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Review #1, by insertcreativeusername Hunter's Moon

26th October 2017:
Oh - my - GOD! This is incredible! I'm so into this and I feel like I've been reading this forever, and it's only the first chapter!

I really love the easy conversation you have between the marauders and James and Lily. It just flows and it's so...realistic? It doesn't sound like a thought-out, pre-planned conversation, more like a spontaneous, back-and-forth kind, like the ones in real life.

The relationship you created between Lily and James is one I am delighted to say, I haven't seen before! It's just so fresh and raw, I ADORE IT :)

The drunken Sirius made me laugh so hard, and so did James' line "Even if I have to wear a bleeding wig and marry you myself". SO PRECIOUS!

Your characterization is, to put in mild words, brilliant, and your writing style is mindblowing. Can't wait to see where you go with this fantastic story, pls update soon, and great job!

Author's Response: Hi there and thank you for such a sweet review! I'm so glad you liked the story! It's actually a one-shot, so it's a complete piece. :(

I do have other stories written in the Marauders era featuring some of these characters if you're interested:

Amaranthine, a James/Lily one-shot

The Passing, a Remus one shot

Nocturne, a Snape/Lily one shot

Full Bloom, a Narcissa/Lucius short story that spans multiple eras

The Enemy of my Enemy, a one shot about original characters set in the Marauders era

Crown, a one-shot about Alice Longbottom

Again, so sorry for the misunderstanding! And thank you again for your kind words!


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Review #2, by The Daily Prophet Hunter's Moon

21st January 2017:
I absolutely loved it!

I liked how it contained a lot of lighthearted banter in the beginning, and then turned into something a lot deeper about the reality of being alive when they would have been.

I loved all of the characterizations, and especially liked their interactions with each other, whether it was James and Lily or the Marauders together.

Thanks for the wonderful story! :)

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Review #3, by Zaphira Hunter's Moon

28th August 2016:
Loved it! It felt really "real" if you know what I mean; Lily in particular was more realistic to me than in many L/J fics. Would really love to read a sequel to this to see what happens and how they get together!

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Review #4, by Anonymous Hunter's Moon

31st May 2016:
i was wondering how you'd encapsulate the whole transition from enemies to lovers in such a short time, but i'm pleasantly surprised that you left it on this note.

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Review #5, by TidalDragon Hunter's Moon

4th October 2015:
Howdy! First of all, I'm terribly sorry for the long delay. Work took over life, I started volunteer coaching again, etc., etc., whine whine whine. But I'm here now and finally with feedback!

I really liked the patience with this piece which is typically quite uncharacteristic of one-shots because I felt it gave you time to make the characterizations - particularly between the Marauders and then between James and Lily - work. Done in a more typical length, the latter especially would strike most as odd I think given it's already October, but taking the extra time allowed you to paint the reasons while also making us FEEL more from James's perspective and accordingly get more payoff when Lily softens at the end. I definitely loved that a lot of the issues between James and Lily were misunderstandings too and the comment about them truthfully being quite similar as that's always how I've seen it in my head canon as well (except for the part where James was always into her and was serious throughout fifth year).

Just so I'm not focusing so much on them though, let's talk about the Marauders. Though I think all of us who write that era with James/Lily in mind tend to have similar "big picture" views of them (which were on show here), you captured two of the things about them that can be so essential - the banter and the situation/attitudes surrounding Remus's lycanthropy. Those were done MASTERFULLY here and I really enjoyed reading it.

If I had one bone to pick about the dynamics it would be that they did come across as "telly" on occasion, with either dialogue or prose revealing the deeper dynamics at play, but overall it was a minor point given it's a one-shot because a few of those instances were almost unavoidable given the format.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! Sorry again for taking so long!

Author's Response: Hello and apologizes for the delayed response :( I was stuck working extra this week.

Thank you for your very kind words! I thought it was interesting that you haven't always seen James as into Lily -- I definitely have, since he seemed to have such an emotional response to being turned down (rather than laughing it off or dismissing it). I was forced to stick to the big picture view due to the length constraints of a one-shot (and it was already over 6K so what choice did I have), though I tried to sneak in "quieter" moments.

I wish you'd elaborated on what telly means exactly, since I think I have an idea of what you mean, but I'd love to know more. I'm interpreting it as James and Lily openly discussing backstory that they should already know/coming off sort of movie-like in that sense, which I do agree with. It's an annoying situation to be in because I feel the need to make sure my audience is on the same page as me and my characters, though logically, my characters shouldn't feel the need to describe. It's frustrating, and I hope to have a more elegant solution to it as a writer in the future.

