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Review #1, by poobear Chapter 4

29th August 2015:
Another good top chapter and what's with snape being nice ish go figger lol.
I do very much like this story keep up with the great work that you are doing, So will leave you for now and have a great weekend.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thanks..
Snape isn't exactly being nice you know... He's just doing what any decent person would do for a child in Harry's situation. Well, that and he's trying to teach the brat...

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Review #2, by poobear Chapter 3

21st August 2015:
Hi Again
A very good chapter and look forward to see how harry likes his new school and what happens to him to make him leave not that i blame him if he did not already do that.
Well by for now and hope you have a nice weekend take care.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Things will follow the books until the end of the forth book so you already knows what he thinks of his school.. The next chapters are just some small parts that may have happened during the summers between school years.. This won't change until chapter six, where he indeed decided he's had enough of his family and 'leaves'..
Anyway, happy weekend to you too (or what's left of it, at least)

x Aqua

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Review #3, by poobear Chapter 2

12th August 2015:
Hi Again
Arr poor harry bless him feel so sad for him i really want to kick the arse of them and then some lol.
Espsh when harry made a friend at the pool you just want to gr lol , Sorry i'm getting far to into this story its so good well done you.
I'm so looking forward to the next chapter to come not to long i hope ?.
Well by for now and have a tip top weekend to come take care yours as always.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Aah, thank you. it's nice to hear that :).
Currently working on chapter 8 so yeah.. It's coming along.. It's just the whole verification on this site is so slow sometimes.. It'll probably take a while before it's on here completely.

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Review #4, by poobear Chapter 1

6th August 2015:
Hi There
A very good start and look forward to see where you take this and not to long for the next chapter to come.
Bruce x

Author's Response: ThnQ :D
I already finished the first 6 chapters so when the next chapters will be up is dependent on the validation-time..

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