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Reading Reviews for Mistaken for Strangers
68 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Lady Plume James Gets A Happy Ending

19th January 2017:
I rarely review stories but I had to this time. I really loved how different this story was from the normal James/OC. I loved how the main characters behave like normal people but have their quirks (that are realistic for once). I also really liked how calm the whole story seemed; there was no unnecessary drama or abrupt new plotlines. Being quite a bit older than the characters in the story, I was grateful that the plot and characters were mature and that there wasn't any juvenile hormone-related behavior. Your take on James was refreshingly different. I was greatly amused and even inspired to hit the library and read for my upcoming exam. So thanks for that and the story!

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Review #2, by AbraxanUnicorn James Gets A Happy Ending

14th November 2016:
I love your different approach to James's character :)

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Review #3, by coolcoolcool James Gets A Happy Ending

21st July 2016:
This was very sweet 😊

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  James Gets A Happy Ending

1st July 2016:
I love this story so much.
It's just so sweet! It has to be my favourite ever characterisation of James II. It just fits in with the whole family perfectly. And Anna is amazing as well. I loved everyone which never normally happens with me. And somehow you managed to make every character fully developed and three dimensional even if they were barely in it which is incredible.
I really can't wait to read more of your work. This was just so good!

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Review #5, by Endless_Forms James Gets A Happy Ending

22nd March 2016:
This entire fic is adorable and I've really enjoyed reading it. It was lovely to see philosophy in a magical setting! Thank you so much for the time and talent you put into this!

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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 James Attends a Party

19th February 2016:
Hi there J!

Here for the BvB. I know you asked for reviews on some of your other stories, but I'm really getting into this one, so I hope it's alright.

“Is a creature magical because it is capable of magic, or is a creature magical because it has been created by magic?” James recited, nodding. “And going off of that, how should the treatment of magical creatures be affected by the outcome of this? But I really liked how Kant introduced the categorical imperative and how it influenced his views of Muggle-wizard relationships. Not to mention how Rawles applied the veil of ignorance to that view-”

Oh. My. God. I can't with the nerdiness. Be still my heart. I think my OTP might be nerding out about magic and WHAT you made Shakespeare a WIZARD?! I can't even. But it makes SOOO much sense. And your James is just so lovable I need more lovable James.

And poor, poor Rose. She is just so bad at pranks - and a bit too gullible for her own good. She should know never to believe Fred when it comes to jokes and WWW products. I'm so, so glad James was there to save her. That prank was in a bit of poor taste (b/c Rose is just a bit clueless) and I don't think a lot of the kids really got it. And I think I feel even worse for Scorpius. He seems like such a nice guy in this story - and he doesn't deserve this :(

Of course Fred doesn't know which twin.

I can only hope that James's family comes to his side when he needs them just as much as he does for all of them. He really deserves it!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by oldershouldknowbetter James Talks to a Girl

15th February 2016:
Even when James wants to he finds that he cannot escape his large family – it’s little touches like this that make this story.

After all the ‘casual’ encounters – let’s just call them what they actually were, mere sightings – of the previous chapter, James has actively gone in search of the girl. It is not a big leap of logic to think that the ‘Reading Ravenclaw’ might be found in the Library. Why is he so attracted to her, is a question that not only your readers ask, but your protagonist asks it of himself. He is attracted somewhat by her beauty - odd grey-blue combination, a storm swirled together around her pupils. - as a description of her eyes is lovely. But there is also something more about her, and something beyond the ‘her indifference is an attractor to someone who is rarely ignored’.

She makes it difficult for him though. She does not want to be disturbed for a trivial matter – we get the opinion that she has been disturbed often in this crazy place that Hogwarts must be. She is not hostile, but she is direct and blunt. When she sees James is set on continuing the conversation she isn’t rude towards him, but provides appropriate responses until he will be satisfied and go away. A daughter of scientists, I’ve seen the device used before and it’s a good fit for a student who has a desire to have some more rational basis to the illogicality that magic certainly is. We also finally learn her name, Anna.

Crucially, out of all the exchange, the most important thing is that she has misheard his name.

I had to laugh that the first exchange between Rose and James was the same as in the first last chapter, just shifted for year. And we also see the introduction of Scorpius. I love it. I can see that James and his story will be front and centre in this tale, but you have demonstrated that there have already been lots of other people’s stories occurring in the background. I look forward to a bit of hate-turns-to-love Rose/Scorpius deliciousness to come.

We now see another side to James – he is also patient. Happy enough to sit and read until Anna tunes back into the world enough to notice him. She is reading philosophy again, not a surprise, but it is a revelation what James is reading. There is a lot more to James than what his surface might show.

As always, all throughout this chapter and the last, James is forever being drawn away from his encounters with Anna by the mysterious presence of Fred. Such a catalyst for action, his effect upon the story is inversely proportional to his physical presence.

But this next time it’s Rose and Scorpius once more, ‘getting into it,’ that drags James away from the contemplation of Anna. One thing that I don’t get, what house is Rose in, Slytherin is it?

