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Reading Reviews for danse macabre
21 Reviews Found

Review #1, by alicia and anne inviolate.

10th January 2016:
I know that you're currently answering your unanswered reviews, and I'm just going to be adding to them by reviewing your stories... so I have decided to keep them short so that they're easier to answer! YAY!! :D

Seriously Elisabeth, how are you so talented at descriptions and beautiful words?! I am convinced that you have sold your soul to the writing gods, or that you are one of the aforementioned writing gods and you're disguised as one of us mere mortals... or somehow both of these situations...

You write Tom so hauntingly, the way that he's still in her mind and in her veins is terrifying at just how deep he's got into her very being.

You're so amazing and so wonderfully talented and I bow down to all of your amazing talents!

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Review #2, by Slytherin Secret Snowflake inviolate.

12th December 2015:
First, YOUR BANNER! What horror awaits? Wow! Have mercy, I wish I knew how to make them. Then, your title... "Dance with Death" according to some translations. Quite chilling.

At the first paragraph, you begin the haunting by describing to us just what that is exactly. It is the Dark Lord that looks, feels, even TASTES like all the spookiness we've ever experienced and the cause of the prickly hairs that stand on end at his undying ghostly "presence."


Then your character, whom I never really cared for very much, is this perpetually tortured victim of his sick twisted mind. He is not dead.

As loved ones who have passed are still in our hearts, the damned despised remain in our heads. The opposite of undying love is what? Undying sickly poison?

Darkness blots this story and bleeds all over parchment page.

In 506 words, I am exhausted alongside Ginny.

Amazing 10/10 Horror.

From your Slytherin Secret Snowflake

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Review #3, by nia inviolate.

2nd November 2015:
(yeah, nothing else to say. just... wow)

Author's Response: thank you? i think?

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Review #4, by Roisin inviolate.

19th September 2015:
Yo! Tryna review all the Dobby nominees, and so stoked to return to this story (I read it before to make the trivia quiz, but it's such a rich piece that it can totally be read again and again).

I read this as a kind of Loss of Innocence story--almost a bit like "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" And I appreciate how you discuss the sustained trauma of Ginny's experience. That whole ordeal wouldn't be something easily shrugged off.

The emphasis on language here was also really nice (reconstructing phrases like 'sillygirl' and stuff), because her relationship with Riddle was a written one. It also makes the whole thing rather a joy to read.

There's also a kind of Shame thing going on, which I think is realistic. And while it's not written literally or spelled out, and more poetically transmitted, I think you did a fab job capturing PTSD.

I wish I had more time to devote to this review, because there's a lot to deconstruct/gush over, but rest assured that I love this story and will certainly come back to it over and over again!


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Review #5, by nott theodore inviolate.

18th September 2015:
Hello! I'm here trying to read and review as many of the Dobby nominees as possible, and I've heard so many things about this that I've really been looking forward to reading it!

For such a short story, you really managed to convey a lot with so few words. There were so many layers here - the story was so complex and there's so much going on if you really stop to explore it - and that really made this piece stand out.

Honestly, I haven't read that many stories that focus solely on Ginny before, and most of those I have feature her when she's older - during the war or just after it. It was great to see her here as a little girl who's trying to recover from a terrible, traumatic experience that she should never have had to go through. I think you captured her really well - there's a vulnerability to her character here that she doesn't show to the outside world after it's all over, and a desperation to get away from the memories of what's happened and what she did, even though none of it was her fault. All of that fits so well with what she would be thinking and feeling at the time and I really enjoyed seeing a more vulnerable side to Ginny; yes, she's strong and awesome, but there must have been moments when she just wanted to cry to her mum and be told everything was going to be okay, especially as a girl.

I think what really struck me most about this story was the way you managed to portray the lasting effects that the possession has on Ginny, even if - or perhaps because - we don't really see them in the books. The refrains that you included, the words that Tom had said to her returning and repeating themselves over and over in her mind, were so effective. It's like he took hold of her so completely that she can't get away from him even when he's gone, and she's taunted by him for his triumph and victory over her. He's just a memory to her now but she lived with him as a memory and knows how much power memory can really have.