Thank you for your review :)

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Review #6, by SunshineDaisies Hunter's Moon

3rd September 2015:
Hello! Sorry it took me a while to get here! I got a little busy trying to be a grown up.

Anyway, this was such a treat for me! My absolute favorite kind of story, and you've crafted it brilliantly. I loved this so, so much. It was beautiful and honest and kind of heartbreaking but also uplifting and it included literally everything I care about in jily fic and so basically it's like perfect. And this review is probably going to suck because it's still the morning and I'm tired and very excited about this.

Characterization: Fab. You definitely nailed James, he is absolutely perfect. I loved his humor and frustration, and literally everything about him MAN THIS IS NOT A HELPFUL REVIEW. The other marauders are on point as well. I also really liked Lily's characterization, though I wish we had gotten to see a bit more of her softer side.

As for their relationship, I think you did a really great job! I normally prefer to see James and Lily a bit friendlier after fifth year, but that's just a personal preference. The way you've explored the relationship here worked really well for the story and the characters. (This is going to sound super ridiculous, but usually when I read things that approach their relationship like this I find myself thinking NO THIS IS WRONG NO. but I did not have that with this story because you formed the relationship so well!)

Also, bonus points for pointing out the muggleborn/pureblood aspect of their relationship. That's my favorite part about them!

Dialogue: It was perfect. It was totally natural sounding and hilarious.

Flow: I really liked the hard cuts between scenes! It worked super well for getting a few days of action into a relatively short story.

Okay and the last bit, starting right around the section about counting ABSOLUTELY FLOORED ME. Right until the end it's just like, perfection. It was beautiful and in character and just a perfect summary of that moment. Easily one of my favorite sections I've ever read. Ever.

Okay I'm sorry for this extremely unhelpful review but THIS IS FANTASTIC THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING IT

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review and sorry for the late response! I too was off adulting :(

Thank you so so much for the sweet things you said! I'm relieved to hear you liked James. My James is kind of an overconfident, but bumbling weirdo.

That's an interesting preference you have there for James/Lily--I hadn't really given it much thought. I guess it's so ingrained in fanon that Lily hated him until seventh year (you know...until they start spontaenously snogging ;) ). I also thought Remus said that James and Lily were only friendly after James deflated his head and ego a bit, which I thought happened in seventh year, but I could have my timelines mixed up. Nevertheless, that's actually really very interesting and thanks for mentioning it! I'm now imagining other Jily possibilities...namely shenanigans in sixth year with them as friends or perhaps frenemies. :) It's always cool to reinterpret your own headcanon.

The hard cuts between scenes is how I write all things ever, so thank you :) I'm too impatient to transition properly, I suppose.

YAY, thank you!! I was worried that part felt too random (I was apprehensive that readers would prefer the spontaneous snogging or more romancing or something), but in my head, it's always been about his friends for James. He's so fiercely loyal. And I wanted to end on that note, and bring back some realism with the war and stuff.

Thank you thank you for reading

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Review #7, by Crescent Moon  Hunter's Moon

21st July 2015:
I loved this. It was such a nice change to the usual James/Lily relationship, I loved how it was the beginning of a slow start to their relationship where they're becoming friends. I may have fallen a little bit in love with your James and Sirius was just brilliant, so funny. You're an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it :) I'm especially happy to hear you liked James -- I have a bit of trouble with male protagonists. Thanks again for reading and the kind words :D

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Review #8, by justonemorefic Hunter's Moon

19th July 2015:

Sirius is so excited to lose both his hands. I love how absolutely stunned he is that his friends don't want to. He is just TALKING THROUGH James and Remus I LOVE THIS. I don't know what you mean, Celeste, when you say you can't do humor because you do it in this awesome subtle snickering way--SIRIUS ARE YOU STILL THERE. Calling down from the staircases like a banshee.

OH. SNAP. Lily telling it like it is. You’ve done nothing to deserve it. All the other Prefects have been cleaning up the mess you and your friends have been making for years, and suddenly they’re supposed to listen to you.” I LOVE IT. I love that this is addressed. I have no idea if this is normally addressed but I love that Lily takes this so seriously because, I would too, Lily. Oh how bitter I'd be if some snotty Potter just swooops into the same position as mine, as if he's done! The work! To deserve it!


REMUS ;-; I am vaguely interpreting this the Sirius/Remus way jsyk. But also James is so precious omg I’ll make sure of it, even if I have to wear a damn wig and bleeding marry you myself. Bless. I do love James when is he fierce about his friends.

Awww, they're finally getting to know each other. I can feel the weight of the war talk; you always know how to handle heavier subjects just right. It's never purely terrible and grim; I can tell these are teens living in a war, who don't quite know what they're getting into, who don't know how to talk about it, who are seeing soldiers and deaths for the first time, who are unsure of how fearful they should be.

