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Review #1, by awesomepotter Chapter One

17th August 2015:
Hi! Here's your review for the Coined by Shakespease Challenge (I'm so sorry it's taken so long)!
I thought this was a really lovely one-shot. I do like the Hermione/Charlie pairing, and I thought you really did it justice here. Niether of the characters were at all OOC and I liked the way they interacted. I also liked the way you chose to end it, as well - sometimes it's nice not to have an ending where they do immediately want to get together - having a delay, like Charlie's story about finding the girl he wanted to propose to with someone else, creates a bit more depth to the characters by giving them a bit of a backstory, which I really liked seeing - it can be difficult to do in a shorter piece of writing, but you managed it really well here.
I liked what you did with the prompt, too - sometimes it can be hard to integrate it itno a story without it standing out and interrupting its flow. I thought you did a really good job with this one, though, and I like the interpretation you had of it. Instead of it being more like an accusation, as it was in the original text, it was used more to just turn the situation onto Charlie, and leave where it went entirely up to him. I like it when people take different interpretations of prompts, so obviously I like this - you managed to change what the words meant whilst making sure it still made sense, and I enjoyed reading this because of that.
Your description of the characters' feelings and appearances was really lovely to read - the words you used made it so vivid, and I loved reading it. Overall, I really loved reading this, and I thought you did a wonderful job with the story in response to the prompt :)
Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad you liked it. Sometimes when I read prompts like these I just get an idea of what type of scene I want it to be in and go from there. I tend not to focus on the original context of the quote/prompt as I find that sometimes it hinders my creativity.

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