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Reading Reviews for That's Life!
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Review #1, by ScorpiusRose17 The One Where Charlotte is Broke

17th September 2015:

I am finally here with your review! Sorry it took me longer to get to this time. Real life has been a bit hectic.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I thought it was great to see Molly get some alone time with Jonas. He is downright hilarious and I love how he is so blunt to point out to her that she isn't subtle by any means. I think we can all relate to people that think they are really hiding something when they aren't.

I like Charlotte and I like it that her parents are basically cutting her off. It seems like the best thing for her. I know she is use to everyone or elf doing everything for her, but I sort of get the impression that she would rather be doing these things on her own in away to almost prove she can even if it is just for that reason.

Molly is quite the character. The way she thinks and her mannerisms that I can pick up while I read always create this wonderfully, comedic yet conflicted character that just wants to be her despite any flaws or differences in opinion and feelings. She takes what Jonas says to heart about being friends, but as Molly thinks in the end "who am I kidding?" She cannot hide her feelings and I like that she is blunt about it. I am seriously rooting for her and Charlotte!!

A couple of things that I noticed and wanted to point out to you are these: (Please note that they aren't a huge deal, but I figured I would point them out to you all the same)

"I meet Jonas for lunch, as always, in the break room. Weve sort of claimed our own little table in the corner. Sometimes, on days when the room is really full, we have people come join us. Im friendly with nearly everyone in my division so I dont mind, but I do prefer the days when its just the two of us. I find that this is the only time that I tend to have alone with Jonas anymore and its nice to catch up, just the two of us."

-I wanted to point this out because I felt that the use of "just the two of us" was a bit repetitive. I could totally see it if you are really trying to emphasis that they don't always get to spend time together between the two of them. Just something to think about.

I got an owl back from my parents an hour ago. She walks back to the kitchen and grabs the parchment I had noticed earlier. They said theyre alright with me walking out on the wedding and wanting to live on my own-

- The reason I am pointing this out is because I was confused. If her and Molly are already in the kitchen getting ready to brew the hangover potion, why is Charlotte coming back into the kitchen and grabbing the parchment? I know she left it on the table, but I don't know if this is just a wording issue or if it is a descriptive issue. Again, something to think about.

Overall, you did a spectacular job with this chapter and I love the way you characterize Molly, Charlotte and Jonas. I am really looking forward to reading the next chapter!! :)

Keep up the great job!


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Review #2, by notreallyblonde44 The One With the Runaway Bride

14th September 2015:
Hi again! Figured I would keep reading and reviewing since it's such a nice read :)

You write in such an effortless way, or at least it reads that way (since I know how much time it takes to actually write something one loves enough to post haha). I didn't even realize I was reading present tense too, which you're doing a good job writing in . I found it really hard personally, you'll notice I stay on past tense. I like how it works for your story a lot.

Two minor things:

1. There is a bit of showing rather than telling when you describe things...in this case like Elle's past. You give an overview of it and then direct reference it later in conversation. May be just me but I like reading about things naturally, like in dialogue, then reading a summary about it.

2. I'm confused by this sentence: "Look, if you keep saying * like that, youre uninvited, I advise him, although after a moment I wish I hadnt. If hes uninvited then maybe I can have Charlotte all to myself." -so Molly wished she hadn't told him he was uninvited? Seems like she would benefit from that? May be a modifier issue, as 'hasn't' refers back to her advise, which seems to be the beneficial part. Idk if I'm explaining this well, I'm half-asleep haha. Again very small things ;)

Overall I like the ease of the story's plot. Like I wrote above your writing seems so natural and well-paced. I liked the funny bits thrown in there--you balance comedy and romance and sadness really well. I'm also enjoying your characterization of Lucy, how she seems more like Percy than Molly (which is different in loads of NextGen fics), so I'm enjoying this change of things :)

Onto the next,

Author's Response: I think hearing your writing appears effortless is one of the greatest compliments a writer can receive so thank you so much! I used to dislike present tense and strictly wrote past, but lately it's been really growing on me and most of my stories are written that way. To each their own, I suppose.

