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Review #1, by SunshineDaisies Something

11th April 2017:

I'm here to bust Sam out of jail for capture the flag :)

SO, that was just so darn adorable I can't even handle it. I LOVE Jily, they are truly my OTP, so I was very pleased to read this little gem! It's been a long time since I've read a nice fluffy piece, I think this satisfied a craving I didn't quite know I was having.

You set the scene so beautifully here, I could feel the sun beating on my shoulders, and the pure joy that comes with a beautiful summer day with the people you love.

I loved James fooling around with his friends. Of course Sirius cheated ;) It was so nice to experience this brief period of calm amidst the storm we all know is brewing around them. I loved Lily's inner commentary as well, there is something just so nice about watching someone you love being totally carefree, relaxed, and happy. It's definitely infectious (I think especially so with James), and I really liked being able to see Lily relaxed and happy too. Poor girl has more than enough stress to deal with, she deserves a day like this.

I'm super glad you didn't just totally ignore the war going on, and all the stress they are dealing with. It makes the whole moment that much sweeter.

Watching Lily fall asleep on James was too adorable, and the fact that she said she loved him as she was drifting off to sleep is just UGH. SO CUTE. And James's reaction when she woke up! He's so excited that she loves him and he loves her too and they're just so happy and I WANT THIS MOMENT TO LAST FOREVER. I think I'm going to pretend that it does. Thanks for a moment of bliss :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the fab review. I liked the idea of them having a little pocket of time to just forget everything and be carefree teens, although it never really goes away all together. There is something magical about spending time in the sun with loved ones!!

I'm so happy you enjoyed. Thank you so much again xx

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Review #2, by Dojh167 Something

11th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

I almost read one of your darker stories, but I had to remind myself that happy stories exist! It seems only kind to me (and my inevitable jailbreaker) that I donít read all pain all the time ;)

I as confused by a moment that you included ďChapter 1Ē at the beginning of this story, and I had to go back and check whether it was really a one shot or a WIP.

I was also a little thrown by Lily sitting at Jamesí pool, which made me think for a moment that maybe this was a muggle AU, but I suppose thereís no reason wizards canít have swimming pools =P

Hahaha I love the idea of Sirius winning a cannonball competition. Itís very dog-like. I wonder if he enjoys swimming more as a human or a dog. I wonder if that played any role in his cheating, though I imagine cannonballs are more efficient in human form

I find it kind of touching that James asks Lily why sheís with him. Heís normally so loudly confident, and that speaks to a quieter more insecure side of hm that we usually see.

Omg James stupid face hat canít stop grinning at Lily is so cute

This is all just incredibly cute, and Iím glad I let myself have some fluff! In a funny way, the tone of the story and how it is a little moment of respite amidst the context of a darker world parallels me reading lots of dark stories and coming in for this happy little break =P

I enjoyed this a lot, well done!


Author's Response: Awww thank you. What a lovely review. With the chapter one thing, I think it's just habit. Apologies for the confusion. :)
OMG Sirius swimming as a dog is brilliant. I love that idea. I bet he would transform to win races and competitions!

I do enjoy writing fluff every so often. As you say it's a fun respite. And Jily fluff is so fun. I always think she must bring out his insecurities!!

Thank you so much again x

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Review #3, by Peeves Something

15th October 2015:
Hou ar ye? Peeves here, spreading Halloween cheer.

You know, you could focus on the pranks instead of all this soppy romance... would be much more interesting for me.

Of course I'm also happy to read about my favourite pranksters after school, especially seeing them alive and happy. I know that it doesn't stay that way... and soon they are replaced by the Weasley twins ;)

It's good to see James and Lily together. That boy went through more trouble than she is worth for her. I wouldn't be surprised if he carried her through hell and back if she asked it of him.
Beautiful dialogue and nice description in here, your writing is really good. I may have to come back for something else soon.

I'm off now, being sneaky somewhere else.
lots to do - Halloween is near.

Author's Response: Awww thank you Peeves!! I know, more soppy stuff than pranks but that was what the song was like! I do enjoy the Marauders in their prankster mode too. And James really does love Lily!!!

And thank you, I sometimes struggle with descriptions so I'm very happy you liked it here!!

Happy Halloween ;)

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Review #4, by BellaLestrange87 Something

3rd October 2015:
Hi, it's me. I'm assuming this is the fluffy Jily one-shot you were referring to.

I love the description of the cannonball competition the Marauders are having, as well as the bantering between them.

Lily wondering how she could ever have hated James made me smile. I guess now that he's matured he's completely different from how he was before.

I love how cute and couple-y they are. You can tell they love each other (even if Lily only admitted it out loud just then) and it makes me very happy.

This was a really cute one-shot! I need to read some more of your work; I don't know how I haven't yet.


Author's Response: I should've posted the link really... sorry! I'm so happy you liked though.

I love writing those moments when they're just being teenagers and messing about having a laugh. Even though James has grown up. I also love writing them as a couple, so fun and they're so adorable!

Thank you so so much for your lovely review. :)

Sophie xxx

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Review #5, by LivingFairytale Something

25th August 2015:
Oh my goodness, this just made me melt like a pat of butter. James and Lily are so adorable together. I think you have a beautiful, detailed manner of writing which really pulls the reader in. You also did very well with the characterization of the other Marauders. Well done! :)

x LivingFairytale

Author's Response: Thank you so much. What a lovely review!!

I love James and Lily, and wanted to do some lovely Jily fluff!! :p

I'm so happy you enjoyed it, and thanks so much again for reviewing! Xxx

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