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Reading Reviews for No Strings Attached
23 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Scorpion_potter three.

21st November 2016:
I love this story. Please come back to it. i'd love to know what's going to happen next.

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Review #2, by A three.

22nd May 2016:
Do you think you'll come back to this one? I think it's my favourite of your stories and I'm sure you're super busy but I'd be disappointed if this was the end! A xx

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Review #3, by Enigmaticrose4 three.

29th November 2015:
How come you have so many great, unfinished stories?

Author's Response: i'm a terrible person that's why

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Review #4, by nia three.

2nd November 2015:
oh my gosh they are so so cute! please don't hurt them don't let this turn bad let them all live happily together forever (in case you can't tell, this is lovely and i really like it)

Author's Response: thank you, i'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #5, by TreacleTart three.

31st August 2015:
Hello again!

I'm here for the final of the three reviews that you won in my After Affects Challenge. Not to mention, how could I stay away from this amazing story of yours once I started reading it.

Ugh. Scorpius is back with Albus and it seems like he's a bit freaked out. I'm glad he used the safe word since he seemed to be feeling a bit uncomfortable. After everything that Rose told Scorpius I could totally understand why it would make him feel used.

It's kind of sweet the way that Albus reassures him. I think Scorpius was a bit caught off guard to realize that Albus had been monogamous. I guess maybe they should've talked their situation out before.

I honestly can't wait until you write the scene where Scorp tells his parents about Rose being pregnant. I think it will be quite a bit for them to wrap their heads around. Add to it that Albus is moving in with them as well and there's quite a lot for them to take in. I'm sure that they will be loving and supportive though.

And speaking of living arrangements, I have to wonder if the three of them living together is advisable. It seems like Albus is a little bit possessive and Rose seems like there might be a possibility for her to have feelings for Scorpius, so I feel like things could get messy. I think it would be easier for Scorpius to keep both relationships semi-separate, but who knows. Maybe it will all work out just fine.

Anyway, this story is great so far. You do a fantastic job of writing believable characters in unique scenarios. The witty lines that you pepper throughout this genuinely make me chuckle and the pace is just right. You truly have a talent for writing and I can't wait to read more!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart two.

31st August 2015:
Hello again!

I'm here with another of the reviews that you won in my After Affects challenge.

Let me start this by saying that I wish I was as clever and snarky and quick witted as Rose and Scorpius. It would make life so much easier for me. :D

Scorpius and Rose's conversation over what to do was so amusing. I love that Scorpius really sits back and makes it clear that it's Rose's choice and he'll support her either way. That's exactly as it should be. If only things were that simple in real life. I also like that Rose wants him to be involved in the decision making because he is the father and his opinion is important. I liked that she didn't want him to get pushed into raising a child.

I definitely giggled at Hannah's reaction to a few of the things like the jazz hands and Rose and Scorpius' banter back and forth. She does a great job of being professional and non-judgmental. I'm not sure that I could've kept as straight a face as she did with the two of them snarking back and forth like that.

I think that thus far you've done a wonderful job of handling the pregnancy cliche. It's one that I usually avoid because it can be so predictable, but this is so filled with humor and sort of pokes a bit of fun at the whole scenario, so it makes it feel refreshing and new. That's a hard thing to do with a subject that's been so heavily written about.

Really great job so far!


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Review #7, by TreacleTart one.

31st August 2015:
Hi Elisabeth!

I'm here with the reviews you won in my After Affects Challenge. Sorry it took me a while to get here, but life got unpredictably hectic for a bit. Anyway, here I am and I can't wait to see what magic you work on this story.

Let me start by saying that I love the characterization of Scorpius in this. It's quirky and unique. I'm almost always a bit hesitant reading stories about him because I feel like too often he's cast as either the bad boy because of his family or the good boy trying to redeem his family. I like that you kind of ended up somewhere in the middle. I immediately see that he can't be all that bad if he's a Head Boy, but finding out that he's a bit easy and has accidentally knocked up Rose Weasley makes him so much deeper than the usual good boy type cast.