I suppose showing vs. telling is one of the things that I do struggle with sometimes. I'll try and look into what you're speaking about and see if I can refine it to cause it to read better! As for the second thing you've pointed out, the regret is more about the fact that she's warning him that he won't be invited. She's not straight out saying he's not invited, but if he does one more thing he won't be. She regrets the fact that she warned him instead of straight up uninviting him, if that makes sense? I'll see if I can reword that to make it a little more clear.

Thank you for the lovely comments and reviews! I'm pleased to hear you're liking the story and I do hope that you return at some point to read more.

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Review #3, by notreallyblonde44 The One With the Wedding Dress

14th September 2015:
hi moonbaby :) hope you are well, and happy review exchange!

I have never delved too deep into the Friends universe, but I recall a scene where Rachel shows up in a wedding dress at the cafe...so I assume that's what you are referring to here?

anywho, good introductory prologue. you set the stage of the characters and their personalities a bit. I liked that we didn't know it was Molly straight off the bat, enjoyed that bit of mystery and natural exposition. poor girl :( I would be pretty devastated if something like that happened to me. and looks like charlotte got burned too, wonder if they bounce back haha.

not much to comment on here. you wrote very natural sounding dialogue and a bit was showy vs. telling but I assume that's because the focus isn't on the past, but the present, and I liked that contrast between summary of past and dialogue in the present with a spot of new action at the end. looking forward to reading what happens :)


Author's Response: Yup, the scene is reminiscent of the opening episode of Friends so I'm glad that you caught that! It's really good to hear that you felt this was a good introduction as I always find prologues/introductions to be difficult to write! I'll try and look this over and see if I can fix some of the show instead of tell stuff, but I think that's always one problem with an introduction such as this! Thank you for the lovely review :)

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Review #4, by cherry_pop94 The One With the Runaway Bride

31st August 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the BvB review thread!

This chapter was great. Charlotte seems like such a sweet character, I'm already falling in love with her! It's easy to see why Molly likes her so much, she seems lovely.

I also love how we've gotten to know the other characters more too. Like Elle's backstory - it's very cool that she's traveled so much! I've always wondered what the wizarding world is like in other countries.

My favourite character so far is definitely Jonas. He's so funny and just so out of it focused on his crossword puzzle. Just forgetting about everything and searching through Chocolate frog cards.

I can't wait to read more of this story!


Author's Response: I love Charlotte so I'm glad that you feel the same way about her :) Hopefully Elle will discuss more about her childhood in further chapters because I've always wanted to write about the wizarding world in countries other than the UK but I don't have enough confidence in my own abilities to set a whole story there...

Oh, Jonas. He is definitely a fun character as well. I'm glad you're enjoying this and I hope you drop by again at some point! :)

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Review #5, by ScorpiusRose17 The One With All the Firewhisky

23rd August 2015:

I am here with your review! :)

I was excited to see you post a request for this story again in the thread! I have been looking forward to finding out what happens!

This chapter flowed well from the last and throughout this one. I did notice one thing that may not even be an issue, but I figured I would mention it and see what you think and say about it.

"Wed sat around and relaxed for a little while, sometimes turning on the telly and channel surfing before flicking it off after finding nothing worth watching."

- This sentence is fine, but to me it reads a tad weird with you beginning with We'd. It can totally flow along fine with we instead of we'd, but either way is your choice. It was just something I noticed.

I really enjoyed getting to read about the different jobs each of them held. I like the uniqueness of each one and how Charlotte is a bit baffled by the idea of work. When you said the line Old Money... I immediately thought of the movie Titanic when Rose's mother describes Molly Brown as "New Money". It almost made Molly seem sort of snobbish in a sense, but that was okay it worked!

I really thought poor Molly's word vomit was hilarious! Oh the things Firewhiskey will make you say! :)

I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes and the relationship between Molly and Charlotte.

Keep up the superb writing!!!


Author's Response: Ahhh, I'm so glad that you love this story! I'll keep dropping by each time I post an update, I promise!

