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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Afternoon Tea

8th April 2017:
Hiya here for CTF #5

AND YAY A SCORBUS STORY WHERE THEY'RE BOTH RAVENCLAWS! You have no idea how happy this is making me! I also love the fact that they're both already graduated and that you immediately highlight differences between them, while revealing also bits about them - like the Ravenclaw bit for instance. But you also aren't shying away from the fact that Lucius and Narcissa could be very difficult about this and that Draco wasn't the easiest about it either. I did always imagine that Astoria would be the nicer one and more progressive indeed, even before JKR confirmed this as well, so I'm happy to see that (head)canon part in this fic as well. I also love the fact that Astoria isn't backing down and helping and supporting Albus and Scorpius in any way that she can and the line where she mentioned they'd be moving in together so had me thinking about Ginny in a way. They might even like eachother or be friends despite their differences in growing up. Or, at least, I can imagine that Ginny would appreciate that in her. I also like the little tidbits about Harry's comment and opinion and it was nice to have that clarification about who's father you we're actually talking about, because it would otherwise have led to a lot of questionmarks above my head.
In any case, very well done, loved the one shot and the idea you used for it!

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your review! I've been on an HPFF hiatus, but I'm active again on HPFT and can't wait to write again soon!

Anyhow, on to your review! I'm so glad that you liked the story! I love making NextGen characters non-Gryffindor/Slytherin. I think they're a great opportunity to delve more into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I'm also really happy you liked Astoria! I'm a total Dramione shipper, but I support Draco/Astoria when I can make her awesome and progressive. Overall, I'm just happy that you enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Afternoon Tea

8th April 2017:
HELLO LOVELY! Iím here for CTF at HPFT. Obviously the Claws have to win. ;) You know how these things go.

I LOVE SCORBUS MEET THE PARENTS. SO, meeting the grandparents is bound to be even better. I mean thereís no way that itís not going to be awkward especially with Harry Potter being the high-key bane of Luciusís existence, regardless of how Deathly Hallows turned out with Draco and their semi-patched relationship. Like is there anyway to be like ďhey, I tried to kill your dad like ten times and he sent me to wizard prison, nice to meet you, youíre dating my grandsonĒ to be casual and pleasant? Iím opting for probably not.

I feel like a table that massive that puts the much distance between every family member is probably some kind of indication of what Iíd expect to expect. Iím not sure if that even makes sense. But none of them being morning people or talking to anyone is probably easier done when you have that much distance between them. Also I like that Draco calls him Al because it immediately indicates to me that there must be some kind of relationship there. Maybe Iím reading too much into it but it sounds like theyíre all close.

Also I'm in love with your characterization of Astoria. I can see how she'd be a great match for Draco. And I like her chastising him about how inconsiderate it is. And she's on Scorpius's side on both of these conflicts. Astoria is like the anchor of this family, constantly calming everyone. Sheís perfect.

Also the tell-the-parents went exactly how I would have wanted it. Iím all about Draco whining about it too. Hilarious. Cute.

ďI wonít even complain while you look at boring sports stuff.Ē Literally me to my husband every time I try to make him do something he doesnít want to.

Narcissa was perfect. I'm happy with her response. And TBH no one even cares about Lucius. Heíll cope.


Author's Response: Hi Paula!

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond. But I'm back from hiatus and I'm happy to be able to reply to you now!

I'm so happy that you liked the story! I'm actually a huge Scorbus shipper after writing this story! I love imagining them as not-Gryffindor/Slytherin, and this was such a fun story to write. You're definitely right to say that Draco already likes Al--that was important to me for him to have grown. And I'm so glad that you liked Astoria! She's my favorite to write like this! If Draco can't be with Hermione (OTP!), then this sort of Astoria is a good compromise.

I'm so glad you liked the grandparents' reaction and all the characterization. Your compliments mean so much to me!

Thank you again for reviewing!


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm Afternoon Tea

11th August 2015:
Hiya! Here with your review!

Ahh!! ScorBus!! My OTP!! ♥ ♥ I couldn't not read this when I saw it!

Loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it! *squee* Al and Scorpius were just adorable and Astoria was so great and Draco was... Draco haha.

I can't believe that Draco sprung that on Scorpius like that! What on earth was he thinking?? Bah! Not nice, Dad! *angry glare* I loved that Astoria immediately told him that he was being stupid by not giving them any warning at all. It shows that she is not one to be pushed around by her husband and that she's good for him, because I'm sure she challenges him which is something he'd definitely need. She's a strong woman and a good mother.

I really liked that they were both Ravenclaws when they were at Hogwarts. It's nice to see something a little different when it comes to Albus and Scorpius. And what Scorpius does for a living was so creative and just wonderful. You know, just from that little snippet, that he is a caring and compassionate person. I adore your Scorpius!

Their relationship seemed so natural and effortless. Like they were truly soul mates. It made me so happy to see that.

I was so nervous reading this! You built up the tension really, really well. I was on the edge of my seat just wondering how the Malfoys were going to react to Scorpius dating Harry Potter's son. Lucius' reaction was pretty much would I would expect. Not exactly happy about him being involved with a Potter. But Narcissa was great. She was as accepting as I hoped she would be. I really loved that bit at the end about her saving Harry's life. It made me smile when she smiled and answered, "I suppose I did.Ē She understands exactly what her actions did, and I loved that!