The banter between him and Rose is so natural sounding too. This sounds like a conversation two teenagers in a rough spot might have. I love that there's a bit of humor in it. The lessez faire type attitude that they both have works really well.

I think as far as first chapters go, this was quite successful. You've introduced the main characters, given us enough information to grasp the situation, and also given us a good glimpse into their personalities. You've also left me with enough questions to make me want to come back for more.

Good job!


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell one.

27th August 2015:

Okay, I have a general protocol of avoiding pregnancy fics, because, generally speaking, they're not my thing. However I have been convinced to make an exception for this one, primarily because you wrote it.

And the first chapter is hilarious! Ohmygosh, I don't even know what to put on the highlight real. Scorpius Malfoy as an emotionally self-flagellating Hufflepuff! You shouldn't speak ill of the dead (even if they contributed to an accidental pregnancy)! (It was, incidentally, only the second time the award had ever been given to a Head Prefect, the fourth time it had been given to a Hufflepuff, and the first time it had been given to a stammering, beet-red bisexual who had cast a Disillusionment Charm on himself the moment his name was called out in an attempt to melt quickly into the crowd and disappear.) BWAhahaha!

And then, of course. "We're adults"

"I've changed my mind. We're children."

Oh, the laughter has already started. That seems to be a positive sign of things to come. Excellent first chapter!


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Review #9, by Mr Penn one.

23rd August 2015:
Happy Birthday!

I dunno if it was the intended feeling but this chapter surely was hilarious. I just wish I was there to see Ron Weasley's face when Rose would tell him she was pregnant with Scorpius' child.

Coming to the chapter, really well written and some real nice imagination you have got here. Surely wanna read this story further. (Just a little request. Can you PLEASE add something about Ron if it is a part of the story)

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Review #10, by mymischiefmanaged three.

19th August 2015:
This is my favourite story at the moment. I love all your characters and how natural they seem. Scorpius behaves very differently when he's with Albus to how he is with Rose, which I think is really effective. Different people bring out different sides of us, and you've done a fantastic job of making that come across. All three of your MCs are lovely in different ways and I'm really excited to see how you develop their dynamic. Looking forward to your next chapter. Emma x

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Review #11, by ginnypotter242 one.

12th August 2015:
Oh my God Lisa, I am so incredibly happy that you did this you have no idea :D And of course, you somehow have the power to take a totally cliche plot and turn it into this amazing story that's still unique even with a cliche at every turn. I don't know what to expect from this!

Ahh, Scorpius! He's like a cute little puppy that has made some very unwise decisions. His award- that's amazing! "beet red bisexual"- that's difficult to say five times fast. I don't think I've ever seen a Hufflepuff Scorpius- I've seen him in Slytherin, Gryffindor and obviously Ravenclaw, but I think Hufflepuff has been mysteriously absent from the list. I like how you characterized him though! He's so sweet and stammering and I'm literally imagining him as a floppy-eared puppy.

And Rose, oh your characterizations of Rose in every story you write is just fabulous. She's so brash and dramatic in this chapter and I just love how she is compared to Scorpius' quieter, shyer side. (Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff friendships are just lovely, aren't they?)

Ooh ooh, I'm excited for this story. You have a talent for making expected things unexpected, and I'm literally in love with your writing. (Seriously, is that your superpower? Writing amazing things and the ability to make things unique in a totally amazing way??) I'm loving how you still get the different sexualities in here even doing a Scorose pregnancy fic! Gahh, Lisa I just love how you write all these characters so much. So much love right now :D


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Review #12, by magnifique11 three.

11th August 2015:
1. I have an ace Scorpius, but your bisexual ones give me life as a bisexual person, (bless his little Hufflepuff self).
2. Demi Rose is what I've been waiting for and didn't know I needed - she is perfection.
3. I'm really happy you put the full blood is thicker than water saying in here because it drives me up a wall when people use it incorrectly.

