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Review #1, by Frankie05 breathe.

31st August 2015:
Sque. Albus Scorpius!! They are my favorite right now and I love it!

At the beginning of this story I thought that Albus was having qualms about coming out to his parents. I could understand the anxiety of that. But it's so nice to have Scorpius there to help Albus calm down who seems to have an anxiety issue- over stress and people pleasing probably. But it's nice that a touch can calm him down.

But the problem seems to lie in the fact that it is a Malfoy that Albus is dating and not the fact that it is male. Whigh is a better reason to freak out.

And how perfect are Harry and Ginny! Gah I love them. Ginny is in tune with the needs of her son and Harry just accepts Malfoy as a regular kid. He's all I'm Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you. What? Who does that?! Harry Potter does that. And I love it.

This was so good. You captured the family so well and the nerves of something that seems so big to young Albus. It was great! :)


Author's Response: I didn't clearly specify it but, in my mind, I definitely came to the conclusion that Al has anxiety issues so I'm really thrilled to hear that that came across to you. I tried to make the stress more about Scorpius being a Malfoy than him being a male because I tried to envision a more accepting future for differing sexual orientations.

Thank you for the very kind words and positive review! :)

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Review #2, by merlins beard breathe.

6th August 2015:
Hey there,

I'm here with your review for the Addicted to Albus & Scorpius challenge. Molly and I are working our way through the stories right now and we'll hopefully have the results up soon.

This was a really great read, thank you so much for your entry.

I enjoyed your story a lot, particularly that Albus was so scared throughout it all, and that you stuck with that. I found it really good that he didn't just kind of change at the end and suddenly was able to talk to his parents in that carefree way many fics end in. It's terrifying to introduce a new boyfriend/girlfriend to parents, even more so if you already think they won't like him/her.

Scorpius is so cute in the way he's there for Albus and helps him out. I love the calming effect his presence alone has on Albus. I love that Albus refuses to let Scorpius handle the situation, but that Scorpius steps up in the end and takes over when Al can't handle it anymore. That's what great relationships are like - knowing when to help and when to stand back.

I'm so happy with how the Potters reacted because honestly, I couldn't accept any other reaction from them as the truth in this scenario. I can't fathom Harry denying his children anything that makes them happy.

I think this was beautifully written. There were a few instances where I got confused with the times you used, but it may just have been my tired brain acting up. Nothing major thouh, and it really didn't disrupt the flow of this story.

I'm looking forward to reading some more of your writing


Author's Response: I loved writing Scorpius in this fic, so I'm glad that you enjoyed his characterization! I think the two of them had a really interesting dynamic in their relationship including, as you said, knowing when to step up and when to step back.

I think Harry's always been open-minded and you can see that just from the name that he gave Al so I couldn't imagine him reacting in any other way either. I'll have to give it another read through and see where you got confused and see if I can edit it up a bit!

I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for hosting this challenge and good luck with the judging!

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Review #3, by pinkpanther16 breathe.

28th July 2015:
What a lovely one-shot! This story was fabulous! Its hard to find good fanfiction in general, even harder to find good slash fics, but you were able to do both. Your writing is great, your characters are great, the storyline is great. The emotions and personality that you put into Al and Scorpius fantastic. Overall, I loved it! No constructive criticism here. I can't wait to read more of your stories! :)

Author's Response: Wow, this is such a great review! :) I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed this story and every little aspect of it.

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Review #4, by May breathe.

28th July 2015:
Really good story I loved the fact that they are so loving to each other

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm glad that their feelings for each other came across well in my writing.

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