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Review #1, by wizardmugle Love at First Spell

28th August 2005:
hi, i know i reviewd already, just wanted ot say, sry for all the flame, i really loved it, i read it again all the time

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Review #2, by wizardmugle Love at First Spell

13th August 2005:
very good, u should add more to it

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Review #3, by Jenny Love at First Spell

14th February 2005:
IT SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by La La Love at First Spell

2nd October 2004:
That was stupid..

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Review #5, by Momo336 Love at First Spell

26th September 2004:
This was.... odd. The ending was stupid, and you completly butchered your charries. Luna and Ginny would never do that. And whats with Harry kissing Hermy at the end?

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Review #6, by chigozi Love at First Spell

1st September 2004:
this story is stupid i thougth u were a loyal harry/luna fan not a harry/hermy fan

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Review #7, by Kaitlin Love at First Spell

31st July 2004:
I liked the ending better

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Review #8, by Mrs I love DannyRadcliffeboy Love at First Spell

2nd July 2004:
I love Dan Radcliffe. If there's a movie made out of this fanfic I want him to play Harry! And please, oh please let me play Luna! I would love to kiss Daniel Radcliffe! So when this GREAT story is made into a movie make me LUNA! Bye!

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Review #9, by Loopy Lupin Love at First Spell

9th June 2004:
Woah, interesting, very interesting, strange concept, but good. Why couldn't you have killed off Draco, Luna and Ginny would never have done that.

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Review #10, by Braulio Cruz Love at First Spell

25th April 2004:
Hi everyone I hope you like my story. One thing, This is a one shot story. I'm new and I didn't know what to do when they asked for a chapter name, so I put a subtitle. So I'm sorry about that! It's a one shot story! Bye!

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Review #11, by crookshanks Love at First Spell

23rd April 2004:
I guess that's why love potions are illegal! Pretty good.

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