In other words, this is fantastic and it fills my queer feminist heart with so much joy. Thank you so much for sharing this story and good luck as you continue it - I hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: 1. ace scorpius is definitely something i can get behind and gives me life as an ace person (im'a check out your work now)
2. demi Rose is everything
3. ever since i first heard the full saying it's been bugging me when people use it wrong so i feel you

from one queer feminist heart to another i'm so glad i could bring you this joy. thank you so much for the review!

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Review #13, by BookDinosaur three.

11th August 2015:
LISA (just so you know, that was written with multiple Is and As. In case it comes out as just LISA, i hope you realise how i intended for it to be written)


so. so. so. this CHAPTER. i mean, you gave us snippets throughout julno through the cabin but this was still so AmAZiNG i honestly laughed out loud reading some of these exchanges. your dialogue is the absolute best and i aspire to gain your skillz

okay, first things first, i am a massive fan of all the scorbus. so much scorbus. i'm so glad that you tackled the issue of scorpius feeling as though he was the means to an end in this relationship here and didn't just let it fizzle away (although, i never expected you to; you're the brilliant kind of writer who's aware enough not to let this kind of thread fizzle). i love that this knowledge, or what scorpius thinks of as knowledge, impacts how scorpius feels rather than you just having him keep it to himself and feel bad about it and then not have it show in his behaviour towards al at all. basically what i'm saying is that i find the way you portrayed scorp's emotional state after that bomb fom rose so realistic and well handled and lovely and do you see what i mean when i say i ramble

the small diatribe about bumblebees was beautiful. i feel like that deserves a mention all of its own. just, these sentences: There was something delightfully Hufflepuffian about them, bobbing black-and-yellow blurs that just went about their business, bothering no one, helping the world keep ticking over in their humble background way. They were part of an innocent, bucolic image

and then there's what there is about rose being in love with scorpius, and is it true? i mean, i didn't think that her behaviour suggested it, but then i'm not an expert on behaviour, so. i'll just say that it's massively interesting to have a love triangle in this story, bc love triangles are something i always saw as A Massive Negative Thing and you're going to break down that stereotype one step at a time, amirite?

oh hahahaha, i was laughing far too hard at the conversation between rose and scorpius about their parents. i find that so relatable tho - like, i danced around labeling myself bi to my parents, and i think they picked up on the hints that i was leaving, but if i also had to come out to them as ace it would be far too confusing for them, probably, and then there's that whole stereotype that adults have with the youth "not being able to make up their minds" so i'm really interested to see how this conversation goes for scorpius and rose and their parents, hahaha

"Rose had a - a change of circumstance"
subtle, scorp. reeeal subtle

omg, draco and astoria walking in on scorp. OMG. and then trying to talk about it, omg. i am laughing so much. and i bet they thought they were being so clever by hustling each other out of the room once al arrived at the house, oh my DAYS. i'm crying

i honestly have no idea how much rambling and weird tangents this review has but what i do know is that my character limit is in the 2000s so i should prolly wrap this up really quickly

i'm so excited to see where you're going from here, lisa, so you should definitely up date soon (and on that note, aren't you glad we're skype contacts?? this way, instead of being limited to april and july, i can bug you ALL YEAR ROUND. i have no intention of using this gift in a responsibly manner >:D)

this was an amazing chapter, like always, and you should definitely update soon!

♥ emily

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Review #14, by merlins beard two.

11th August 2015:

just... the way you write the characters...

Rose is the BEST! She's such a strong-willed person but still doesn't like making decisions...

The stuff you had Rose say was just so brilliant! it really helped to get to know her, and it's just so unique and incredible and oh my god I love it.

So they're having a baby. Which is going to be great. Except that Scorpius is still sleeping with Albus. And that'd be a weird relationship for a kid to be born into.

I love what Scorpius said about seeing them both with and without the baby and not being able to imagine having made a different choice.

Are you done with the new chapter yet? I want to keep reading.

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Review #15, by merlins beard one.

11th August 2015:
Oh, so she's pregnant already, and she knows. Way to go avoiding terrible cliches.

And they're surprisingly relaxed about this.

And what about scorpius sleeping with Rose and Albus? Omg that's weird.