I think Molly may be a tad bit of a snob - Ross can come off that way sometimes in the show so I'm trying to bring little pieces of his character into her character so that it's recognizable!

Poor Molly -- much like Ross, I'm sure she'll never really be able to catch a break! The relationship between Molly and Charlotte will definitely continue to develop in the next chapters so I hope you'll come back when I update! Thanks for the kind review! :)

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Review #6, by cherry_pop94 The One With the Wedding Dress

19th August 2015:
Hi there!

Im here for the review you requested in my thread. Im sorry its taken me so long to get here, but real life just keeps getting in the way lately, ugh! I am quite excited to be reading this finally though! Based off Friends, what a great idea! Ill admit, I may be one of the few people on earth who has not seen most of the episodes, but I definitely know enough.

So youve got Molly as your Ross, Charlotte as your Rachel, Lucy as Monica, Louis as Joey, and then Elle and Jonas are Phoebe and Chandler? Or maybe the other way around? Bah, I could be all wrong, I tend to be :P Anyway, its a great start to all this! Theres a very establish and obviously really closer group of friends, a few central dramas already (whats going on with Charlotte? What will happen to Molly?) and of course, since you say this is based on Friends, my head is already swirling with questions about pregnancies and intra-friendship group dating, and Charlotte and Molly!

As a prologue to your story, this also worked really well for the reasons I mentioned above. Though I suspect that for someone unfamiliar with Friends, it may not do as much. I suggest you could maybe expand the scene between Molly, Lucy, Jonas, Elle, and Louis so people can get more of a feel for their group dynamic and individual personalities. I think you might be relying a little too heavily on the pre-existing Friends knowledge everyone has, so this works less well as a stand-alone. Still, I thought all the writing was really well done. Youve made me really fall in love with Molly already. She seems passionate, smart, she takes care of herself. I already like her, which is a great thing to do in a prologue! And, I must say I was so thrilled to see that this was about Molly Jr! There really isnt enough out there about her!

One last thing, you said Its raining - oh, the dramatic irony. But dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the character on stage (or on screen or in the story) does not know. So it doesnt quite work here. When weather matches your mood, its called pathetic fallacy. Just a really nitpicking thing really, but I thought Id point it out.

Thanks for a great read!


Author's Response: It's alright, I may be writing a story based on the show but I'm still only on the eighth season (out of ten), so you're not the only one! I think as long as you know the gist of Friends, especially the earlier seasons, then this fic shouldn't be too hard to follow.

You've got all the characters nailed, so I'm really glad that they're easily recognizable! I'll take what you've said into consideration -- I suppose I figured everyone knows the basics of Friends so will easily grasp the prologue, but you may be right! I'll try looking into it more or finding someone to read it over that has no previous knowledge of the TV show.

Gah, I can't believe I totally missed that! Thank you for pointing it out -- you'd think learning about pathetic fallacy every year in high school English would've stuck with me better but apparently not...

Thanks for a great review!

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Review #7, by 800 words of heaven The One With the Wedding Dress

13th August 2015:

Woot! This is such a great start to the story! I haven't read a next gen fic in a while, and I'm so happy to have broken my drought with this one. Friends is a great show, and I'm keen to see how you reimagine it for this motley crew.

So I'm assuming that Molly is the "Ross" of the bunch and Charlotte the "Rachel". A budding romance already, or am I jumping to conclusions too fast? Probably the latter :P Molly seems like an interesting character, and I really felt for her here. Im excited to go on the journey with her as her heart heals and she moves on with her life, though. And it's great that her friends are along for the ride!

The only thing that I was a little sad about in this opening chapter is that we don't really get to meet any of the other characters. But as you mentioned in your AN, it is just supposed to serve as a quick introduction, so that makes sense that we didn't get much on them. I'm looking forward to it for the next chapter!

Amazing start! Hopefully I'll be back soon to read more :)

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm so glad that you chose my story as the first Next-Gen you've read in a while! It really means a lot :)

Molly and Charlotte are, indeed, the Ross and Rachel of the group. You may not be jumping to conclusions as fast as you think you are, don't worry ;) It really means a lot to hear that you're interested in Molly and learning more about the journey she'll be going on throughout the course of this story! I can promise you that, if you return, you'll learn a lot more about her and the friends that surround her, so don't worry! There's more to come about them.

