's really interesting that you showed him killing someone, especially as it is the opposite to the rest of the chapter whn he so clearly wants to stop voldemort.

I loved reading this and I'm really looking forward to see how you develop Regulus further! I can't wait to see how you interpret the changing point and what makes him wang to do the opposite to fighting for voldemort! :)

Brilliant first chapter!

Katie :)

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Review #19, by manno_malfoy Chapter 1

4th September 2015:
Hello! I've come across this story on the forums, and I thought it would be interesting. Guess what? I was right! I've been trying to branch out and read things that I usually don't gravitate towards, and I think this is my first Regulus story.

I ALREADY like this one! This is such a short chapter, but it works. It's like a little glimpse at something we already know will happen, but youíve given it some depth and details. I'm guessing you'll elaborate on it as we move forward in the story...?

I did enjoy the little flashback in the middle of the chapter. Since we don't really get to know Regulus through this chapter, the flashback helped show what it was like for him when he started out with the Death Eaters. And I'm wondering if there'll be more of these flashbacks because I found this one thoroughly enjoyable.

What I thought was fantastic about this chapter is some of the emotions that you've focused on. You've shown his gratitude and care towards Kreacher and I thought that was lovely. Thereís also that moment with Bellatrix where he went from proud, determined, and excited to contemptuous and jealous towards Sirius and James. That really hit me for some reason. I I'm guessing it's because it helps me see him as this complex, conflicted character.

Anyway, I'll definitely be checking out more of this story over the next few days. So you've done a great job with this first chapter and really lured me in.


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Review #20, by Penelope Inkwell Chapter 1

4th September 2015:

Oh no.

This is...this is going to make me feel emotions again.

I have been quite clear with you people on how I feel about having emotions. Particularly if they make me sniffle. I do not approve.

But, despite that:

I am so excited that you're writing a story about Regulus Black--one of the most underloved Slytherins of all time! Because really it's amazing, how he turned around and gave his life for a chance to defeat Voldemort. And how much Kreacher meant to him--the importance he placed upon a House Elf--is so important, because it showed quite clearly that not all Death Eaters fit the mold. He was so young, and he did so much.

That connection you write between him and Kreacher here, where Kreacher automatically tries to take care of him, and the last thing he wants is for Kreacher to subjugate himself. My heart!

That bit about how he reels back at the idea of hurting his brother--how he tries not to think about Sirius at all...

And then he's trying to prove himself because no one has taken him seriously, but he does it in this awful, awful way (it reminds me a bit of Draco, actually). I wonder if he'll come to regret the deaths he caused, as well. I wonder how totally he turns away from the Death Eater line.

A slight twinge of jealousy arose in Regulus as he watched Sirius and James together. The two of them had always seemed more like brothers than he and Sirius ever had.
--this really hurt my heart, but I could imagine it. The idea that Sirius and Regulus could have been friends, that a part of Regulus really wanted that relationship, is just so sad, though.

The way you have him facing death, taking in the air and the sun and the sky for the last time there at the end--that was perfect. I could see that whole end section playing out, and it was really well-written. Excellent work.

yet he was never thinking more clearly than he was in that moment.
--I think this might be better as, "yet his thinking had never been more clear than it was at that moment," or "yet he had never been thinking so clearly."

Itís an amazing thing, how you could go your whole life with a certain attitude
--"It's" switches the tense from past to present. It would probably be better to say, "It was an amazing thing..."

This was a really good first chapter and I hope to come back and read more soon! My reading list is CRAZY right now with the Dobbys (and the SIlver Scales), but if you ever want to do another swap, let me know! I'll try to be back here, either way. I'm liking where this is going.


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Review #21, by marauderfan Chapter 1

4th September 2015:
Meg! I feel like it had been ages since we did a review swap so I'm really glad I saw your post on the forums! And I was even more thrilled when I saw this is a Regulus fic. I absolutely love him as a character. also sorry in advance this review is on my phone so I apologise for any weird typos.