What you’ve done I see is to have the majority of Muggle philosophers be wizards as well, is that correct? I’m not sure if I am in complete agreement with that, if it is in fact your case, because, the knowledge of the existence of magic would surely skew someone’s philosophies. It would have a big bearing upon the Social Contract say, let alone Hobbesian thought – where all humans obey the same physical laws as all other matter: magic defies the very nature of a lot of those philosophies. So I don’t really see that all the people that we would know as Philosophers would be wizards as well. It could be a small point, and it’s early days in your story yet – you say you are going to develop the theme of philosophy so I will wait to see what you do with it.

The next we see that James has thrown a sort of brunch for his extended family, but his efforts at bringing all the family together fly in the face of their very natures and it splits up; much to his disquiet. It is interesting to see that it is Rose and Lucy who do the screaming and yelling and it is disappointing to me that it isn’t over Scorpius. *sigh* his time will come and probably be the better for it of having Logan first. Hopefully he will turn out to be a cad, especially with two fiery Weasleys interested in him. The Weasleys explode and scatter, but Anna – a surprise find in the kitchens for James – is unaffected by the hullabaloo as usual.

It is so good to see that James is not a book-wrecker, returning his books in pristine condition. Being such a person myself, I can relate. I can also relate to the ethics of Magic vs Muggles, as it’s something that I have thought of myself. It would be so easy (and you can see in certain streams of pureblood thinking, it is) to think oneself and your concerns greater than the mundane ones that surround you if you were a wizard. I will be interested to see how you develop all of this.

James once again plays peacemaker. He finds out that Logan is not a cad (blast for my Scorose hopes) and has a word with Lucy, telling her to pull her head in. I like how everyone defers to him and respects his judgement. And it does appear that Rose must be in Slytherin as that’s where Lucy goes to apologise to her and amend the rift between them on James’s instructions. It is an interesting twist to find your placement of Rose and Scorpius, I cannot wait to see how that plays out for their differing characters.

Once again an interesting but long chapter. I agree with you, there is nowhere good within it to split it up into smaller sections. Sometimes you just have to write what you will and hope that the audience goes along with you. I certainly will, but I have to say that this will be the last of my ‘not-so-secret-cupid’ reviews. I hope you like them and that you liked the painting.


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Review #8, by oldershouldknowbetter James Meets A Girl

15th February 2016:
I have read a few stories now that start off with James crashing into someone; moreover, a person who becomes a ‘significant’ other. Sometimes it can be Albus who does the crashing, but mostly I have seen the more rambunctious James come into the story with a crashing introduction.

Hi there, I’m here for a bit of a belated-not-so-secret-cupid. I can only apologise for the lateness – I was given to understand that Professor Lockhart had passed along the message that over the time I should have been doing all of this, I was struck down by Campylobacter. I wanted to review one of your stories and knew of this one because it pops up on my saved ‘Rose/Scorpius’ search. Now onto the review.

The crash serves as a good little introduction to your three main players with a recurring pattern that will reverberate throughout the rest of this story and, funnily enough, set the basic parameters of their characters. I do say three because even though we don’t see him, Fred gets a mention and that’s basically all he gets. Fred will loom large throughout the story to come as an agent provocateur that forces the hand of James to help him/interfere on his behalf/rescue him.

James we see is polite and helpful. He is charming with a sense of himself that seems to have a kind of self-assured confidence. And the girl piques his interest - James was not used to this kind of treatment from anybody, much less from some random nerd.

As for the girl … we shall have to see. Beyond being extremely bookish (to the point of obliviousness) we know little. So let’s delve into some more of these encounters.

The second one tells us that James is a Quidditch player, of some fair skill and that the machinations of Fred are as likely to ensnare James as much as himself.

The third encounter sets the time for us and introduces us to his younger brother, Albus. James must be 14/15 or so and is in fourth year. We also see that he is a helpful, lovely older brother, what with his advice to his lovelorn younger brother.

The fourth encounter introduces Rose (one of my fave’s) and I do so like to see a feisty Rose. James we find out is not only a source of help within his immediate family, he also helps out others in his large extended family too. He is a peacemaker; I’m really starting to like this James and it seems that for once, Fred didn’t bring James down into ignominy with him.

The fifth encounter introduces us to Lucy and we find that not only is James a peacemaker (a really wonderful peacemaker apparently) he is also smart too. ’James was a notoriously excellent student … nobody could recall ever seeing him do any homework.’ He will also give up his time to help out his cousin study, just so that she will help him help another cousin not to be angry at a different cousin. James is a super nice guy.

The sixth encounter is back at Quidditch. I do so like how you don’t make the Gryffindor team the best – it’s something that I have to struggle against in my writing. Also, was Fred juggling the third year girls? It caused me a tiny bit of a re-read to make sure he wasn’t. James, along with everyone else gets caught up in Fred’s shenanigans. The girl though is still a mystery and is still bloody reading! Hey James, we are with you on that.

And it brings up the only cc I have about the whole thing – I thought that the Quidditch schedule was structured such that no teams played each other twice. That there is no final as such, instead there are six games throughout the year, each house playing each other house once and the overall winner is determined upon points accumulated throughout the year. You certainly seem to have the latter, but both games you mention in this chapter have the same two houses playing together.

