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Review #1, by Blaise Hazard on the Rinovambh

12th January 2016:
Just a suggestion but ditch the Ron/Hermione tag. people who search for that tag will want to see a Ron/Hermione story, not a story where one of those characters isn't even in it.

Author's Response: I put the tag because Ron will be in it and there will be some very cute romione moment very soon :)

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Review #2, by Really? Hazard on the Rinovambh

11th January 2016:
To be fair I kind of agree with the other reviewer. Hermione is kind of horrible in regards to her friends and family. Yes some of the other companions are as well but that's sort of why I didn't like Amy and this Hermione is very self-centered and selfish like Amy.

Author's Response: Again if that is how you feel then that's fine. However, my point was that literally every companion the Doctor has does go off without telling his/her family in the beginning. Which is why I am confused that somebody would be reading a Doctor Who crossover fic if they don't enjoy the companions on Doctor Who.

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Review #3, by Heisenberg Principle A Choice

7th January 2016:
Except if she dies then these no going back and her friends will wonder what happened to her for their entire lives. Its really rather loathesome of Hermione to do this without telling someone she's leaving at least in some manner. That's the end of the Ron/Hermione and my reading I can't read about a character I don't like. best of luck with the rest.

Author's Response: It's a shame you feel that way but, in all honesty, I'm not sure why you are reading a HP/DW Crossover fic at all since the majority of the Doctor's companions do they exact same thing in the beginning of their time on the show. Hopefully you'll find a fic you like better in the future though.

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