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Reading Reviews for Your Way of Living
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Review #1, by carry on with your knitting Your Way of Living

29th August 2015:
Hello! :)
I'm here for the review swap! :D

This is the first time i've read any LGBTQA stuff before, but this was really interesting and really quite touching for such a short piece of writing! You were able to capture, Susan's inner battle well and the way that Luna reassures her this it's okay to feel the way she does and see the world in the way she does is beautiful! It really touched my heart and melted it a little bit, I just love Luna! she's such a great and caring character who can put anyone and ease and understands everybody and you captured this really well! :) I also like the contrast she has to Susan, who comes across as more grounded and heavy, whereas Luna is so light and airy :)

I did notice a few things (only small! :)) :
'Susan stands still, held n a moment of suspension' I think you just missed the i in 'in' :)

and also I don't really think the last word, 'period is necessary; It's quite an American word that we don't really use in Britain and also I just think its a but to much of a heavy word for Luna to use, if that makes sense? I love the sentence otherwise and it's a lovely way to finish the story, but I think it works without the 'period.' That's just my opinion though, it's totally up to you if you change it or not! :)

Overall it was really lovely to read! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey Katie,

I'm glad that this got you to branch out and read something lgbt+ Diversity representation in media is something that's so important, and while there is quite limited diversity in the Potter canon, hpff has recently taken great strides in a positive direction here.

That's a good point you have about the "period" line. This specific line is a reference to a moment in WIGOWY where Susan repeats that line to Hannah. The phrase does certainly seem more natural coming from the more grounded Susan than from the airy Luna. And that's a very good point about it not being a very British expression. I'll consider that and see if there's a way I can rework it that maintains its function in both stories.

Thank you so much for the swap!


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Review #2, by Frankie05 Your Way of Living

24th August 2015:
Hey Sam,

I thought I'd give this little one shot some love. Having never read the companion to this piece, I think it does well as a stand alone. Obviously you wrote this to work with another work, but as I sit here, I'm not confused at all about what is going on.

I really enjoy how you set the whole tone of the story with the way the weather was outside. The rain hitting the glass looks like what it feels when tears fall. I thought it was very beautifully written. And in walks one of my favorite characters ever. luna is so kind and so genuine and sincere, and wise. She gets to Susan and tries (without needing to try) to cheer her up and make her see the way Susan sees now how Susan feels she should see based on society. I like that. It feels like underlying meaning (don't know if you were going for that but it definitely works here). Luna is so fantastic at breaking the societal norm and being herself and believing in others to be themselves too.

I like the confidence that Luna breathes into Susan and it gives me hope. This was so well written and it wasn't very long which is even more impressive!

I'll be back for more SAM :)

Have a happy Monday!

Author's Response: Hello Frankie!

Thank you so much for your generous review offer (and for being the first to review this story!)

This story definitely does stand on it's own, as it is set many years before its companion piece, and is meant to give a bit of background on Susan, who is a secondary character in WIGOWY.

Hehe, who doesn't love Luna? This is actually the first time I've written her, though she was one of my favorite characters for many years. I've seen her written out of character any times and didn't want to butcher her, hence the avoiding. However, once readers started telling me that Susan reminded them of Luna in WIGOWY, I had to give it a shot, and upped the ante by putting both characters in a room together.

I am really glad to hear that you thought I did a good job with this.

Thank you so much!


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