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Reading Reviews for Y5.5
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Review #1, by bigblackdog Identical, Yet Inverted

23rd November 2015:
this isn't really going to be a review, it's just going to be several lines of me fangirling over your story, again. (i apologize in advance for the creep factor because it seems like i'm always like AHH ROISIN'S STORY I LOVE IT SO MUCH! but i really do).

this was so funny that i read it out loud to my beloved, who insisted, after three minutes of me laughing to myself, that i tell him what was so funny. and then we proceeded to quote lines of it at each for the rest of the night. and then we laughed about it again this morning. if i were to quote at you every line that made me laugh out loud several times, i actually think i would just copy and paste the whole story back at you. which seems a little unnecessary.

i hope it will suffice to say that i had so much fun reading this! i think it made me love the original story even more. they should both be hpff required reading.

thank you so much for this story! it was such a joy!


Author's Response: *flails*

Ok, so this is definitely the most flattering review I've EVER gotten. Like, I CAN'T stop squeeing and flailing. GAH!


Something about people sharing or talking about something I've written with people IRL is just GAH. Like, that gives me so much ridiculous amounts of FLAIL. I seriously can't stop grinning like a fool :D

Suffice it to say, I'm sosoSO glad you liked this story!


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Review #2, by marauderfan Identical, Yet Inverted

6th November 2015:
whAT IS THIS I LOVE IT AHAHAHAHA. Two lines in and I am crying tears of laughter.

I had started to quote some funny lines back to you but then I realized that my review was going to be as long as the fic and justquoting the entire thing back to you, so I deleted most of it. Suffice it to say that nearly every line made me laugh. Especially the really short section about Laurel just being there but who cares, and the author doing all this research. And the lyrics that subtly reveal character/plot ... brilliant. omg I just loved all of this. What a fine tribute to Y5 :P

I'm sure you're aware how much I ♥ parodies and this has made my heart glad. I have nothing profound to say because it's still after 1 in the morinng, because after reading your other story I visited your AP instead of going to sleep like I should have done. I regret nothing.

Thanks for writing this weirdness. ♥ ya

Author's Response: AH! You are the QUEEN of parody so I'm absolutely over the moon that you enjoyed this! I'll admit, it was pretty absurdly fun to write :P And I'd been revising Y5 at the time so I was hyper aware of little mistakes I'd made in the past (like tagging EVERY line of dialogue, and having EVERY tag start with the verb... *facepalm*)

Thank you so much for your flurry of surprise reviews! They've really made my week :)


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Review #3, by Slide Identical, Yet Inverted

7th September 2015:
So today's the day I found out I have a PROFILE FEED on the forums (am I clued in or what?). And discovered this. SPONSORED BY WEETABIX. I'd actually forgotten about this challenge, but the good news is that you've completely unshackled me from my paranoia of doing something totally indulgent and self-referential. Because I love this.

I fear I'd quote the whole thing if I started, but '"Have you eaten anything today?" asked no one.' made me laugh, like, a LOT. As did the use of the words 'aubergine' and 'crepuscularly', more oddly.

I LOVE YOUR SKY METAPHORS AND EVERYTHING HERE. And everything you mock yourself for is still part of the joyful fun of reading your stuff. ;)


Anyway, yes, ALL CREDIT TO YOU for the "presented by Weetabix" thing :P Also, can I just say how excited I am to read a self-spoof by you?

SO GLAD YOU LIKED ALL THE THINGS! I've been editing the story a lot recently (yo you should totally check out the revisions of ch1 and 2 if you ever have time), so I've been SUPER aware of my amateurish stupidness in the previously published version :P

YAY THANK YOU FOR READING! And thanx for the Weetabix thing, which I always giggle about when I remember :)

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Review #4, by TidalDragon Identical, Yet Inverted

24th August 2015:
Roisin! This is hilarious! I would say that is all, but I have to give you more than that for this masterpiece of self-awareness. Isn't it amazing how when you get to (or in my case toward) the end of something, and look back at what you've done with a novel critically you are able to clearly make the kind of observations that weren't as obvious to you when you were moored in it? Though when we write we're obviously making deliberate choices about a lot of these things, the little oddities that pop up in any story, no matter how meticulously researched, how epic in its psychology and treatment of heavy issues, or how well-written?