Omg the crush talking, it's so awkward and cute and I love that Lily kind of had a thing for Snape and Sirius briefly because everyone has those two week infatuations and I never understood why those hardly ever get mentioned?? “Hell, even Peeves would fancy the two of us if he spent enough time with us.” / “Thanks…I think…” I love how unabashedly weird your James is, like he's not at all charming here, he's just socially awkward it's wonderful.

Also 'In apology, I offer you any vital organ you like, except my liver, since that’s the only one I use these days.' and 'What d’you mean ‘we’? You’ve been gabbing away, all on about your undying love for a man who hosts a dandruff colony on his head.' He is too much.

Ugh, the end ;_; It's a bit of a serious note but you're so good at them. I looove how you wrapped up the Marauders with the counting of the days and their animagus forms (poor Peter). Here, especially, I see how their forms reflect their personality.

You've always been my favorite slice-of-life writer because you know how to write growing up and leaving us that anticipation for the future while also enjoying the present. A little hope, a little dread, a lot of life. ♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH CELESTE. I'M SO GLAD YOU FINALLY WROTE THIS :333

Author's Response: Ok. Finally. Responding to this.

Thank you for the review! Seriously, I hope you didn't feel obligated to do it. I just wanted to write a thing for you and the thing ended up being this thing.

;___; you're so nice when it comes to my humor. Thank you for humoring (har har) me! Also, yes, Sirius has to repress his love for arsony 90% of the time, but refuses to do it for Jily related reasons (the worst reasons, according to him). He would happily lose a hand or two (or three--he's more than willing to sacrifice the hands of the other boys) in the pursuit of mischief.

Lily is my spin on like...being pissy, but being pissy for a good reason. That's where I think she gets totally ruined in fanon by being turned into a ginger scream machine.

I'm not much of a Sirius/Remus shipper but I have no qualms if you wish to interpret it that way. More of Remus/Tonks and Sirius/Lack of sanity shipper myself.

Yeah! James is supposed to be awkwardly charming. Like I don't think people who are super charming in fiction can be that charming in real life. What does a normal person even say to nonstop witty retorts and dangerous levels of bombast? There would just be eye rolling and awkward silences, which is what I was trying to go for. James imo was way too fun to be a soapy romantic hero; he would have to win Lily over his way and that may or may not include a lot of stupidity and puns and such.

Poor Peter indeed. Sometimes JKR really isn't that subtle with who she screws over. Here's Pettigrew, the future traitor, the least physically attractive one, least intelligent one, barely got into Gryffindor. Also, his animagus form is a rat! I tried to make him seem more human though, what with his own fears/hopes/girlfriend, etc.

Ily Gina, thank you for reading and thank you for always being super lovely, funny and supportive!

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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 Hunter's Moon

13th July 2015:
Hello! I'm quite delighted to get first review on this, because it's a great story and I kind of love it. :)

Wow, this is the kind of Marauders that I like to read. I'm a big fan of Jily and WolfStar, but it's difficult for me to find a Marauders era story that I can stick with for any length of time. There are so many things that can go wrong when writing Marauders, things that don't ring true with the characters, things that end up being bombastic and completely nonsensical.

This story had none of those things. The characters were so lovely, and they were so close to canon. Like, I want this to be canon.

Lily-She's beauty, she's grace, she's aloof and James can't stand it. It is fitting that she would have her reservations about James as Head Boy, and the bit of open hostility that she showed him after that Prefect's meeting was really well done. She's not a delicate flower, but she isn't the stereotypical redhead with a fiery temper whose favorite pastime is picking fights with James. She's wonderful, and I love her.

Remus-Um...perfect? When he was discussing how he could never have a wife and kids and he was so annoyed with Sirius... Oh man, that was a feelsy moment. However, I detected a bit of WolfStar in that, because he was a little too angry about Sirius flirting with those girls to only claim a headache. But I don't want to assume WolfStar if that's not what you had in mind, so I'll leave it at that for now. Remus is so incredible in this because his concerns in canon really show through here without being melodramatic. It's incredible how you managed to find that balance with him!

Peter-A PETER THAT'S ACTUALLY PRESENT, OMG!! I'm sure you know all too well about the unfortunate amnesia that some authors seem to have about the Pettigrew boy, and I'm really not okay with it. Your version of Peter was brilliant--able to quip and joke with his friends, but in a lesser way. He was truly "in" the Marauders, not just a towel boy or something, but he was not quite as smart as Remus or as dashing as Sirius or as obnoxious as James (well, when James was obnoxious circa fifth year or so). So he gets sidelined a lot, and I'm just so happy that you didn't sideline him for this story!

