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Reading Reviews for The Death Of Sir Nicolas
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by looneylizzie Tusks

13th December 2015:
Hey Kaitlin!

I'm finally here with my Animagus Challenge prizes! So sorry it took so long!

Oh boy. I can see why Anja had trouble judging for the Ghost Story Challenge (although I personally think yours is better -- and I'm not saying that to be modest!).

It was definitely gruesome, but this is a story about the death of a man who had the majority of his head hacked off. Probably the most gruesome thing for me was the fact that he was conscious for some of them. *shudders* That's just horrifying.

The way that you wrote the actual execution is really good too! It felt like an accurate representation of what things were like during the Dark (Middle?) Ages. The fact that he was executed so quickly for such a small "crime" is just sad.

I really liked you describing him entering limbo and choosing to move on or return to earth. It's simple and just right for the story.

That last line - I've been here now a little over five hundred years and I still have the rest of eternity to go. - really puts things in perspective. It drives home the worst part of being a ghost-- that you are stuck that way forever. And the fact that he regretted it almost immediately is heartbreaking.

Phenomenal job Kaitlin!! You certainly managed to break my heart... Again. You should really stop doing that. ;)

Keep writing!!

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Review #2, by ScorpiusRose17 Tusks

9th September 2015:
Oh poor nearly headless Nick! I feel so bad for him seeing how his execution took place and for the mistake that he made in helping Lady Grieve that was his downfall.

He sort of reminded me of Gilderoy Lockhart in how his magic always seems to go wrong.

I thought you did a great job capturing and highlighting a moment that we know about, but gets passed by. You have such a lovely way of describing everything so I can understand it and picture it. It's quite pleasing.

And there he will stay eternally... poor guy!

Keep up the awesome work! :)


Author's Response: Hi Jenn!

I'm so happy you chose to read this since it hasn't been getting a whole bunch of reads.

The whole story with Lady Grieve is pretty tragic, but it was brutal during those times.

He's kind of like Lockhart in his inability to do magic well, but I picture him not being quite as malicious.

I never thought I'd hear anyone describe a story about execution as pleasing, but I am pleased that you liked it.

Thanks again for reading!


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Review #3, by carry on with your knitting Tusks

29th August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin!

Got another review for ya! :)
I had a scroll through your stories and found this one and just knew I had to read it, nearly headless nick is brilliant!

I loved how light hearted this was, even though it was focused on his death, there was just something about it which made it have a positive feel rather than negative:) it's so sad that he died because the girl he loved only have him one chance, but the fact he gave her a risk is hysterically :') I just had this image of a woman resembling queen Elizabeth with one massive tusk like squealing and running around like. Headless chicken :')
I thought the way you described the death itself was really interesting! It had really gruesome elements but the crowd were perfectly okay with that, if not almost enjoying it, because that's what was normal at the time and their 'entertainment' it's twisted but humourius, especially as it took so long to actually kill him! :') poor guy man!
I loved the idea of choosing doors! And also the idea that ghosts are though who are too scared of the unknown to move on and that's why they stay on earth, I thought that was really cool and thought provoking! :)
The last line was brilliant! It was almost flipping and like 'oh well, can't do anything about it now' kind of thing, which finished the whole story of with humor and was a lively touch :)

Another great one shot! :D

Katie :)

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Review #4, by MargaretLane Tusks

18th August 2015:
I'm surprised I haven't gotten to this sooner, probably because you update so quickly, it's easy to miss stuff. I'm in awe of you.

I love the beginning and his reluctance to tell the story. Going by his attitude in the books when people ask him about being "nearly headless", it seems very probable that he WOULD react like that.

I don't usually like physical description, but the way he describes Lady Grieve seems to work. It kind of gives the impression he's pretty enchanted with her.

He sounds so like a typical knight, dreaming of the lady he adores but who he can never lift his eyes to (apart from anything else, they were usually married). The word or two from her part in particular.

LOVE the part about how "in retrospect, I should have told her..."

Oooh, that part about their seeming like they were there for a festive occasion is creepy. Especially since it is probably pretty realistic.

I really like the way you describe his reaction and how terrified he is. It's realistic.

Yikes, you describe the beheading so realistically.

And I really like the way you show him making his decision as to whether to go on or remain on earth and the reasons he decides to remain.

Aw, the ending is kind of sad, though it's nice that he's found a kind of family among the staff and students. It must be sad though, to see so many people leaving.

Author's Response: Hi Margaret,

That's very kind of you to say. Really I think it's just because I have nothing else going on in my life. :D

Oh good! I'm happy that his trepidation about telling his story comes across as real.

Yeah, I'm usually hesitant about physical description too, but sometimes when you have a character in love or infatuated with someone, it's sort of hard to write them as not thinking about the other person's appearance.

Retrospect is always when everything becomes clear.

Oh yeah! I did a lot of research on midieval executions to try and make this accurate.

Sorry about that. You know how I like my descriptions.

The ending is sort of bittersweet. While I think Nick has some regrets, I suppose he could've ended up in a worse place.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #5, by Felpata Lupin Tusks

12th August 2015:
Hey, Kaitlin! Here for our swap!

I was a bit unsure about what to pick... I've never read a story centered on Nearly-Headless-Nick, so I decided to stop by here...

To be true, I should've probably followed your warning at the beginning and read something else... I tend to empathize a bit too much with what I read and the dread of a death sentence... I'm just a bit shocked right now...