I really liked all the small details that you packed into this piece as well, like the different objects and events that might trigger those memories and feelings for Ginny. The descriptions worked really well, too, especially the way that you used the imagery of ink on a fresh page, linking everything in to what happened in the first place.

I really enjoyed this story,and good luck for the voting!

Sian :)

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Review #6, by Dojh167 inviolate.

18th September 2015:
I've been wanting to read this forever, but whenever I open it up I just feel like I'm not in the right mood. Not sure what that's all about. Anyway, I'm here now.

Dark Ginny is my jam, and I'm so glad that you've written this story, and so well, too!

Normally when I read words as perfect that touch me as much as yours do, I would quote them in the review. However, from the very first paragraph, every sentence you write holds that power over me, that it would be the least informative review ever.

I think that the way you use language helps this story so much, as it is really reflective of the kind of power Tom and his words have had over Ginny.

I have always found Ginny a very fascinating character because of the darkness she experienced so closely at such a young age. I think that anyone who thinks that can just go away and she can pick up age twelve as a perfectly normal and healthy girl is kidding themselves.

Oooh - you've tapped into something really beautiful and interesting here: Tom was never anything more than a memory. To others this may seem like he is less threatening and easier to get over, but it's quite the opposite - he is still a memory and a memory cannot be killed. If he was flesh and blood it would be easier to vanquish him, but as a mental villain he can only grow stronger.

Okay, I still have to quote some things that I really super love:
"there is blood where her innocence had been"
"she is afraid to close her eyes in case he tries to make her dance."

Oh, Ginny and the dementors =( That year must have been horrible for her, and we hardly see it through Harry's eyes at all.

Ack, this is so good. Thank you so much for your amazing words.


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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell inviolate.

15th September 2015:

Your work is consistently fantastic. I'm used to this by now, or I am inasmuch as I can be. But I'm never quite prepared for what awaits me whenever I click on a story by you that I've not yet read.

This is incredible. Your use of description was amazing. I literally shivered, just now. You gave me chills.

I keep trying to go back and pick out some of my favorite parts, and I can't, because I'd just be copying and pasting the whole thing into this box. Every inch of this story is exquisite. That diagonal bit--that was brilliant. It really drove it home.

(harsh whispers; water droplets on stone; silibance)
--this part really stuck out to me, too. It's the perfect, horrifying combination of sounds to describe the Chamber of Secrets.

the Dark Lord and his silly girl, a freckled marionette on strings – and she is afraid to close her eyes in case he tries to make her dance.
--this was a great, terrifying description of what she had been through. Danse macabre, indeed.

You did an amazing job with creating those 'after' moments that are never really addressed. Poor Molly trying to comfort her baby girl. I mean, Ginny kind of fades out of the books for a while, and until she finally brings it up with Harry, it's easy to forget that she went through all this. But I can't even imagine how much it would have haunted her. You bring that haunting to life. The dementors must have been so terrible for Ginny--as bad as, if not worse than, Harry's experience with them. And the idea that she would have run into Lupin's boggart, that she'd have had to see it again. Oh, no no no.

But it was brilliant. You write the whole thing brilliantly, and I feel like I respect Ginny's courage on a whole new level after seeing this story. You brought her suffering out so clearly that it really makes the person she became all the more incredible.


(harsh whispers; water droplets on stone; silibance)
--I think "silibance" probably ought to be "sibilance"

This was written so skillfully--I'm so impressed. I really love what you did with it. Congratulations again on your Dobby nomination(s)! It's so exciting!

Wonderful job.


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Review #8, by manno_malfoy inviolate.

14th September 2015:
Whoa. Okay. That really was something different from ANYTHING that I've read before. I'm always uncertain about such short stories because I'm not sure how much of an impact they can deliver. But this did! Like a punch straight in the heart too, I must say!

It's just so haunting. The way you've written it, from the very first line, is so captivating. It sucked me right into this grim mood of the story until the end.

