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Reading Reviews for Pure
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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Pure

21st December 2015:
WOW, what a crazy turn of events!!

I'll admit, when I first started reading about everyone saying Ginny was evil, including her own brother, I thought this was going to be a parody of sorts. By the time they got to the library I was kind of 50/50, and now I'm just completely shocked!

I think it's SO amazing the way you have completely turned Ginny's character around, and at the same time you've also managed to make me raise an eyebrow and think back to the series, and wonder "Could things have really been that way? Could Ginny really have been evil?" And that makes me wonder WHY she could be evil - maybe her contact with Tom Riddle's Diary? SO many questions!

Reading the end, and seeing the hint of Hermione/Ginny feels there, raised even MORE questions and curiosity - like if this story continued, could something happen there? Ginny never actually did anything to 'lead Hermione on', but she almost did - if that makes any sense.

I'd really, really love to see a continuation of this! Well done!

Author's Response: First off, thanks for leaving me THREE hot seat reviews. It's super kind of you!

I love Ginny, especially dark!Ginny. I think that her relationship with Tom Riddle definitely had a huge influence on her that often gets brushed over.

However, in this story I actually was leaning more towards parody. However, I do find that this is one of my messier stories, so I understand if that doesn't read so well.

Part of the idea was to poke fun at the idea that a woman can be considered "evil" just for acting in accordance with her own wishes, as opposed to those around her. The boys at the beginning resent her for not meeting their own expectations. Hermione doubts that, but as her attraction towards Ginny grows, she starts to make assumptions of ownership herself, and is comically devastated when Ginny does not meet her expectations.

Long story short, I don't think a girl kissing who she wants is drunk when she has made no promises to do otherwise makes her evil. What I do find evil is the idea that women can be condemned for following their own wishes over those of people who wish to control and own them.

Yes, I know that this didn't translate too clearly in this story, and I definitely understand your misinterpretation.

I do not plan to continue this story, but you will definitely see more (actual)dark!Ginny from me

Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by moonbaby11 Pure

5th November 2015:
Hello! I am finally getting around to reviewing the entries in the Up for Grabs Challenge, so here I am!

I have to admit, I was surprised with the way you took this story! The banner gave me the idea that this would be a Harry/Hermione based story, but then you turned around and gave me Hermione/Ginny! I've never really thought much about that pairing, but you've written it in such a way that I'm actually rather intrigued now. I like the way you've taken the idea of the banner and turned it on it's head, coming up with something completely different! I like that you seem to have picked the banner ahead of time and it wasn't simply an afterthought!

This piece was cute and fun, something that seems rather rare when reading Hogwarts Era stories. I liked that this felt almost like an AU world where Voldemort isn't an issue and Hermione and the gang can just be normal teenagers without having the stress of saving the world on their shoulders. I liked the really light hearted, almost humorous, turn that you've given to this story. It was really a pleasure to read something so fun and charming.

Overall, I really liked what you did with this piece. I felt like you really took my challenge as a challenge, choosing a banner and turning the meaning on it's head. Even the use of the phrases pure and pure evil helped to give me the feeling that I never really knew what was going to happen next in this fic, and I liked that! This was a pleasure to read -- thank you for entering my challenge!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by =) I know you had a on of entries or this challenge!

I really love taking expectations and assumptions and twisting them in my stories. This UFG challenge was awesome because it offered me the chance to pick a seemingly straightforward banner and find some new subtleties in it (though I did have the artist change the title text for this banner to match the story)

I am really glad that you enjoyed the different layers of this story, with the cuteness, humor, and surprises

Thanks for the great challenge!


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Review #3, by Elf_fawkes Pure

11th October 2015:
I thought this was great, I laughed all they way through. But I must say I was devastated at the end for Hermione. You are a great writer.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

I am glad that you found this funny - I've never really tried to write humor before, so it was a bit of a challenge

So, naturally, I had to compensate by sprinkling in a bit of devastation


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Review #4, by Kapa Pure

3rd September 2015:
Hello, Dearie! : P

Kapa swapping right back at ya regarding ‘Humour? I do humour now?’.

So, first things first – I have to admit that Ginny/Hermione is a pairing that has never made much sense to me, and I never search out stories about it. Having it one-sided, or sorta-one-sided-maybe-a-a-little-two-sided-curiosity-but-then-nothing-happens, like this, though, works surprisingly well.

