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Reading Reviews for Discarded Pillows
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Slytherin Eagle Chapter 1

8th October 2015:
Hey there!

I really enjoyed reading this little story. I love Albus and Scorpius, in fact I honestly can't choose between it and Scorose!

That aside, I think you captured a really good dynamic between all the characters. The plot wasn't rushed either so that was good.

One little thing I noticed: gapping? I think this was meant to be gaping as 'gapping' has something to do with trade or omitting words from phrases. Apart from that everything was fine!


Author's Response: Hi Lea!

Thanks for stopping by to read! I tend to prefer Scorbus to Scorose, but both have their logic.

I'm glad the dynamic and characters worked well.

You're correct on the typo. I'll fix that.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Chapter 1

27th August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin! Here with the review I promised!

I already R&R'd your WolfStar, which is why I came to your ScorBus. But I'm not complaining. They're my OTP. :)

You did beautifully with them. I loved the angst which eventually turned into fluff and made my ScorBus-y heart happy. &heart;

I really liked your description of the club. You did a great job there. I was clearly able to picture everything and almost felt like I was in a room with the music blaring; screaming to be heard. And I'm going to have to check out Roisin's story now to get a better grasp of Marga. :)

I loved Rose. She definitely fit the headcanon that I have for her. Feisty, a bit sarcastic, loyal and doesn't take any crap. I liked that even though Al is her family, she didn't just blindly abandon Scorpius and stuck up for him too.

There's got to be nothing worse than breaking up with someone when you're both still in love. You did a excellent job showing Al coping with that (or not exactly coping). And you definitely knew it was Al's fault for the breakup when Roxanne scolded him. I got a kick out of James' solution being more drinks haha.

You did fantastic job showing Al's emotions when he saw Scorpius at the bar, and then again when Scorp asked if he could cut in (which made me all squee-like and happy, because as we know, I love me some ScorBus).

The passion and love in that last scene was incredible. I do hope that in the morning Albus still doesn't care about all of that and decides that Scorpius is worth it. My headcanon of your story is that he did. Everything was just wonderful and they lived happily ever after and you won't tell me differently, otherwise I'll cry rivers. :p

Amazing work from you Kaitlin. As always! :) Thanks for suggesting this! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by Unwritten Curse Chapter 1

22nd August 2015:
Another review for the Red vs. Gold Review battle! GO GOLD.

Okay, you know I have to mention concision again and this time I have to commend you because your description is GREAT. Right off the bat, you have I see high arching marble ceilings and chandeliers that drip with crystals. which is SO nice. I love the verb choice. That, to me, is what concision is about--choosing evocative verbs.

Oh, and this: She has a knack for creating salacious gossip out of thin air and lately I seem to be one of her favorite targets. Beautiful rhythm. Apparently I'm all about that tonight. :P



Seriously, Kaitlin, this is one of my favorite things you've written. I love that you don't explain the break up until the very last line, so we're left with this vague ominous feeling and the sadness of breaking up, and then the build to them re-uniting and the passion of the ending. it's brilliantly done. Albus and Scorpius are slowly becoming one of my favorite ships and this story has only added to that.

So glad I read this. You have talent, my dear.

-- Gina

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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 Chapter 1

10th August 2015:
Hi! I am here for our review swap!

I thought this was really great! I loved the spiffy dance club and how Rose complained how they were both still in love which each other and should both just get over it and get back together already. And then how Roxanne stopped Albus from running to Scorpius if he couldn't give Scorpius what he wanted. And then James stepping in and being all brotherly by feeding Albus drinks lol. I love how close-knit the Potter-Weasley kids seems to be, just in these small gestures you include in the story.

I'm glad Scorpius had the nerve to approach him anyway though, even though it seems like Albus really hurt him. But of course, Albus was pretty drunk by then, and Scorpius may have also have been drunk to muster up the courage to approach him as well, who knows? I hope they are able to hash it out and find a way to be together in the morning, after they cure their hangovers and have time to discuss their relationship.

I thought this was wonderfully written! My only real complaint is that I wish there had been more to this. More on their break-up and more after the end. I would have loved to see if they really did get back together in the end, if they were able to work out their differences, and if Albus was finally willing to stop caring about what anyone else might say about him coming out and his relationship with Scorpius. I mean, I understand not wanting the media following you around, but to stop living because of that just seems like a sad waste.

Anyway, great story! I really enjoyed reading it!


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Review #5, by merlins beard Chapter 1

6th August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin,
I'm here with your review for the Addicted to Albus & Scorpius Challenge.
Molly and I are currently going through all our entries, trying to narrow it down to a winner... and let me tell you, you guys aren't making this easy for us.

You've taken a promt - and a hard one in my opinion - a boring line of five words, and turned it into an amazing story.

I can't believe this is what you made out of 'a night out in town'. It's so much more angsty and so much deeper and more interesting than anything I could have written for this prompt.