Thank you so much for the review and I hope you return!

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Review #8, by TreacleTart The One With the Wedding Dress

11th August 2015:
Hi there!

I'm here for our review swap!

Oh! I do love a good next gen novel, so I'm excited to check this out. I was even more excited to realize that the main character was Molly because I hardly ever see her written as anything more than a side character. Kudos to you on writing her!

The way that Molly describes her love at the beginning is so sweet and optimistic. It almost makes me want to give her a hug and say "Oh, honey." because most people know that life doesn't really work that way...at least not after the honeymoon phase is over.

Then you move into her having her heart crushed by Elijah. I really sympathize with her. I had a similar breakup once, so I understand the whirlwind of emotions she's probably feeling at the moment. I do think that overtime she'll come to terms with the situation and realize that there was nothing she could've done to change it.

I do think that her calling out sick for a week of work is a bit dramatic, but I suppose that a lot of people are like that. Personally, I've always found that work is the best distraction from sorrow. It was nice that Lucy was so available to care for her. After a bad breakup is when you really need a shoulder to lean on, so I'm glad that at least one person was there for her.

This was really short, but I think it was a good start and just enough to get someone interested. Good work!


Author's Response: Originally Molly wasn't going to be the main character, it was going to be Albus, but I'm glad that I changed my mind because I keep getting compliments on my choice and how original it is. I'm glad you're enjoying her!

Ahh, I'm sorry that you had to go through something like that. None of my breakups have ever felt like that so I'm glad that it came across as realistic. I like to think of Molly as being over-emotional, which is why she chose to call out sick for so long!

I'm glad you enjoyed that chapter and I hope you might come back for more at some point! Thank you for the kind words :)

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Review #9, by RavenclawFTW The One With the Runaway Bride

9th August 2015:
Hey Kennedy! I'm (finally) here for the requested review. (Also BvB!)

So I still love this story! It's giving me weird realizations about how much/little I know about Friends (like I know tons about Ross, Rachel, Chandler, and Monica, but very little about Joey/Phoebe). So that's a weird added bonus of the story!

I think the characters so far seem really funny and interesting. They all seem so comfortable as friends and it's fun to read. I'm curious to know more about how they all came together, with Louis going to Beauxbatons and Elle moving around as a kid. (Is it just from living near each other? Is that how they meet in Friends? Another gap in my knowledge!)

I really like the background on Charlotte's wedding and how she came to Lucy. That's a great (and believable) adaptation. At the same time, I'm a little confused about Lucy and Charlotte's relationship. Lucy wasn't just not invited to Charlotte's wedding-- she didn't know about it. And yet, she calls Charlotte her "best friend" to Louis...that just felt a little at odds to me. It'd make sense if they were best friends at Hogwarts and have drifted since then, but Lucy just calling Charlotte her best friend outright seemed a little at odds with the situation (and it rather seems like Lucy and Molly are best friends?).

I'm picking up on some Lucy/Jonas (Chandler/Monica, right?) vibes here, and I'm excited to see where that's going. I love the crossword thing (and your clue!)-- it was a cute connection and a funny spin on the Wizarding world/Daily Prophet. I also liked the chocolate frog card collection thing, and I felt like that was a great way to introduce more of Lucy's character to us quickly.

Speaking of that, I love how you're developing the characterization without just a big info dump. The characters are talking with their friends, and Molly's reactions and comments let us understand the characters without you just telling us "oh, Louis is a huge flirt"-- that's very clear from how they interact and talk the whole time. So great job letting the characters reveal themselves through their actions rather than just dropping everything on us at once!

Also, I like how you're including Elijah throughout Molly's narrative. She isn't getting over him just because Charlotte Flint is around-- she's still thinking about him and trying to move on as best she can. I really like the details you included (like the cologne) to underscore the familiarity Molly and he shared, and how she's reacting to the changes around her.