This is the second story I read where someone gets sorted before putting the hat on... and I can't believe I never thought of that. It's genious. Can I borrow that sometime?

I love this so far. Keep writing because I want to keep reading!

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Review #16, by Irishseeker two.

25th July 2015:
wow this plot is so great. I love Rose and the themes and issues you've included are really good to see and your characters are just so interesting. Rose is funny, smart and quite unique and she's really fun to read. Scorpius is so cute and innocent (haha, but not really). I can't wait to see more of Albus but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.
Brilliant work!

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Review #17, by UnluckyStar57 one.

23rd July 2015:

okay, so you know from the cabin that i am 1000% here for this. the teenage pregnancy cliche, overturned? yes please. now, i don't really like pregnancy stories--the whole concept kind of icks me out, tbh, but i think in the right hands, it can become something pretty cool.

you definitely have the cool factor going on.

first of all!!! hufflepuff!nerd!bisexual!scorpius is everything that i ever need in my life. i love scorpius's moral quandaries, and his "wanting to be a good person," which is why he's a hufflepuff. there's also the "lame hufflepuff" cliche overturned in this, because scorpius might be a lame-nerd-dork-geek person, but he's not actually lame. like, he has substance and characterization, it's just a fact of his character that he's like the lamest dork ever and he probably listens to mopey records and whines about his various existential crises. i love it.

that does seem hard, though, to balance your life between two people (especially since those two people are cousins). i guess it's just a fact of scorpius's personality--albus is his friends-with-benefits and rose is his best-friend-with-benefits? i'm sorry, i really don't know that much about these things. but if albus is the resident bad boy, there's bound to be some drama now that rose is pregnant with scorpius's child. that's going to be interesting to watch unfold, and i'm wondering if albus will actually stick around after he finds out.

hahaha, the award scorpius won is just hilarious. hogwarts superlatives are such a great idea, honestly, and it's such a scorpius thing that he would get all embarrassed about his "promiscuity" and run out of there really fast. embrace it, scorp! (poor guy. he reminds me of charlie brown a little bit.)

ooh, and i wanted to say kudos for overturning the "drunken lust" cliche that seems to accompany so many hogwarts pregnancies these days. a++ use of the cliche though, in that they were stupid kids and trusted a source that was outdated and didn't have much validity. (silly wm litchfield, trolol) is rose a ravenclaw? she must've been really in the throes of passion to not do proper research on the contraceptive powers of powdered asphodel, heehee. (although they really should've used a condom.) oh well, they've gotten themselves into this situation, and without it, there probably wouldn't be a story. so i'm glad for it, considering.

you do such a great job of writing next gen characters in all their wacky glory. i really love what you've done with them, and how scorose and scorbus can (kind of) exist within the same fic. this is brilliant, and though i'll have to r&r the next chapter later, i do look forward to it!


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Review #18, by BookDinosaur two.

23rd July 2015:
LISA omg you know, i added like a hundred As after that first one but the archives does this weird thing of cutting off multiple letters for me? so if you only get a capslock of your nickname you know why, and if you get the proper shouty LISA with several As that i delivered you, i just made something of a fool of myself by explaining something that didn't need to be explained. i don't know why i care so much about you getting a proper name-shout but I DO OKAY LISA okay right reviewing

i desperately want first review again i will settle for nothing less someone help me

omg. omgomgomg SCORPIS AND ALBUS. hot damn lisa, those two, i mean, it was getting pretty hot and heavy over there for a while.


i'm so bad at being serious. lemme try again

you've successfully made me want them to kinda be a couple? idk. like, i don't really know who i ship scorpius with but then if occurred to be that after being in fandoms and on tumblr and just generally on the internet, my knee-jerk reaction is to ship something when i'm presented with the option to, and taking that into account, to be honest i feel as though i woulld be fine if scorp came out of this story still single but a loving father and with two good friends, you know?

but i still totally ship all the scorbus.

i kinda think that yeah, rose might be demi, but if she has to think about it and say "in a couple of years, perhaps maybe i will love you" it might not be love, you know? i'm not sure, as i'm certainly not an expert on sexualities and romantic orientations, but i lowkey ship the scorbus as of now. we'll see where that takes me, huh?