This whole chapter is very well structured. The repetition of the encounter format serves to flesh out your main protagonist nicely, building upon his character layer by layer: his charm; his helpfulness; his intelligence; and the dire responsibility he feels for the antics of Fred.

I’m so sorry that this is so late and not so secret cupid, but reading your story was one thing that I could do, lying upon the couch feeling miserable and sick. I read most of it and will get around to reviewing it when I can. Whilst I was feeling sick, I even saw that the entire thing had been completed; a fantastic accomplishment, I applaud you.


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Review #9, by coolpixie James Gets A Happy Ending

15th February 2016:
I just got an account on this website to say this that I love your stories. Alot of times, the characters in alot of fanfics are not practical, sensible, or are flat out over the top dramatic and that is just super annoying to me. I feel like your character or atleast your main characters are like mini adults (which is not a bad thing at all), you don't make them stupid just because they are teenagers and I like that very much. Just wanted to say keep on writing! I loved this story and James and anna. They were both so wonderful! And I also loved how James solved all the family issues, he was the real MVP! lol. And the family was crazy, but they were awesome as well. I expected a longer wrap up, but I'm definitely not disappointed. I feel like you gave a proper ending for these characters.

and with time, James and Anna's affections will keep growing for each other. But, these 12 chapters were a solid foundation.

All in all, Great JOB! :)

Author's Response: I can't tell you how happy this (and your other reviews) made me!! I can't believe you actually made an HPFF account to review-- thank you so much! I hope you stick around and check out some of the other wonderful stories on here. :)

Haha I really like hearing your thoughts on the characters! I am myself a teenager, so I don't want to give us a bad name. ;) And I'm glad you liked not only James but also his family-- it's a lot to handle, but they make it work, I guess haha.

I'm really glad you're not disappointed! I felt really bad that I let this story linger on the site, unfinished but basically written, for so long, so I wanted to give it a quick wrap up. I'm really happy that you think I gave them a proper ending, because that was my main focus all along!

Thank you again for this wonderful review! It seriously made my day when I saw it! :)


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Review #10, by Lazy Eye James Gets A Happy Ending

15th February 2016:
I do think the ending were a bit rushed, but at the same time, it wasn't? I think Anna's comment about them knowing each other for more than a year was a good reminder that James and Anna have had time to start feeling stronger for each other.

And you did really well with James' development, him realizing that he doesn't need to fix and help everything and everyone is a really healthy insight. Hopefully the rest of the cousins also learns not to rely so much on him.
Speaking of James' family, it would've been nice to see some sort of development in their behavior, perhaps reflect on why James felt the need to hide him being friends with Anna from them.
They are incredible invasive, and speaking from personal preference, there is no way I would be able to tolerate that kind of behavior for so long. Some things are just private, even if you're close to your family, you know? And just as James is called out by Albus of how much responsibility he feels the need to take for everything, James siblings and cousins also need to look themselves in the mirror. That whole kidnapping in the last chapter was so over the line, and I was actually hoping that James or Anna would get really angry at them for doing it, instead of just accepting it with a shrug. That just makes it okay for them to do that kind of thing again. I know at least Albus apologized, but that didn't stop them from trapping James and Anna in a closet and listening in on a delicate conversation, so Al's apology didn't seem sincere at all.

Anyway, that is not a criticism on your writing, it's more me projecting how I felt reading your story. I think you're a wonderful writer, and I saw that you've already started the next one! So, I just want to say thank you for writing this, and good luck into the future! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! It's so great to hear what readers think, and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. This review certainly gave me a lot to think about!

I was really worried about the pacing at the end, and I wish I could remember more of the storylines I had been planning on including, but c'est la vie. I think it feels rushed because the first three chapters cover two years, but the next nine cover like six months, and by the end of that, you've forgotten the beginning of it. I'm glad Anna's line helped with that-- that's exactly what I'd hoped would happen! :)

I'm really glad you liked James's development, as that was the main focus of the story. As for his family-- your take on them is really interesting, and very different from how I've been thinking about it. For me, the ending is showing that they're focusing on /helping/ James rather than distracting him or taking him away from whatever he had been doing before. I'm not sure how much he could really get them to back off, but by the end, they've taken more of an interest in him and what he cares about, and are trying to push him in the right direction.

I may or may not write an extra one-shot about this ending from Anna's POV, because I think there's more going on than meets the eye in regards to her involvement in the closet debacle.

Thank you so much for sharing it! This story has helped me grow a lot as a writer, even though I'm not totally satisfied with how it ended. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the story, and I hope you like the other one (which is also complete now) if you ever decide to read it!

Thanks again for this really helpful review! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on all of this. :)


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Review #11, by JT4HP Anna Makes Some Friends

13th February 2016:
Oh man!

This story is so lovely and I'm so excited for the ending (even if it is predictable!)

Will you write any one shots after?! I would love them.