Okay...I see other people have already pointed out the tiny typos in the chapter, so I won't bother repeating them. I think that's about all I have to say from this chapter. Great job! This has been a really engaging start to the story, and I can't wait for the next update to see where it takes us. :)


Author's Response: Hi J! I'm (finally) here with your response!

More will come out about the friends' pasts over time -- I don't want to bombard my readers with too much information at once, so it should all come out over the next few chapters I'd assume.

I've seen Lucy as the kind of person that latches on to others quickly. Charlotte and Lucy haven't spoken since Hogwarts, but she's able to easily fall back into that rhythm of 'best friends' which is why the phrase is used. I hope that makes sense?

Lucy and Jonas are supposed to be Monica and Chandler so I'm glad you caught that! I'm trying to keep Elijah in the story as much as possible until I can, eventually, fade him out. I didn't want Molly to get over her love that quickly, so I'm glad that you're liking that! Thank you so much for this amazing review and I'm sorry, again, for my lateness!

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Review #10, by ScorpiusRose17 The One With the Runaway Bride

7th August 2015:

I am finally here for your review! :)

I really liked this chapter! I liked finding out more about Charlotte and how the other characters interact with her and with one another more. I enjoy the banter between them all and like how personable they are.

I thought you did a wonderful job characterizing everyone. I like how they are all different, but their personalities all mesh together in a way that makes you eager to continue reading.

I have always laughed at the thought of a runaway bride and never really considered the meaning behind the reasons to run. I am glad that you included the background to that in this chapter. It gives me some insight to the differences you are trying to express in the sort of class system the Magical world has. I hope that makes sense.

I really loved how Jonas and Louis are more comic relief in this chapter. Molly certainly has some feelings for Charlotte, but I am not sure at this point if they are reciprocated just yet. I would imagine that they may, but it hasn't blossomed yet. The flow and pace were great!

These were the only two things I noticed. I will give you my thoughts on what I thought you meant after the sentence so you can see what I am meaning. These are some of the things I am more nit-pickish about.

"I open my mouth to fight him with my words, I fight Im guaranteed to win, when Elles bedroom door opens and Charlotte steps out." - I think that you meant A fight not I fight in this sentence?

"Her curls are pulled up into a high ponytail and her make up has been fixed..." Because you are referring to make up in a way of meaning cosmetics you would want to use makeup or make-up. Make up is more or less something that would be made up like a test.

Well I hope this review was helpful and I hope that another chapter gets posted soon! I really look forward to seeing what happens with all these characters and the relationships they have with one another!!

Keep up the amazing work!!


Author's Response: Thank you for all of the kind words in this review! I'm glad that my chapter made you stop and think, even if it was just thinking about what a runaway bride really means. I really love writing Louis and Jonas (especially Louis!) because I've actually found myself laughing out loud while crafting some of their dialogue! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well :)

Thanks for pointing those things out! Sometimes you need a couple eyes to catch those things, even after you read it through yourself. I've made the changes and they should be up soon.

I hope a new chapter will be out in the next week. I've already got it written out, I just need to polish it and stick it in the queue. I'll be sure to let you know when it's posted! Once again, thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by navyfail The One With the Runaway Bride

7th August 2015:
Back for the second chapter! I definitely see Ellie as Phoebe, Jonas as Chandler, and Louis as Joey; though I won't hold them to their personalities. I really think it's sweet that Louis remembers Molly's crush on Charlotte and hits on her anyway. And Lucy trying to keep everything in control adds some humor. I also like how you made her have a collection of chocolate frog cards.

Backtracking to the beginning, I think making Charlotte pureblood definitely sets up her background nicely. I can't believe I hadn't noticed her last name earlier. And if I was Lucy, I would be offended of not being invited to the wedding either; but unlike Rachel, Charlotte actually has her reasons.

A sleepover sounds really fun. I wonder if Molly will be able to get some alone time with Charlotte and be able to talk to her before Louis gets to her. And I love how you brought in the Muggle television!

I really like this part:
Are you a seer?