It's not all effective imagery. You've found a way, somehow, to still tell the story alongside depicting Ginny's struggle. AND IN 500 WORDS. HOW?!

I LOVED the marionette comparison. That whole passage is so memorable and so unique! And yet, somehow, even though she knows he controlled her and she couldn't do anything about it, there's so much guilt and self-blame that comes through. It's just so painful.

This definitely is such a beautiful piece! I can see why it's been nominated for a Dobby, and I'm so glad I've come across it! And I hope I'll get a chance to check out some of your other stories soon!


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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter inviolate.

11th September 2015:
Hi, Lisa! I'm frantically trying to get through all of the Dobby noms in very little time so this won't be a very long review, sorry!

This story was delighfully chilling. Honestly, I have goosebumps. The atmosphere you've created in just 500 words is incredible. Stylistically this is beautiful, the italicised words really create an excellent tension and helped me to really feel Ginny's fear.

I can definitely see why this was nominated. Congratulations!


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Review #10, by Ron 4 Hermione inviolate.

8th September 2015:
Wow, that was amazing. It's given me the shivers. I think the idea for this fic is an interesting one because the diary must have had an effect on Ginny, but, since the book's are from Harry's P.O.V, we never really see the effect directly, or how she copes with it so this is a really nice read.

Your use of description to bring the piece to life, as opposed to having loads of dialogue, works perfectly! It makes the peace a lot more haunting and really shows what Tom Riddle is like. I absolutely love the descriptions that are in the brackets, it makes it read almost like an echo which adds to the tone of the piece.

The tone of the piece is really dark and haunting, and I love the repetition of "silly girl" and "you let me in", especially when you've spaced it out near the start of the fic. It really adds tension to the fic, and since it's so short, it's impressive that you've managed to convey all of that in the fic.

Also, I think your characterisation of Ginny is amazing, especially since the fic is so short. With short fics I normally find it hard to get inside the character's head and feel what they're feeling but with this I did! It's impressive how well you've managed to capture Ginny's feelings, especially since she never actually speaks in this.

This is an amazing, haunting piece!

- Shaza

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Review #11, by DaaOne inviolate.

15th August 2015:
Hello there,

That's all the words I can master to write ! I'm shivering from what I've just read.. Poor little Ginny ! Those events would definitely leave scars, bad memories, nightmares..

Tom was never one you can get over, he has his own ways of infiltrating our minds and making them his own lair ! Once Tom is inside your mind, there's no way you can get him out..

I can see why you're very fond of this one ! It has a lot of feelings in it, but not a lot of words and it raises up a question I personally never thought of asking: was Ginny ever over what happened on her first year? I think she's such an amazing strong person but no one is that strong to just let it go that easily and you made that extremely clear.

I love this story. I just like short stories by default haha but I love this one because I could feel Ginny's fear, how her mind is tarnished with the memory of Tom and what he made her do through that diary of his..

Besides, this is well written ! I really like it ^^



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Review #12, by rosiful inviolate.

14th August 2015:
What was that?! Oh my goodness.
Amazing writing is what this is! I have no idea how you can write like this, but it is incredible. You had me in chills from the third paragraph! Your descriptions are so jarringly powerful, and the repetition flows perfectly.

I feel so bad for Ginny. I never really thought about how the Chamber of Secrets and Tom affected her. But, she would obviously be traumatized by what she went through. She was so heavily manipulated, to a point where she nearly helped kill several people. That's got to leave some marks!

I still can't get over how well you depicted it though! Amazing! Literally AMAZING!
(Also incredibly chilling/creepy -in a good way)

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Review #13, by cherry_pop94 inviolate.

20th July 2015:
Hello Lisa!

I am really into these super short one-shots lately, so I just had to check this one out! And I'm so glad I did! There were goosebumps all over me after reading this.

It really unsettled me, all the imagery you used here. Because I feel like so many people can relate to this feeling - the feeling of having been violated, abused, manipulated. Ginny's innocence was taken advantage of and now it's gone. Dark magic has tainted her the way violence touches people in real life.