Anyway, adore your James.he's so sweet and caring. Anna was also adorable in the 'kidnapping'

Author's Response: Heya, thanks so much for the review! I love hearing from you guys. :)

Ahh I hope you're not disappointed! I hope it gives some closure. (It's up now so you can check it out!)

I feel a lot like I'm going to end up writing some kind of continuation...I have a short story already written about Scorose from this story, so that's something, but I just love James and Anna too much to let them go!

I'm glad you like the characters! They're my babies and I love them. :)

Thanks again for reading and leaving this wonderful review! I really hope you like the ending!!


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Review #12, by Beeezie James Helps A Cat

13th February 2016:
Hey, J! I'm here for BvB. :)

I'm a bit at odds about this chapter. There were a lot of things I really liked, but there were also a fair number of things that came off as a bit awkward to me. I'll try to touch on them both, and hope that you don't feel like I'm being too harsh about the latter. :)

The good:

I really enjoyed the character development in this. While his family was included in a few parts (and wow - Lily really is terrible at naming things!), they definitely weren't the major focus, which did two important things, IMO.

First, it established a new tone to the story: while you've had chapters that didn't really focus on his family before, the tone of this felt to me like it wasn't just a brief respite before he had to wade back into them - it felt to me like the changes in his schedule were helping to distance him from his family in the longer term.

Second, it allowed you to really explore relationships James has with people outside his immediate family; Anna has been a common thread throughout the story, obviously, and Quidditch has been present throughout, but I actually found his interaction with Scorpius to be really interesting, and I wouldn't mind seeing those two spend a little more time together.

The awkward:

While I enjoyed the chapter overall, I didn't feel like the actual writing was really your strongest, particularly not earlier on in the chapter; the dialogue itself was generally fine, but the actions surrounding it didn't always flow very well, and it sometimes felt like your were forcing description in to break up the dialogue rather than because it genuinely added something to the story.

I also felt like your depiction of Scorpius's panic attack felt a little cursory - I can understand not wanting to spend significant space on it, but even so, I'd have liked to see a little more acknowledgement of time passing, even if it was as simple as a couple lines of summary rather than a full depiction of it (or just a reference to it being anxiety rather than a full-blown panic attack).

Overall, I did enjoy the chapter - I just feel like you could tighten up the writing a bit more. :happy:

Author's Response: Hey Branwen!

Thanks so much for this super helpful review. I'm not going to lie-- I think this is the weakest chapter of the story, and that's why I procrastinated posting it for so long. I probably should have done a full rewrite, but I just wasn't invested enough to do that, as terrible as that sounds. So don't worry at all about sounding harsh-- I was honestly expecting much much more criticism! You've really helped me develop as a writer and getting your feedback is very helpful. :)

This chapter is definitely the beginning of a change, as the first part of the story is really family-heavy, and the rest of it is much more about him breaking away (and the consequences thereof). So I'm glad you could kind of sense that!

He and Scorpius definitely develop their own relationship, which pops up a bit in this story and manifests in the Scorose spinoff I'm going to post when this fic is complete. If I had extended this fic further, I definitely would've gone a bit more in-depth on this, but I kinda switched away from making this story as long as I planned for it to be and so this is a bit of a loose end. Sorry to raise your expectations and not deliver!

The writing in this chapter is super super meh. Like I said, I've contemplated doing a whole rewrite of it, but I'm working on other things that inspire me more so I'm not sure if I'll get around to it. If/when I go back, I'll keep in mind your comments-- I've been having trouble pinning down what's so off about it, and what you've pointed out are great places to start!

I'll also keep your comments in mind about Scorpius-- I felt like I was already off on too much of a tangent, but I did want to keep it realistic, so it seems like I didn't find the right balance. Thanks for pointing that out.

I could definitely tighten the writing up a LOT more! Thank you so much for being honest-- I've been dreading getting feedback on this chapter because it reads so terribly to me, and you've helped me understand why I feel like that a lot better. :)

Seriously, never worry about being harsh on this story-- I have a lot of problems with it that I can't quite articulate and it's very useful to hear your criticisms. :)


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Review #13, by Leah James Has An Argument

11th February 2016:
Aww I wanted to know Anna's memory and her corporeal patronus form! But I love this story and I love how different the characters are! Can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Ahh thanks so much for this review! It's great to hear that you're enjoying the story and the characters. (Also...I'm not sure I know what Anna's Patronus or memory would be, so I kinda wrote around it. :P)

Thanks again! The next chapter is in the queue now. I hope you like it! :)


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Review #14, by Giù9 James Drinks Some Tea

11th February 2016:
I love this story. I love James an Anna and I love that he can actually be himself with her like with no one else. They are just perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. The next chapter is up now and I hope you like it! :)


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Review #15, by bANAners James Drinks Some Tea

9th February 2016:
I just read the entire story straight through and I can honestly say that it is shaping up to be one of my favorite James stories ever! I love James and Anna so much. They are so wonderful together. I love how he actually gets to be himself around her and she seems to be more grounded around him. They both compliment each other perfectly! Please give us more Janna interactions (A hogsmeade date, perhaps?). I am hoping they stay together! Thank you for your dedication! I can't wait to see how it ends.