This starts at such a poignant moment, it is really wonderful and intense., because he knows at this point that he is walking towards his own death, but keeps going anyway. Ah! There is just so much courage in that moment. And I loved that you focused on all the little details he's noticing for the last time - it's a very sensory description with it being the feeling of the breeze, the sight of the sky, the smell of the sea (one of my favorite smells in the world). The little things that he has overlooked before and now is appreciating them because he never can again. And how he knows he'll never reach 20. gah! so sad! it was a really powerful moment though.

aw, and Kreacher. I've always thought they cared about each other a lot too, and this was just really sweet how the two of them are essentially friends. Poor Kreacher, he has no idea... :'(

That middle part was really powerful too, showing all that Regulus has turned his back on, and where he started his journey of self awareness - as being a proud death eater who was all about proving himself as a competent death eater even at a young age.

This is a great chapter Meg, and I am really eager to see how the story develops. and clearly I need to visit your AP more often. Thanks so mucbh for the swap!!

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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 2

4th September 2015:
Chapter 2! And it's just heartbreaking that Regulus has come to the point where he must pretend to enjoy hurting others so no one notices lest he be killed. I have mixed feelings about Crouch; he plays the part of a terrified nineteen year old well in the books, but I know he's loyal to Voldemort and I don't trust him and don't want him near Regulus... but he's played by David Tennant. :P

I loved the end of the first section. Regulus' thoughts are exactly as I'd imagine them to be at this stage of his life; saddened by the death, but thankful it's over for her.

I agree with Regulus in that blood seemed too simple, too anti-climatic, a task to keep a Horcrux safe, considering everything Voldemort can do. But I disagree that Voldemort values blood over power, even if that's what he says, so I'm not surprised that he's happy to have others spill blood to get in.

Poor Kreacher...

I'm really glad you wrote the end with Regulus reaching out to Sirius. At least they got to be brothers for a moment before Regulus was to die. "It's all I ever wanted," he says, not caring that a tear or two is wanting to fall. I really choose the most tragic characters to be my favorites.

I'm gonna cry in a corner until I feel ready to get to chapter three...


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Review #23, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 1

4th September 2015:

Oh, Regulus! He's always been my favorite in the Maruader Era, in fact he's one of my favorites ever, but his story is so sad. Already so many feels... I can already feel my heart breaking, I already had an idea of what the story would be about from the title, but from the moment I read the locket I knew.

The middle with Bellatrix just gets to me. It's great to see it there, to see the change in Regulus from the start of his life as a death eater to the moment he goes after the Horcrux. But I just can't help but wish he had Sirius to look up to instead of someone like Bellatrix. If Sirius had tried harder to be a brother instead of giving James that title, if Regulus had listened... so many things could have been different and just one might have changed what I know is going to happen.

You can see my die hard Regulus fan-ness coming through. I just can't help it.

Can I get through to the end? Probably not without crying, but I'm gonna read on anyway.


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Review #24, by Felpata Lupin Chapter 4

4th September 2015:
Here for our swap!!!
Oh, Meg... This was so beautiful and moving!!!
I loved how deeply you showed once again the bound between Regulus and Kreacher!

The memory with which you opened the chapter, with Regulus' anxiety for Kreacher's safety, really shows how much he values the elf. I liked the fact that he understood elves' magic enough to know that ordering him to come home might save him. He shouldn't have worried about Voldemort foreseeing that move. He should've known Voldemort wouldn't give house elves enough credit...

I also loved how you wrote his relationship with alcohol. The poor child, he has seen so many horrible things... And that detail about his ex-girlfriend... And then this: "He knew that there was a good chance that he would not make it out alive, but that didnít matter. It wasnít like he had much of a life to live anyhow." This line killed me, Meg!!!

I also loved how the memory ended where the story began. I loved the circularity of this.

The present section was written amazingly too, and it really broke my feels... I loved how Regulus is obviously scared of dying, but mostly he's concerned for Kreacher's feelings and that he primarily wants to make sure he and his family will be safe.

The way you closed the chapter, with Regulus telling Kreacher that he loves him, was just... I don't even know... Can I cry?

This was amazing, honey! Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for the swap!!!
All my love,

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Review #25, by ScorpiusRose17 Chapter 5

3rd September 2015:
Hi Meg!!

I am here with the review for the challenge! :)

I really liked this and I thought that even though it was broken up, it fit perfectly. You captured Regulus' death well and I think the topper for me was when he recalls the memory with Sirius as his last thoughts. I was totally fine reading through Marlene's portion although, I did feel awful for him and her, but it is that memory with his brother in the days when they were carefree that turned the water works on.

Also, I did enjoy the rest of the story as I read it all too, but figured I would only post a review for this specific chapter!

Good luck in the challenge!


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