I think you've really got a gift Lisa. You can make this fantastical, magical world relate so much to real life. I've noticed that in everything I've read of yours. It's absolutely remarkable.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I'm adding this story to my favourites!


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Review #14, by Mrs. Claus inviolate.

18th July 2015:
Hello, I was pointed here from the forums, and thought I'd stop by and leave you a little Christmas in July gift. After all, you lovely people have all been working so hard on this "House Cup" event, you all deserve it.

This was a very interesting look at a subject rarely explored, and I think you did a fabulous job. It was so haunting, vivid, and well written that I got shivers up my spine reading The words were powerful in the way you structured them, and I admire the ease this read. You, my dear, are a very talented writer.

The way you presented the trauma of what happened was lifelike and chilling. How she saw him in so many things, the dripping of water, ink on parchment, specs of read. Fear, I find, isn't always caused by facing a physical presence, but a internal one. That clearly shows here.

A wonderful, haunting piece. Now, I must be off, but first, if you could relay another clue for me:

Though not really a dog person, I'm in love with two.

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Review #15, by MargaretLane inviolate.

18th July 2015:
OK, I said I'd read that and I actually have some free time now, so I'll make a start.

Yikes, that line about him being "inescapable" made me shiver.

Poor poor Ginny. That part about it feeling as if he's still draining her is so sad.

It makes sense she would be quite badly traumatised by that. I mean she almost killed a number of people, including her one of her brother's best friends AND the guy she trusted with all her secrets turned out to be taking advantage of her and to be the most evil wizard of her age AND she ended up almost being killed. That's a pretty heavy level of trauma for an eleven year old girl.

Poor girl. There's a real feeling of permanence here, as if she will never recover from the trauma of what she went through.

And you capture the creepy feeling so well.

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Review #16, by TreacleTart inviolate.

18th July 2015:
Hi Lisa,

I'm here to review this story for my After Affects Challenge. I'll be breaking this review down by the criteria that I've used to judge.

Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation - The technical aspects of your writing were perfection in this. The way that you've formatted the story and the merging together of Tom's words added a really nice touch. I didn't notice any typos or mistakes, so good job there.

Plot Flow - This flowed very smoothly and was so easy to follow. Reading it was effortless because the words just glided around so smoothly.

Characterization - I absolutely adore what you've done with Ginny. In my head cannon for her, I've always imagined her damaged by her experiences with Tom Riddle as well. I think you've captured just how haunted she is perfectly and with such eloquence.

Emotional Effect - This was chilling, haunting, and in a way sort of creepy. All of the other entries so far have gone for sad, so I really enjoy that you twisted this into a different direction. It has sort of a horror/dark element to it, but it feels so appropriate for the subject. I think that is perhaps what stood out the most about this to me.

Covers Subject Matter - The subject of PTSD does definitely get covered, but it's very discrete in it's presentation. From your story, we can assume that Ginny has nightmares/flashbacks, anxiety, and paranoia, but instead of smacking the reader in the face with really obvious versions of each symptom, you allow her actions and thoughts to demonstrate what is going on with her. It's the perfect example of showing not telling. I think with this type of material that can be a really hard thing to do, so I was really happy to see how beautifully you'd handled it.

Notes - This entry is by far the most unique of the entries that I've read so far. Every one of the categories that I've listed above serves to differentiate it from the rest. This really was like reading poetry.

Excellent job.


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Review #17, by wolfgirl17 inviolate.

18th July 2015:
Hey Lisa,

This is such a powerful piece! I'm honestly awed by your skill with such an emotive, poignant story in so few words. Reading this one actually gave me goosebumps. Especially the line:
"her fear makes him immortal."

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I read it.

This is truly a haunting fic. Well done. You're a shoe in for both challenges you've entered it into, that's for sure.

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work!


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Review #18, by Flying mandarin inviolate.

18th July 2015:
Wow that is some really strong writing! I never gave much thought to the impact the diary must have had on Ginny, so this is quite interesting. And beautifully written :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for the review!

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Review #19, by bittersweetflames inviolate.