Lou, you know Im terrible at Divination. What the hell are you talking about?

Well, how did you know she was going to turn out so hot?
^^Definitely establishes part of Louis's character and was funny to read overall.

One minor thing I noticed:
"I open my mouth to fight him with my words, I fight Im guaranteed to win, when Elles bedroom door opens and Charlotte steps out."
^^ I'm guessing the second 'I' is supposed to be an 'a.'

The plot is picking up and your characters are slowly developing which is great to see! Hope you continue on with this story since it has tons of promise!


Author's Response: Yeah, you've got all the characters matched with their Friends counterparts. I think at the beginning they'll mirror their characters a lot, but I hope to expand all of the characters and give them their own quirks and personality traits so it doesn't seem like I'm fully ripping off this amazing show, you know?

I'm glad you liked that part as I loved writing it! Louis has been a really fun character to bring to life so far, and I'm glad others are enjoying him as well!

I'll go back and edit the small error soon. I'm shocked I didn't catch it on my read through, but I guess you can't notice everything! Thanks for the reviews and I hope you come back when the next chapter makes its way onto the archives :)

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Review #12, by navyfail The One With the Wedding Dress

7th August 2015:
Hi, stopping her from BvB! Ah, FRIENDS, I can never get enough of that show so I was really excited to read this. I like how you switched it up and made the cast with two guys and four girls instead of the even three-three. I'm guessing Molly's heartbreak is a reference to Ross's break up with Carol? I can see why Molly's so heartbroken... I mean four years is a long time. And I don't blame her at all for not wanting to help him move his things out. Lucy, seems like the Monica of the group. Maybe it's too early to make predictions but the fact that she was comforting Molly the most made it seem that way. And oh... Molly and Lucy are the Gellers... siblings and all.. wow, that took me a long time to get.

I have to say I really liked the end part when Jonas is like:
Uh, did it look anything like that?
The lines reminds be of both Joey and Chandler for some reason, haha.

Great start to a story! I'm already really interested. The chapter's short but I like how you ended it with Charlotte coming in with the wedding dress just like Rachel did.

Also, I went back and watched part of the pilot to refresh my mind and am really impressed on how not only you got the major events like Carol moving her stuff out of Ross's place and Rachel coming in suddenly; but small details such as how Molly really wanting to get married (Ross wanted to be married again) and the Muggle tea shop (their coffee shop). So yeah, great job with this! And can't wait to see where you take this. Even though the story is based around the tv show, I'm sure you'll pull a lot of original spins to it.


Author's Response: So, honestly, when this plot bunny came to me it was originally going to have Albus and Lily Potter as the main characters, but something about them just weren't clicking with me, so I changed my mind and went with Molly and Lucy instead, which I think is really helping my story in the long run!

Molly and Lucy are definitely the Gellers and Molly's break up with Elijah is a parallel to Ross' divorce from Carol! I'm really pleased that you picked up on that. This chapter was intended to be short (I actually got a little carried away and made it longer than I first thought it would be) as it's more of a prologue than it is a true first chapter. I figured Charlotte's introduction would be the perfect place to end it.

I've been spending a lot of time going through episodes of Friends so I can bring in not only major plot points but small nuances that make the characters and the story what they are. Don't worry, though, I am definitely putting my own spin on things! Thank you so much for the read and the kind words!

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Review #13, by nott theodore The One With the Runaway Bride

7th August 2015:
Hi again!

I saw that you'd updated this and I enjoyed reading the first chapter for review tag the other day, so I thought that I'd stop by and read!

This was a really good development from your first chapter, which was more of an introduction to the story, and particularly Molly, I think. I think you did a really good job of continuing on from the first chapter but still expanding the story and our knowledge of the characters without giving too much information so that it seems overwhelming. It can definitely be difficult to give out enough information to help us slowly start to get to know the characters at this stage in a story, but I think you did a good job! I liked the way that you weaved the details in with dialogue and description rather than just having one block paragraph which states each character's backgrounds.

