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Review #1, by HPsmartone32 Twenty One

21st February 2018:
yas it's back!!! lovely, as always

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Review #2, by Mags Twenty One

5th February 2018:
Oh, what I mess theyíve made, James & Kelly. I do feel for Kelly, at the same time as Iím trying to see from James POV tooó If heís insecure about getting into a relationship from the start, it couldnít have gotten better by him seeing Kelly kiss Nick. Iím surprised he even followed Kelly and not just left, but I think it was good he did. But now Iím afraid heís never going to take the plunge, not only because Kelly is so mad, but that he found out about the bet (I know Iíd be petty and obstinate about it, lol). And Lucy, Freddie and Roxie isnít helping, I honestly think theyíre just making it worse.
Also, I might have to reread some chapters, but I got a bit irritated at Kelly blaming James for them not being together, as if she couldnít have been the one to take the first step... iirc she havenít been all that approachable either (and she just kissed someone else, gave clear ďstay the f away from meĒ-signals the entire night; not exactly something that builds confidence in James), and itís not always just up to the boy to take the initiativeó but, sheís drunk and hurt and a teenager, not exactly a recipe for rational thinking.

Canít wait for the next chapter!

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Review #3, by HarryGinnyLove88 Twenty One

4th February 2018:
And James just let her go, why didnt he crab her.anyway glad you finally write and hope next one comes quickly :)

Author's Response: Hey, so Ive changed this chapter by editing and adding a bit I was going to lump into another chapter but I thought fit better here, so please read again and I'd appreciate your views again x

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Review #4, by Stella 20

12th November 2017:
Can I just say how brilliant this story is? Because it is. SO in love with the plot, the characters, everything! Going to be eagerly awaiting the next chapter as I've read all 20 chapters in one sitting :)

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so guilty of doing that myself, it's kind of like an out of body experience having someone say it to me though!
I'll try my best to keep the chapters coming regular, but there may be long gaps in between as I'm at uni and studying comes first :/

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Review #5, by pottermaniac17 20

6th November 2017:
this story is addicting! Believable without being over-the-top ... Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'll try my best, your review means so much xx

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Review #6, by pottermaniac17 Five

6th November 2017:
Oh... Totally loving this story! My favorite characters - James and oddly Lucy .
Best OC - Kelly! Though Nick is high on the list!

Author's Response: I love Lucy too x

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Review #7, by HPsmartone32 20

28th October 2017:
! love it, as always. update asap :D

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Review #8, by Windyo 20

15th October 2017:
Heyya, I'm back!

Haha, if I don't review regularly, don't you worry, this story is on my mind, and I'keep reading till the end ;)

Soo, I have to say I loved the attention given to most of the characters in this chapter and the focus on every type of relationship that is happening (familial, platonic and the romance kind) but ohoo I see drama happened as well- James and Kelly really need to be forward with each other I mean coome on, and even though I probably would have given Nick a harder time after that kiss hahah, knowing it wasn't his fault, I'm happy Roxy and him are back on track.

And lastly our Percy- thank you, thank you for that amazing characterisation of him. happy to have seen he is now giving as much attention to family as much as work, or as much as he can :))

Author's Response: James and Kelly will be addressed soon don't you worry

Nick will be making it up to Roxie for a long time, she deserves it

Percy is one of the most questionably interpreted characters in canon, so to bring him out as a highly-functioning adult who suffered from anxiety and depression and didn't live up to the standards of intelligence but was the embarrassing over invested dad was really fun to write x

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Review #9, by Giu9_RedandGold 20

30th September 2017:
Loved this chapter. Full of so many nice moments. My favourite was Lucy and Percy. It's common to read stories where Percy is an idiot and not a very good father, but I have always thought that he is a Weasley after all, he can't be that bad, there has to be a good side to him, and I'm glad you showed that with his daughter.

Fred and Maria ❤❤❤❤

I was sort of expecting something between Kelly and Nick, after the chapter before this, but it seems it was no big deal, and they are just friends. I really liked the last part with Nick and Roxy. But we missed James' reaction.I hope to read more soon 😉

Author's Response: Percy's got a good heart under all that stuffiness, he just needs to learn how to speak Lucy's language, which she's learning has a lot more in common with his than she first thought

Fred and Maria, they had to have the perfect midnight kiss, they just had to. I love them too much.

Kelly is a bit untethered at the moment, and Nick seems to be one of the only people she really trusts with whats going on, but Nick doesn't talk about feelings to anyone but Roxy, so she's still a loose cannon.

I hope you keep reading, this review means a lot xx

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Review #10, by HarryGinnyLove88 20

30th September 2017:
What...why Kel kiss Nick not fair...
I still wait for something happen with KellyJames...

Author's Response: Yes, well, Kelly was done waiting, and... whoops!

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Review #11, by TheCiscoKid Nineteen

24th August 2017:
she's a master thief as well as disguise artist James is a lucky guy by the way love the length of this chapter

Author's Response: James doesn't know the half of it ;)

I'll try to keep them longer in future x

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Review #12, by HPsmartone32 Nineteen

24th August 2017:
beautiful. i love a good ol' fashion friendship chapter. also lowkey wanna be nicks bestie, make that happen, yeah?

thanks for updating quick! another!

Author's Response: We all want to be Nick's bestie, It can't be helped, he's a lovable guy who doesn't know how to be loved - but dw Kelly's got his back.

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Review #13, by HarryGinnyLove88 Nineteen

24th August 2017:
You havent write about Toby yet at christmas so i guess hes next?! Anyway love to read about Nick and Kel. Kelly is upset about James so i hope James does something about it ☺☺☺

Hope you write very soon 👌🙂

Author's Response: Toby will have his share of the lime light, not to worry, and James needs to get his act together, that;s for sure...