"she’d known Scorpius since he was a skinny, asthmatic and oddly accident-prone eleven-year-old, and he could see that innocent image of him shrivel up and die in Hannah’s eyes within seconds of them arriving"

this line is absolutely pure gold, but you know what makes it even better? this follow-up line:

“and this unlikely-looking honey badger is the father".

like, omg lisa, is there any way to express to you how much i appreciate your humour? i do not think there is a way but know that i appreciate all of yo fine self

aw bless, scorpius has so much respect for rose and her uterus. like, most of this is because he's scared, but still, it's nice to see a boy going "you know what, this is your body". i mean i am obviously no expert on pregnancy issues, but i love that rose is pro-choice and doesn't know what her choice is, and scorpius is willing to do things for the baby? that was kind of very weirdly phrased, and yeah, the fact that he's willing to be a stay-at-home dad is partly because his career options are limited but it's just nic to see how they're handling this. i'm not making sense. i shall proceed

ahh, and THEY'RE KEEPING THE BABY!! yayay? it wouldn't be a pregnancy fic if they weren't keeping the baby, but i feel as though i needed to celebrate their making a decision either way.

oof, i'm really looking forward to seeing how albus reacts to this properly, because i feel as though it didn't really sink in? or maybe it did and all that pushing people up against walls was a way of hiding his emotions and idk i'll stop talking now.

and yeah, another thing i'm really interested in seeing is how hogwarts and the headmistress is going to deal with this - i mean, it must be against some sort of school rule to be having a baby while you're still in hogwarts and while rose is (probably?) overage, the governing body probably won't be pleased at this, and i'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with that :D

anyway, this has been a very long and very rambly review, as usual (i need to learn to make things concise? i really really do) but what you can take away from this is that i really enjoyed this chapter and your humour is the best humour, and also that i'm looking forward to seeing how rose's pregnancy affects everyone else :D

update soon, lisa!

♥ emily


Author's Response: EMILY MY DEAREST

its okay you called me LISA-- with a thousand As in spirit and i appreciate the lengthy explanation bless your soul

(also can we take a moment to appreciate me RESPONDING IMMEDIATELY TO A REVIEW?? who am i)

okay but yeah, albus and scorpius are kinda the definition of "hot and heavy" sometimes and i'm shaking my head at myself for making them like that because WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT THESE MATTERS? ZERO. ZERO THING. but idk i can't help it that these two losers have ~chemistry

the way i see it with rose is she's at that point where you kinda...~know that things are about to get Real with your feelings for someone? like it's the calm before the storm. the moment when you look at them a tad too long and you're just like "oh no, this is going to get bad for me?? soon??" so that's the sitch with Rose but i also don't know, at this point, whether it's going to be scorose or scorbus that's endgame. i know about as much as scorpius does tbh, or maybe marginally more. but only marginally

so yeah, we'll see where shipping scorbus takes you. we'll see what shipping I-HAVE-NO-IDEA-WHO'S-STEERING-THIS-SHIP gets me. its all up to you, scorpius. lead on

describing scorpius hyperion malfoy as an unlikely-looking honey badger is probably the single best line of characterisation i've ever done tbh

i struggled with that bit so much because that's more or less exactly how i feel about things and then i was like "but scorpius is a dude like he probably wouldn't conceptualise this the same way you would" and then i was "what is this GENDER BINARY BUSINESS you're subscribing to right now lisa. stop it" and then i was like "you're right, self"

albus's reaction is going to be explored more in the next chapter and yeah there's definitely an element of it-didn't-sink-in coupled with the fact that he's generally bad at dealing with stuff. i don't know a lot about this albus yet except that he's failed seventh year and is Possessive with a capital P

and re. the hogwarts thing, like, they're on their way out. they've finished NEWTs and they're more or less just sitting around waiting for the academic year to officially end so they can get on the train and leave and never come back. hogwarts won't even know, apart from hannah

you should never learn to make things concise because these reviews are a blessing to receive and you're my favourite and YES YOU'RE FIRST. FINGERS OF LIGHTNING.


