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Reading Reviews for The Ninth Life
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Review #1, by DobbyLover Fairy Tale

6th December 2015:
Wow. I loved this. You're battling such a terrible topic in this one-shot; eating disorders are ransacking millions of people. This was a beautiful, inspired one-shot. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! I know it is a morbid and depressing topic, and sometimes I feel that writing about it very simply makes it lot easier and a lot more relatable. I tried to branch out the focus, so it wasn't just an exploration of anorexia/bulimia, and also make it clear that it IS a mental health issue, but also a much broader story about friendship and love, and how difficult it is not just for the person suffering, but also the friends who are having to watch someone succumb to such a horrible disorder, and having a complete inability to do anything about it- I am so glad you felt I was able to do it justice, it is such an important and tragic issue.

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Review #2, by pottered  Fairy Tale

31st July 2015:
this was so, so beautiful and heartbreaking. also, so very poetic, and the writing was /so/ good.
i felt so bad for her cat, and even louis, and i guess i did understand louis at some point, maybe if he would've stayed, they would've ended up together; happy.
but aww, he still wanted to know if she was okay, he still, probably, loved her somewhere in his heart. this was so utterly bittersweet. i loveddd it! xx

Author's Response: thank you so so much! it is such a difficult position the both of them are in, because there are misunderstandings, but also in a way they need to be away from each other. bittersweet i think was the best ending for them, because he now knows she is okay, but they aren't together. this story idea had been nagging me for some time, and originally i was going to extend it and make it a novel/novella, but it just seemed more appropriate as a one shot, although i do have a few ideas for a kind of prequel but in the form of a novel (so whose Rose's baby daddy, how cat became what she is etc...) anyway just thank you so much for your lovely lovely review!

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Review #3, by greenbirds Fairy Tale

30th July 2015:
im speechless. this is so bittersweet and beautiful. the imagery, first of all, is outstanding- i love the way you described the dusty room of the first chapter and contrasted it to the fairy tale imagery of her imagination- it only served to make each scene read more vividly. the dialogue between louis and cat is perfect, and i loved her conversation with rose- even the "congratulations" just highlights how low cat had tumbled in comparison to her friends. kind of where cat would or could be if she wasn't so addicted? im assuming. again, i love how you dont explicitly say what it is that's ruined her.

the ending scenes are just as beautiful to read. i love how she ended up in paris, with louis' family, and i love the ending paragraph. "dark wings against the summer sky" amazing! the narrative throughout this is so well written- dreamy and almost nonchalant in tone, which almost makes it sound lyrical, poetic. i loved this ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much- you do not know how absolutely lovely this review was. I wrote this one-shot ages ago, and then was quite nervous about posting, it being quite deep 'n' all that, but your review has made it all ok. Bittersweet and beautiful have to be the two best compliments for Cat's story- originally it was going to have a happier ending- with Louis and Cat together (although who knows what happened later...) I used to write far more things like this when I was younger, all dreamy and sad, and kind of grew out of it- so it was quite nostalgic stepping back in.. But anyway, thank you so so much- I now desperately want to write more of Cat and Louis' story, from when they were at Hogwarts, but feel like I would ruin it and regret it. Anyway I have rambled on for ages, but cannot thank you enough, literally.

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