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Review #14, by TheCiscoKid Eighteen

14th August 2017:
I can't help comparing next gen to the marauders and its cause of chapters like that when Fred's out there rescueing the damsel loved this chapter for its depth

Author's Response: I'm trying to give these characters more than their stereotype, more than their most useful skill, and to hear that its showing really means a lot x

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Review #15, by HPsmartone32 Eighteen

7th August 2017:
fred and maria are too cute and i'm dying. please update soon!!!

Author's Response: they are so cute that I died writing this and have only just returned from the grave please give me time to return to the life of the living before resuming my writing! ta x

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Review #16, by HPsmartone32 Seventeen

7th August 2017:
okay. so. i'm about to have to leave for work, but i've been reading this story all yesterday and today, and i'm 100% gonna read it when i get to work, but i won't be able to review the story as well on my phone, so:
this is a bloody good story, and i don't say that lightly because i'm super picky about my fanfiction tbh. i can tell that your writing has matured even just over the course of this story and i lovelovelove how the characters interact with each other and their development. i also very much enjoy how you write fantastically in multiple perspectives, which is super hard to do well. you capture hogwarts and each of the canon characters perfectly and i am falling for your OCs too. all the characters are complex and have layers and i love it.
sorry if i sound like a teacher with this review or something, but i just really enjoy when someone writes well and develops well and you do both. i can't wait to see where this goes.
oh, p.s., as a lesbian, LOVE the lucy plotline ;)

Author's Response: Always handy to have a teacher on hand, ;)
but seriously, thank you for your review it really means a lot and the comments you've made make a lot of sense and it feels so good to have someone actually care about the way I write not just what I'm writing.

Thank you so much x

P.s. being bi myself, I needed some girls who like girls in my story.

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Review #17, by HarryGinnyLove88 Eighteen

6th August 2017:
Some Fred and Maria time :)

Author's Response: It was long over due x

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Review #18, by Giu9_RedandGold Eighteen

5th August 2017:
This is my favourite chapter ever! I absolutely loved it! I don't have much to say, Wow wow wow wow!!! I'm glad we got to know more about Maria. I have always found her relationship with Fred very fun to read and one of my favourite parts of this story. You are developing it very well and this insight in Maria's family history was very intersting!
Can't wait to

Author's Response: Maria needed a backstory, and it needed to be revealed, I don't believe in characters hating each other for no reason, and Maria was never one of those people. Maria only had a problem with Fred because he could push her buttons, but with him on her side now, things might be a little different, though of course they're going to bicker until their old and grey that is a given x

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Review #19, by Eyo Seventeen

3rd August 2017:
Wahou I love James and Kelly they are the cutest couple I ever read in a FanFic honestly. Actually everyone is great, I'm impressed by your characterization, really good.

Of course I have my favorite so I always prefer when it's James and Kelly but even Fred and Maria are a lot of fun. I'm maybe a bit less into Lucy but well.

It's amazing how you develop the relationship around something as genuine as distilling alcohol in the dungeon. A romance story based on humour and with quality writing.

Can't wait for more, thank you for the chapters already out and the awesome time I had reading them and cheers for the next!

Author's Response: I'm terrible at writing romance driven things, I need a timeline, and an action-comedy plot-line allows for that, along with some romance and core friendships, so... Hopscotch... Also it allows for some ridiculous and hilariously stupid situations that are hard to come by naturally in other stories.
Thanks for the review x

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Review #20, by TheCiscoKid Seventeen

14th July 2017:
Can't out sneak one of the heirs of the marauder's arts of mischief and mayhem George Weasley plus it was right from his window sloppy jr just plain sloppy

Author's Response: Sloppy work indeed -- but Kelly is James Potter's Kryptonite, so it was bound to happen x

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Review #21, by Windyo Seventeen

12th July 2017:
The dog...his name is Padfoot; my HEART RIGHT NOW.okay I've relaxed now. Great choice though ;)

I love how you handled the Potter family and the teasings of the other families. Though Percy...really hope he does better haha, he's trying I think.

Oooh I feel like we discovered a lot in this chapter...the many mysteries of the life of one Kelly Jones are unraveling- I realized here we really don't know a lot about her and I'm intrigued!

Next chappie, are we going to see what's going on during the christmas celebrations, for Fred and Toby? Or maybe all the families get together? Hehe I try.

Really enjoyed this chapter and then you end it like that! AAh, gimme me more. Haha, but really, if I can ask, how much longer do you see this story going on for?


Author's Response: Percy is trying his hardest, you may get to see that in later chapters.

Kelly's secret life is also set soon to unravel, but it's in her nature not to tell, so shhh!

Christmas is coming up for the gang, not sure who's going to take centre stage for New Years, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out...

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Review #22, by HarryGinnyLove88 Seventeen

12th July 2017:
Ah the Potters what a great family. :)
Hope you write soon

Author's Response: Thank you, i'll do my best x

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Review #23, by TheCiscoKid Sixteen

5th July 2017:
Did not see that one coming at all

Author's Response: Heteronormativity at its best... I honestly couldn't write a male love interest for Lucy, nothing seemed to work, it didn't read well, it didn't feel right... and then I realised, oh yeah, that's because Lucy's gay! (Not because I don't like writing romance, but because I've written the whole character with this underlying characteristic that is now totally obvious when I write her with Rachel) I subplotted myself!

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Review #24, by TheCiscoKid Fifteen

5th July 2017:
She just so stubborn just give poor Freddy a chance

Author's Response: You will learn of her reasoning soon, my child, and Freddie's chance may arise along with it.

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Review #25, by TheCiscoKid Thirteen

5th July 2017:
This is too good of a story not to have a review every chapter

Author's Response: Thank you, 13 was looking rather lonely there :(

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