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Review #19, by blackballet one.

18th July 2015:
Love it! Nice twist with involving Albus already. It separates itself from the cliche already with that. The characters were both introduced very nicely, and I feel like I already know them. I can't wait to see more!

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Review #20, by Infinityx one.

18th July 2015:

my cliche idea yas.

love the distinction between doing good and thinking about wanting to do good. puts the puffs into a whole other perspective. a person could just think that way during the sorting and then bam they could be a bad person in hufflepuff

so sneaky, so slytherin, such a different take

although it's not like Scorpius is bad he was just not assertive enough and stupid. oh dear scorpius you sweet darling fool

i usually don't like reading this cliche but I am so excited because goddess lisa is writing this and it's just amazing I love your writing so much

omg and a love triangle with a scorose and scorbus this is just another level and I can't wait for the drama and MORE JUICY BANTER YES

albus the bad boy what have you done to him i need to see more albus give me albus and your gorgeous writing

so excited

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Review #21, by maskedmuggle one.

18th July 2015:

I have to admit, there's a reason a cliche is a cliche, and I can't help but be drawn to a ScoRose story, and pregnancy often makes for an exciting and drama-filled story. I definitely think you're the type of writer that really gives everything you write a special flavour to it, so whilst I've read quite a lot of ScoRose pregnancy stories, I really like that yours already feels a bit different - the background story to it is already so intriguing and I want to find out so much more! I can't wait for Al to appear in this story so we can meet him and see what he's like in this world. I also think reading the scene of the seventh-year celebrations night would be so amusing! That disillusionment charm, haha.

So, your Scorpius. It's great that he's bi and has a link to both Al and Rose. Surprisingly, I don't think I've read about this triangle too much, even though now that I'm thinking about it, I'm sure there are a couple other fics featuring the three. Your dialogue is spot on, as usual, and the whole way you write just always makes for such an entertaining read. I'm genuinely interested in this fic and I do hope you continue on with this. I'd love to see how you'll continue to surprise me with the plot! ♥

- Charlotte

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Review #22, by Irishseeker one.

18th July 2015:
I'm really interested to see where this story
goes. I liked Scorpius and Rose and can't wait to
see Albus and what he's like.

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Review #23, by BookDinosaur one.

18th July 2015:


but i should actually review instead of wailing at you how much i want first review. that would prolly speed things up, yeah? prolly. yes. REVIEW. LIGHTNING FINGERS.

okay so i really like this, as you have probably assumed because, um, this is you and i love all your stuff. but i really love this.

as an introduction, this is beautiful - it sets up the plot, it introduces our hapless characters and i really really love the way that you've set this story up. the humourous tone already has me hooked, and i really want to read more about how this happened and how these idiots are going to deal with this and basically yes you are perfect and your writing is perfect and i am proud to call you my fiancée.

that introduction. i can't really c&p it here bc it would be way too long, but i adore how you've introduced scorpius. i really like that you brought out the aspect of you not having to embody the house traits but simply desire them in order to be sorted into the house - that's my headcanon for how peter pettigrew was sorted, and it's something that i really don't see much in fanfic so i'm super glad that you touched on that

also i love scorpius' symbolic stirring of the ashes. he literally tried to make himself invisible in order to avoid the crowd. i love this dumb dork so much already

and i love that rose seems to be so laid back about this pregnancy. that's definitely something i've never seen before bc usually the girl is beside herself with worry - and that is an appropriate reaction, for sure, but i just loved seeing this one as well

i adore that you're turning cliches on their head with this story. i love that we're going to see a teen pregnancy, but written by LISA, so obvs it's going to break boundaries and tackle issues and basically be amazing and hilarious and i cannot wait for your next chapter to come out.

have i mentioned that i can't wait to see more albus? i cannot wait to see more albus.

♥ emily

p.s - if this review is filled with typos, you know why. my lightning fingers sometimes sacrifice precision for speed

p.p.s - YAS FIRST

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