Author's Response: Heya, thanks so much for this review! I'm so glad you're liking it. :)

I kinda cheated with Anna, because I'd been thinking about this version of James for ages before I actually started writing, and then I basically made her to be something totally different from his family. So you could say they're made for each other. :P But I'm so glad you like them together! And don't worry, there will be more Janna in the next few chapters. :)

Thanks again for this wonderful review! I'm going to put the next chapter in the queue soon, probably later in the week, so keep an eye out!


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Review #16, by alicia and anne James Attends a Party

8th February 2016:
I am finally here! Yay!! :D

Hahaha Jeremy - I can't stop laughing :D He needs to tell her soon, if he keeps it up for too long she'll be upset, even though it's hilarious haha.


Oh, Leanne wanted to dance with him? Cheeky.

Oh Anna, I love her so much! She's just so oblivious to them all because she's reading. She's so awesome.

Fred's broom exploded?! HOw did that happen? Haha

Scorpius has a crush on Rose *sings* He has a crush on Rose and it's adorable! I'm glad that James used a sheild charm to protect him from Rose's prank.

Hahah Jeremy, I really think that James should just change his name, it'll be a lot easier :P

I love their conversations with each other, and how passionate they are about the subjects they're discussing.


And now to answer your questions.

1 - You are accomplishing that, not confused about anything and you can't improve on perfection. :P

2 - I love them all! Especially Twinkles. damn trick question. :P

3- Oh Fred... I love Fred. I feel like you need to write a character called Tammi who runs off into the sunset with Fred. ... just a sugestion.

Author's Response: Tammi!! Thanks for another great review!! :)

Can you imagine being in that situation though? I would basically just legally change my name to roll with it. Maybe that's just me though...haha just kidding you agree too! Oh James. Should've dealt with this problem ages ago, buddy.

He and Fred are such copycats. :P

I'm glad you're liking the characters and their weird conversations! :) I was really into writing it so it's nice when it's not just me being weird and other people are on board too haha.

Aw thank you!! Haha I'm sure you're going to love Twinkles when he shows up. Hahahaha maybe I will! That can be part of the end of the story. :P

Thanks for your wonderful comments! I always love hearing what you thought about the chapter.


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Review #17, by Beeezie James Buys Some Books

6th February 2016:
Hey, J! I'm here for BvB! :)

My heart went out for James here. It's one thing that certain parts of his personality have kind of gotten lost among all of the Weasley-Potter clan at Hogwarts or at family gatherings, but it's pretty clear at this point that even his parents don't really know him when he's not being loud. It's understandable, I guess, and I obviously don't doubt that they love him, but it is a little sad to see.

There was such a difference between his conversation with his mother (as well as with Leanne and Regan) and his conversation with Anna. Despite his slight hesitation in going up to her, he came off as far more relaxed once they started talking.

I found her relative lack of interest in his background a little strange, though. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it does make me think that he's more into her than she is into him. She's happy to engage if books are involved, but other than that, she seems to have limited interest in him. It's mind-boggling to me (characteristic, but still mind-boggling) that after hearing that he had so many family members at Hogwarts, she didn't follow up at all about who they might be. I'm curious to see how their relationship continues to progress.

A little CC -

There were a few points that felt a bit awkward to me. I felt like the paragraph starting, "Regan looked tanner, James decided" would have read much smoother if you'd just worked that description in when they were walking toward him. As is, it reads kind of like James is attracted to Regan, which I don't think was your intention.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this chapter, and the juxtaposition between James-with-Anna and James-with-family is becoming more and more stark. I can't wait to see where you take it!

Also, just fyi - the dimensions for a chapter image are actually 380x300, not 300x380 - if you can change that asap, that would be great. :)

Author's Response: Hey Branwen, thanks for stopping by! It's always super helpful to hear what you have to say. :)

I agree that the degree to which James/his personality is so overwhelmed by his family is somewhat sad. To be honest, it's heavily inspired by my experiences within my own (large) family, because it's been really easy to get lost in the shuffle and a lot of the time, people expect me to be exactly who I was when they last saw me/when I was much younger. I've also thought about how hard it must be for busy people like Ginny and Harry to connect to their kids when they spend so much time away from Hogwarts, but I think over the story you'll see more of that. Family, as much as it overwhelms him, is very important to James, and his relationship with that really develops throughout the story.

I think it's also hard to relate to his family's reactions because we see such a unique side to him (when he's with Anna), but most of the time he's blending in with his family a lot more. While I was really into that perspective when I wrote most of the story, I realize that it's also limiting and casts a somewhat negative light on his family

I think Anna really lets him relax because there aren't many expectations or preconceived notions there. Your comments about her reactions to him have actually led me to go back and edit the chapter, because I was intending for her to be overwhelmed more than uninterested. I imagine her to be the type of person who goes over conversations in her head afterwards and thinks of lots of things she'd like to say, even though at the time she doesn't know what to do.

Thanks for pointing that out! I went back over and edited a few things. :) That difference is definitely a huge part of this story so I'm glad it's shining through!

