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Reading Reviews for Bruises
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Toni Chapter 5

17th July 2016:
Another good chapter. Looking forward to the next.

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Review #2, by Toni Chapter 4

8th July 2016:
Really nice story. I hope there are more chapters soon

Author's Response: There's a new chapter in the queue right now, hopefully will be up soon! :)

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Review #3, by ginnyhermionelily Chapter 4

2nd April 2016:
Man I love your story! your doing a great job of building up lilys character and her relationship/friendship with James. I really hope you haven't abandoned the story your a great writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! Life got busy, but there's a chapter in the queue now so there will be an update any day!

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Review #4, by k1187700 Chapter 4

24th February 2016:
Naw I just love James! And the food fight! But what is up with Nancy? That is was just mean! And Lily saving the day. Love it ^u^

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Review #5, by seriouslyaddicted Chapter 4

16th February 2016:
:) nice to see the story is continuing! Great chapter btw, "Is this...colour coded?" Really made me laugh!

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Review #6, by k1187700 Chapter 3

19th October 2015:
Finally got a chance to read this! Wooo!!

Glimpse of Lily at home, keeping everything under wraps. Just trying to keep the peace by not being noticed.

And I relate to Lily! Avoid arguments at all costs! I just get so uncomfortable with them I can't handle it and I just need to get away at any cost.

This version of a quite James is a nice change. Rather than the brash one who loves her and shouts it at her constantly.

I like that James had a real excuse to miss the meeting too. But didn't Lily speak to Remus that morning or am I going mad?

I would write something longer but Lily's story of her mother has genuinely upset me.

Update soon!

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Review #7, by seriouslyaddicted Chapter 3

13th October 2015:
The jelly-beans part was really funny! I'm enjoying this story very much, hope to continue reading soon! :)

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Review #8, by k1187700 Chapter 1

7th September 2015:
I like this start! I like this version of Lily, she's quiet and more realistic than the one who runs around shouting at people. I identify with her shyness more, and that her personality changes eith friends, I think this is typical of shy people and introverts.

But I totally think her excuse of why she has the bruise is an excuse. So, we have to wonder why exactly she has this daffodil bruise and how.

I like the sound of James too, want to get to know him more, see why him and Lily used to be friends and now aren't. Does he know why she has the bruise and that's why he helps her hide it?

So yes, very good beginning, I cn't wait to read more and see how the story unfolds :)

Yeah, it's a nice introduction to the characters.

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