Anyway, I think you did a wonderful job here! I loved your idea of the reason why he was decapitated. Poor Nicholas... Only trying to help the woman he was in love with and ending up making a mess instead...

I loved his characterization! A sweet, quiet, a bit clumsy man. So tender-hearted and fragile. I found so adorable his thoughts about Lady Grieve. And it broke my heart how he broke in tears when he was arrested, and the way he pleaded everyone while he was lead to the gallows...

I also really liked how you wrote his choice of staying as a ghost and then his decision to move to Hogwarts. I liked the fact that he decided to go back to a place where he'd once found happiness and that even if the existence as a ghost is void and sad he still found an home and a family there!

Another amazing job! Thank you again for swapping!!!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Chiara!

No worries. I hadn't read anything about Nick either.

I'm really sorry about that. Yeah, I put the warning there so people wouldn't stumble across anything they didn't want to read. I know some people are really sensitive to violence.

So this whole story is exactly how Nick's cannon is listed on Wiki. I just filled in the events, but he really was executed for trying to fix Lady Grieve's teeth.

Nick is a very kind, happy person and unfortunately he becomes the victim of high society.

I'm happy that you liked the ending. I played with it quite a bit before I settled on it.

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #6, by merlins beard Tusks

2nd August 2015:
Hey Kaitlin,

I'm finally here reviewing this for my challenge. I've read it about 6 times now, but something always came up before I finally got to reviewing it.

I really like that you chose Sir Nicolas, I've always been curious about his story.

I think this oneshot has a weirdly morbid way of being funny. The reason for Nick's death made me laugh, even though it was all really tragic and everything. So he just wasn't good enough at magic and fixing teeth to be left alive? That's really sad. He could have lived so much longer if he'd been brave enough to admit that he couldn't help Lady Grieve.

I like the way you wrote about his death. It was serious, but quick, not too drawn out or brutal.
You included his choice of going back very well, and I think you also described the sensations he would experience nicely.

One small CC: Since this is written in first person, it would have been really cool to try and pay attention on sounding like people did 500 years ago. There are pieces in there where I could really hear Nick using these exact words, but there were others where I thought it just sounded a lot more modern.

I really enjoyed this, thank you so much for your entry. I'll post the results in a minute.


Author's Response: Hi Anja,

I admit that when I chose Sir Nick, I had no idea what his backstory was, so this took a bit of research.

Admitting that he didn't know the proper magic would've definitely been helpful.

Oh good! I was worried that the descriptions of the death might be too graphic.

Thanks for the concrit. When I re-edit this, I'll definitely take more care to make him sound more authentic to his time period.

Thanks for the awesome challenge!


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Review #7, by darkkid Tusks

29th July 2015:
Hi I'm raisha from the forums!

I picked this one as my first one to read because I'm very interested in how you played out Sir Nick's death scene. (also I made your banner so... yeah it was a given that I'd choose this one as my first one to read!)

Lady Grieve sounds absolutely gorgeous. Your descriptions of her really portrayed that! Very beautiful writing!

I'm so interested in what event lead up to Lady Grieve getting crooked teeth!

Oh my. That was certainly not a good idea at all for him to do. No, no, no.

It's sad that a boyish attempt at impressing Lady Grieve is what brings death upon him!

I like that his reasoning for not moving on is the fear of surprise. He seems like a simple man and choosing to not move on is a simple answer.

It's sad to me, and perhaps to him as well, that he is doomed now. I think he may realize that, 500 years after the fact. One year down, an eternity more to go.

I really enjoyed this! Your writing is very fluid and I felt myself feeling what your characters felt! Very great!

I'll be reading more of your stories shortly, keep an eye out!


Author's Response: Hi Raisha,

Yay! I'm always excited when someone makes a banner and comes to read the story it's for. :D

I'm glad you liked the description. I always try to include a lot of it in my writing.

So the whole Lady Grieve incident is actually listed on Wiki as the cannon for Sir Nick.

It is definitely sad to think of Nick as doomed, but at least he has all of the lovely students to keep him company.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!


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Review #8, by marauderfan Tusks

12th July 2015:
hi kaitlin! this review if for the house cup, hufflepuff. also i apologise i am typing this on my phone which is why the lack of capitalised letters and the very probable typos.

this is a great story! i've never read a story about nearly headless nick before and to be honest i really love stories told by narrators who are dead. this was quite sombre for nick, who in the books we see as such a happy comical ghost, and here is one of his rare phrases when he's not. i guess after 500 years, it's hard to be so positive all the time. but wow, how unfortunate that it was all only only because he was trying to help someone! also, i'm pretty sure eveeyone has at some point done something embarrasing in front of someone they like, but to have the consequence be a badly executed (pun intended) beheading, thats pretty rough. poor nick. i really love how you described the doors to life and beyond, and his reaction and decision! and how his desire for not dying is something he's changed his mind about over time. this is a great fic. well done!

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for stopping to review this!

So when I decided to write about Nearly Headless Nick, I had no idea what his cannon back story was. The whole incident with Lady Grieve is actually cannon. I just sort of filled in the story.

Yeah, Nick is usually more positive and I think he puts on the happy face to be around the children, but I have to imagine that this whole incident still haunts him. (pun intended)

I'm glad you enjoyed my version of the afterlife. I figured that he probably wouldn't end up at Platform 9 3/4 since that didn't exist in his time. :D

Thanks again!


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