I've gone back and just deleted the CIs (sorry validators-- well, sorry to you and your team, Branwen!) because they were never that great to begin with and it's not worth the effort to switch. Thanks for letting me know about that! :)

Thanks again for your helpful comments, Branwen! It's great to hear from you. :)


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Review #18, by cherry_pop94 James Sits Some Exams

17th December 2015:
Hi J!

I'm here for the Ravenclaw gift tag!

I love this story. I love how much you talk about history and philosophy and literature. A few of my favourite things really. I love that James likes Oscar Wilde, but not Shakespeare and I love how he takes care of his family so much. The scene with Lily was wonderfully done, I thought!

Now on to your questions!

1. Anna is a lovely character. I don't think she's boring at all. I think she's a real person. She likes to keep to herself and she likes to read and she likes to learn. I know many people like that in real life. Not every character has to be the most incredibly interesting person in the whole world. Yes, Anna is no adventuress or anything, but she's sweet and charming and smart and I like that.

2. I think the format will continue to work throughout. I like that you always sort of just jump into things without to much exposition or anything, you know what I mean? I feel like we just get right into the important stuff. It keeps me on my toes.

3. As always, I love Fred. He's still my favourite character in this!

Hope that helps a little and I hope you're having a lovely holiday season!


Author's Response: Hey Stefanie! Thanks so much for the review and sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

I'm so glad you're liking this story! History, philosophy, and literature are also my favorite things-- that's what I study at college. I'm so glad you like the scene with Lily, because I was really nervous about writing it!

Aw yay I love Anna and it's great that you like her! I got worried that she was predictable but I think her calmness is such a nice foil to the insanity of James's life. :)

I'm glad you like the format! It changes a bit as it goes on, but I think it should keep you on your toes! And I'm glad you're still so fond of Fred! He's crazy. :P

Thanks so much for this review! Hope you continue to enjoy this story!


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Review #19, by Guest James Buys Some Books

7th November 2015:
I absolutely adore this story, and actually had a nightmare last night where James somehow had an accident and forgot all about his philosophical discussions with Anna. I love the references to actual philosophers and writers. I hope you update soon, though I understand life can get busy!

Author's Response: Heya, thanks SO much for this review! I really appreciate when people remind me that these characters aren't just in my head. :) It's crazy that you had a dream about it! I'm honored. I'm so glad you like their conversations, and I hope you continue to enjoy them!

The next chapter is in the queue now, so I hope you like it! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this review and to update! Thanks for reading! :)


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Review #20, by ...So many names... and letters... and numbers... James Buys Some Books

22nd September 2015:
Name... Hmm. Janna? Jama? I can't think of anything that would work well with her name in the front... I hope you update soon! I really enjoy your interpretation of James' character, and also how you have kept Anna from being some sort of a cliche OC (there are way too many of those as it is). I love your story, thank you for being such an awesome author!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for this review! I'm so glad you enjoy this story and these characters! I feel very fond of them, so it's great that other people like them too. :)

I think Janna is probably our best bet. I kinda like the sound of that!

The next chapter is in the queue, so I hope you continue liking this story! :) Thanks so much for reading it!


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Review #21, by TearsIMustConceal James Meets A Girl

9th September 2015:
Hello J! (that sounds really formal but I was going to say 'Hey J' but that rhymes and I'm sure you get that a lot!)

Here for the BvB review battle, which I haven't done in forever and you're the first story i'm reviewing in so long!

First things first, this story is just so cute – I adore all Next Gen stories anyway and James II is a favourite of mine so I knew I would love this anyway but I really, really enjoyed all of this!

James is just a total cutie-pie – so different to how he is usually portrayed by most (including me), he isn't this cocky 'I'm Harry Potter's son, look at me' – he almost flies under the radar and that's really appealing. And the way he worries about his family – helping Al out with some brotherly advice, helping Lucy whilst trying to stop Molly being mad at Victoire – it's so refreshing to see him like that! I also love the repetition of James having to stop Fred from doing something that'll get him in trouble, even though he seems to fail every time.

I love how this girl just doesn't seem to notice him – that she's not ignoring him because he James Potter but that she genuinely isn't interested in anything around her when she's reading her books. And I like how James is quite happy to just notice her and that he isn't desperate to talk to her and or get her to notice him – he seems mildly intrigued that she's completely oblivious to him and everything else.

Anyway, I love the whole flow of this story and I really can't wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Vicki! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I actually don't get the "Hey J" thing a lot, but I like it!

I'm glad you like the story so far! I also love Next Gen/James so it's fun to write in this universe. :) I'm glad you've liked this depiction of James, because I was trying really hard to subvert the stereotypes that have arisen around him. Poor James, trying to help out his family but still getting in trouble!

The girl is also supposed to be a subversion of expectations- she's just totally in her own world, unaware of James, and I think that's fun to think about.

I'm so glad you've enjoyed the beginning of the story and these characters! Thanks so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.


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Review #22, by Tonks1247 James Buys Some Books

2nd September 2015:

I definitely read this chapter last night before I went to bed but decided to wait on the review until this morning. Which is fine, cause here I am, skimming over the chapter and appreciating it a second time around because it is quite a lovely chapter. And there is a lot more Anna and it’s not Anna reading, though it takes book in a bookstore…but it’s different and the conversation is different and I really liked the whole chapter.