I love that it's not the standard 'let's all go clubbing together' story, but that it actually starts out with lots of frustration and annoyance at each other, and probably at own mistakes too. Form what you told us, I'm assuming the main problem between Al and Scorp was that Albus was afraid to admit their relationship to the public - was afraid to 'come out', afraid of what the media would have to say about that.

While these problems always frustrate me (because no one should really care about other peoples' private decisions), they are very real concerns for many LGBT people, and I'm glad you mentioned them here.

I like that you seem to know your characters well, and that they develop a personality even in a oneshot - I often find it hard to get to know them in such a short time, but you really made me see parts of Albus that defined his personality the way you picture it.

You said that your oneshot has a happy ending - I agree partially. It may feel like a happy ending, because they end up together again, (after wanting that for quite a while apparently). But Albus' doubts will probably return in the morning, and even if they don't, Albus and Scorpius still have a lot to work out. For me, it felt a little like a happy ending with a twist. Happy but not happy, if you know what I mean.

I really enjoyed this a lot! I can't wait to hear what Molly has to say about it ;)

We'll hopefully have the results up soon,

thanks so much for your entry


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Review #6, by Frankie05 Chapter 1

5th August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin.

Team Red :)

I really enjoy reading your stories. They are always so thought out and so creative- each story it's own. I like that about your stories. So Albus/Scorpius pairing is indeed becoming a favorite of mine. This story is actually pretty intense the whole way through.

Knowing it was a Albus/Scorpius fic in the beginning I was a bit nervous about the person just "brushing off the floo" especially when Albus describes him as handsome. Hold up? What about Scorpius.

I can fell the anguish of Albus's present situation. He's lonely. And now he's in the same vicinity as a man he loves. Its hard. I was a bit confused as the story progresses because Rose called it a "childish grudge" but the last paragraph made it seem like he just hasn't come out to the world yet. Is that the grudge?
Another thing I was a bit confused about was him "pounding the alcohol". Hadn't he already single handily drank half the bottle of Firewhiskey before he joined Rose on the dance floor? BUT it could be just me :)

I really love how familial you made all the cousins. Of course they would be there to celebrate Rose. And naturally everyone should know who they are. The Potters and the Weasleys. I love that.
I think you perfectly captured the tension in the awkward interaction when they met up again when Scorpius wanted to cut in. I loved it so much. And thank god for alcohol right? Because the next few lines/scene was steamy even though it wasn't in much detail. You gave just enough for the reader to imagine it themselves. That's the mark of a good writer.
Great job :)

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Review #7, by Aphoride Chapter 1

4th August 2015:
Hey there, Kaitlin! :) Dropping by for our review swap! I just had to stop by on this - I hope you don't mind - because I haven't read much Albus/Scorpius, though I do like the pairing, and this one just sounded so intriguing.

I love the way you start with them broken up, over an argument we don't end up knowing anything about - it's so so great, because it just throws us into the scene but doesn't hold us back from anything, either story-wise or character-wise. There's something so lovely sometimes about a story which dives into a particular scene or moment or interaction or event and goes into it and through it in detail, and that's exactly what you've managed to capture here :)

Your characters are so so lovely - I love Albus, and how he just wants things to be private which should be, really, and doesn't want important things to be flung all over newspapers - which is a really difficult thing to manage :/ I've always thought fame must be so hard to deal with, because of that kind of pressure and the publication of almost anything... I just love, too, that you've actually included discussion of fame in this, too, with the Next Gen kids because it's always been part of my headcanon for them, so I appreciate that :P But yes, Albus is so wonderful - there's something so genuine about the way he is so nervous about going back to Scorpius, but yet wants to, but finds that he almost can't... it's so true to life. I loved Rose, too - how she was so fiery and so disappointed in Albus, and so fed up of him and Scorpius arguing... she has a point, though, when she tells him to just grow up, almost, and talk to Scorpius :P I love how she's got a combination of Hermione's smarts and Ron's lack of tact in this - it's a great combination! :) (The only thing I'd say is maybe develop Scorp a little more? Like, there's not much said about him, and he doesn't do much except be nice... :/)

(I'm so sorry, I didn't realise I had rambled on for that long... *hides*)

Anyway, I love the detail in this - from the way you describe the club they're in for Rose's party, to the way you describe Albus getting drunk - it's just all so good and so real and really brings the whole scene to life. As always, your dialogue is so lovely, and I really love how you use it so cleverly in this - there's just the perfect amount of it so that the points each line makes really hit home. It makes them all that much stronger and more emotional, you know? Especially those ending lines between Albus and Scorpius - they were so sweet! :)

I also love how you ended it not so much on them getting back together, but on them enjoying themselves and leaving it all on an ambiguous note as to whether or not they get back together - it just ties the whole thing together perfectly, I think, and I really love that it's not too cute or too sad, too ;) Plus, ending without almost ending, with things being ambiguous, takes real skill to pull off, so kudos to you for that! :)

This was such a lovely one-shot and I'm so glad I had a chance to read it - thank you so much for the swap! :)

Aph xx

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Review #8, by May Chapter 1

3rd August 2015:
Loved your story it was a great read

Author's Response: Hi May!

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.


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