I also have to say that absolutely love this as an entry to the Up For Grabs Challenge, because it’s such a fun response to the banner. (I went and looked it up over at TDA, because it felt like a pretty important thing for a banner based challenge, haha.) The banner is quite serious looking, and pretty strongly implies that Hermione is in love with Harry (that might just be because of the alt version of the banner though) – and you go and write a /humour/ story where it’s /Ginny/ she wants! Talk about being creative!

And yeah, this /does/ indeed play rather loose and fast with Canon, but when should we play around with things if not in the name of fun? : P The writing invokes a kind of ~the seventh year that never was~ feel to me, like a parallel universe where Voldemort took another few years at coming back to power, so the trio and the people around them had more time to just goof around and be teenagers. Which is exactly what they do in this story, isn’t it, haha? And Dean isn’t on the run, so he can get together with Seamus in his seventh year, already, yay! I mean, I’m not even sure if this is supposed to be set in a parallel seventh year, but it really works as such so I’ll just go on believing that. : P

I didn’t think the story was ‘ha ha ha laugh out loud funny’, but I still definitely think it works as a humour fic! It’s more of a subtle humour, with funny lines like “Acting Drunk 101: Repeat words until people think you’re cute.” and “Your eyes look like lightweights.” But I also have to admit that I snickered out loud a bit at the Mrs Norris line – and would probably have laughed more if I hadn’t already seen it over on Twitter, heh. I also really liked Ginny’s “That’s why you’re the brains one.” and Hermione’s “Tastes like questionable morality… Feels wonderful.”

(The line “Even so, today Hermione was unconvinced that she actually wanted to spend the day studying.” could possibly read better as “Even so, today Hermione wasn’t convinced that she actually wanted to spend the day studying.”, though. And in the next sentence I’m pretty sure that “incisively” should be “in/de/cisively”, heh…)

The opening scene at lunch is very Canon in its characterisation, even if the story isn’t particularly Canon plot wise. Especially the trio’s dynamic is spot on. Like, yeah, Hermione, good luck getting Ron to give up 15+ years of sibling rivalry to side with you on this question, haha. And I love how Harry doesn’t really say one thing or the other when put on the spot about Ginny’s evilness – very in character, and also possibly a subtle way to hint of his amorous intentions regarding Ginny, haha. All in all you manage very Rowling-esque turns of conversation and banter in the dialogue, which is no small feat.

The characterisations overall work really well – I love the Ginny/Hermione banter. I also love how subtly Hermione’s true feelings towards Ginny are revealed. I first started truly suspecting where this was going when Hermione let’s herself be led off by Ginny, and then it builds and builds until that painful second to last line. (Which I imagine as Harry and Ginny’s first kiss, for some reason, and sort similar to their kiss in HBP when one is in the Common room and the other shows up, and maybe Ginny was drinking to get her courage up…?)

Oh, speaking of that… was Ginny testing the waters re: Harry with her “We should get you back into Harry’s arms”-line? Maybe she actually /is/ pure evil? : P


Author's Response: Hello, lovely!

I am drawn to the idea of Ginny and Hermione together, as they are both very powerful, passionate women. However, wile I think there can be a strong attraction between them, I don't see them as having the capacity for a sustainable relationship. I'm glad that, although they are not generally your cup of tea, you found their dynamic believable in this.

I'm glad that you went and searched out the banner before it was up! Haha, I can't help but ways to turn seemingly obvious things around! I personally am often frustrated by the dominant heterosexual narratives, and have begun spending much of my time either specifically seeking out queer stories, or reading queer relationships into the existing narratives, despite the heteronormative intention. I was inspired by this banner and the raw emotion that it portrayed from Hermione, though I wasn't interested in the Harry/Hermione story it seemed to be telling. And, as the writer, for once I get to make my re-interpretation of that narrative reality!

The first line of this story came to me very quickly in response to the banner, and that really set the tone as a humor piece. When I was initially planning it, it seemed like the beginning would be comedy, the middle romance, and the ending drama. Of course, that wasn't very coherent, so I added comedy to the middle by introducing booze XD

I approached this piece as just a fun little diversion, and so didn't really plan it to much. I don't have a specific headcanon for what AU reality it exists in, just as I wrote and encountered aspects of canon that didn't serve the story, I threw them out the window. I normally try to stay true to canon, so this was quite freeing.

Thanks again for pointing out my typos - one day you'll read a chapter of mine without any. Maybe.

I really like that you thought everyone was in character - that can be very intimidating writing major characters. It is particularly striking that you were so convinced that Ron and Harry were in character, when I only gave them a single line each!

Banter, banter, banter - fun, fun, fun

At the present moment I chose not to elaborate on how evil I think Ginny may or may not be.


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