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Reading Reviews for For the Greater Good
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Review #1, by marauderfan In the End

17th October 2015:
Hi! I saw your blog so I thought I'd stop by with something to cheer you up! Naturally, I chose this one as it's my OTP (though funnily enough, I've never actually written Grindeldore because I think I'd mess up the characters too much, so bonus points to you for writing two really difficult characters!)

You did really well with writing them too. In particular I love that line Gellert says about how Albus won't have to worry about lost loved ones once they have the hallows - how despite his show of caring for Albus he's still very self centered and focused on his quest of the Hallows most of all - as I'd expect from him. And Albus doesn't really see that because he's sidetracked by the sadness of finding his mother's grave, and also because he's realising that he's in love with Gellert. The character dynamics there are subtle and that's what makes it so good!

Wow, that fight scene was so intense! I was so worried there, I thought that as Albus watched in the Pensieve he would see who had cast that curse that killed Ariana O_O And those lines that came just afterwards, when he says goodbye to Fawkes and knows he won't be returning with HArry - gah! my heart! My feels just got crushed! Uggghh so sad D:

This ends in such a bittersweet way. And bittersweet is my favourite type of ending honestly - and the way you juxtaposed it here, first Dumbledore dies and then only a few paragraphs later Grindelwald hears about his death and then he welcomes death as well - the way it's framed, after all those memories, it's like he still thinks about Albus and cares for him, and wants to see him in an afterlife or something - or whatever the "next great adventure" of death is. Ahh, I just love the way you ended it, it's beautiful.

Well done! You are a great writer :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by! This did cheer me up quite a bit!! :D

I was very nervous to write Grindeldore so I did as much research as I could to really get a grasp of the two characters and how they differ and how they don't. To hear that you think I did a really good job with them really makes my day!! Gellert reminds me a lot of Voldemort in a way. He is self centered to the core and merciless when it comes down to it, but I think there is that inept fear of the unknown. He wants the safe guards. I felt so bad writing Albus in such a vulnerable way, but he really was. To love a man that doesn't reciprocate is heartbreaking in itself, but when he may have been the one to kill your baby sister... insane!

I am glad that you liked the last bit after the Penseive. I think his memory could be altered like Slughorn's was just because he doesn't really want to know, or anybody else for that matter, who was responsible for Ariana's death.

I think that Grindelwald would have come to peace with the fact that death is inevitable being stuck in his own prison. I like to think that when he welcomes death it is because he does really love Albus too. Even if it is just as a friend. He could see the error of his ways. That is where Voldemort failed.

Thanks so much again for the read, review and lovely words!!


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Review #2, by carry on with your knitting In the End

5th September 2015:
Hey Jenn!! :)

I just had to check out the finished story! :)
I thought it was great! I totally forgot that at one point dale sore kind of wanted the same thing as voldemort, it quite scary :')

I loved that you included all of the important moments in their relationship and I felt so sorry for albus! He adored Gellert and was willing to do crazy things with him, but it seems like Gellert was so caught up in the grand scheme of things that he didn't realise just how much albus loves him, it's heart breaking!

I thought you got Gellert's character perfectly! He was utterly power hungry and focused on just the hallows, the fact he ran away also show he had a cowardly part to him! And that he isn't this perfect being albus thought he was!

I noticed a few minor things, in the first bit of speech with Bathilda, you forgot to close the speech marks, but that's all that I noticed! :)
I was a little confused with the 98 years later bit because I thought you meant after dumbledore died, it took me a minute to realise it was meant to be feom the memories. Other then that I thought it was great! Another great one shot and a please to read! It wa so touching :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this!! I greatly appreciate all of your kind words!

I am glad that you liked the memories and that they worked to build up to that heartbreak. It is quite scary to think of what would have happened had Aberforth and Ariana not been involved at this time. Gellert and Albus could have changed the entire world!

I think Albus tried really hard to push away that part of your conscious that tells you that there is something not quite right with this person, but as we know it didn't work.

Thank you for pointing that out! I will have to go back and change that before the challenge ends! I will see what I can do to change any confusion about the 98 years as well.

Thank you so much again! :)

I hope you're well!


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Review #3, by Frankie05 In the End

29th August 2015:
Hey Jenn,

I've never read a Albus/Gellert fic before and I really like how yours reads. It's actually a very sad story but I think it is done really well.

One of the things I liked most about this story is the fact that it is all done through memories and not what is happening at this exact moment. It is so very Dumbledore of him to remember his friend this way.

It's so sad that he is on his way out of this world and he wants to see his old friend again. I like the memories you chose. When he first met him, you can feel the attraction on Dumbledores side. Poor unrequited love. That breaks my heart.

The next memories are done so well with their thoughts on the hallows. Looking for signs that prove they exist. Him finally realizing that he's in love with his best friend. And the you switch to the frightful day where Aberforth fights for Ariana. Oh that scene was so sad. They are boys and they are shooting killing curses at each other? That's terrible. And the. They didn't know who shot which one that killed her. Oh my heart. And then it was bye bye Gellert.

I like the completion of the story. Showing Grindewald in prison finding out about Dumbledore and then Voldemort killing him. Poor guy. A sad way to die.

A few things :) Slughorn's first name is spelled - Horace.
And when you talk about Gellert advances on Aberforth- he "spits" on his face not sits. Other than that- I didn't notice anything :)

Great job. This was well done and I'm actually sad they didn't end up together. But good luck in the challenge!


Author's Response: Hi Frankie!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I greatly appreciate it! :)

I am beyond happy that you liked this story because it was very difficult to write. I don't normally write LGBTQA so I was a bit nervous even though the feelings weren't reciprocated by the other. I also did a lot of reading about Gellert in order to get into his mind.

I am really happy that you enjoyed this being in memory form because like you said it is so very Dumbledore. I wanted to show the innocence of their friendship in how it all happened with a simple meeting. That is all it takes before it became a whirlwind. I think it only lasted about 2 months if that.

It was heartbreaking to write the dueling scene between the two of them because they are just boys. Especially Aberforth. I admire him for his ability to stand up and do everything he can to wake his brother up out of his trance like feelings. Ariana was such a young, sweet girl and I really connected with the fact that she was trying to intervene.

If I had to hazard a guess as to which one actually killed her... I would say Albus. I think that played into why he waited until so long to face Gellert for their duel. I think Gellert may have known, but fled so there was no real closure and we known from Canon that Aberforth breaks Albus' nose at the funeral.

I love to think that even though that Gellert was a sociopath who made connections and relationships with people for personal gain, that he did feel remorseful when he learned about Dumbledore's death. I think being locked up for 52 years after their epic duel forced him to have to think about it. And he taunts Voldemort in the books when he comes asking questions about the wand, but he never gives up his friend. That action alone speaks volumes.

OMG... Yes. I was exhausted when I proof read this. Thank you for pointing out those two little mistakes. I laughed way too much about the second one.

Sorry that I am rambling on in this response!
Again, Thank you so much for your review! They always leave me with a smile on my face!


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