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Review #1, by nott theodore 1.

30th August 2015:
Hey Tammi! You've been so sweet, giving out free reviews to people on the forums, so I thought that you deserved some love as well! There are other stories I want to get to, but this one caught my eye because the challenge is so interesting and just from the summary I wanted to know who it was that Lavender loved.

I've never seen a story with Lavender and Theo as a couple before, and now I don't know why because in shipping them so hard just from this story. You built up their relationship so well - there was so much detail packed into this piece about how they grew together and how much they meant to each other - and I really, truly believed in it.


(I love you really)

I've read quite a few of these stories now and they're all so different, but I think this was the first that ripped out my feels and happily stamped all over them. I can't believe you just did that to Lavender and Theo when they've gone through so much already, and then they got here and poor Theo gets poisoned and poor Lavender is going to have to live without him, and it's SO sad and heartbreaking :(

I loved your writing in this - it was really powerful. Each word was chosen so carefully and even though it was for the A to Z challenge, I wouldn't have realised at all if it hadn't been for the story summary, because your words flowed so well.

And back to Lavender and Theo, because I'm still not over this. How could you do that, Tammi, how? There was so much emotion in this story, even though it was short. I loved the fact that we didn't know straight away who the characters were, but nevertheless I couldn't help worrying for them, sheltering in the aftermath of the battle with Theo obviously injured. The way you built it from there - the fragments of speech, the desperation that Lavender felt, wanting to do what she could to help him but not wanting to leave Theo's side - it was all captured so well and it really made me root for them.

I loved your characterisation of Theo - the fact that he had been one of the better guys in the group from the very start, giving Lavender her bag back when Goyle took it in their fifth year. It's a little detail but it showed the sort of person that he was so well, and marked him out from the rest of the Slytherins he was friends with because of his actions then - and of course, later, too. It was so easy to see why Lavender would fall for him, and then when I learnt they'd been together in secret for the year, I was hoping everything would work out for them,because they both risked so much doing that.

Then Blaise and Pansy came and I really thought that Blaise was going to be able to save Theo, and then he couldn't and it was too late for them to get any other help and it was so sad :(

I think you're definitely going to have to write a happy story with the two of them, and let me know when it's up so I can read it and put my feels back together again!

Sian :)

Author's Response: SIAN!!

Awww thank you so much for doing this, I was honestly so surprised *heart eyes*

I've never seen it either, I think that I'm the only one in the world who loves that ship haha. Hopefully you can ship them and love them lots! and I can read more than my own stories about them haha.

I'm sorry! If it makes you feel better, I broke my own heart as well!

Aw I'm both happy and sad that I've ripped out your feels and stamped on it. I completely destroyed myself doing this and I have no idea why I did! I'm so mean :(

Your words have brought me so much happiness and joy, and I'm so glad that you like this one shot so much and through that I done a good job *hugs*

I feel like I definitely need to write a happy story with those two, they both deserve it!

Thank you so so much Sian!

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Review #2, by CambAngst 1.

30th August 2015:
Hi, Tammi! I made it to 50 in our common room reviewing challenge! I wasn't sure I was going to get here by the end of the month, but I did with some time to spare. I really loved the review you left me earlier, so I wanted to make sure you ended up being part of my reviews. Also, Happy Belated Birthday!

GryCReMo (Review #50)

It took me a while to piece together what you were doing here. And I think that's a big, big compliment. This is really tough challenge, no doubt about it. Trying to start every sentence with the right letter must have made it nearly impossible to maintain your rhythm and flow, but you did a great job making the story sound natural.

Lavender and Theo Nott as a pairing? Well... you and I might need to agree that we'll have to discuss this further at some point. It's certainly not impossible. Nott was never one of those Slytherins who gloried in Draco Malfoy's snobbery and Dolores Umbridge's tyranny. He's one of those characters that allows an author all kinds of leeway to make him turn out however she wants him to. It's good to have characters like that. He's not really the half that I'm struggling with. Lavender doesn't seem like the type to cross House lines for a relationship. Maybe I'm wrong. This is much, much less cringe-inducing than watching her pursue "Won-Won".

Wow. I just breezed through the whole story again and I'm really, really impressed with what a great job you did of making an actual, honest-to-god story fit with the rules of this challenge. Only one thing I noticed, and maybe I just don't understand the rules well enough:

Jovial cheers could be heard from what seemed miles away, causing her to tear her eyes away and look up.