Sirius-Oh my goodness, how perfect. I know I keep saying that, but you've just taken JK's version of these characters and expanded them in the best way possible. He's such a ridiculous character in general, expecting James to entertain him, wanting to pull pranks and sneak out to Hogsmeade. I almost suspect that he knew about how annoyed Remus was about those girls and did it just to further annoy him. Don't get me wrong, I love Sirius Black, but he's kind of a pain sometimes. You really did that part of his character justice. :)

James-Just...yes. He's brilliant. I love him. The conflict between him and Lily, the way he says he's moved on (when maybe he thought he had, but he obviously hasn't), the way he tries to make amends with her. Oh yes, it's all beautiful. And he's so loyal to his friends, especially at the end when he leaves the Feast to spend Halloween with his friends. (By the way, poor Remus for having to spend the last Halloween of his school career howling at the moon.) I love that he finally managed to get Lily to talk to him, but he wasn't overbearing or pushy about it, as so many stories portray him. If he's truly undergone character growth, shouldn't he be past the "I'm the best Quidditch player at Hogwarts so Evans would love to go out with me" stage? Yes, I think so. *sigh* I just love all of them.

This quote: She rolled her eyes. “And when did you become such an authority on broken hearts?”

“Since I met you.”

JUST BREAK ME, WHY DON'T YOU?!?! Arggghh, that was just such a volatile moment, and there are feelings and I just can't handle them... Oh my. It was beautiful. Please say that you're writing more Marauders (or have written some in the past--I must check out your AP because you've written quite a few things!). I need more of your Marauders.

The subtle bits of humor, especially in the end, almost helped me get over the aforementioned moment. Especially the dancing pumpkins. :) That being said, I did like that his loyalty was to his friends first. Love--and Lily--can wait, because they're OTP and that's bound to happen soon. (Again, do you have any plans for a continuation of this so that I can see the moment when Jily finally happens? It would be beautiful, I'm sure.) I loved the way you described the friendship that the boys have built up over the years, and while none of them are without their faults, they are better together than they are apart.

Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece. And please don't be a stranger to HPFF. Your work is lovely, and I want to read more from you very soon!


Author's Response: Hi there!

First of all, thanks so much for this review. I read it today and smiled a lot. It was a bright spot through a pretty rough day.

Thank you for all the sweet things you said with regards to characterization. I'm fairly picky to what I read when it comes to this era myself. Jily was once my OTP, and after I saturated myself with the pairing, I realized there were a lot of tropes that the fandom's somehow adopted. Like you said, perpetually angry Lily, jerkface James, and the mysteriously never there Peter Pettigrew tropes are once I've definitely tried to avoid. I tried to keep James a bit of a jerk; I don't think his transformation ended with him turning into a saint, but he's still charming, irreverent, funny, and attractive (I hope). Once I figured James out, the other three sprung to life pretty easily.

As for your mentions of WolfStar, I'll admit I don't really ship them (I shipped Remus with Tonks, and Sirius with an OC, and also with nobody), but I have no qualms about my readers interpreting it that way. Read it as WolfStar if you like--it can absolutely be WolfStar if you want. There are small traces of lots of Marauders ships in this one-shot: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Peter/OC, and even Sirius/Lily. I've read all of these ships and they're all a big part of Marauders fanon, so it was fun alluding to them in one way or another :)

I have indeed written quite a lot--a consequence of being on HPFF for 6 whole years. :) If you don't mind reading more of my writing, I'll be happy to list those on my author's page that were either set in the Marauder's era or featured those characters. My personal favorite is 'Amaranthine', which I think you may enjoy because it's entirely a Jily story. It's much more somber than this story as it tracks the months before their death, and since it was written about 4 years before this story, the characterizations are a bit different. If you want to see more of Remus or Sirius, I have a one-shot called 'The Passing', which chronicles their reunion after Sirius breaks out of Azkaban. It certainly also has some WolfStar potential, I'd wager. I have three other stories that are set in this era: 'The Enemy of My Enemy' is sort of my interpretation of female Marauders and closely matches the tone/humor of this story; 'Nocturne' is a Snape/Lily ficlet with some of Snape's musings; 'Full Bloom' follows Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy through the first wizarding war to give some opposite perspective of what the war may have been like. Sorry for listing out all my stories--I hadn't really thought of how many there were until I saw it all typed out!

Again, thank you so much for this incredibly kind review. I'm very grateful for readers like you. I revisit reviews like this in times of doubt or anxiety. And I promise, I'm never a stranger to HPFF for long--it's been my writing home and will be for as long as its doors are open. Thanks again :)

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