I was really intrigued to find out about Molly's history with Charlotte Flint and the reason she was so struck by her reappearance now. I think I was right in my last review, saying that Molly seems to be the Ross character in this, while Charlotte is Rachel - I'm intrigued if things will work out the same way between them, too. But I really like the fact that there's diversity in this right from the start.

The explanation about why Charlotte ran away from her wedding was so interesting! I did wonder how you were going to work that in, especially since, if she's the same age as Lucy, she is quite young to be getting married, but I think you did a really good job. Picking that situation for a marriage was a good version and I liked the originality behind the idea, as well.

The dynamics behind the friends were really fun to read about - I liked the dialogue between them a lot, and the way that they all know each other well and are so easy and relaxed with each other. It's not easy for Charlotte to come into that, not knowing people as well and after just running away from her wedding, but at the same time she seemed to fit in quite well and everyone in the group seems nice and accepting.

Louis was probably my favourite character in this so far - his comments really made me laugh, and I loved the way he was teasing Molly deliberately and that he's so transparent in just wanting to eat the food from Lucy's flat, and all of the others know that. Little touches like that not only tell us something about the characters but their friendships too, and I really enjoyed the way you worked that in.

I'm intrigued to see what's going to happen next with this, especially since Charlotte's going to be staying in Molly's flat. This was a really good chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: I'm so pleased that you liked my story enough to drop by again! (And I'm sorry for taking so long to get to this review).

I was really worried that there would be too much information at once in this chapter, so I'm relieved that you think I just revealed enough and not too much. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't tie backstories into the actual plot of the story and just throw it at you like a block of text, as you said, so I've always tried my hardest to avoid that.

I figured an arranged pureblood marriage would be the best way to have someone young in a relationship that they'd run away from so I'm glad that you enjoyed that! As I write this story I learn that Louis is insanely fun to write! I'm glad you seem to like him as much as I do :)

I hope you return for the next chapter, which should be up some time soon! Your reviews really mean a lot.

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Review #14, by nott theodore The One With the Wedding Dress

5th August 2015:
Hi there! Here from review tag!

I hope you don't mind me choosing this story to review - I don't think I've read much of your work before and since this was the most recently updated on your page, I thought you wouldn't mind reviews on it!

Ah, I love Friends! I'm really interested to see what you do with this story - there are a few references that I definitely picked up on here, although it's not all entirely the same set-up as the series, which I really liked, because that makes it more clearly your story, and more enjoyable to read.

This was only a relatively short chapter, as you said, but I still think that you had a really good introduction and opening to your story here! Opening with that question pulled me into the story instantly - I wanted to know who was narrating and what was going so badly for them in their life that they felt that way. The fact that they're not at a very good point in their life right now kind of made me like the story and Molly more - not in a mean way, but because everyone has had those periods of their life when everything seems to be going wrong and it's easier to relate to in a story.

I felt so sorry for Molly straight away here! I like the fact that you're bringing diversity into this straight away, with your protagonist being bisexual, but at the same time I just wanted to give her a hug - I understand both sides of this, as Elijah left her for someone else, and that's difficult to take, but at the same time he's probably been struggling with his sexuality for years, and in a way she's lucky that she knew so early on and found the acceptance which he clearly didn't until recently for that.

I felt so sorry for Molly, though, because she's so upset by the break-up, and it's not just losing Elijah but losing the future that she dreamed of having with him. From what I can gather though, she's still quite young and so I'm sure that it's just the beginning rather than the start!

I really liked seeing Molly's group of friends, though! I like the fact that she's so close to her sister, too, because that's quite different to most stories - and I also picture Lucy as being someone who's quite forthright and loyal, so I liked seeing the fact she'd defend Molly here. Louis was great, too, and then the OCs that you've introduced, even if it's just briefly so far - I'm looking forward to getting to know more about them!

And the ending... haha, that was kind of dramatic, but tied in really well with the Friends inspiration! I'm interested to see how Charlotte ties in with the dynamics of the friendship group and how she'll eventually become part of the story - because if this follows the pattern of the series, that would make Molly Ross and Charlotte Rachel, right?