So. Characterization. I love how you have Ginny here. You can definitely see how she sees James’ antics, and I love her shock when he says he wants to get a book, rather than a new broomstick or owl. Her obsession for Quidditch was also displayed well here. Her and Regan were entertaining to read, chatting about Quidditch and getting super excited about things.

Leanne was pretty entertaining here too. Maybe a little bit of a crush on James here? Hehe. I really liked how awkward, almost, she was about talking to him. I could totally picture it happening like that, with James not really picking up on it as much as he probably should. Although I am impressed with all these little facts James seems to remember about people. He asks Leanne about Ted and then later when he’s talking to Anna, he brings up something that she didn’t expect him to remember. It’s really interesting, how his brain works…

Anyways. I love how James catches Anna not reading. And how he still manages to startle her. And how she still calls him Jeremy. I laugh every time that I read that. It’s really bad that she doesn’t know the right name. And I love how she doesn’t question further into how much family he has at Hogwarts, because if she did, surely she’d figure out Jeremy is not the right name. Then again, I don’t know that she would. She’s such a different character with an attention span for things other than socialization (not saying that at all in a bad way).

Also found interesting the conversation they have about future job ideas. Anna being a spell creator is interesting. Like, I always assumed there’d be such a thing, but at the same time I didn’t put much thought into it because there always seemed to be plenty of spells around. But the idea of creating new ones, which could be potentially dangerous…interesting. And I also liked James idea of doing something with Muggle Ethics and the likes. It’s not something I’ve ever imagined for his character, yet in this case it fit quite well.

I also quite like the ending. How James goes towards WWW only for an explosion and children screaming to ensue. Obviously someone trusted Fred with something they shouldn’t have! (Or just left him unattended for a moment too long…)

And, speaking of Fred doing something…my favourite line this chapter is actually just the ending there:

Sighing, he wondered what Fred had managed to do this time. Whatever it was, James wanted nothing to do with it.

This was a lovely chapter! Can’t wait to see where you go with it next!


Author's Response: Okay, Mikaela, it is absolutely criminal that I have put off responding to all of your WONDERFUL, INSPIRATIONAL reviews for so long. I am really, really sorry that you're such a lovely reviewer and loyal reader and I've procrastinated for so long! I honestly love rereading your reviews so it's been hard to motivate myself into responding to them and having them leave my inbox place. But I want you to know how much I've appreciated them, so I'm finally getting around to this now!

I'm glad you liked seeing Anna in this different setting! And of course she's never too far away from books, is she? :P The conversation here is pretty similar to how it goes throughout the rest of the story, honestly, as they get to know each other away from the philosophy and literature, so it's good that you're into it!

It's a relief that you liked Ginny here! I shy away from writing canon characters because I'm really worried about writing them OOC, but I basically tried to get her to stick to Quidditch, which seems to have worked! And Regan was a nice person for her to talk to, because they're similarly obsessed with it.

Oh James's brain, who could ever understand it? Even I, the author, have no idea how he holds his life together. At the same time, as you have picked up on, he's sometimes frighteningly oblivious to what's going on around him! But their conversation is definitely a bit awkward so I'm glad that came through. (Also, fun fact: Leanne Thomas is Dean's daughter, and her brother is named after Ted Tonks! That's just a fun little background tidbit.)

Anna is always so startled! That's something that really goes on throughout the fic and hopefully something that undergoes a slight transformation. Even when she's not reading a book, though, she's incredibly focused! Her brain is also a mysterious place, where she stores a ridiculous amount of information...but none of it relates to normal, day to day stuff, as far as I can tell! I'm glad you find her interesting in her differentness and not just weird!

So Anna becoming a spell creator is really interesting to me because I love the idea of how magic works/is created and I want to know more about it! Jobs in the Wizarding world generally intrigue me, because it seems like there are very few tracts to go down. I'm glad you think that James's aspirations are fitting though! I like how Anna has influenced him so much without really realizing it. :)

Fred creates havoc wherever he goes, even when he's not at Hogwarts! He's truly talented. I'm glad you liked that line! I always love seeing what sticks out to you, so thanks so much for including that.

The next chapter is finally in the queue, and I've finished writing the whole story, so hopefully I'll become better about updating it all. Thanks for sticking with me and my writing though! You're the absolute best. :)


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Review #23, by alicia and anne James Talks to a Girl

30th August 2015:
I think that whereever James goes he'll end up running into a random family member haha. Do they ever get any peace and quiet around the place?

Awww look at him dawdling awkwardly like the adorable guy he is!

Oh my god! She called him Jeremy! This is brilliant! This plan of his is going so well :P hahaha Poor him.

I have a feeling that James is up to something with his enquiring of how they're all doing.