I think my favorite here definitely has to be Emily "acting generally cute and sweet." That is absolutely her M.O. and what's even funnier about it is how she had the reputation of sleeping around - she ends up the definition of what my mock trial coach once called the "happy-hearted ho" though.

There is so much about this story that is just amazingly on-point though - I haven't read the other entries, but you have my vote for this challenge! :p

Author's Response: HEE YES, so glad you liked! It helped that I was actively doing revisions, so I was very aware of face-palm-worthy things I did (like this all them dialogue tags) :P

And then some things that I parodied, I still HELLA stand behind!

HAPPY-HEARTED HO! I've never heard that but it's PERFECT. I feel like whenever I've seen highly sexually active teen girl characters (in any medium), it's always the same (image-conscious Mean Girls). But like, that doesn't AT ALL connect with any reality I've ever seen. Most "slutty" (resent the term) girls I've ever known were either like Emily, or (almost tom-boy-ish) girls who just preferred hanging out with dudes and then ended up hooking up with a lot of them as a result of heterosexuality and hormones.

I really can't say how much fun this was to write :D Like, I spent all of 20 minutes on it, and furiously mashed my hands on the keyboard as soon as I saw the challenge!

As a sort of All Over thing, since I've gone on a little "replying to your reviews" rampage, thank you SO MUCH for all the reviews! It really means so much to me that you read the story with such care. I don't even have words to express my appreciation. Just know that I read your reviews dozens of times, and the joy I got from them had a lot to do with how much I respect you :)


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Review #5, by Shinicha Identical, Yet Inverted

19th August 2015:

Ok that was my reaction to this, it's hilarious.

It's an expertly done spoof, and it WAS SO CONVINCING that now I feel like "damn, I took the original so seriously, HOW PATHETIC AM I AS A READER WHEN IT'S ALL SO OBVIOUSLY SILLY".

But it's not, I know it's not. However, this is, in a good way.

And I didn't fail to notice that you couldn't quite keep the deep stuff out of the story, it almost got lyric with Emily's time-tape-analogies! (which I thought were really clever, or am I now stupid for thinking them clever?! AH! - my word of the day)

Author's Response: Haha! Well trust that I too take Y5 VERY VERY SERIOUSLY.


And yes, I did have fun spelling out some of the Deep Stuff stuff, and then had even more fun removing words until it became utter nonsense :P

Yee, thank you so much for all of your reviews! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

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Review #6, by RavenclawFTW Identical, Yet Inverted

17th August 2015:
I'll let you know when I stop giggling.

I have nothing constructive to say. This was just a wonderful parody of Y5 and pointed out things that I hadn't noticed but were fantastic parodies when I realized what they were referencing. I particularly loved the parts about Laurel and how nobody really noticed her/cared what she thought or did.

Favorite lines, because I really have no other way to emphasize how much I loved this:

These are lyrics, the era-appropriate band began to sing. They very subtly reveal things about the characters, and what's happening/going to happen.

Then she remembered that she didn't actually share every single class with Tristan, because they both had painstakingly detailed weekly schedules that had been arduously well-researched.

So she ended up hanging out with House Elves for a while and ate Weetabix. They had a strange, primitive sort of wisdom.

Youth was a terrible time, and Pomona was the singular voice of reason to interject an adult perspective into the narrative.

Okay, I'm deeply sorry for this totally rubbish review, but this one shot just made me so so happy. Great job!



This is my review response, wherein I maintain the parody by review responsing in such a way that is a parody of my own review response style. I will now use a bunch of words to try to summarize my appreciation for this review and the joy it gives me, but inevitably fail and end up mashing my hands on the keyboard.

Like so:


At this juncture I will ramble about the Laurel parody, and how her not-being-examined-for-hella-long-ness (yet it also not being mentioned that she hadn't been examined) was all sorts of intentional so drawing ridiculous attention to it here was very fun. Now I am going off on a ramble about how the entire result of this parody ended up being a strange inversion of what Y5 had been (WHICH IS ITSELF A CLEVER META REFERENCE TO THE CHAPTER TITLE).

I am now rambling further and also beginning to feel overwhelmed at how inadequate I am in expressing my appreciation for your review.

Cue more hand mashing:

Many X's and O's.
-My Name

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