Is it me, or did you jump from J to L without hitting K? Oh, no. I really hope that I"m just misunderstanding. :(

You did a beautiful job writing this! Congratulations on a fantastic entry in a very difficult challenge!

Author's Response: DAN! Yay!!! I'm so glad that you made it! And thank you!

Awww yay! It was so tough, I kept forgetting the alphabet, and I was so annoyed with myself, and I can't believe that I missed out K! Who does that?! Haha thank you for pointing it out though.

I love Lavender/Theo so much, but I'm the only one who writes them haha, I need more fans! We can so discuss this.

Thank you once again!

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Review #3, by Frankie05 1.

26th August 2015:
Happy birthday, Tammi!
I'd thought I'd drop by for a happy birthday review and to read some of your stories!
This A-Z challenge is so interesting! I always get excited when I get to the letter X because to me that is the hardest one!

This story broke my heart. Lavender is in so much pain from the idea of losing her love and there isn't anything she can do about it! I love how you wrote this story. The vision was so clear, the words were so dynamic, the flow was impeccable. You did so well! Clearly Theo told Pansy and Blaise about his relationship with Lavendar because Pansy felt relief at seeing her. And she unashamed held him through his last breaths (which is cruel by the way). Blaise tried but he couldn't and now all our hearts are broken from the fact you sank a ship and it was devastating!

This was such a good story and I think you executed the challenge wonderfully! Good luck :)


Author's Response: Thank you, Frankie! and thank you for the birthday review! :D

The letter X was the hardest part of this haha, I struggled so much!

Aww *hugs* I'm sorry that I broke your heart, I broke mine too if it makes you feel any better?

I am the most evil person ever for doing that to Theo and Lavender :( I can't believe that I sank my favourite ship.

Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by TidalDragon 1.

25th August 2015:
Howdy! And happy birthday!

Even though I'm usually a canon nut, this story was a very well done snapshot piece at the end of the final battle. Though I'll confess to not quite understanding this near-global fascination with Theodore Nott, I thought you did a great job in a very short time with the dynamics of the piece and the characterizations. Lavender desperate. Pansy and Blaise composed despite the circumstances, at least until the reach the point of no return. And Nott I don't know so well, but he had his own solid voice still.

One thing that was quite interesting was how the story felt like it was kind of swirling around Theodore even though he's the one dying there. He has his moments of prominence, but there's so much conversation around him and about him that it gives it an almost ghostly feel - very fitting given the implication at the end. And it made the end all the more powerful.

Thanks for sharing this story with us. I hope you're enjoying your birthday festivities (and the accompanying reviews)!

Author's Response: Hello! And thank you! :D

Ahh Theodore Nott, he's such a charmer haha, one day the whole world will know the wonderfulness that is he. :P Thank you :D It was quite Theodore centered, and it pains me that I've broken my favourite ship in this way.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I did enjoy my birthday!

Thank you once again :D

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Review #5, by writeyourheartout 1.

25th August 2015:

Ah, this was so beautiful and heartbreaking and whyyy?! ♥

I love that this is a very simple, stripped back story, that focuses on really powerful emotions without trying to cram in a bunch of outside information on top of it. You let pure feeling lead the way, when a lot of authors would have tried to give the entire history of Lavender/Theodore. You just lightly touch on it instead, but still we're able to understand how painful a loss this must be. Perfect choice.

When she can hear the cheers in the background... Ugh. Such a great moment. So much difference between what she's going through in that moment - with Theo dying in her arms; the one person she loves above all others, hurt beyond repair - versus the fact that their side is cheering and celebrating because the war is finally over... Just a beautiful contrast of emotions. The people who made it through the war without losing anyone they cared so much about can never understand a moment like this, when victory feels anything but victorious.

I love the role the Slytherin's play in this. It's not stated explicitly, I don't think, but it seems as though Theodore, Pansy, and Blaise all stayed and helped fight for the good side! I just love that. And they didn't leave each other behind, they didn't act selfishly, they didn't run for their own safety... I get super defensive about Slytherins and Hufflepuffs, because both our Houses tend to be terribly misrepresented more often than not, and so reading a story where they break those stereotypes is just right up my alley.