18th July 2015:
I love how there are two FIRSTS but I am third. :) I like third. I'm still in the top Five but I've not gone crazy trying to be first. Hahaha.xD Ohwell. :D

Anyway, THIS. LISA. WAIT. SO POWERFUL. My heart has stopped. Poor Ginevra. Poor, sweet, haunted Ginevra. All this time we've been talking about and pitying the horrors that Harry goes through when there are dementors but we forget that people like Ginny also exist and would suffer a lot from the horrors of their past. Anyway, yes, you managed to remind us how lightly we seem to think of Ginny in the later books but you imagine that she can't have had such a light time of her life as that.

So, this fic was really creepy. How have you managed to write 500 words and gotten into my head and gone all. BOOOM. YEAH. Here you go, here's a voice in your head and may you live with nightmares tonight. GAR.



(No can pick a favorite line, hunny.. They're all beautiful! :D)

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Review #20, by Infinityx inviolate.

18th July 2015:

lisa omg chills.

i don't know what to say?? as soon as i saw that first paragraph i remembered when you asked our opinions in the cabin and i was interested in this from that day and omg you finished it and it's perfect. idek how you write like this??

i think you said you were good at dialogues and thrived on them but darling your descriptions are overwhelmingly amazing and so easily written. they flow so beautifully and everything just fits together and i don't even know how you do this perfection

love the repetition. adds so much depth to this and so much emphasis and i could actually hear his voice when i read this... cold and merciless and just repeating those words

it's not easy to make me get chills from descriptions but you have managed it so perfectly you should be proud of yourself because this is way up there, a close second behind hamartia (bc let's face it, that fic is your baby)

there is blood where her innocence had been - this. i have no words.

Diaries may bleed black but memories never die, and Tom is immortality incarnate. He threads himself with the Fates’ gold and binds her with him – the Dark Lord and his silly girl, a freckled marionette on strings – and she is afraid to close her eyes in case he tries to make her dance.

i have tears. i really do.

i love how you repeat "diaries may bleed black" - it creates this eerie, creepy feeling that's absolutely powerful and omg i cannot tell you how much i love this fic (it depicts some terrible memories and strong emotions but i love it so much)

perfect ending. perfect words. every word really counts here. it's going in my favs. you're my fav 5eva ily

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Review #21, by BookDinosaur inviolate.

18th July 2015:

THIS NEEDS TO BE FIRST REVIEW. i will cry if i miss it. (curse you, erin.) but my lightning fingers have not failed me yet i can do this yes REVIEW

oh my god. oh my god ohmygod ohmygod. these are the only ways i can describe this. you remember how i told you a few days ago you should write more description? this is why. your prose is so gorgeous and i love it so much.

ahh, you know i love ginny but i suspect that i can never love her to the fiery hot degree of passion that you hold for her. i feel as though a lot of the later books and a lot of fanfic kind of ignore the trauma that she went through so early in her life, and people don't really stop to consider that this experience may have by all means shaped her that as tragic and awful and terrifying this was, it became a part of her and it influenced how she grew up later

and you explored that here so well. i kinda want you to write a full-length novel of second-year ginny sort of muddling her way through the year of dementors and trying, trying, trying not to let it get to her - failing and seeking comfort and being alive and i adore that you've explored this aspect of her character in this oneshot.

which, speaking of - this is so short, it really is. and the only complaint i have is that this is too short, that i want a novel of this out of you. i should request this novel from you. you explore her character so so well in such few words - how she felt, how she remembered tom riddle, the aftereffects of this violation of her soul.

i love that she narrows tom riddle down to objects, sensations, feelings - i love that even when he's not there, he is, because you can never really escape that. i love that there are some simple things, like a dripping tap, which never bothered her before and crawl up her spine now.

i love your prose and your despcription in this, the way that you phrase words to create an ~atmosphere. i love the way that you've explored ginny's character in this, and the way you had a look at how she might have been affected by tom riddle in her mind - it's an area of her character which is sadly untouched by canon and fanfic alike, and amazing fics like these is the first step to remedying that.

i enjoyed this story so much, lisa! thank you for writing it, you amazing human being you

♥ emily


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