This was a great first chapter - I'll hopefully get to read some more when you update!

Sian :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you were able to pick up on the references - it seems like a lot of people have - and I'm glad you also feel like I'm trying to make this my own. There's definitely a fine line between being inspired by something and straight up copying it, so I'm trying to keep this piece as original as possible. I think one of the greatest compliments a writer can receive is that a story or character is relatable, so thank you for that!

I know there wasn't much on any of the characters, save for Molly, in this chapter, so it's really encouraging to hear that you're already interested in them! I can confirm they will be showing up a lot more in the next chapters, so you should get to know them better soon enough!

Yeah, I think this chapter is the one that borrowed the heaviest from Friends so I'm glad that you enjoyed the ending. Molly and Charlotte are the Ross and Rachel of this group, so you'll be seeing a lot more of them together in future chapters.

Thanks so much for the kind review!

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Review #15, by CassiePotter The One With the Wedding Dress

3rd August 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
This story looks like it's going to be so much fun! I loved this first chapter. You did a great job introducing your characters, and setting up the plot. I feel like I know Molly pretty well after just one chapter, which is a really good thing.
I liked that she and Lucy were close, and that they also have a good group of friends. I'd like to know more about them!
I felt bad that the story started with Molly getting her heart broken, but know there's nowhere to go but up, right?
That's quiet a cliffhanger to end your chapter with! I've only seen a few episodes of Friends, but I definitely could see some things in here that were inspired by the first episode of the show.
This was a really nice opening chapter, and I think you did a great job setting up your story.
Cassie :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's good to hear you got a good feel for the characters because I was worried, with how short it was, people wouldn't really connect to the characters enough to be interested, but it sounds like you are! There's more information about the rest of the gang in the next chapters, don't worry. I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it (and saw the parallels!) and I hope you come back to read more.

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Review #16, by RavenclawFTW The One With the Wedding Dress

30th July 2015:
Heya! I really like this first chapter and I'm excited to see where it goes. I'm not a huge Friends fanatic but I recognize a lot and it seems like this'll be a really fun story! :) Molly seems like a great character and I love her relationship with Lucy. I'm excited to learn more about the rest of the crew, though Louis already seems like a bit of a player!

Hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that even people that aren't huge fans of the show can recognize stuff. I think that means I'm doing something right! :) Louis is definitely going to be a bit of a player (I don't know how familiar you are with the show, but he's based off the character of Joey). I'm glad you enjoyed this and I'll be sure to update within the next week or so! Thanks so much!

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Review #17, by ScorpiusRose17 The One With the Wedding Dress

29th July 2015:

I am so excited to be back to review another story for you!! :)

First off let's just get this out of the way... Friends + Harry Potter = Brilliance! I love both!!
I recognized the chapter reference before I saw and read the disclaimer!

I like how this chapter is short. You need something to open and this felt great to me as a start to a new adventure. I don't read enough Molly/OC's so this is a totally treat!

I liked how you jumped into this story with the break up and carried it through to the tea shop with her surrounded by her friends. Is Louis her friend or are we talking about her cousin Louis? This would be my only confused question. I didn't see anything misspelled or really just odd or strange.

I liked the way you characterized Molly and her sister Lucy. Usually when I read stories containing both characters they are bratty know-it-alls OR they are just whiny and annoying. I was happy to see them stand together as humans and not falling into their normal stereotypes.

I look really forward to reading more of this story as it progresses!!

Keep up the awesome work!! :)

Author's Response: I'm excited that you're excited to be back! It really means a lot to me. I'm glad that you caught the reference before I even mentioned it was a story inspired by Friends. I'd like to think that means I'm doing a good job!

Louis is, indeed, their cousin Louis. It's touched on more in the next chapter but, as this was only a prologue, I just wanted to throw the reader right into the action without any real background on anyone, if that makes any sense. I don't normally see a lot of Molly or Lucy stories out there but, when I do, I do see what you've described so I'm pleased that you can see me standing out from the rest!

When the next chapter is posted I'll be sure to let you know because I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for the feedback :)

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