Oh Rose and Scorpius so want each other! That's sexual tension right there :P haha

He's not even correcting her with his name! Will he ever do it? Haha :D

I love that Fred is just generally causing all kinds of mischief! Haha I love seeing the small snippets of what he's going to be getting up to :P

OH NO MALFOY DIDN'T! I half expected Harry to come crashing in from somewhere to defend the Weasley's honour as if he had some sort of Weasley sense. Rose will have to do!

I love that everyone just goes to James with their problems.

He's crawling through the tables?! Oh James! He's just brilliant!



Author's Response: Tammi you're so incredible! Your review fests are madness and I'm honored to be a part of this one.

I don't think the Weasleys know the meaning of "peace and quiet"! And James is just about the most adorable guy who ever existed, second only to your James in TAOAHAPB. I think he could just about never correct Anna given how it's been going so far.

Haha why are all of my readers Scorose shippers?? You guys are hilarious! But Rose is more than capable of defending her own honor, I believe. :D

omg I love Logan's excuse too! Glad you enjoyed that.

Thanks for all your kind words! I hope you feel better soon and thank you so much again for this review. :)


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Review #24, by Frankie05 James Sits Some Exams

26th August 2015:
Okay I'm back. :) and here to answer some more questions!
1. Anna is not boring to me at all. I love that she is so full of knowledge and so different from what James is probably used to. I like that she also doesn't put up with James crazyness or at least doesn't let it affect her. Their conversations start and begin to get interesting and then he leaves. She just brushes that off. I think it's interesting that James wants to keep it a secret as if there are building feelings. At least on his end.

2. I love the layout of the story. It's not boring. It's often got me questioning what is going to happen next (what trouble will Fred get into next and how is he paying for his last bought of issues). I like that James is the center with Anna as his focus and a splash of family crazyness. I think it is a great way of jumping from time to time and we still get an idea of the family of James and of Anna.

3. I already spoke about Fred in my last review but it did make me sad that James probably got in trouble for the niffler. :/ but now he's not in trouble!

And my own thoughts- way too much sexual tension between Rose and Scorpius!


Author's Response: Frankie! Thanks for your wonderful words. (Do you get annoyed I use like five words to consistently describe your reviews? I'm sorry. Wonderful is just such a fitting word!!)

I'm glad you're enjoying Anna still! When I was writing this chapter I was suddenly like "hmm I wonder if Anna's actually boring and I'm just a nerd so I don't realize it..." but people seem to like her!

"I like that James is the center with Anna as his focus and a splash of family crazyness"- perfect description is perfect!! I'm so happy you're still enjoying the style. :D

Haha Scorose is everpresent!

Thanks for the review Frankie! :)


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Review #25, by Frankie05 James Attends a Party

26th August 2015:
Hey j.

I'm back for more because I can't get enough of your writing. So you asked some questions in your authors note and I will do my best to answer them!

1. I think you are doing a wonderful job easing us into the characters. I of course would Iove to know more about what's going on. Like more of Anna's backstory. Why is James the ringleader and feel like he has to watch out for everyone in the family and everyone that comes in contact with his family. Malfoy for example was protected by James from a drunk Rose that is probably harbors my some feelings for her. But you've given enough for us to know what we need. Not all that we want. I haven't been confused at all throughout the story so well done.

2. James is a fantastic protagonist. If I was around during his time and he was real I'd probably have a thing for him. You make him out to be kind level headed guy and I like that. It's not a typical line of thought when people write about James so it is very refreshing. Rose seems a bit snarky. She's a Slytherin but not very bright at being cunning. I think she has stuff she needs to work on but she seems a bit pretentious. Is that was you were doing for? Al is adorable. He's caught up in his own world with Isabelle but still cares for his family immensely. He is a great mixture of Harry and Ginny's personalities. And Anna. She is such a great love interest. Her nose stuck in a boon but incredibly brilliant. She obviously is endeared by James but doesn't know his name and I'm not sure how she will respond to that when she figures out the truth. So good luck with that! In regards to twinkles- I'm sure I will love him/her/ it. Whatever the case may be :)

3. Fred seems to be trying to surprise his dad in pranks pulled at the school. Some of them seem a little much but I think that's what you were going for- over the top crazy. As for what I want to see- I don't care. Maybe his dad told him about a time him and his Uncle Fred tried to blow up a toilet and didn't do it? Maybe he could try and fulfill that legacy. But he spends so much time in detention and I hate that.

So I'm probably going to read more. :)

Author's Response: Frankie! Thanks for another wonderful review.

I'm so glad you're interested in the story and have these questions floating around but aren't confused! There's a lot about MFS that's a kind of slow reveal and it's not all out there at once, but I never want it to be confusing or anything like that!

Hahaha I totally have a thing for him even though he's my own creation.and I'm glad you find this portrayal interesting because it was influenced by a lot of tropes I find in fic. Haha wow you don't seem to be a huge Rose fan! She has her Slytherin characteristics, but there's some room for improvement in the cunning department for sure. I'm excited you like Al so much! He's someone I've been developing more and more as the story goes on so keep an eye out for that. And Anna! I love her a lot as well, so it's great to hear you're enjoying her so much.

Toilet explosions are definitely part of the Fred Weasley II experience. ;)

Thanks again fro your kind words! You're the nicest.


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