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Review #1, by Frankie05 Chapter 3

29th August 2015:
Okay :) more updates please because I'm loving the way this story is going. Bill is a man of his word which is so refreshing. And thoughtful to boot- knowing Hermione won't have any magical ingredients to make a Hangover potion and so he brings her one plus food! Marry me Bill Weasley! But on a more serious note- he knows some extraordinary magic and the history behind Eygpt and their magic. I love seeing people get excited about culture and I think that you nailed that. You are opening eyes about the culture in Egypt and I find that beautiful.

The proposal scene was magnificent. Great job describing it and making me feel like I was actually in the moment! I bet Bill is going to be trouble for Hermione if she already thinking about the kiss and comparing him to Ron. I wonder if he is is going to make her wild side come out and if she can get him to commit to just one woman- her. Great job. You've hooked me.


Author's Response: The next chapter is already in the queue! And of course Bill is a man of his word! He's a Weasley! And he does know some extraordinary magic! He's had a lot of time to learn and a lot of necessity that facilitates some quick learning!

Also, please know that all of the magical culture of Egypt in this story is entirely made up. I will throw a few things in that are real as far as muggle Egypt goes that I can research, and the seller in this chapter is more reminiscent of some experiences I had in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul as far as haggling and sellers being a bit aggressive and complimenting you to get you to buy things.

I hope I can keep churning out chapters this quickly! Unfortunately medical school keeps me insanely busy. Should be studying right now!

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Review #2, by Frankie05 Chapter 2

29th August 2015:
This chapter is good! It's got a lot of Bill/Hermione interaction which is so good! I like that he doesn't give into Hermiones badgering when it comes to telling her where they are going. But he takes her to this nice restaurant and Raj is so cute with how much he is flirting with her. I can't stand it! And I bet bill is just a tad nervous about it. Have you been to Egypt before (or from there) because you seem to have a vast amount of knowledge concerning their dishes. And you made it seem delicious! And Hermione obviously loved it.

Bill does a fantastic job getting Hermione out of her comfort zone and taking her to dance. I can definitely imagine that Bill had to get her a bit tipsy before she consented to going out on the dance floor. But it was very true how you wrote they started out innocent and then it turned very heated on the dance floor. It had my heart beating incredibly fast. Wow. And then nothing. Nothing happened and I was disappointed. But I am very much looking forward to your next chapter!


Author's Response: I haven't been to Egypt, but I went to Turkey a few years ago, and I've been doing a lot of research! I'm just a white girl from Oklahoma with internet.

Glad you're still reading and reviewing (Even though you were disappointed by lack of things happening)!! I was scared that everyone who read it hated it because no one left any reviews.

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Review #3, by Frankie05 Chapter 1

29th August 2015:
I often love Hermione/Bill stories and I don't think there are enough of them so I quickly jumped on this story and I am excited.

How did you get the font like that? It makes the story so much more fun to read.

Set up chapters are always a bit more difficult to get into but you have captured my attention. You did a great job explaining what it is she is doing- her relationship with Ron and how it's on hold, Molly's noseyness. I felt the loneliness Hermione felt when you talked about her moving to the new city. But I'm glad she went and found Bill for dinner that night. It was hilarious her reaction to him and his lady friend who was over there. Hermione quick witted in retaliation which is nice. Typical Hermione but she was a bit snarky. But I guess Bill liked that. I liked the description of "Bill was walking sex and Ron was walking hug." I chuckled for that. And Bill does get around. Whoosh. I'm curious how this is going to play out for them.


Author's Response: Yay! I don't think there are enough of them either.

The font thing was kind of a fluke. It's the font scrivener uses and I guess it just transferred over. I think it's in the process of being reformatted. Sorry!

I'm glad you made it through chapter one! There's a bit more set up as I have to sort of build a wizarding community in Cairo, but I hope it's interesting! Bill will remain his incorrigible self. And I've always enjoyed a snarkier Hermione. I think she's more true to book hermione! Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you stick around and enjoy the rest!

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Review #4, by Mia Chapter 2

20th August 2015:
I cannot wait for another chapter! Y'know I've always loved your writing!

Author's Response: With any luck the new chapter will be up this week! Thanks, girl!

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