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Reading Reviews for The State of Grace Series
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Review #1, by pottered  this is the worthwhile fight

8th August 2015:
so i just /had/ to check this out because state of grace is my absolute favourite from red and i /adore/ jily sooo much (insert sobs)
ok so this was sooo cute, aww. and i can almost imagine them doing this because it just feels so like james and lily. also, the characterisation felt so accurate!
james bringing a cat home and cheering up lily almost brought tears to my eyes because, again, i love them so much (lol .-.)
then lily deciding whether she wants a baby in times like those, aww.
i just loved this so so so so much!!!

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Review #2, by iridescent this is the worthwhile fight

24th July 2015:
hey! i saw this on the forums and decided to check it out, and boy, am i glad i did! the first sentence, right off the bat, made me chuckle! one thing i really love about this is that it remembers the cat- the cat that’s so forgotten in a lot of jily fics, the cat that went off to who-knows-where after james and lily’s tragic death. and also JILY! my otp, in case you couldn’t tell.

i really love their banter in the beginning, really reflecting of their personality, and the way it delves into deeper topics, like a baby. and it was just so cute afterwards, and how james thinks that figaro’s the name for the baby, i couldn’t help laughing!

overall, i really thought that this story was so cute and fluffy and i’ll definitely be coming back to review more! i always love jily stories after they’ve graduated, when they’re already married, because all the cuteness just makes me squee with all the feels and fluffiness, and this certainly doesn't disappoint me in the slightest! (quite the opposite, really, the banter) ok but this was just me squeeing but ! loved it ♥︎

-ellie ☾

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