This was such a great read! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm thrilled I had the chance to read it!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hi Meg!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I appreciate this so much! It was so sweet of you to offer to review something, and I'm so glad that you found a story you liked. This was brand new to me -- I practically never write Next Gen; I've never written for Astoria; and I don't think I've written for Albus either. -- so I had a lot of fun. I'm so happy you liked Astoria! I really wanted to make her kind of a cool, modern-type woman who stands up to Draco. I think he'd need that firmness every once in a while. :) I'm also glad that you liked that Albus and Scorpius are Ravenclaws! I really like to think they would be different from their parents. ;) And I'm happy that you liked Scorpius's profession! I really got a good idea of what my version of him is like when I wrote this, and I like to think that he's not a mini-Draco (even though I love Draco!). As for his relationship with Albus--I'm so happy that you like that too! They're both really sweet in my mind, and I love their relationship, despite the fact that I've never written for them until now. I think they're one of my new favorites. :) Finally, I'm glad you enjoyed the ending. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. You're the sweetest!


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Review #4, by merlins beard Afternoon Tea

6th August 2015:
Hey there,
I'm here reviewing this for the Addicted to Albus and Scorpius Challenge.

I had so much fun reading this! I love that it is all angsty and emotional and I love that everyone is so nervous. You did well with the prompt and I really enjoyed how you brought it into your story.

I'm impressed that this is your first attempt at Albus/Scorpius. It feels as if you know your characters really well already. I like that we get to know a little bit about them, but that it's not too much information (so it doesn't disrupt the flow). I think this flows really well, and it's a very comfortable, enjoyable read.

It's just like Draco to invite his parents without telling anyone about it. I'm really glad that Astoria is a modern kind of pureblood and that she stands up for her son when he needs her.
And when everyone freaks out a bit about the meeting the grandparents thing, she stays reasonably calm and manages to calm Scorpius a little, too. I love the scene in the kitchen where Al and Scorpius help her finish everyhting (I wish I could use magic to clean up after baking something).

Albus really has a way with stubborn relatives. It was probably exactly the right thing to do, tell Narcissa that Harry Potter doesn't still hate the Malfoys, that he talks almost fondly of them to his children, and that he is very grateful for her saving his life. (She's probably taking herself too important, but that's just the way the Malfoys are, and I'm glad Albus recognizes that and breaks the ice in just the right way.)

I loved the end and that everyone is so accepting.

We'll try to get the results for our challenge up soon.
Thanks for your awesome entry,


Author's Response: Hello Anja!

First of all, I have to say thank you for issuing the challenge that inspired this story! I never knew how much fun it would be to write for Albus and Scorpius, but I enjoyed it so much! I don't dabble in Next Gen very often, so this was new for me, but I really had a great time writing it.

I'm so glad that you liked the way I portrayed the different characters! I love imagining Astoria as a bit more modern than her husband and his family. I feel like she would be the one to put her foot down and get things done, so I liked putting some of that into this story.

I'm also glad you liked the interactions with the older Malfoys, as well as the ending. Again: I really enjoyed writing this. Thank you so much for the challenge and for reading and reviewing! I'll keep an eye out for the results!


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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 Afternoon Tea

30th July 2015:
Hello Emily! I'm here for BvB!

This is such a wonderful story. I love Scorpius and Albus - they're such a sweet couple. The way you've described Astoria and Draco are wonderful as well. I think it's so easy to say that he had a strained relationship with his family, but you've shown a Scorpius that has a lovely relationship with his parents. The breakfast scene almost seems like it's setting up for cold family dynamics, so I loved that in the end, it was just that none of them were morning people.

I really enjoyed Lucius and Narcissa's reaction to Albus and Scorpius. I notice Lucius didn't actually say anything here. You've sort of left his reaction to it all up in the air... that was an interesting choice. It leaves readers thinking after we've finished the story. I can definitely see Narcissa giving up her elitist views and possibly homophobia for her grandson, so her reaction was great, but I'm wondering about Lucius now! Does he dislike him because he's Harry Potter's child? Does he dislike him because he's gay? So many possibilities here! Though I do like to think that they're not still homophobic in what? Like 2030?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely story!


Author's Response: Hi Stephanie!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so happy that you liked the story! I've never written for Albus or Scorpius before at all, nor as a couple, so this was a fun story for me! I'm really happy that you liked the dynamics between Scorpius and his parents. I had imagined that Lucius was a little annoyed that Scorpius was dating a Potter, rather than that he was gay. Maybe I'll go tweak that to make it clearer! I wasn't sure if the quick ending would work, and I'm still not too sure on it, but I'm glad you liked the story, nonetheless! Thank you again for reading and reviewing!


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Review #6, by May Afternoon Tea

30th July 2015:
Loved your story was worried myself for albus and Scorpius

Author's Response: Hi May!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad that you liked the story! I appreciate your review! Thanks again!


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Review #7, by pinkpanther16 Afternoon Tea

30th July 2015:
This story was absolutely adorable! Wonderfully written. Albus and Scorpius were perfect, the characters and emotions were so good, its everything I could want in a one-shot. I hope I can look forward to more of your stories in the future. Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Wow! This was so sweet! Thank you so much! I'm literally SO happy that you liked this story! I've never written Albus/Scorpius, and it was so fun to write this story! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you again!


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Review #8, by pottered  Afternoon Tea

29th July 2015:
aww this was /adorable/ like, so so cute
i loveddd the malfoy family so much

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad that you liked the story! I appreciate your review and thank you again for leaving it! :D


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