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Reading Reviews for Fire and Rain
3 Reviews Found

Review #1, by FeliciaSueLynn Fire and Rain

11th September 2015:
This was absolutely amazing. I had my doubts about how something so short could feasibly show a good romance but you did it. I loved it!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

The funny thing is, I consider this a loner story for what I've been writing recently XD I'm a believer that the most intense emotions, such as those in romance, are best captured with a select few powerful words.

Thank you so much for your review!


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Review #2, by Gabriella Hunter Fire and Rain

11th September 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums stopping by with your review and what a nice little surprise! I think that you should haunt my review thread more often! :D

I have never even thought that it was possible to ship Ginny and Draco. I always assumed that they were way too different and so I just never latched onto this pairing for some reason. I like that both of these characters though are so complex, you've given each of them so much more depth than I was expecting. Ginny is a tough character to write and while I really love writing Draco (And making him cry), I love this version of him. He seems so thoughtful and compassionate, which is something that we never really much of in the HP books. Ginny on the other hand seems guarded and afraid of love, making their interactions all the more poignant and I really enjoyed those scenes most of all with them simply being together.

I honestly really don't know how you were able to weave the timeline so effortlessly. I don't think that I would be able to do it myself and I love that every year, something grows between them. I didn't expect them to actually have this secret love affair for a while but i like the forbidden aspect of it. The story gets a bit darker as we go along and while you didn't linger over it, going through Draco's life and seeing it falling apart bit by bit was just wonderfully done. From the Death Eaters invading his home, to his life being on the line in the Battle. I thought you really gave a lot of intensity so that by the end, the pay off is seeing GInny and Draco realizing that nothing can tear them apart. That they can at least TRY to make a life together and I hope that they do. I honestly do. :D

I don't have any real CC's either, I think that there was one misspelled word tossed in here but that was all I could spot.

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Aw, what I kind thing to say - thank you!

Because this is for the "Make Me Ship It Song Challenge" I really wanted to structure this story in a way that would hopefully grab the interest of readers who Don't normally Ship Draco and Ginny, and it sounds like I had some success with you!

Ginny and Draco are both such strong, dynamic characters, and it's really fun to write them together.

I actually was a little nervous that jumping through the years would be confusing to readers, but I'm glad that that didn't see to be he case.

I deliberately left the ending kind of open ending by not showing whether they really end up together or not. I wanted the reader to be able to decide what future made sense for them, and I love that you filled in that they do end up together - it's a good testament that I did make you ship them for this story!

Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #3, by ScorpiusRose17 Fire and Rain

3rd September 2015:

I am finally here with your review! :)

I wanted to start off by saying that this was quite interesting and I really liked how you broke up the story by months and years. It helped having that timetable in order to see their characters grow, with little instances of canon thrown in there about Ginny's dating life.

I really enjoyed seeing a different side of Draco. He had been stuck wondering and waiting for Ginny in private because he was under the weight of his parents, death eaters and Voldemort. I liked how you were able to make him escape that world and create one with Ginny.

Ginny was well done too. I liked how you described her as fire because it is totally believable. She would push him away and make other choices before realizing that he was the right one so that was nice. They were both very compelling and believable.

The flow was great and I thought the inclusion of the months and years helped with that. There was no confusion as to what was going on or when it was going on. The transitions from one snippet to another worked smoothly.

A couple of things that I noticed were here:

He could not see the grounds proper from here

-Did you mean properly instead of proper? It makes the sentence confusing with just proper.

She hesitated a moment before grabbing Draco by the arm and dragging him into adjoining the empty classroom.

-This sentence is also confusing especially the end. Maybe you could find a way to reword it to make the sentence flow better?

This line was PERFECT and I just wanted to mention it because you really created a great sense of imagery. I LOVED it! It totally defines their entire relationship.

He could not look his mother in the face. He knew the storm that he would see in her eyes, and he could not bear to imagine the shipwrecks that such storms caused.

This was well done and I really enjoyed reading it!

Keep up the great work! :)


Author's Response: Hey Jenn!

You responded in like less than a day, that's not "finally" in my book =)

Thank you for your feedback on the effectiveness of how I broke the story up. I really wanted to root it in relation to canon events, and it was my hope that this would help that.

I am also very glad that you enjoyed my characterizations of Ginny and Draco. They are some of my favorite major characters, and it can be intimidating to take on writing about such well known canon personalities.

Thank you for pointing out the phrases that don't work so well!

I also really like that you loved that line about Narcissa's eyes! It felt like kind of a weird reference to put in, because Narcissa is so separate from the rest of the narrative, but it really did speak to their situation.

Thanks so much for the review!


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