Also, we have to talk about how, on top of all of that excellence, you also managed to write this for the ABC challenge, which has got to be one of the more difficult technical ones I've ever seen issued on the site! And you did it so wonderfully! You just nailed it! I've read other people's entries that attempted the ABC challenge as well, and it always seems to stick out the fact that their word choices are clearly influenced by the pattern. But yours? I have to tell you that I completely forgot this story was for the challenge at all because you managed to get it to read so smoothly! I consider that a huge accomplishment, so extra kudos to you! :-D

Couple of minor things:

Relief filled her at hearing *Pansy voice calling for Blaise because she had seen Lavender. Sobs caught in **Lavenders throat as she saw Blaise rush into the clearing, blood, and dirt covering his uniform as he stared at them in horror. - *Pansy's - **Lavender's

Every cry of pain and tears that filled his eyes broke Lavenders heart. - *Lavender's

The way you chose to end it... Ugh! :( I love that you don't have to say it outright, you just imply, you just let out that final anguished cry of his name as he lets go of Lavender's arm... Such a strong, sad, beautiful way to close the story.

This was just lovely. Really fantastic job, Tammi. Happy Birthday again, and thank you for always being such a ray of sunshine on the site. You are one of the most selfless of people and I promise you it does not go unnoticed. ♥


Author's Response: TANYA!!! Hahahaha thank you :P I am now an official olde farte!

Awww thank you! Apparently this happened because I like to punish myself by breaking my favourite ship.

I'm glad that you loved the simplicity of this, I didn't want to delve too much into the history of them and have the chapter drag.

Yay! I was worried about that part, but wanted to show that even in times of cheer that there's still some devastation.

I wanted to show that the Slytherin's weren't evil, even though a lot of their families were on the other side of the war. And that they do care about each other. I get super defensive abut them too! Hufflepuff and Slytherin would be best friends because they know what it's like to be typecast.

That was so difficult haha I kept forgetting about the letter L and I don't know why? Thank you so so much! I really love that challenge and I feel like I need to write more like that.

Thank you for pointing those out :D I shall edit that in *hugs*

Thank you so so much Tanya, and thank you for the happy birthday and the review. Aw I can't stop smiling now!

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Review #6, by Unicorn_Charm 1.

12th August 2015:
Tammi! Here with your review!!

So this is my first experience with Lavender and Theo and, well... headcannon accepted! This was so, so sad. :( And it was really well written! I didn't even realize it was for the A-Z challenge at first. I was just so sucked in to your story. So really great job there, it was all done so organically.

What a horrifying experience that had to have been. The man you love is dying in front of you, you're all alone at first, yet you hear people celebrating not far from you. Your whole world is crashing down to the sound of laughter and cheers. Just terrible.

I can't believe that Theodore was stuck down my his own father! Stupid, awful, heartless Death Eater! That is your child, even Lucius hasn't sunk that low.

I loved the little snippet of how they originally met. It was something so simple, but seemed completely legit. Something that definitely could have happened. And Lavender always stuck me as someone boy crazy enough to not care about which house someone was in, as long as they were hot haha.

But you could tell that they loved each other a lot. My heart broke while Lavender sat holding his hand while Blaise tried to save him. :( And then he was just gone. My poor feels!

This was great! I want to see more Lavender/Theo now! Thank you so much for sharing!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: MEG!! Thank you so much for doing this review! You're amazing! YAY! Another one on board the Theo/Lavender love express!

I'm so sorry that it's so sad, although it broke my heart to write it. Aww yay!

I feel so bad for what I've put Lavender and Theo through and I wasn't even planning on sinking them at all. :(

Theodore's father is a horrible man, a horrible bad excuse of a man.

Awww I'm glad that you liked that little snippet of how they met, and Lavender just looks at how hot people are mainly in my head too haha.

Writing that ending broke my heart so much, and I'm so tempted to write a sequel to this, but I'm resisting at the moment.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review, and I can promise you that more Theo and Lavender is coming!

Stay amazing Meg!

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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16 1.

11th August 2015:
Hi Tammi! This was great! I enjoyed reading your Theo/Lavender. But it was very sad. Why did you sink them?

I do wish this had been a bit longer so that we could explore their relationship a bit more before the sinkage so that I could emphasize with Lavender a bit better. But other than that I thought this was really well done!


Author's Response: Hey Nix!! Aww yay! I am so glad that you're here reading this and I'm so sorry that it's not happy like my other Theo. I don't even know why I've sunk them, I'm a terrible person. :(

I've been thinking of writing a prequel/sequel to this (because apparently my brain/muse wants to do that for everything that I've ever written)

Thank you lovely! *squishes you*

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